2013 Proposed Changes to Part V Timing Guidelines

December 2013

Based on outreach conducted after this year’s on-campus interview season, NALP’s Board of Directors is considering potential changes to Part V of the NALP Principles and Standards to better address the needs of students and employers in the current employment market. The Board would like member feedback on two proposed changes:

1) a 14-day reaffirmation provision within the 28-day offer response window for those candidates not previously employed and
2) changing the offer response deadline for those candidates previously employed by an organization to 28 days following the date of the offer letter or October 1, whichever is later, rather than November 1.

A more detailed discussion of the changes along with their full-text in a marked-up version of Part V is available here. The Board appreciates and encourages your input on the proposed changes. Please e-mail your feedback to partvcomments@nalp.org or  reach out to any member of the Board. The Board asks that you provide input by January 15, 2014, so that all member feedback can be discussed at the February Board of Directors meeting. If the Board were to enact these provisions in February, it would do so on a provisional basis, effective immediately, and would seek formal member ratification of the measure after a period of time during which the provision would be tested in the market for efficacy.

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