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21st Century Legal Career Series Volume 8 - Digital Assets Practice: 3 New Practice Opportunities

21st Century Legal Career Series Volume 8 - Digital Assets Practice: 3 New Practice Opportunities

Richard L. Hermann, 2017.

Examine how Digital Assets Practice could be a ground-floor opportunity. The march of technology has created a vast storehouse of individual and corporate digital assets. Until very recently, these were not included in people’s estate plans. But since estate plans are designed to pass assets to one’s heirs, digital assets are becoming increasingly important factors in estate planning.

Business owners and individuals must now be concerned with what will happen to their digital assets once they pass from the scene. In addition to emotional value (e.g., family photos, letters/emails preserved in an electronic format), digital assets have come to have considerable monetary value as well. Take online bank accounts for example. If these are not included in estate plans, survivors may not be able to access them.

Contents include:

  • What is a Digital Asset?
  • Digital Assets Practice—Estate Planning & Fiduciary Considerations
  • Digital Assets Practice—Small Business Succession Planning
  • Digital Assets Practice—Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Why is Digital Assets Practice So Hot?
  • Who Hires?
  • Breaking into Digital Assets Practice
  • Finding Out About Digital Asset Law Jobs Before Everyone Else

About the 21st Century Legal Career Series
No one has a crystal ball, but Richard L. Hermann has spent his career— more than 30 years— researching, evaluating, and accurately predicting where the career opportunities will be for law graduates. He has counseled attorneys from new lawyers to 20-year practitioners on how and where to hunt for the next, best option.

Affordably priced, the volumes in the “21st Century Legal Career Series” provide law schools and law students or anyone considering a change of career with invaluable guidance and information on the careers of the future!

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