Class of 2017

New Findings on Employment Outcomes for Graduates Who Were Transfer Students (NALP Bulletin, January 2019) — Law school graduates from the Class of 2017 who were transfer students were more likely to be employed as of March 15, 2018, compared to the class as a whole.

Graduate Demographics and Employer Settings Over Time — A Different Perspective (NALP Bulletin, December 2018) — It should not be surprising that the demographic composition of graduates taking certain kinds of jobs or jobs in certain sectors diverges from the demographic makeup of employed graduates as a whole. But the divergence is especially stark in some instances.

Employment for the Class of 2017— Selected Findings (Report, August 2, 2018) 

Class of 2017 Notched Best Employment Outcomes Since Recession (Press Release, August 2, 2018)

Free NALP Member Webinar: Class of 2017 Preliminary ERSS Findings (Webinar Recording & Slides, August 1, 2018)

Jobs in Business and Industry: A 25-Year Retrospective, 1992-2017 (NALP Bulletin, July 2018) 

Employment Rate for Class of 2017 Grads Increases Modestly Compared to 2016 (NALP Bulletin, Sept. 2018)

Class of 2017 National Summary Report

Salary Distribution Curve for the Class of 2017

Pre-Order Form — Jobs & JDs Class of 2017 (Shipments are expected to be available in early November 2018)

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