Leadership Opportunities - Conference Planning Coordinators


The Conference Planning Committee includes eleven members, plus the Chair and any Vice Chairs appointed by the President. Conference Planning Coordinators serve a one-year term.

Elected Conference Planning Coordinators: General regions elect one Conference Planning Coordinator, alternating each year between a law school member representative and an employer member representative (e.g., in even-numbered years, including this 2024 election cycle, three general regions –Mid-Atlantic, Southeast & West/Rocky Mountain—elect Conference Planning Coordinators representing employer members, and two general regions—Midwest and Northeast elect Conference Planning Coordinators representing school members). Each limited region elects one Conference Planning Coordinator  - who may be either a school or employer member to serve a one-year term.

Appointed Conference Planning Coordinators: The President shall appoint the remaining members of the Conference Planning Team to ensure a diverse representation of member types, areas of expertise, viewpoints, personal characteristics, and experience within NALP.

Member employees are eligible to run for the Annual Education Conference Planning Committee provided they have not served on the Annual Education Conference Planning Committee at any time in the three year prior to the election.

Each Conference Planning Coordinator (elected or appointed):

  • Serves as an active member of the Annual Education Conference Committee, attends the planning meeting (scheduled June 12-14, 2024 in Cleveland, OH) (cost of travel is covered by NALP), and with guidance from the officers and Conference Chair, provides support for planning and implementing the entire conference.  Note that the practicality of in-person meetings will depend on then-current health and safety guidelines.
  • Throughout the term of office, assists the officers and Conference Chair as needed, conducts environmental scanning to monitor the need for relevant programming, and provides guidance and assistance to program speakers.
  • Attends the Annual Education Conferences immediately prior to (April 16-19, 2024 - Boston) and during the term of office (April 8-11, 2025 - Cleveland), and serves as a speaker host/shepherd at the annual conference during the term of office.
  • Attends the regional meetings during the Annual Education Conference during the term of office (April 8-11, 2025 - Cleveland) to serve as a shepherd and provide assistance to the Regional Representatives.
  • Writes brief articles for the NALP Bulletin+ publicizing the programming of the Annual Education Conference.
  • Has their Annual Education Conference registration fee waived during the term of office: April 8-11, 2025 (Cleveland, OH).

View all position descriptions as a PDF here.

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