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NALP Service Excellence Awards

The NALP Board of Directors is pleased to announce the Service Excellence Awards program to recognize its wonderful volunteers throughout the year.  These volunteers are those who go above and beyond making notable contributions to the organization and its members.  The Service Excellence Award will be given out periodically based upon nominations received by the Awards Committee.

Award Criteria

Nominees must be members of NALP in good standing.  The Board will exercise flexibility in selecting who received an award but will focus on those members who:

  • go above and beyond in their volunteer service
  • who work diligently behind the scenes
  • who really make a difference
  • who stand out because of their contributions

The Board will consider a diverse slate of nominees from different employer categories (school, law firm, public interest, etc) and titles/areas of specialty within the categories (diversity, professional development, employer outreach, alumni, etc) to ensure - to the extent the pool of nominees makes it possible - an equal distribution of the award in any given year.

Award Frequency

The awards will be presented periodically throughout the year by the Board based, in part, on the frequency of member nominations.

Award Nomination Process

You are encouraged to nominate your colleagues (or yourself!) via e-mail at  This brief e-mail should contain the nominee's name, employer, NALP involvement, and the nominee's particular contribution to NALP that should be acknowledged.  Don't forget to include your name and contact information.

Award Recognition

Recipients of the award will be spotlighted in the NALP Bulletin and NALPNow!  They will also receive a copy of a letter from the NALP President commending them on their contributions, that has been addressed to a designated person such as their Hiring Partner, Dean, Executive Director or Director (whoever they select within their organization). 

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