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The NALP Bulletin+, a monthly digital magazine, presents news and issues of professional interest to NALP’s membership of more than 2,500 legal career professionals who advise law students, lawyers, law offices, and law schools in the U.S., Canada, and beyond. Launched in May 2021, the NALP Bulletin+ is a combination of the legacy NALP Bulletin and PD Quarterly brands. The NALP Bulletin+ invites articles from members and other interested professionals. The NALP Bulletin+ is provided to NALP members as part of their annual membership fees. 

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Current Issue — October 2021 Edition:

  • Let’s Prioritize Our Well-Being by Traci Mundy Jenkins
  • Board Announces Service Excellence Award Recipient: Lois Casaleggi
  • What Share of 2L Summer Program Offers and Acceptances Are a Result of Precruiting? by Danielle A. Taylor
  • Anti-Trans and Non-Binary Legislation, Part 1: What NALP Members Should Know by Rafael Langer-Osuna, Melanie Rowen, and Molly Stafford
  • How to Fight Compassion Fatigue by Kendra Brodin
  • (PDQ) Understanding and Avoiding Limbic Hijack by Jonathan Beitner
  • (PDQ) A Learning Dialogue for the Evolving Legal Workplace by Kristen Uhl Hulse
  • NALP Nominations Are Afoot – Will You Join in Our Crusade? by Neil Dennis and Lynn Herron
  • Silver Linings: Recognizing the Unexpected Positive Outcomes From the Pandemic by Glory McLaughlin
  • Looking Forward to PDI 2021: An Overview of Key Programs by Kristin Leary
  • An Inclusive Approach to Interviewing Law Students by Kristy Foreman
  • How to Develop Trust With a Student: The Art of Being Approachable by Dina Adler
  • Newcomer's Corner: Utilizing Law School and Firm Partnerships in NALP by Jana Matthews and Trisha Nakamura
  • Better Than Expected by James G. Leipold

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