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The position of Vice-President for Finance position is not open for nominations this year because the term of the current incumbent runs from 2021-2023.  The following information is provided for members' information only.

NALP’s Vice-President for Finance 1) oversees and monitors all financial aspects of the association including disbursing funds, preparing tax forms, facilitating an annual financial review, and preparing the annual budget, 2) serves a term of two years, and 3) assumes the responsibility to attend all meetings of the Board of Directors during their term of office.  The Vice-President for Finance is supported by NALP's Comptroller, investment advisor, tax accountant, and auditors.

Candidates for Vice-President for Finance make a commitment to the association to serve as described below:


  • With the President, Vice-President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Vice-President for Member Services and Education, and President-Elect, serves as an officer of the association.
  • In conjunction with other officers, plans and coordinates orientation activities for the incoming Board of Directors.

Volunteer Leadership and Conferences

  • Serves as Chair of the Finance Committee and oversees the Investment Subcommittee.
  • Serves as a member of the Investment Subcommittee for two years following the completion of service as Vice-President for Finance.
  • Participates as an active member of Sections, Committees, Groups, and Task Forces as requested by the President.

Fiscal and Administrative

  • Oversees and monitors all financial aspects of the association.
  • In consultation with the officers, Executive Director, and NALP's Comptroller, prepares and circulates to the Board of Directors a proposed budget.
  • In direct consultation with NALP's Comptroller, supervises the association's annual financial review.
  • Ensures the preparation and filing of all necessary tax forms in direct consultation with the association's tax accountant.
  • With the Executive Director, establishes systems for receipt, deposit, and disbursement of association funds by designated staff.
  • In consultation with the association's investment advisor, recommends policy and monitors investments of the association.
  • Prepares and circulates to the members an Annual Financial Report. Presents the Annual Financial Report to the membership during the Annual Business meeting
  • Works with NALP staff to ensure distribution of quarterly budget reports to the Officers, Directors, and the Executive Director in a clear and logical format.

Communications and Public Relations

  • Represents NALP to internal and external audiences, including writing articles and speaking at conferences and meetings, with the approval of the President.
  • Writes for the NALP Bulletin+ as appropriate.

Time Commitment — Vice-President for Finance

In addition to the time required to complete the tasks described above:

  • Attends all meetings of the Board of Directors during their term of office (Board meetings are generally held in May, July, November, February, and immediately prior to the Annual Education Conference). Currently scheduled Board meetings during this term: April 26-27, 2021 (Scottsdale, AZ); May 19-22, 2021* (Washington, DC); July 15-17, 2021 (Location TBD); November 10-13, 2021* (Location TBD); February 23-26, 2022* (Location TBD); April 4-5, 2022 (New Orleans, LA); and April 24-25, 2023 (Vancouver, BC). *Note, exact dates within this range of dates remain TBD and will either be a Wed/Thurs/Fri arc or a Thurs/Fri/Sat arc.  Note also that the practicality of in-person meetings will depend on the then-current health and safety guidelines.
  • Attends the Annual Education Conference immediately prior to the term of office and the two Conferences during the term of office: April 27-30, 2021 (Scottsdale, AZ); April 5-8, 2022 (New Orleans, LA); and April 25-28, 2023 (Vancouver, BC).
  • The Vice-President for Finance usually travels to the NALP office for one day in June to work with NALP staff on preparing the annual budget.
  • Travel nights (nights away on NALP business): Approximately 21-23 required nights each year. Additional optional nights as requested.
  • The Vice-President for Finance position typically requires the greatest time commitment in June and July during the preparation of the annual budget.
  • Under ordinary circumstances, there is an expectation that candidates slated to a Vice-President position will see that term in office through before accepting a nomination for another elected or slated term.  In other words, Vice-Presidents in elected or slated positions of two year terms should not, under ordinary circumstances, accept a nomination for another elected or slated position in the first year of their term, but may do so in their second year.

Resources and Support Available to the Vice-President for Finance

  • The Vice-President for Finance's employer is entitled to reimbursement of up to $10,000 over the term of office for resources expended and expenses incurred in supporting the duties as Vice-President for Finance of NALP. The Vice-President for Finance will have discretion to budget the funds as will best support the duties to NALP. No more than one half of the total amount can be used in the first year of the term.
  • The Vice-President for Finance may call upon the NALP staff for support in carrying out their duties.  In particular, the Vice-President for Finance may call upon the Executive Director, NALP's Comptroller, and NALP's outside investment advisor.
  • The Vice-President for Finance is eligible for reimbursable travel expenses associated with NALP Board meetings and any additional NALP-related required travel.
  • The Vice-President for Finance is eligible for reimbursable dependent care expenses (up to $1,000 per year) above regularly anticipated cost of such expenses incurred as a result of Board activities.
  • The Vice-President for Finance is offered the option of attending a financial training program for financial officers of non-profit boards.

View all position descriptions as a PDF here.

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