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The NALP Bulletin, a monthly magazine, presents news and issues of professional interest to NALP’s membership of over 2,500 legal career professionals who advise law students, lawyers, law offices, and law schools in the U.S., Canada, and beyond. The NALP Bulletin invites articles from members and other interested professionals. The NALP Bulletin is provided to NALP members as part of their annual membership fees. 

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Current Issue — February 2020:

  • From the President-Elect: Resolve to Volunteer with NALP by Beth Moeller

  • They/Them/Their: We Contain Multitudes by James G. Leipold
  • Two Perspectives on Military Veterans: ERSS and NDLE Findings by Judith N. Collins and Danielle A. Taylor

  • Looking into the Future: Understanding the Next Generation of Legal Professionals by Josh Miller

  • Better Together: Connections, Community Drive AEC 2020 by Korey Henson

  • Finding Purpose in Our Profession: 2019 NALP/PSJD Public Service Mini-Conference Recap by Claire Cusella

  • Learning to Fly: Understanding and Overcoming the Impostor Phenomenon by Shannon Bartlett

  • Dealing with Serial Movers: Have We Met Before? by Christine Whitehead and Jacki Herzog

  • Creating a Culture of Happiness by Hannah Fabrikant and Jena Cree
  • Reframing and Sharing the Burden of Employer Outreach by Jennifer Zwagerman

  • Law Firm Alumni Relations Programs: A Look Back and the Current State of Affairs by Jennifer Gewertz

  • Newcomer’s Corner: Helping Newer Legal Professionals with PD by Keith Dye


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