2016 Revisions to NALP’s Principles & Standards

November 2016

At their November 2016 meeting, NALP’s Board of Directors adopted several changes to NALP’s Principles & Standards, including updates to Parts I, II, and V. The changes come about after extensive review by the Ethics and Standards Advisory Group and member feedback over the past several months and will take effect with the 2017 recruitment cycle.

A redline of the changes is available here
A clean copy of the sections changes is available here
The complete Principles & Standards with the adopted changes are available here

Summary of the Changes:

  • 1L Recruiting Provisions (Part V.D.)
    • Part V.D.2. and Interpretation 14 were amended to clarify what sort of student/employer contact is contemplated prior to December 1.
    • Language was added to Part V.D.2. from Part IV.B. indicating that such contact should not unduly disrupt students’ studies.
    • Part V.D.1. was edited to provide clarification about school and student contact prior to October 15.
    • New Interpretation 24 was added to address offers to 1L students for their 2L summer.
  • Second Summer Offers (Part V.C.3)
    • Based on feedback from members, Part V.C.3 was amended to change the amount of time a previously employed student has to accept an offer for a second follow-on summer opportunity to at least 28 days following the first day of the law school’s on-campus interview program instead of the current October 1 date certain. This change puts all 2Ls who participate in OCI on an even footing with respect to offer timing. 
  • Part I – General Principles – Non Discrimination Clause
    • The Board updated NALP’s non-discrimination clause in the Principles & Standards to reflect the Association’s broad non-discrimination policy.
  • Part II – Principles for Law Schools (Part II B.1)
    • In light of electronic registration for on-campus interviews, the language in Part II.B.1 was changed to have employers “agree to” a non-discrimination statement rather than “sign” such a statement.

July 2016

At its July 2016 meeting, NALP’s Board of Directors reviewed further proposals and recommendations from the Ethics and Standards Advisory Group as to potential changes to the 1L (Part VD) timing guidelines and agreed that any adopted changes would be announced following the February 2017 Board meeting and not take effect until Fall of 2017.

Board Postpones Decision on Proposed Changes to Part V D (the 1L Timing Guidelines)

April 2016

A Message from NALP’s Immediate Past President Jean Durling:

In early March, the Board announced proposed changes to NALP’s Principles & Standards Part V D (the 1L timing guidelines) and requested member comment. Over 60 members provided input, and it is fair to say that the comments were varied with no clear lines being drawn on either the school or employer side. Some employer and school members were in favor of the proposed changes and others were opposed. We also heard from a number of members who were in favor of part of the proposed changes, but not all. And we heard from some members who had alternative suggestions for change.

At its meeting prior to the NALP 2016 Annual Education Conference on Tuesday, April 12, the Board decided to postpone any action to make changes to the timing guidelines. In the coming year, under President Mina Jefferson’s leadership, the Ethics and Standards Advisory Group will be charged with assisting the Board in evaluating NALP’s timing guidelines to determine whether they create barriers to implementing innovative or alternative recruiting strategies.

Board Proposes Elimination of 1L Date Restrictions in Part V Timing Guidelines
Member Input Requested

March 2016

At their February 2016 Board meeting, NALP’s Board of Directors proposed the removal of the specific date restrictions for interaction between 1Ls and career services professionals, and between 1Ls and employers, as they appear in Part V.D. of NALP’s Principles and Standards. This memorandum to the membership from the Board explains the proposed changes, or you can view a redline version of the change. The Board was motivated and informed in its decision-making by the changing market, by changing law school career services office behavior, and the recent report from the Innovating Talent Acquisition Work Group.

Members are invited to submit comments on the proposed changes not later than March 31. Questions or comments can be directed to partvcomments@nalp.org, and should be sent with the subject line “First Year Provisions Proposed Changes.” The NALP Board of Directors will take up a final discussion and vote on whether to adopt these draft changes at its meeting on April 12 immediately in advance of the NALP Annual Education Conference.

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