An Effective Presentations Primer Webinar

Presented by Chris DeSantis on January 14, 2014

This special webinar on presentation skills was created especially for NALP members and for speakers at our upcoming conference in Seattle. Presenters are judged on how they look, the sound of their voice, and how their message is organized. The best public speakers keep the audience engaged through simple techniques and the absence of unwanted distraction. Nervousness is normal in front of a group — it’s okay to be imperfect —  but what those imperfections are should be a conscious choice. Every word and action should purposefully enhance how the message is received. This webinar will help you learn how good speakers handle nervousness and questions, what preparations are needed to understand an audience, what unconscious physical quirks are common to unpolished speakers, what visuals enhance or detract from your message, and more.

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