Bulletin+ Highlights
Anti-Trans and Non-Binary Legislation: What NALP Members Should Know
By Rafael Langer-Osuna, Melanie Rowen, and Molly Stafford
October 2021
Members of the Task Force on Supporting Gender Non-Binary Individuals in the Legal Profession look closer at key facts about recent legislation across the United States targeting transgender and non-binary individuals.

Neurodiversity: A Primer
By Paul Johnson and Angela Sordi
September 2021
Co-chairs of NALP's Task Force on Neurodiversity provide an overview of neurodiversity through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion as it applies to recruiting, hiring, and training at legal employers.

Intersectional Non-Binary Perspectives on "Professionalism"
By Courtney Carter, Rafael Langer-Osuna, Nicole Netkin-Collins
June 2021
Examining how law firms and legal professionals should consider gender non-binary individuals when it comes to rewriting some of the unwritten rules of professionalism based on heteronormative patriarchal cisgender norms.

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