Call for Volunteer Leaders

A Call for Volunteer Leaders from NALP's President-Elect

As I wish you a happy new year, I invite you to travel back in time to a recent NALP conference, summit, webinar, or a Bulletin article or weekly digest moment. After participating, viewing or reading, did you think or say out loud, "yes, and you know what else . . ." or "what NALP really should do is . . . " or "I need to get this information to my boss and team"?

This is your chance to put your thoughts into action! As you plan for 2018, please consider sharing your time, expertise, and enthusiasm with your NALP colleagues. We are continually seeking to engage a diverse group of our members and open up leadership opportunities to more members just like you.

All of the things you rely on NALP for — best practices guides, educational programs and Bulletin articles that take your knowledge and skills to the next level, insightful reports on industry trends, networking opportunities — happen because members like you volunteer to work on them. New products and services are the result of ideas that are often generated by members, too!

No matter your level of experience or your familiarity with NALP, we think you have something to offer. In exchange, you will increase your professional network, gain leadership and management skills, stay current with the latest trends, combat “burnout” and engage in work that has purpose and impact. Training and support are provided to our member volunteers to ensure your success.

Please consider helping out by volunteering to take on a leadership role in a section, work group, committee or advisory group (click here to see a list along with detailed descriptions of what they do).

We are looking for members willing to take on a broad range of responsibilities in a number of different roles including:

  1. Section and Group Chairs - who lead the charges of the team and liaise with the Board of Directors;
  2. Section and Group Vice Chairs/Work Group Leaders - who typically take responsibility for a particular project or charge within a section or group, often with the assistance of other section members; and
  3. Members of a Section or Group Work Group – who typically help Vice Chairs and Work Group leaders with specific projects or charges. 

Each of these roles is important to the work of our Association and comes with a different level of responsibility and time commitment, which allows for members to get involved in the way that best suits their ability.

In addition to skills and interests tied to established groups, we look for people who are creative problem solvers and strategic thinkers. Talent for marketing, researching and writing is always needed.  For the coming year we also seek members with particular interest or experience in and knowledge of data and knowledge management and design, and wellness.

The deadline to complete the volunteering form for the upcoming business cycle is Friday, February 2, 2018.

Click here to volunteer.

We need your knowledge, experience, and perspective to keep us at the forefront of the issues that face the legal community.

If you have any questions about NALP volunteer service, feel free to contact any NALP officer or Board member any time. I truly hope you will consider volunteering your time to NALP. The benefits you gain will far outweigh the time commitment. I look forward to an exciting and productive year and working with you!

Best wishes,

Melissa Lennon
2017-2018 NALP President-Elect/2018-2019 President
Assistant Dean, Office of Career Services, Temple University Beasley School of Law

Sections/Work Groups

Canadian Section
Diversity & Inclusion Section (including SOGIE - Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity & Expression - Work Group)
Experienced Professionals Section
International & Advanced Degree Advising and Recruiting Section
JD Career Advisors Section (including the CSO Employer Outreach, JD Counseling & Small Solo CSO Work Groups)
Judicial Clerkship Section
Law Student Professional Development Section
Lawyer Professional Development Section
Legal Employer Alumni Relations/Programs Section
Newer Professionals Section
Public Service Section
Recruiting Section

Advisory Groups

Communications Advisory Group
Ethics & Standards Advisory Group
PD Quarterly Advisory Group
PSJD Advisory Group
Research Advisory Group (including NALP Directory Advisory Work Groups)

Committees & Task Forces

Audit Committee
Investment Oversight Committee
Nominating Committee (Note: NALP members elect the regional members of the committee and the President-Elect appoints the chair and vice-chair(s).)
JD Advantage Careers Task Force
Legislative and Regulatory Reporting Task Force
NALP Data and Market Intelligence Insights Task Force
International Members Research Group

Event Planning Committees

Annual Education Conference Planning Committee (Note: the membership elects 5 Conference Planning Coordinators, and the President-elect appoints 5 members along with a chair and vice-chairs(s).)
Lateral Recruiting Summit Planning Committee
Legal Recruiting Summit Planning Committee
Professional Development Institute Planning Committee

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