Newcomers Tip Sheet - After the Conference

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You’re home from the NALP 2023 Annual Education Conference (AEC)…now what?

  1. Go back over your notes to remind yourself of all the cool ideas from conference sessions that you wanted to implement with your team.

  2. Keep your conference materials as reference tools. They are full of contacts and names of experts who can help you solve problems in the future, and the program handouts are a valuable resource as you deal with new issues on the job. Conference handouts will be available in the conference app and on the NALP website as well.

  3. Submit a panel proposal for the 2024 AEC in Boston (proposals are due May 12!), get involved in your region or a section, and more.

  4. Complete the conference evaluation. Every single evaluation is reviewed and discussed. Much of the content for future conferences will be taken from these evaluations, so please, take time and voice your opinions!

  5. Re-connect with people you met at the conference on NALPconnect and on LinkedIn. Schedule coffee or lunch with people you met from your area or a Zoom call with someone you met from another city.

  6. Be sure you are a member of NALP and that you are receiving all the emails such as NALPnow!, Bulletin+, the weekly news digest, and more. If you need additional information, contact

  7. Get more involved in NALP! Join sections and affinity groups on NALPconnect and attend their meetings once the times and links are posted on NALPconnect.

  8. Join Regional Meetings when the dates and links are posted in NALPnow!.

  9. Consider writing an article for the NALP Bulletin+ on a topic of interest to you.
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