NALP's 50th Anniversary Celebration

For 50 years NALP has believed in fairness, facts, and the power of a diverse community.

NALP will be celebrating this milestone throughout 2020 and leading up to the 2021 Annual Education Conference, which is scheduled for April 27-30.

Learn more about the history of NALP.

NALP's Lisa Quirk examines the impacts of technology on NALP’s website, the NALP Directory of Legal Employers (NDLE), the NALP Directory of Law Schools (NDLS), PSJD and other NALP member services in the November 2020 edition of the NALP Bulletin.

Leading the legal profession forward on LGBTQ+ rights is the focus of the October 2020 edition, with a look into NALP's efforts over the years by American University's Gihan Fernando and Dykema Gossett's Morgan Smith.

Judith N. Collins assesses the role of NALP in researching law schools and law firms in the September 2020 edition.

In the August edition, former NALP President Karen Britton takes a 500-Foot View of NALP's First 50 Years, exploring the evolution of jobs in the legal recruiting and career services fields.

University of California Berkley School of Law's Terrence J. Galligan, a member of NALP's 50th Anniversary Commission, reviews NALP's early history from 1971-1991 in the first of a three-part series in the July Bulletin, and explains how our history is a roadmap to our future.

Learn how NALP's data collection efforts through the years have leveled the playing field for diverse professionals in a June Bulletin article by Diversity Lab's Lisa Kirby and Caren Ulrich Stacy.

Read the May Bulletin article Founders' Take: Looking Backward and Moving Forward by Chris White and Jeanne Svikhart

Check out NALP President Georgia Emery-Gray's column about kicking off the 50th Anniversary celebration in the April Bulletin, along with Executive Director James G. Leipold's Countdown to the 2021 Annual Education Conference.

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