Completing the NDLS Form

Make sure employers have the information they need about your students and your school! Submit your NALP Directory of Law Schools Form using the secure online Data Collection System by April 4, 2013. Please note that this is the only way NALP can accept information for publication in the NALP Directory of Law Schools.

Click here for a blank sample form.

Guidance for Law Schools Gathering LGBT Student Data from NALP's LGBT Section

How to Submit:

Step 1. Point your web browser to to access the NDLS Data Collection System. Log in using your NALP School Code and Password (hint: your NALP School Code is the same as your ERSS code, a five-digit number).

Step 2. Click on Edit Information and begin updating your school's data.

Step 3. When you have finalized your information, it is critical that you print and proofread your NDLS Form using the View/Print Form option. There is a limited amount of space available for each section on the form. It may seem as if you can enter more (or less) text on the screen than will fit on the page. Therefore you should always edit your form based on what appears on the printed version.

Step 4. Click the system's "Submit" button to send your form to NALP. If you do not take this final step, your data will not be published in the NALP Directory of Law Schools. Submit your form by March 5, 2008 for publication in the print edition of the Directory that will be published in May.

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