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Help Along the Way: A New Approach to Workplace Conduct in Federal Courts
Presented May 17, 2021

Update and Q&A with the ABA
Presented May 6, 2021

When First Gen Meets iGen: What to Expect and How to Get Through
Presented September 27, 2018

Ask the Experts: Judicial Clerkships 101
Presented February 1, 2018 by Jaya Saxena and Susan Staab

Coaching Your Recent Graduates to Job Search Success Webinar
Presented July 13, 2017 by Susanne Aronowitz

Effectively Engaging Your Student Body
Presented February 14, 2017

Second Career Law Students — A Program for a Challenging Cohort
Presented September 17, 2014 by Susan Gainen


Neurodiversity Discussion II
Presented April 20, 2022

Neurodiversity in the Workforce: Perspectives from Other Industries
Presented February 16, 2022

Neurodiversity Discussion
Presented January 19, 2022

Highlights from NALP's 2021 Report on Law Firm Diversity
Presented January 13, 2022

From Glass Ceiling to Crystal Stair: Shattering Myths around the Road to Partnership for Black Lawyers Webinar
Presented November 11, 2021

Let's Talk Nonbinary: Ensuring a Safe and Respectful Environment for Gender Diverse Individuals
Presented November 10, 2021

Highlights from NALP's Report on Law Firm Diversity
Presented March 2, 2021

AEC 2020: New Research on How Career Opportunities for Women of Color Are Shaped in Law School
Presented June 11, 2020 by Fiona Hornblower

Creating Inclusive Interviewing Practices
Presented May 12, 2020 by Rachael Bosch and Megan McGrath Corsetti

AEC 2020: Transgender and Nonbinary Inclusion for Legal Professionals Webinar
Presented May 13, 2020 by Dru Levasseur

Supreme Court Cases on LGBTQ Protections
Presented March 11, 2020

Diversity Fellowships — Why They Work and How to Utilize Them
Presented December 10, 2019

Driving Innovation: Strategic Flexibility Trends for More Diverse and Inclusive Environments
Presented September 25, 2019 by Manar Morales, President & CEO of the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance

Strategies for Diversity Recruitment in the Legal Profession Webinar
Presented September 18, 2018 by Rachel Patterson, AccessLex Institute

The Next Diversity Frontier: First Generation Law Students and Lawyers
Presented February 15, 2018


Let's Coach All the Lawyers
Presented June 27, 2022

Building a Leadership Program for the Next Generation of Law Firm Leaders: The Why, Who, What, and How
Presented February 8, 2022

Finding Your Fred Factor: Simple Principles to Help Your Lawyers and Law Students Be Extraordinary
Presented November 17, 2021

Hallmarks of Effective E-learning
Presented May 21, 2021

Connecting Learning and Performance Throughout Your Entire Firm
Presented February 26, 2021

A Closer Look at the PD Profession
Presented January 27, 2021

Enhancing Your Virtual Presence
Presented September 16, 2020 by Carrie English

Remote Learning and Work for Law Students and Lawyers with Disabilities
Presented July 14, 2020 by NALP and the ABA Commission on Disability Rights
Transcript and recording will be available on the ABA's website
Or you can watch on YouTube

Confidence, Impostor Syndrome, and Lawyers Webinar
Presented March 18, 2020 by Miram Benor

The Bar Exam — Ensuring Success for Your Associates
Presented November 13, 2019

Self-Doubt & Imposter Syndrome: Why They Hit the Legal Profession Hard and How to Hit Back Webinar
Presented March 28, 2018 by Neha Sampat

Building Foundations for Practice in Law School
Presented September 12, 2018 by NALP, SALT, and IAALS

Innovations in Lawyer Feedback and Review Processes
Presented August 24, 2018

Innovating Talent Management in Law Firms: Can Competencies Drive Change in the Legal Profession?
Presented November 27, 2017 by Terri Mottershead and Sandee Magliozzi

Innovating Talent Management in Law Firms: Innovations in Recruiting Webinar
Presented October 26, 2017 by Caren Ulrich Stacy

Innovating Talent Management in Law Firms: Innovation in Legal Education Through Collaboration Between Law Schools and Law Firms
Presented October 3, 2017 by Sandee Magliozzi and Michele Bendekovic

Innovating Talent Management in Law Firms: Innovation in Law Firm Learning
Presented May 3, 2017 by Steve Gluckman and Catherine Poole

Project Management Training for Under $500
Presented September 22, 2015 by Andy Hales


Your Career Journey Webinar Series
Presented May-June, 2022

Making Sense of the Great Shuffle of Legal Career Professionals
Presented May 4, 2022

Reinvent Your Work Where You Are: 3 Steps to Liking Your Work More
Presented May 3, 2022

An Insider's Perspective: Paths in Legal Recruiting, Professional Development and Career Services
Presented April 20, 2022

2022 Newcomers to the Annual Conference Webinar
Presented March 29, 2022

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know: Personality Assessments and Other Useful Certifications
Presented January 18, 2022

Coach Training Programs and Certification Options
Presented November 16, 2021

Q&A with Experienced Professionals: All the Questions You Wanted to Ask but Never Did
Presented September 27, 2021

Considering Consulting
Presented September 21, 2021

The 2021 Forage Voice of the Law Student Report
Presented March 11, 2021

Design Thinking for the Legal Sector
Presented June 24, 2020 by Natalie Nixon

AEC 2020: Managing and Leading Great Staff and Team Meetings
Presented by Randall Dean on April 16, 2020

AEC 2020: The Upside of Trust and Civility in the Workplace
Presented by Marla Warner on April 14, 2020

Annual Strategic Planning — What Every Newer Professional Should Know
Presented January 16, 2020

Take Charge of Change Before It Takes Charge of You
Presented October 31, 2019 by Rebecca Baumgartner and Kristine McKinney

Measuring Performance: Using Data Analytics Effectively for Recruiting and PD
Presented February 21, 2019 by Laura Dolan, Mina Jefferson, Tamesha Keel and Tony Waller

Ask the Experts: Transitioning from Lawyer to Career Professional
Presented September 14, 2017

Principles for a Fair and Ethical Recruitment Process Webinar
Presented December 18, 2018

So You Need to Make a Presentation?
Presented November 8, 2017 by Rachael Bosch

Instant Access: Making Great & Lasting First Impressions Webinar
Presented January 13, 2016 by Steve Hughes

What Does It Take to be a Great Leader? Essential Leadership Skills to Guide You Through the Storm and Beyond
Presented January 22, 2010 LeaNora Ruffin, Michael Gotham, and Heather Jarvis

Law Firm Economics 101
Presented December 2009 by Sonia Menon


How to Successfully Advise Students Seeking Public Interest/Government Opportunities
Presented January 20, 2016 by Michelle Vodenik

Public Interest Summer Job Search Webinars
Presented January 2014 - Two-part series co-sponsored by NALP and Equal Justice Works


Lateral Recruiting Market Update
Presented October 28, 2021

Big Law Parental Leave Survey Findings
Presented May 14, 2021

Lateral Lawyer Integration
Presented January 13, 2021

Advising Law Firm Professionals and Students on On-Campus Recruiting Changes
Presented November 17, 2020

Thriving as a Recruiting Professional During a Recession and Beyond Discussion and Webinar
Presented October 27, 2020

Creative Strategies for Virtual Summer Programs
Presented May 27, 2020

Creating Inclusive Interviewing Practices
Presented May 12, 2020 by Rachael Bosch and Megan McGrath Corsetti

Beyond Traditional OCI: Rethinking 1L Hiring and Small and Mid-Sized Firm Outreach
Presented November 21, 2019

Use of Social Media in Partner Recruiting Webinar
Presented October 17, 2018 by Amy Knapp

Mastering the Interview
Presented September 20, 2018

Best Practices for High Volume Recruiting in viRecruit Software
Presented May 11, 2017 by Andrew Talpash, President and CEO of vi

Best Practices for Lateral Recruiting in viRecruit Software
Presented May 4, 2017 by Andrew Talpash, President and CEO of vi

The ABC's of Lateral Hiring
Presented October 28, 2015 by Lynne Traverse

A "Roadmap" to a Successful Summer
Presented January 21, 2015


Class of 2021 Preliminary ERSS Findings
Presented July 27, 2022

ABA Update and Q&A
Presented May 10, 2022

NALP Report: Survey on 2021 Lateral Hiring
Presented March 30, 2022

Highlights from NALP’s Perspectives on 2021 Law Student Recruiting Report Webinar
Presented March 3, 2022

Highlights from NALP's 2021 Report on Law Firm Diversity
Presented January 13, 2022

Class of 2021 ERSS Data Collection Process Webinar
Presented November 9, 2021 by James Leipold and Danielle Taylor

Disparate Outcomes: Another Look at NALP's Employment and Salary Data (Class of 2020)
Presented October 20, 2021 by James Leipold and Danielle Taylor

Preview of the Selected Findings for the Class of 2020
Presented August 25, 2021 by James Leipold

Disparate Outcomes: A New Look at NALP’s Employment and Salary Data Webinar (Class of 2019)
Presented October 29, 2020 by James Leipold and Danielle Taylor

Class of 2016 Law School Alumni Employment and Satisfaction – Employment Outcomes
Presented September 22, 2020 by Fiona Hornblower and Jennifer Mander

Class of 2019 Preliminary ERSS Findings
Presented August 11, 2020 by James Leipold

AEC 2020: New Research on How Career Opportunities for Women of Color Are Shaped in Law School
Presented June 11, 2020 by Fiona Hornblower

AEC 2020: Working Together: Generational Differences — Fact v Myth
Presented June 4, 2020 by Aric Press and Yolanda Cartusciello

Annual Update on the Legal Employment Market 2019 Webinar
Presented February 5, 2020

Law School and Career Aspirations of 1Ls — Highlights from Before the JD
Presented August 21, 2019 by Jeff Allum and Katie Kempner

Annual Update on the Legal Employment Market 2018
Presented February 13, 2019 by Melissa Lennon and James Leipold

JD Advantage Jobs: A Snapshot
Presented October 11, 2017 by James Leipold


Creating Loan Repayment Assistance Programs: A Primer for Law Schools Webinar
Presented April 24, 2019


Return to Office Volume 2: On Solid Ground
Presented September 22, 2021

Investing in Future Lawyers
Presented November 20, 2020

How to Build Strong Workday Habits and Routines
Presented August 6, 2020 by Drew Amoroso

Become a Virtual Meeting Virtuoso
Presented May 14, 2020 by Christine Clapp

Setting the Stage for Effective Remote Conversations
Presented April 28, 2020 by Whittney Beard

Virtual Magic: Making Great Presentations Online
Presented April 21, 2020 by Steve Hughes

Business Continuity, Success (and Sanity) During Covid-19 Telecommuting
Presented March 25, 2020 by Manar Morales


Well-Being Circle on Mindfulness and Resilience
Presented May 17, 2022

Well-Being Circle on Time Management
Presented April 19, 2022

Mental Health, An Existential Crisis in the Legal Industry: A Case Study and Potential Solutions
Presented March 30, 2022

Thriving in Uncertain Times/Return to the Office
Presented August 17, 2021 by Jon Krop

The Mood-Boosting Toolkit
Presented January 28, 2021

The Anxiety Toolkit
Presented November 18, 2020 by Jon Krop

SNAP: Understanding the Power Tools of Stress Reduction
Presented June 9, 2020 by Diane Costiganand Kara Dodson

AEC 2020: Your Thrive Mindset
Presented May 20, 2020 by Ann Gomez

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