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Diversity Best Practices Guide
NALP, 2014. This compilation of bulleted recommendations, revised by the NALP Diversity and Inclusion Section, is designed to assist legal employers in moving from abstract discussions about diversity to practical implementation of diversity strategies and initiatives. Suggestions are drawn from industry research and from interviews with law firm professionals. NALP members are invited to submit additional best practices for addition to this guide. Available as a free PDF download.

What If I Say the Wrong Thing?, Verna Myers

American Bar Association, 2013. In this compelling "tip book," you'll find answers to questions about all types of diversity issues and tips about how to practice culturally effective habits. You will better know how to handle your own situations, and be better able to spot where interactions within your organization are interfering with your organization's commitment to diversity and inclusion. Many such day-to-day interactions occur when we feel least prepared for them, and we're left wondering whether we conveyed the wrong impression or whether there is something we should have done to defuse the potential consequences of a colleague's words or actions. Turn to these tips whenever you need them, and use the book to sensitize others in your organization to the habits of culturally effective people. This book is a great companion to Moving Diversity Forward (see below).
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Moving Diversity Forward: How to Go from Well-Meaning to Well-Doing, Verna Myers

American Bar Association, 2011. As a high-profile diversity consultant, Verna Myers knows first-hand that diversity in law firms can be a difficult thing to comprehend and reform. Managing partners are deeply perplexed by the increasing number of people of color who come into legal positions hopeful, then exit quickly thereafter, disillusioned and disengaged. In this superb book, she offers expert guidance on ways to build bridges that create real opportunities and deeper relationships with people of color. Examples are provided, including big and small actions to ensure that power and opportunity are shared. While this book addresses the legal workplace, its message is applicable to all settings.
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You Raised Us — Now Work With Us, Lauren Stiller Rikleen

ABA, 2014. This book is subtitled "Millennials, Career Success, and Building Strong Workplace Teams." Lauren Stiller Rikleen, a past Professional Development Institute speaker, has written a wonderfully readable book that separates myths from reality and provides practical advice, based on detailed research, for strengthening intergenerational teams and developing the next generation of talented leadership. This is less a book about Millennials than a book about helping Boomers, Xers, and Millennials understand each other and work together more effectively. PD professionals in both law firm and law school settings will find that Rikleen offers numerous insights that may help to enhance training and communication across generations.
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The Next IQ: The Next Level of Intelligence for 21st Century Leaders

American Bar Association, 2012. This is one of the most comprehensive books available on how to become more inclusive personally and how to move your organization toward a more inclusive culture. Author Dr. Arin Reeves introduces the reader to new ways of thinking about leadership and inclusion in the workplace through an integrated exploration of research studies, stories, learning experiences, and tested solutions. The Next IQ is an important read for everyone involved in recruiting and counseling roles as well as for managing partners, deans, and other leaders in the legal profession. It is also an important book for anyone who wants to take their organization to the next level of intelligence needed to think, learn, and compete in the increasingly global marketplace of the 21st century. Author Arin Reeves has been a popular speaker at past NALP/ALFDP Diversity and Inclusion Summits.
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Lawyers, Lead On: Lawyers with Disabilities Share Their Insights

American Bar Association Commission on Mental and Physical Disability Law, 2011. Lawyers, Lead On presents letters from lawyers with disabilities ranging from visible to non-apparent disabilities who work in a wide variety of practice settings, including with private law firms of all sizes, government agencies, corporations, and public interest organizations. The letters are organized by the major subject areas they address: the transition to law school, disability and disclosure, disability identity, the foundation of a meaningful career, awareness-building in the profession, and reflections on the disability rights movement. In addition to providing superb advice for law students and lawyers with disabilities, this collection of letters also provides compelling insights for career counselors and recruiters, and for anyone who wants to better understand the experiences of persons with disabilities.
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After the JD Monographs on Diversity in the Legal Profession
The After the JD (AJD) study is a longitudinal study of the career choices and subsequent career progression of a nationally representative sample of lawyers who were first admitted to the bar in the year 2000. The study was designed and is overseen by an interdisciplinary group of scholars and funded by multiple institutions, among them NALP, the NALP Foundation, and the American Bar Foundation. It is the first research effort of its kind to examine the early careers of a cohort of more than 4,500 newly certified lawyers. NALP Senior Social Science Researcher Gita Wilder, who is a member of the AJD Executive Coordinating Committee, has written a series of four monographs based on the first wave of AJD findings. Three of these monographs relate to diversity in the profession: Race-Ethnicity in the Legal Profession (2008), Are Minority Women Lawyers Leaving Their Jobs (2008), and Women in the Profession: Findings from the First Wave of the After the JD Study (2007). These monographs are available free of charge for viewing or download as PDFs at Research & Statistics > After the JD Monographs.

Reasonable Accommodations for Attorneys with Disabilities
EEOC, 2006. The EEOC has developed a 22-page document outlining examples of reasonable accommodations and answering questions about when and how accommodations should be requested and provided. http://www.eeoc.gov/facts/accommodations-attorneys.html.

Building on the Promise of Diversity

Building on the Promise of Diversity, R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr.

American Management Association, 2006. Candid and provocative, this is not a book about "numbers" or "isms" - or a book that views diversity only in terms of race and gender. Thomas addresses the reasons so many well-meaning diversity initiatives fail and why even award-winning diversity initiatives become "stuck" unless they step beyond the myths and conventional thinking surrounding diversity management. In Thomas's view, the goals of strategic diversity management should be to recognize diversity mixtures, analyze them accurately, and make quality decisions in the midst of differences, similarities, and tensions. "Accept," says Thomas, "that a realistic goal is not to eliminate diversity tension but to use it as a catalyst to address key issues."
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Cracking the Code: Unlocking the Potential of Future Leaders in the Legal Profession

West, 2010. This book is designed to help legal practices embrace, integrate, and retain the new generation of lawyers by: revealing their workplace expectations; highlighting best practices from organizations whose policies are increasing new hire retention rates; sharing practical solutions for bridging the gap between senior managers and new hires; showcasing several new innovative programs that address gender, mentoring, performance review delivery, and workplace protocol issues; and sharing a comprehensive discussion guide for building strategic alliances with new hires. A speaker at past NALP conferences, Judith Finer Freedman consults, researches, and lectures on the dynamics of work-life effectiveness, generational diversity, gender bias, and mentoring and is the founder of The Balanced Worker Project. This book is addressed to any senior organizational leader, recruiting, or professional development executive concerned about retention and workplace viability.
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Diverse Teams at Work

Diverse Teams at Work, Lee Gardenswartz and Anita Rowe

Society for Human Resource Management, 2003. This is a practical guide to making differences within work teams an asset, not a liability. The authors include an analysis of how diversity shapes expectations and team behavior - from race, gender, and age, to subtler differences such as education, work function, and level. Numerous worksheets are included to help guide effective team processes, whether within your office or department or in other team settings. Guidelines for starting teams, integrating new members into teams, diagnosing trouble spots, and resolving conflicts are also provided.
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Global Diversity

Global Diversity: Winning Customers and Engaging Employees within World Markets, Ernest Gundling and Anita Zanchettin

Nicholas Brealey International, 2007. This book is designed for organizations that want to sell their services in international markets, manage foreign offices more effectively, or extend their diversity initiatives abroad. It addresses key cultural variables and diversity issues related to eight major markets: China, Egypt, India, Japan, Mexico, Russia, the UK, and the US. Each country is explored in depth, specifically its cultures within cultures. The appendices also address diversity issues in Canada, South Africa, and Sweden.
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MCCA Mentoring Across Differences

Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA)

MCCA's web site offers a number of free online publications (in PDF format) that can all be accessed through the "Research" link on the www.mcca.com home page. These include an excellent online publication entitled Mentoring Across Differences: A Guide to Cross-Gender and Cross-Race Mentoring, as well as: A Set of Recommended Practices for Law Firms — Creating Pathways to Diversity: An Overview; The Myth of the Meritocracy: A Report on the Bridges and Barriers to Success in Large Law Firms; and Perspectives from the Invisible Bar: Gays and Lesbians in the Profession.
Go to www.mcca.com and click on the "Research" link to access these publications.

Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining GLBT Attorneys

Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Attorneys: Strategies for Employers

NALP, revised 2008. This pamphlet developed by the NALP GLBT Section explains the importance of fostering a workplace that is nondiscriminatory and supportive of all attorneys through nondiscrimination policies, recruitment and hiring strategies, a supportive workplace, and compensation and benefits.
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To Be Out or Not to Be Out

To Be Out or Not to Be Out? — Information for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Job Applicants

NALP, 2005. This full-color tri-fold pamphlet from the NALP GLBT Committee discusses factors to consider when deciding whether to be out during a job search, as well as factors GLBT job applicants should consider when choosing an employer.
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You Get What You Measure: Lawyer Development Frameworks and Effective Performance Evaluations, Scott Westfahl

NALP, 2008. If a law firm wants to develop its next generation of leaders, the firm must first identify what skills and traits those lawyers should possess and then implement performance evaluations to measure individual and organizational lawyer development accordingly. This book presents a range of ideas from the corporate world that are now being introduced successfully into the legal profession. Numerous charts and sample forms are also featured throughout the book.
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Fair Measure

Measure: Toward Effective Attorney Evaluations, Joan C. Williams and Consuela A. Pinto

ABA Commission on Women, 2008. This handbook offers constructive guidance on how to develop and implement an evaluation process based on objective, unbiased criteria for successful associate performance. Examples of evaluation forms and checklists are included.
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How Associate Evaluations Measure Up

How Associate Evaluations Measure Up

The NALP Foundation, 2006. This national study of performance assessments provides quantifiable data that document variances in the format and delivery of evaluations; who is involved in developing, compiling, and analyzing the information provided by evaluators; how evaluations are communicated to associates; the degree to which evaluations motivate associates; and the impact of the evaluation process on the firm. In addition, the report contains detailed analysis of data from both law firm managers and associates on their perceptions about the role and value of evaluations and whether/how they influence associates.
Available from The NALP Foundation

Lawyers' Professional Development: The Legal Employer's Comprehensive Guide, 2nd Edition, Ida O. Abbott

NALP, 2012. Long known as the go-to resource for leaders of professional development programs, this book was substantially revised in this 2nd edition to address the seismic shifts occurring in the way law is practiced today. Topics addressed in detail include: designing and leading a professional development program; how lawyers learn and develop; work assignments, mentoring, evaluations, competencies, and benchmarks; training, including trends and innovations and the impact of technology; coordinating PD efforts with recruiting, orientation, and integration; knowledge management, leadership development, and succession planning; and special issues such as diversity and inclusion, career guidance, alumni programs, PD and mergers, budgeting, and more. To be competitive today the question is not if a firm should invest in developing its lawyers' abilities but how to do so most effectively. In this book, Ida Abbott, a leading authority with more than 35 years of experience as both a lawyer and a consultant to the legal profession, offers a road map to the "how" of lawyer professional development, providing detailed explanations and extensive examples of the strategies proving most effective for law firms today.
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Leading the Legal Recruitment Team

Leading the Legal Recruitment Team: A Recruitment Administrator's Handbook, Gayle Englert

NALP, 2001. This comprehensive handbook on recruitment administration includes samples of evaluations.
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International Directory of Lawyer Quafication

NALP Foundation, 2009. As law firms expand across the globe and lawyers travel from their home countries to be educated and work elsewhere, both law firm and law school professionals increasingly find themselves needing to understand the different ways lawyers are educated and licensed to practice in countries around the world. This directory provides detailed assistance.
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Available in hard copy or CD form from www.nalpfoundation.org.

International Bar Association

The International Bar Association web site — http://www.ibanet.org — includes a publications catalog with resources related to international law.

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