NALP Canadian Directory of Legal Employers

The NALP Canadian Directory of Legal Employers (CDLE) provides Canadian law schools, lawyers and students with a comprehensive searchable directory of Canadian legal employers with summer student, articling and associate positions. The CDLE was developed in consultation with law schools and legal employers, and provides a new user-friendly online resource that will allow all Canadian law students to easily access up-to-date information about employers across the country. It is the most important source for information on legal employers, and is intended to provide the primary resource for the publication of information on summer and articling recruitment in each jurisdiction.

The NALP Canadian Directory is available to the public at

Employers participate in the CDLE by completing profiles called "NALP Forms." The NALP Form is used for two purposes: (1) to publish your organization's information in the NALP Canadian Directory of Legal Employers, and (2) to provide a standardized reference form which employers, law students, lawyers and law schools can print out from the online CDLE. To complete a NALP Form, Canadian employers should go to the Data Collection System at

If you choose not to list your organization in the CDLE, you may still complete and print a NALP Form to use in your recruiting efforts.

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