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The NALP Bulletin+, a monthly digital magazine, presents news and issues of professional interest to NALP’s membership of more than 2,500 legal career professionals who advise law students, lawyers, law offices, and law schools in the U.S., Canada, and beyond. Launched in May 2021, the NALP Bulletin+ is a combination of the legacy NALP Bulletin and PD Quarterly brands. The NALP Bulletin+ invites articles from members and other interested professionals. The NALP Bulletin+ is provided to NALP members as part of their annual membership fees. 

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Current Issue — July/August 2021 Edition:

  • Keeping Our Foot on the Pedal: Why DEI Must Stay at the Forefront of the Legal Profession by Traci Mundy Jenkins
  • Lateral Hiring Plummets in 2020 by Danielle A. Taylor
  • Reflections on the Ultimate Cost of Freedom by Alison Ashe-Card
  • Behind the Screen: How to Support Parents During the Pandemic and Beyond by Jessica Ellias, Samantha Ciriaco, and Michaela Rossettie Azemi
  • Scale Over Skills: Weight Bias in Hiring at Legal Organizations by Meredith J. Kahan and Scott Kahan
  • (PDQ) Critical Thinking Deconstructed: 5 Ways to Improve Critical Thinking Skills by Andy Hales
  • PSJD: Continuing to Adapt While Building on the Foundation by Sam Halpert
  • The Importance of Keeping Your Mentor Pairs Engaged by Hannah Fabrikant and Rochelle Weiner
  • Topics, Timing, and Messaging: A Guide to Lateral Partner Interviewing by Christine Whitehead
  • The Case for Continuing Remote Law School Pro Bono Programs Post-Pandemic by Lauren Worsek
  • Conversations on Clerkships and Corporate Careers by Amy Nixon and Andrea C. Saavedra
  • Newcomer’s Corner: Recruitment Marketing 101 by Ginnette Mueller
  • Being Antiracist Means Closing the Gaps by James G. Leipold

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