Class of 2014

NALP's Salary Curve Disaggregated — Class of 2014 (NALP Bulletin, August 2016) — The bimodal nature of the salary curve has been traced back to 2000, when many large firms upped their starting salary to $125,000. But the national curve does not mean that a similar curve is in place when looking at distributions at the state level.

Class of 2014 Bimodal Salary Curve — Since 2006 NALP has published a graphic illustration of the distribution of starting salaries for new law school graduates, a dramatic bimodal curve illustrating that salaries cluster at either side of the average, and that relatively few salaries are near the average. This year’s curve (below) continues this pattern.

Starting Salaries — Class of 2014 (March 2016) — This information is being made available for prospective law school applicants and others interested in the starting salaries of new law school graduates.

Buying Power Index Class of 2014 — The relative buying power of the dollar in any two cities is very important when comparing the nominal dollar amounts of the salaries in those two cities.

Jobs in Business and Industry - A 20-Year Perspective - 1994-2014 (NALP Bulletin, February 2016)

Class of 2014 Selected Findings (PDF)

National Summary Chart for Class of 2014 (PDF)

Employment Rate for New Law School Graduates Rises by More Than Two Percentage Points - But Overall Number of Jobs Falls as the Size of the Graduating Class Shrinks (Press Release, July 30, 2015)

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