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The NALP Bulletin, a monthly magazine, presents news and issues of professional interest to NALP’s membership of over 2,500 legal career professionals who advise law students, lawyers, law offices, and law schools in the U.S., Canada, and beyond. The NALP Bulletin invites articles from members and other interested professionals. The NALP Bulletin is provided to NALP members as part of their annual membership fees. 

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Current Issue — November 2020:

  • The Importance of Transparency When You Don’t Have All the Answers by Beth Moeller

  • Help NALP Capture New Data on First-Generation College Students by Danielle A. Taylor

  • We Stood Against Injustice; Where Do We Stand Now? by Nirvana Dove, Tonya Gaskins, and Sonya Wilson

  • The Evolution of Technology Within NALP’s Member Services by Lisa Quirk

  • A Long and Bumpy Road: Adventures in Sustained Dialogue by Shannon P. Bartlett

  • Interviewing for Applicants with Disabilities: Opportunities for Growth by Michael T. McCarthy and Paul E. Johnson
  • Updating Your Policies to Protect LBGTQ Employees and Applicants by José Bahamonde-González

  • Fluid and Flexible is the Name of the Game…Things to Consider for OCIs by Sheryl Roberts

  • It’s a Small[er] World After All: How CDOs Are Coping with Getting Even Smaller by Kathryn Overberg

  • PDI 2020 Preview: Reflecting on a Year Unlike Another and Setting New Goals by Katherine Schmidt and Shannon Burke
  • You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup: Protecting Your Emotional Well-Being by Katie Aldrich
  • ZoomCIs: Best Practices for Schools, Employers, and Students by Pamela Cyr and Chira Perla
  • Lessons Learned from Virtual Onboarding: It’s All in the Details by Julie Binter and Eliana Morrison
  • Making Meaning Out of Tragedy: An Innovative Approach to Serving Veterans by Cybele Smith
  • Learning Curve: Applying Concepts from Law School Academic Support to Career Services and PD Programs by Sara Marshall


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