Pro Bono/PD Corner
The benefits and opportunities associated with using pro bono to achieve law graduates' and practicing lawyers' professional development goals have been the topic of a NALP Bulletin column called "Pro Bono/PD Corner." Written by the 2012-2013 NALP Pro Bono and Professional Development Task Force, each "Pro Bono/PD Corner" presents quick tips related to linking PD and pro bono. This page presents all of the columns in one place so that they can collectively become a resource guide:

Helping Lawyers to Reframe Their Thinking about Pro Bono — September 2012

Working Together (to Link PD and Pro Bono) — October 2012

Integrating New Attorneys into Pro Bono Practice — November 2012

Associate Reviews — Don't Miss Out on Good Work — December 2012

Pro Bono Is a Training Ground for Higher Level Skills — January 2013

Professional Development for Legal Aid — You Can Help — February 2013

Pro Bono as Professional Development for Seasoned Lawyers — March 2013

Summer Associates and Pro Bono — Start the Habit Early — April 2013

Strategic Pro Bono Supervision: Break Down Barriers and Develop Champions — May 2013

Interested in more about the intersection of pro bono and lawyer professional development? See the coverage of a Roundtable on that topic convened by NALP.

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