Proposed Bylaws Amendments - Spring 2021

May 24, 2021

Following the adoption of a new strategic plan in 2020, NALP's Governance Review Advisory Group undertook a review of NALP's Bylaws during 2020-2021 and recommended a series of amendments. NALP's Board of Directors reviewed those proposed amendments, provided some additional edits and guidance, and unanimously agreed to recommend that the membership approve the Bylaw amendments as presented below.

The documents below provide an overview, background information about the proposed amendments, a redlined version of the current Bylaws with the proposed changes indicated, a clean version of the Bylaws (how they will read if the Bylaws amendments are approved), a summary of the changes by Section, and a draft position description for the proposed Vice-President for Diversity Equity & Inclusion.

NALP hosted a Town Hall Meeting via Zoom on the Proposed Bylaws Amendments on Wednesday, June 9 at 3:00 pm ET for members to discuss the proposed amendments further. View the recording.

Voting on the proposed amendments will take place electronically by Voting Members from June 24 - July 12.

Background Information for Members on 2021 Proposed Bylaws Amendment:

  1. Memorandum from President Traci Mundy Jenkins and Immediate Past President Beth Moeller
  2. Memorandum from the Co-Chairs of the Governance Review Advisory Group Explaining Proposed Changes to the Bylaws
  3. Appendix A: Redlined Version of Proposed Bylaws
  4. Appendix B: Clean Copy of the Proposed Bylaws, as they will read if adopted
  5. Appendix C: Job Description for the Vice-President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  6. Appendix D: A Summary of Changes Made to the Bylaws

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