ERSS 2013 Software Update

October 2013

The following file provides a new update to the NALP ERSS software as of October 2013. All users should download this update, as it provides additional utility features to export data to Excel.

Be sure to back up your DATA folder before running the upgrade.

Download the file below and save it to the directory where you are or will be running your ERSS software.


When the download is complete, go to that directory in Windows Explorer and double click on the file.

When prompted, browse to the folder where the program is installed. By default, the destination is c:nalperss. If this is the proper destination, continue with the install. The install will place a new icon on your desktop.

If c:nalperss is NOT the folder where the program is installed, browse to the folder where it is installed.

When the installation is complete, start the application and be sure that it is identified as Version 2013.03. This will automatically delete the .exe for the previous version. You should also delete the old icon.

For technical assistance with the upgrade, contact your school’s IT department or Bill Kennish at or 941-223-1712.

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