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As a member-driven association, NALP relies on the contributions of volunteers at every turn. As a NALP member for years or as a new member, you have a unique perspective and there are many ways to contribute. We regularly need volunteers at all levels, whether you have a couple of hours to spare or would like to commit yourself to serving in a leadership role on a Section, Advisory Group, Work Group, or the Board of Directors.


For many, joining a NALP Section is the first step toward learning and sharing your ideas, meeting your colleagues, and contributing your skills and experience to advancing some aspect of the profession. Maybe you have talent or expertise that you’d like to share, or perhaps there are unfamiliar areas you’d like to explore—regardless, Sections provide the perfect setting to connect with members who have similar interests. To learn more and join a Section please visit

Advisory Groups and Work Groups

While the members of Advisory Groups and some Work Groups are generally established by the President-Elect prior to the Annual Education Conference, their membership changes throughout the year because of inevitable transitions, and new Work Groups may form around a new task or issue. To learn more about Advisory Groups and Work Groups please visit

Additional Opportunities

Beyond Sections, Advisory Groups and Work Groups, there are numerous ways to get involved in NALP. You could offer to:

  • Contribute an article to the NALP Bulletin or other publication.
  • Nominate a colleague for a leadership position during the leadership nomination cycle in the fall (find information on available positions and the nominations process here). The nomination process is typically open in the fall.
  • Run for a leadership position yourself as a Regional Representative, as a Conference Planning Coordinator, on the Nominating Committee or on the Board of Directors (find information on available positions and the nominations process here). The nomination process is typically open in the fall.
  • Serve as a NALP liaison to one of our many affiliate organizations.
  • Advise the association as a member of an ad hoc task force or working group that the President or Board of Directors might establish to explore a time-sensitive topic.

Read more about the benefits of leadership roles in NALP:
How Can You Improve Your NALP Member Experience? Jump In! by Cybele Smith
On Losing, Winning, and Leading (And Losing!) by Bonnie Hurry

Ready to Volunteer?

Send an e-mail to NALP's President Traci Mundy Jenkins or NALP's President-Elect Karl Riehl.  Please be sure to indicate your area of interest and your availability, and we’ll be back in touch with you soon. For more information, see the invitation letter from President-Elect Riehl and respond to the 2022 Call for Volunteers.

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