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A collection of resources on JD Advantage Careers

JD Advantage Career Guide (PDF)
Spring 2020

JD Advantage Career Fairs Template (PDF)
August 2021
This is a template to consider when creating a law school JD Advantage Career Fair. This template should be used in conjunction with the JD Advantage Career Guide above.

Emerging Legal Careers Week Template (PDF)
August 2021
Use this template as a basis for creating Emerging Legal Careers Week for your law school.

JD Advantage Career Week 2024 Panels

JD Advantage jobs are increasingly popular among law students and recent grads, and a variety of employers are interested in leveraging the problem-solving and analytical talents developed in law school. The JD Advantage Career Week that took place during March 5-7, 2024, featured three dynamic panels during which speakers shared their experiences working in JD Advantage roles across several career sectors and industries.

March 5: Sports/Entertainment/Contract Management
View recording

March 6: Healthcare/Pharma
View recording

March 7: Risk Management/Emerging Tech/AI
View recording

JD Advantage Career Week 2022 Panels

The three panel discussions from JD Advantage Career Week that took place during March 1-3, 2022, are available for viewing below:

March 1: Business & Financial Services
View recording

March 2: Technology, Innovation, Intellectual Property, Privacy
View recording

March 3: Government and Regulatory Affairs
View recording

Conference handouts:

JD Advantage Careers: Engaging Employers, Finding Opportunities, and Preparing Applicants
April 2018 - Annual Education Conference presentation
Slides (PDF)

NALP Bulletin Articles:

Research: What We Know About JD Advantage Jobs — An Update for the Class of 2020
NALP Bulletin+, January 2022

Research: What We Know About JD Advantage Jobs — An Update for the Class of 2018
NALP Bulletin, March 2020

Research: What Do We Know about JD Advantage Jobs?
NALP Bulletin, November 2017

How to Develop an Employer Outreach Strategy for Emerging Legal Careers in 4 Simple Steps
NALP Bulletin, October 2017 (member login required)

Update from the Emergent Employer Engagement Task Force
NALP Bulletin, February 2017 (member login required)

Who are Tomorrow's Lawyers and how can we help them
NALP Bulletin, January 2015 (member login required)

Other Resources:

21st Century Legal Career Series
How can attorneys and students navigate the complicated path between today’s news and tomorrow’s legal career opportunities? Where can you get invaluable guidance and information on the careers of the future? The volumes in the 21st Century Legal Careers series by Richard Hermann will provide the roadmap.

The Report of NALP's 2014-2015 Emerging Legal Jobs Work Group, published in September 2015 (free PDF download)
In addition to sharing the group’s findings from environmental scanning of the market and outreach, this report features more than 100 job descriptions taken from actual job postings that illustrate some of the job settings and job types that are among the emerging jobs for law graduates.

The Emergence of Nontraditional-Track Lawyer Career Paths: A Resource Guide for Law Firms and Law Schools, published in May 2014 as a free, downloadable PDF by the NALP New Career Models Task Force, is a 95-page guide to assist both law firms that want to implement or enhance a nontraditional lawyer track and law schools that want to assist graduates for whom these nontraditional lawyer tracks may open new career paths.
The guide begins with content addressed to employers on recruiting, integration, professional development, and the review process as they relate to lawyers in nontraditional-track positions. Numerous sidebars offer real-world examples of the ways law firms are handling nontraditional tracks. The guide then discusses opportunities and strategies for law school career offices related to these emerging lawyer career paths. An appendix, divided into seven sections, offers examples of nontraditional track models, sample job descriptions and job postings, a mentor fact sheet used by one firm for mentors of nontraditional-track attorneys, sample core competencies, sample evaluation forms, and profiles of 11 attorneys in a variety of nontraditional-track positions.

Compliance Careers Checklist (PDF)

Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Data Protection Careers Checklist (PDF)

Sample Counselor Intake Form -— JD Advantage Careers

Sample Student Worksheet — JD Advantage Careers

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