Perspectives on Law Student Recruiting
2020 Summer Outcomes Report

Issued annually, NALP's Perspectives on Law Student Recruiting report details recruitment activity on campus and at job fairs; provides information on summer program characteristics; and provides information on the outcomes of summer programs and of recruiting for both second-year summer associates and entry-level associates not previously employed by that employer.

Due to changes in the timing of OCI for 2020, NALP is collecting this information in two separate surveys (one in the fall and one in spring of 2021). NALP’s Report on the Survey of Legal Employers on 2020 Summer Outcomes and First-Year Associate Plans was released in December 2020 and includes information on the outcomes for 1Ls and 2Ls participating in summer programs, as well as the latest data on first-year associate start dates.

Read the full report here (PDF)

December 16, 2020 Press Release (PDF) — Despite the shift at law firms to virtual and shortened summer programs in 2020, offer and acceptance rates remained near or at historical highs, but summer program class sizes continued to shrink.

Prior Reports
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