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PD Quarterly is a digital journal that offers thoughtful, in-depth explorations of lawyer and law student professional development and talent management topics by PD people for PD people. 

PD Quarterly is published four times a year (February, May, August, and November).

Subscriber Online Access & Archives

Beginning with the November 2014 issue (when NALP became publisher), PD Quarterly articles are searchable in an article archives here. Subscribers can also access past issues (beginning with the November 2014) issue that they have subscribed to in their Qmags personal archives (accessible through a link provided in the email announcing availability of each new issue).

In the February 2017 Issue

  • Talent Systems for Law Firms
    Talent Systems reflect both the past and future of great corporate law firms. In the year 2017, however, talent management professionals must grapple with the present; in doing so they can become among the most important strategists and leaders within the legal profession
    by William D. Henderson

  • Hacking the Glass Ceiling
    This isn't just a story about a Hackathon that generated some media buzz. It's a story about where we set the bar as an industry, how we take action, and how we can redesign the way we think and talk about diversity and inclusion.
    by Lisa Kirby and Caren Ulrich Stacy

  • Professional Development: Adding Value to the Client Relationship
    Moving from law firm PD into the corporate world gave this author insights into the ways law firm PD professionals can help to differentiate and enhance the client experiences offered by their firms.
    by Jennifer Queen

  • A New Tool to Address an Old Problem: Using Mindfulness to Deactivate Implicit Bias
    Using mindfulness as an intervention for implicit bias recognizes that meaningful change begins on the inside, and begins in the present.
    by Denise A. Robinson

  • Harnessing the Power of Positive Psychology and Growth Mindset to Produce Happier, More Invested, and More Productive Law Students
    Law schools have a role to play in fostering the resilience and growth mindset that will help law students become more creative, productive, and invested lawyers.
    by Jennifer Leonard

Subscription Rates

The yearly subscription rates for PD Quarterly are:

  • $150/year — Law schools, government agencies, and public interest organizations
  • $250/year — NALP or PDC members (not employed at a law school or public interest organization)
  • $350/year — Nonmembers employed by private organizations.

All subscriptions are for one year (four issues). To subscribe, complete and submit the PD Quarterly Subscription Form (PDF).

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Author Guidelines

NALP encourages you to consider becoming a contributor to a future issue of PD Quarterly! You can find information about submitting an article proposal here: PD Quarterly Author Guidelines (PDF). We also welcome your ongoing feedback.

Article proposals, potential articles, and questions about these guidelines should be directed to:

  • Janet Smith
    Editor, PD Quarterly
    Director of Communications

    1220 19th Street, NW, Suite 401
    Washington, DC 20036-2405

    (202) 835-1001

Articles should provide information on subjects related to lawyer professional/career development and talent management that will be useful to persons who have primary responsibility in those areas for private law firms, corporate legal divisions, government agencies, law-related organizations, law schools, and consulting firms.

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Advisory Group

The PD Quarterly Advisory Group is made up of experts in the law student and lawyer professional development fields. The group provides insight and guidance on PD Quarterly's editorial direction.

  • Steve Armstrong
    Armstrong Talent Development
  • Stacey Kielbasa
    Chapman and Cutler LLP
  • Kay Nash
    Wiley Rein LLP
  • J.D. Neary
    McGuireWoods LLP
  • Beth Shackleford
    University of Georgia Law School
  • Kimberly Sheldrake-Head
    Torys LLP
  • Scott Westfahl
    Harvard Law School
  • Sheri Zachary
    Saul Ewing LLP


PD Quarterly offers both half-page and full-page digital advertising opportunities. Those interested in advertising should contact:

  • Christopher Brown
    Director of Meetings & Sponsorship, NALP
    (202) 835-1001

— or —

  • Janet Smith
    Editor, PD Quarterly
    Director of Communications, NALP
    (202) 835-1001
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