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100 Things You Need to Know — Business Etiquette for Students and New Professionals

100 Things You Need to Know — Business Etiquette for Students and New Professionals

Mary Crane, 2014.

Mary Crane, a popular speaker at NALP conferences, is passing along her knowledge in a series of slim volumes, each focused on a particular topic. This book addresses the basics of business etiquette for students and new professionals. Although not specifically law related, Mary Crane's advice is exactly what many NALP members say law students and new associates need.

The advice is broken into short chunks and is direct without being condescending. Chapters address: interviewing with style; working with your boss; working with coworkers; business dining; working with technology (which includes advice on determining effective means of communication and on drafting business emails); traveling for work; managing office parties and other social events; gifting with style; working globally with grace; and other miscellaneous advice.

Like other books in Mary Crane's "100 Things You Need to Know" series, a huge bonus of this slim volume of solid advice is its affordable pricing.

1+ $9.00
1+ $9.00
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