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April 3, 2020

    Top Story

  1. "'Nobody Is Recruiting Over the Summer': OCI Season Postponed," 04.02.20.
    Law.com reports that "all but a one of the so-called T-14 law schools by Thursday had announced postponements to their on-campus interview programs due to the coronavirus pandemic, and a growing number in the top 50 of the U.S. News & World Report rankings have followed suit."

  2. NALP News

  3. "Associates Like Their Partners, but the Feeling Is Not Mutual, Study Finds," 04.02.20.
    The American Lawyer reports on new research findings from NALP and PP&C about the generational dynamics at play in law firms: "The most surprising finding to me, and certainly among the most important findings, is the finding that black and Latinx associates are more likely than white associates to aspire to become partners at their current firms," said NALP executive director James Leipold.

    1. "Survey Says Law Firms Need Not Fret About the Millennials," 04.02.20.
      Bloomberg Law also reports on the release of the new NALP report on multiple generations in the workplace: "The oldest members of the Millennial generation have moved into partnerships at major law firms, and it turns out they share most of the attitudes and habits of those they're replacing, according to a new study by the National Association for Law Placement."

    2. "We worked harder than today's young lawyers, nearly half of surveyed partners say," 04.02.20.
      The ABA Journal also writes about NALP's new research on lawyers from different generations working together.

    3. "Study Identifies Generational Similarities, Differences in the Workplace," 04.02.20.
      The National Association for Law Placement, Inc., in partnership with PP&C Consulting principals Aric Press and Yolanda Cartusciello, has released Multiple Generations in Law Firms: Working Together, a first-of-its-kind study, which provides insights into some of the generational dynamics at play in the current law firm work setting. The survey gathered responses from 2,473 lawyers — 1,394 partners and 1,079 associates during 2019. (NALP Press Release)

  4. Remote Working and Mental Health During COVID-19

  5. "Your Clients Need Attention. But So Do the Kids," 04.02.20.
    The American Lawyer looks at the special challenges facing lawyers with children while working from home: "Transitioning to remote work has rattled the entire legal industry, but lawyers with kids, especially women, are facing even more challenges."

  6. "Law Firms Need to Say It's OK to Be Human Right Now," 03.31.20.
    Patrick Krill, writing for Law.com, has some good advice for law firm leaders in this time of heightened stress: "In light of this wholly unwelcome and new reality, my plea to law firms is that they need to understand and directly, outwardly and unequivocally acknowledge the emotional toll that is being exacted now on many within their organizations. They need to let their people know that what they are experiencing is normal and that it is OK to be human, at least right now."

  7. "What Should Associates Be Doing during COVID-19?," 03.31.20.
    Wertern Bellamy, writing for NALP, provides a list of 25 things associates should be doing during the current COVID-19 crisis to be helpful to partners and their clients. (Member login required)

  8. "Managing Remote Professionals," 03.31.20.
    This column from Slaw provides advice for managing a remote work team during this time of enforced social distancing.

  9. "As Remote Work Brings Isolation, How Can Firms Keep Lawyers in the Fold?," 03.31.20.
    The American Lawyer reports on some new survey research that shows firms need to do more to keep all staff connected and engaged during this extended period of remote working.

  10. "4 ways to be a resilient leader during the coronavirus crisis," 03.31.20.
    Fast Company provides advice from an executive coach on leading during this time of crisis: "One of the top qualities we need is resiliency—the ability to recognize the harsh realities of the day and inspire people to believe we can power through the crisis, and take action to do so."

  11. "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom: Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Virtual Meetings," 03.30.20.
    Legaltech News offers "some tips for using Zoom and other virtual meeting tools more productively in meetings and depositions."

  12. Bar Exam Issues

  13. "An 'Immodest Proposal': Bar Exam Requires Innovative Accommodations Amid Pandemic," 04.02.20.
    Judith Wegner, writing for the National Law Journal, makes a powerful case for modified supervised practice rules or an emergency provisional licensing system for new law grads rather than delayed and rescheduled bar exams.

  14. "New York Court of Appeals Calls for Bar Exam in 'Early September'," 03.31.20.
    The New York Law Journal reports that "the New York State Court of Appeals announced late Tuesday that it will seek to have the July bar exam rescheduled for early September."

    1. "New York bar exam planned for September; Hawaii postpones exam, too," 04.01.20.
      The ABA Journal also reports on this development, and reports that the Hawaii Supreme Court announced that its July bar exam will be rescheduled for some time in the fall.

    2. "Fall Bar Exam Gets Pushback From NY Law Deans," 04.02.20.
      The New York Law Journal reports that "an April 1 letter to Chief Judge Janet DiFiore of the New York State Court of Appeals signed by the deans of all 15 of the state's American Bar Association-accredited law schools urges the court to adopt a system whereby 2020 law graduates would be able to practice for up to 18 months under the supervision of a licensed attorney."

  15. "Connecticut Is Third State To Postpone July Bar Exam," 03.31.20.
    The TaxProf Blog reports that the Connecticut bar exam has been postponed until fall, on dates still to be determined.

  16. "Amid More Bar Exam Delays, Push for Diploma Privilege Grows," 03.30.20.
    Law.com reports that as bar exams are being postponed, "law students in New York, Florida, California, the District of Columbia and other jurisdictions have circulated petitions and open letters to bar examiners, urging them to go the emergency diploma privilege route."

  17. "California Bar Is Pressed to Grant Diploma Privilege to Law Grads Amid Virus Crisis," 03.30.20.
    The Recorder reports that California's committee of bar examiners took public comment and then met behind closed doors on Monday to "consider the fate of the July bar exam."

  18. "Georgia Weighs Options as Other States Delay Bar Exams," 03.30.20.
    The Daily Report brings news that "Georgia bar admissions authorities are simultaneously preparing to hold its July bar exam while determining whether it'd be feasible to postpone the exam to the fall."

  19. "Mass. bar exam for law school grads postponed amid coronavirus pandemic," 03.30.20.
    The Boston Globe reports that the Massachusetts bar exam will be postponed from July to the fall according to the state Supreme Judicial Court and Board of Bar Examiners.

  20. "Timing of the bar exam — a billion dollar issue in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond," 03.30.20.
    In this op-ed in the National Jurist, law dean Benjamin Barros writes that "If every jurisdiction merely delayed the bar exam by three months, bar candidates nationwide would lose hundreds of millions of dollars in lost income. Taking these opportunity costs seriously should lead jurisdictions to take a very hard look at alternatives that make them uncomfortable."

  21. "New York Postpones July Bar Exam Amid COVID-19 Pandemic," 03.27.20.
    The New York Law Journal reports that "New York has postponed its July bar exam until the fall, the state's high court announced Friday."

  22. "Fall Bar Exam Added, Fate of July Test Uncertain Amid COVID-19 Pandemic," 03.27.20.
    Law.com reports that on Friday the National Conference of Bar Examiners said it would provide an alternate fall bar exam administration if jurisdictions need to move or cancel their July exam.

  23. Law School Issues and Actions Related to COVID-19 (non-Bar Exam News)

  24. "Here's What Lawyers Need to Know About Student Loan Relief," 04.01.20.
    Karen Sloan, writing for Law.com, speaks with Derek Brainard, the director of financial education at the nonprofit legal education advocacy organization AccessLex Institute, to discuss what lawyers with student loans need to know about the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES), which suspends payments and interest on federal students loans for six months.

  25. "Nonprofit AccessLex Institute sets up emergency fund for law students during pandemic," 03.31.20.
    The ABA Journal reports that "a $5 million law student emergency relief fund has been established by the AccessLex Institute, which plans to distribute $25,000 each to ABA-accredited, nonprofit schools."

    1. "$5M Coming to Law Students Struggling Financially Amid COVID-19," 03.31.20.
      More on this from Law.com "AccessLex Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving access to legal education, has pledged $5 million to help law students experiencing financial strain."

  26. "With Pass/Fail Now the Norm, Outlier Law Schools Face Student Backlash," 03.31.20.
    Law.com reports that "a number of law deans and university administrators [are] receiving backlash from students who are unhappy over the grading policies their schools have rolled out amid the coronavirus pandemic." ("Law students at Arizona State, University of Georgia and Georgia State are among those pushing campus administrators to adopt mandatory pass/fail grading.")

  27. "University Of Chicago Law School Sticks To 'Status Quo' Grading, Bucking Peers' Move To Mandatory Pass-Fail," 03.30.20.
    The TaxProf Blog reports that "the University of Chicago Law School plans to keep its status quo grading system for spring quarter, Dean Tom Miles told students in an email on Tuesday, despite a push by some students to move to a pass/fail system."

  28. "How Will COVID-19 Impact Law Schools As The Summer Progresses?," 03.27.20.
    Mike Spivey, writing for Above the Law, speculates about the likely impact of COVID-19 on law school enrollment and law school financial health.

  29. Law Firm and In-House Issues and Actions Related to COVID-19

  30. "How to Cancel Your Firm's Summer Program," 04.02.20.
    Hugh Simons, writing for The American Lawyer, makes the case that if law firms cancel their summer programs they should extend their would-be summer associates full-time offers for next year.

  31. "Pandemic III: Justice reconstructed," 04.02.20.
    Jordan Furlong has an excellent series on the impact of the pandemic on the legal profession in his Law21 blog this week, writing here that "our primary goal should be to build new, safer, better quarters for our justice institutions and move everyone there after the crisis." (Furlong, who was to speak at NALP's annual conference in Montreal, will lead a virtual plenary presentation for members on May 1.)

    1. "Pandemic II: Justice system down," 04.02.20.
      Here Jordan writes that "the justice system is not ready for this."

    2. "Pandemic I: What we're up against," 04.01.20.
      And here Jordan sets out the problem for the profession and the industry as he sees it: "I'd like to suggest a tonal shift in our conversations about the impact of the global pandemic on the law, and a ratcheting-up of their seriousness and urgency, because I'm concerned that some in the profession still think this is primarily a short-term inconvenience."

  32. "More Am Law 200 Firms Cut Costs to Ride Out Economic Downturn," 04.02.20.
    The American Lawyer reports that "more firms are taking action to cut costs — including reduced partner draws, pay cuts, furloughs and canceled summer associate programs — as they adjust to a global economic slowdown related to the COVID-19 pandemic."

  33. "Norton Rose Offers Staff Reduced Week, Defers Partner Pay and Bonuses," 04.02.20.
    Law.com International reports that "Norton Rose Fulbright is offering staff reduced working hours and pay for one year in response to the COVID-19 crisis, as well as deferring the payment of partner distributions, staff salary rises and bonuses for both groups."

  34. "M&A Activity Fell Off in 2020's First Quarter—Even at Kirkland," 04.02.20.
    The American Lawyer reports that "global M&A activity for the first quarter of 2020 is down significantly year over year, showing an overall decline of 28% from the same point in 2019."

  35. "'Strong, Big-Name Firms' Are Looking at Imminent Cuts to Partner Draws, Consultant Says," 04.01.20.
    The American Lawyer reports that "Kent Zimmermann, a consultant at Zeughauser Group, said he spoke with the chairs of multiple Am Law 100 firms on Tuesday who said they are close to cutting partner draws within the next 30 days by as much as 50%, depending on their firm's revenue forecast for the next few months."

  36. "Baker Donelson temporarily cuts pay, furloughs some employees because of COVID-19," 04.01.20.
    The ABA Journal reports that "Baker Donelson is imposing temporary pay cuts, reducing partner draws, and furloughing some employees because of the financial impact of the COVID-19 epidemic."

  37. "Dentons Board Mulls Pay Cut For Europe Lawyers," 04.01.20.
    Law.com International reports that "Dentons European and Middle East board will meet next week to discuss whether to cut partner and fee-earner pay, as the firm joins others attempting to hedge themselves against the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic disruption."

  38. "Law Firm Merger Numbers Drop as Pandemic Takes Hold," 04.01.20.
    The American Lawyer reports that "the COVID-19 pandemic is putting law firm merger activity on ice."

  39. "COVID-19 Shifts Law Firms' Hiring, Onboarding Process Online—To a Limit," 03.31.20.
    Legaltech News reports that "due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more law firms are heavily relying on technology and videoconferencing to hire and onboard attorneys and staff during the COVID-19 crisis."

  40. "Cadwalader Halts Partner Pay, Cuts Associate and Staff Compensation," 03.31.20.
    The New York Law Journal reports that "Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft will stop paying partners, cut associate salaries by 25% and impose pay cuts of 10% to 25% on its staff in response to the coronavirus crisis and its impact on the economy."

  41. "Allen & Overy Holds Cash Call, Cuts Partner Pay Outs and Freezes Associate Pay," 03.31.20.
    Law.com International reports that "Allen & Overy has called for partners to contribute capital as it becomes the latest firm to take measures to protect itself financially in light of the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic."

  42. "Pryor Cashman Furloughs Some Associates, Citing Interrupted Workflow," 03.31.20.
    The New York Law Journal reports that New York midsize firm "Pryor Cashman has furloughed some associates in response to a slowdown in work related to the coronavirus pandemic."

  43. "Reed Smith Will 'Slow' Partner Pay in Response to COVID-19 Pressures," 03.30.20.
    The American Lawyer reports that "Reed Smith is reducing partner distributions in response to the disruption and economic effects of the new coronavirus."

  44. "Womble Lays Off Some Employees, Cuts Lawyer and Staff Pay Amid Pandemic," 03.30.20.
    The American Lawyer reports that "Womble Bond Dickinson is temporarily cutting pay across the firm's U.S. offices and furloughing or laying off some employees to weather the economic shutdown from the coronavirus pandemic."

  45. "In an Effort to Avoid Layoffs, Marshall Dennehey Halts Retirement Matching," 03.30.20.
    The Legal Intelligencer reports that "Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin president and CEO Mark Thompson announced in a firmwide email Monday that it is suspending its 4% employer 401(k) match until next year."

  46. "Lawyers Fear Billing Delays, Bonus Drops and Job Cuts Amid Virus Panic," 03.30.20.
    Law.com International reports that "U.K. lawyers fear that the coronavirus pandemic will have a major impact on firm's financial positions due to the likelihood of lengthening lock-up, as clients struggle to maintain their own supplier commitments."

  47. "How To Appropriately Market Yourself and Your Firm During a Global Crisis," 03.30.20.
    This piece in the New York Law Journal has suggestions for how to support clients and the profession during this crisis: "Right now, it's not enough to just be a great lawyer, you need to show empathy, poise and kindness."

  48. "As Coronavirus Ravages the Economy, Bankruptcy Attorneys Prepare for the Flood," 03.30.20.
    The American Lawyer reports that "as the coronavirus outbreak has shut down much of the world and tanked the economy seemingly overnight…a number of Big Law firms have been shoring up their bankruptcy and restructuring groups."

  49. "The Big Four's Legal Services Will Emerge Stronger in a Post-Pandemic World, PwC Leader Says," 03.30.20.
    Law.com International reports that the head of the global legal services arm of PwC believes that the pandemic may accelerate clients' willingness to turn to multidisciplinary firms such as the Big Four to solve legal problems.

  50. "What Law Firms Have Over the Big Four," 03.30.20.
    And in this counterpoint piece from Law.com International Annette Kimmitt, chief executive of top-tier Australian firm MinterEllison and a former EY managing partner, makes the case that law firms can offer clients value that the Big Four can't — especially in the time of the coronavirus.

  51. "Slaughters, Linklaters Halt Associate Recruitment Amid Pandemic Disruption," 03.27.20.
    Law.com International reports that "Slaughter and May and Linklaters [in the UK] have paused associate recruitment due to the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, as other firms consider their recruitment strategies."

  52. "For Some Law Firm Support Staff, Pandemic Brings New Uncertainty," 03.27.20.
    The American Lawyer reports that law firm paralegals and staff working on business development, marketing, IT, accounting and more have also felt the impact of the coronavirus on firms.

  53. "Rethinking Law Firm Real Estate When the Office Is Empty," 03.27.20.
    The American Lawyer reports that the sudden shift to remote working may accelerate the trends that are transforming modern law offices, including smaller footprints and more flexible work arrangements.

  54. "For Big Law, Is COVID-19 The Great Recession All Over Again?," 03.27.20.
    Leigh Jones speaks with Keith Wetmore, former chairman at Morrison & Foerster, and Bill Brandt, who has helped handle workouts and restructurings for nearly 40 law firms, about the challenges that law firms are now facing, for this Law.com podcast.

  55. Non-COVID News and Information

  56. "Avoid These Five Errors and Draft Your Best Legal Work," 04.01.20.
    A mid-level associate at a large law firm in Philadelphia, writing for The Legal Intelligencer, shares advice for mastering effective legal writing.

  57. "Report Calls for Changes to Law School Rankings, Accreditation," 03.30.20.
    Inside Higher Ed reports that "Law School Transparency… [has] published a new report calling for structural changes to law schools and rankings of law schools with a goal of making law schools more diverse and reducing student debt."

  58. "In-House Master Class: At Columbia, Former GC of Facebook Is Bringing the Real World Into the Classroom," 03.30.20.
    Corporate Counsel reports on a Columbia Law School seminar taught by former Facebook Inc. vice president and general counsel Colin Stretch that is designed to teach law students to think specifically like an in-house lawyer.

  59. "At Firms, In-Person Networking Still Trumps Tech in Assigning Legal Work," 03.30.20.
    Legaltech News looks at some of the pros and cons of using technology to manage work assignments in law firms.

  60. "Paul Weiss Revenue and Profits Slip, Chairman Points to Busy 2020," 03.30.20.
    (New York Law Journal: Revenue down 3.6%, PPP down 6.4%)

  61. "The evolution to Modern Legal," 03.29.20.
    Jason Barnwell, the leader of Microsoft's Legal Business, Operations, and Strategy team, writing for the Legal Evolution blog, writes about helping Microsoft's legal department build the future of their legal practice.

  62. Past News Digest Issues

    March 27, 2020

    1. "Presidents Fear Financial, and Human, Toll of Coronavirus," 03.27.20.
      Inside Higher Ed reports that "college and university presidents are…most concerned about the toll the crisis could take on the mental health of their students and employees."

    2. "Some Firms Press On With Summers, While Others Wait and See," 03.26.20.
      The American Lawyer reports on the uncertainty that currently surrounds law firms' plans for their summer associate programs.

    3. "'Survival Mode' Is Now for Some Law Firms, While Others Plan and Wait," 03.26.20.
      The American Lawyer reports that "some law firms are considering?-or already beginning to implement?-everything from pay cuts to layoffs to insulate their businesses from the worst of the economic fallout."

    4. "The Case for Deferring Payments to Equity Partners Now," 03.26.20.
      Hugh Simons, writing for The American Lawyer, makes the case that "the biggest available lever firms have [to] reinforce [their] financial solvency is to defer payments to partners."

    5. "Law Students Share Anxiety, Support on Reddit," 03.26.20.
      Law.com reports that, not surprisingly, law students are turning to social media to share their anxiety during the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic.

    6. "More than 3 Million Americans Lost Their Jobs Last Week.," 03.26.20.
      The New York Times reports that "the Department of Labor reported on Thursday that 3.28 million people filed for unemployment insurance last week."

    7. "Pass/Fail Grading Controversy Roils Law Schools," 03.25.20.
      Law.com reports that law schools are grappling with difficult decisions surrounding traditional grades and a pass/fail system for the current semester.

    8. "6 Ways Lawyers Should Adapt for Their Clients and Themselves During the COVID-19 Crisis," 03.25.20.
      This piece in LegalTech News suggests that "there are steps all lawyers can take to remain productive and effective for our clients, and healthy and balanced for ourselves."

    9. "'Failures of the System': Law Students, Advocates Push for Protections at the Judiciary," 03.25.20.
      The National Law Journal reports that "law students are demanding the federal judiciary, and sometimes their own schools, take action now to protect them from potentially unsafe situations."

    10. "100% Of Higher Education Has Shifted Online Due To The Coronavirus," 03.25.20.
      The TaxProf Blog shares a fascinating infographic that illustrates how US higher education moved itself entirely online in less than four weeks.

    11. "How to Look Your Best on a Webcam," 03.25.20.
      This piece in The New York Times offers some practical tips for how to put your best foot forward during your Zoom meetings ("how to create a professional niche within a larger landscape of dirty dishes, whining children and sentimental wall decorations.")

    12. "NALP Cannot Compel Law Firms To Move OCI To January, But Urges Communication About COVID-Related Changes," 03.24.20.
      The TaxProf Blog reports on the communication NALP sent to its members on Monday urging communication between schools and employers as recruiting timelines evolve.

    13. "Big Four Legal Head Says Coronavirus Will Change the Way Law Is Practiced," 03.24.20.
      The American Lawyer reports that "Stuart Fuller, the global head of the legal services arm of Big Four accounting firm KPMG, expects the COVID-19 crisis to ultimately change the way law around the world is practiced."

    14. "COVID-19: law firms going remote, some restricting access to offices," 03.24.20.
      The Canadian Lawyer reports that "because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many firms across Canada have resorted to working remotely, keeping in contact with clients through various technological platforms."

    15. "‘I Just Don’t Think We Have the Luxury to Have Dreams Anymore’," 03.24.20.
      A college junior, writing for The New York Times, reflects on her generation's moment in history: "My portion of Generation Z, the cohort born right around the Sept. 11 attacks, is entering the work force amid the onset of a global recession. It will define us the same way 2008 did millennials, marking them with generational scars that we have just begun to understand."

    16. "Jones Day Again Tops Acritas Ranking of Top US Law Firm Brands," 03.24.20.
      The American Lawyer reports that "Jones Day managed to hold onto the top spot in a ranking of U.S. law firm brand strength for the fourth year in a row, while the firms trailing the top performer saw their position scrambled from the previous year." (Kirkland & Ellis took the second spot and Latham & Watkins took the third spot in the annual ranking.)

    17. "6 Ways Tech Can Help Keep Attorneys Engaged, Even While Remote," 03.24.20.
      LegalTech News "asked a few experts for their tips on staying engaged, even when face-to-face meetings are impossible."

    18. "Top Law Schools Say Firms Are Pushing to Delay Summer Associate Hiring," 03.23.20.
      Law.com reports that "at least four major Big Law feeder schools have said that law firm summer associate hiring-or OCI-may be moved back from the current late July or early August to further into the coming academic year amid the COVID-19 pandemic."

    19. "How COVID-19 is forcing Canadian law schools to transition to online learning," 03.23.20.
      The Canadian Lawyer reports that "at Canadian Law Schools, as the world adapts to limit the spread of COVID-19, classes have transitioned to an online format, students in residence are being asked to return home and being offered money to help them do so, events have been cancelled, class plans for the remainder of the year are being altered and exams are being switched from in-person to take-home."

    20. "July Bar Exam Alternatives Under Consideration Amid COVID-19," 03.23.20.
      Law.com reports that "a group of legal educators are imploring bar officials to make a decision now about alternatives to the licensing exam amid the coronavirus pandemic."

      1. "No Bar Exam? That's What 1,000 Law Students Want NY to Declare Amid COVID-19," 03.26.29
        The New York Law Journal reports that law students in New York, anxious about bar exam prospects amidst the pandemic, support a diploma privilege decision.

      2. "What alternatives to the July bar exam are being considered in light of COVID-19?," 03.23.20.
        More on this from the ABA Journal.

    21. "How Diversity and Inclusion Can Democratize Big Law," 03.23.20.
      Two associates from an alternative legal services provider, writing for The American Lawyer, argue that their ALSP model creates more opportunities for junior lawyers, including those from diverse backgrounds.

    22. "A Virtual Happy Hour? Firms Turning to Web to Keep Employee Morale High," 03.23.20.
      Law.com reports that "law firms are rolling out creative well-being initiatives in the midst of global industry disruption, as they attempt to keep morale up among their ranks as the majority of their people work remotely."

    23. "SAT tests canceled. College tours on hold. High school juniors struggle with life ahead," 03.23.20.
      The Boston Globe reports on the upended worlds of high school juniors who have been preparing for the college application process.

    24. "Moody's Downgrades Higher Education From 'Stable' To 'Negative' Due To The Coronavirus," 03.23.20.
      TheTaxProf Blog highlights a Chronicle story that reports "Moody's Investors Service issued a bleak forecast this week for higher education in America, downgrading it from "stable" to "negative" in light of the coronavirus pandemic."

    25. "Don't panic over your 401(k)! It's time to emotionally distance from the markets," 03.23.20.
      My friend Suzanne McGee, writing for The Guardian, says we shouldn't panic about our retirement funds and instead recommends that we "take a step back and distance your emotions from the market's gyrations" and then provides a generational guide to getting through this frightening period with your retirement plans intact.

    26. "Advice to Law Students in the Time of Covid-19: Your Path to Big Law," 03.21.20.
      Hugh Simons, writing for Law.com, provides some thoughtful perspective on what this economic downturn is likely to mean for the careers of law students and aspiring law firm lawyers.

    27. "What Lessons Lawyers Can Learn From Week One of Working From Home," 03.21.20.
      A coach from Volta, writing for The American Lawyer, provides 13 best practices for law firm partners and associates who are working from home.

    28. "Federal student loan payments suspended with no interest during COVID-19 pandemic," 03.20.20.
      The ABA Journal reports that the US Department of Education has announced that "during the COVID-19 national emergency, borrowers can suspend federal student loan payments for at least 60 days with 0% interest."

    29. "Mandated Closures Have Law Firms Confused and Scrambling," 03.20.20.
      The American Lawyer reports that law firms are scrambling to react to state and municipal orders to close law firms among other businesses deemed nonessential.

    30. "Facing Uncertainty, Law Firms Seek Credit, Brace for Less M&A," 03.20.20.
      The American Lawyer reports that "in barely two weeks, the coronavirus has had sweeping financial effects in the legal industry, leading to layoffs for some staff, an expected drop in billable hours in some areas, and many firms seeking to extend their credit lines at banks."

    31. "Eleven Tips for Working from Home Alongside Your Partner During the Global Pandemic," 03.20.20.
      This piece in The New Yorker provides helpful hints for how to work peacefully alongside your partner within the confines of your home.

    March 20, 2020

    1. "The Millennial March Into Leadership Positions May Already Be Changing Firms," 03.19.20.
      LegalTech News writes that "the Millennial demographic may already be shifting the way that law firms earn revenue and even interact with clients on a day-to-day basis."

    2. "With Law Students Jittery, Profs Try to Engage Them Online," 03.19.20.
      Law.com reports that "it's a brand new era for law schools as they navigate the transition from primarily brick-and-mortar institutions to those that function exclusively in the digital space…that means schools must quickly figure out how to keep students connected to their professors and classmates and provide student services and support in nontraditional ways."

      1. "30-Minute Webinar On Using Zoom For Law School Classes," 03.19.20.
        The TaxProf Blog provides a how-to lesson in using Zoom in the classroom from Josh Blackman at South Texas.

      2. "100% Of Law Schools Have Moved Online Due To The Coronavirus," 03.18.20.
        The Tax Prof Blog reports that "all 199 ABA-accredited law schools in the United States have moved entirely online due to the coronavirus."

    3. "With Economy on the Brink, Will the Lateral Partner Market Dry Up?," 03.19.20.
      The American Lawyer reports that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, "recruiters across the country say that discussions between firms and candidates are still advancing for now."

    4. "Lawyer suspended for boosting law school grades in Williams & Connolly application," 03.19.20.
      The ABA Journal reports that "the New Jersey Supreme Court has suspended a lawyer who falsified a law school transcript when he sought a job with Williams & Connolly."

    5. "Summer Associate Hiring Was Strong, but COVID-19 Prompts Uncertainty Ahead," 03.18.20.
      Karen Sloan, writing for Law.com, reports on the latest NALP recruiting data, noting that "summer associate recruiting was fairly robust in 2019, but questions are swirling over what impact the coronavirus pandemic will have on those second-year students hired last fall by firms and the soon-to-be law graduates who are slated to start work as associates this fall."

      1. "Firms shrank summer associate classes in 2019 and coronavirus leaves 2020 uncertain — NALP," 03.19.20.
        Thomson Reuters reports on the release of the NALP 2019 recruiting data analyses.

      2. "NALP report shows historically high offer rate for summer associates; what's to come?," 03.19.20.
        The ABA Journal also reports on the 2019 recruiting data reported this week by NALP.

      3. "Entry Level Law Firm Recruiting Up, But Uncertainty Prevails," 03.18.20.
        More on this from Bloomberg Law.

      4. "Entry-level Law Firm Recruiting Activity Remains Steady, with Largest Firms Trimming Summer Program Classes," 03.18.20.
        NALP reports on recruiting activity in 2019: "The report shows robust recruiting activity in 2019, with offer rates coming out of summer programs reaching historic highs. However, the data also suggests that the regrowth in summer program and entry-level recruiting since the Great Recession may be tapering off." (NALP Press release)

    6. "Law Schools Adopt Pass-Fail Grades as They Move Online Amid COVID-19," 03.18.20.
      Law.com reports that "[a number of] law schools this week have announced switching to pass/fail grading for the spring semester, now that courses and exams are being delivered online amid the coronavirus pandemic" and other law schools are considering adopting similar changes.

      1. "Make All Courses Pass/Fail Now," 03.19.20.
        A visiting professor of government at Harvard University and a professor of international politics and economics at Middlebury College, writing for The Chronicle of Higher Education, makes the case that all courses for the spring semester should be mandatory pass/fail to address the extraordinary challenges being faced by students and faculty.

      2. "How to Help Students Keep Learning Through a Disruption," 03.19.20.
        (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

    7. "ABA commission points out legal ed and licensure issues that built access-to-justice barriers," 03.18.20.
      The ABA Journal Reports that the ABA Commission on the Future of Legal Education has released a statement that argues "the costs of legal education and licensure should not act as a barrier for the quality and availability of legal services, and legal education should not be one size fits all."

    8. "March LSAT Is Canceled, Fate of April Test Uncertain," 03.17.20.
      Law.com reports that The Law School Admission Council announced Monday that the March administration of the Law School Admission Test has been canceled: "The exam, scheduled for March 28, will not take place at any of the worldwide locations due to the coronavirus outbreak. All test takers in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands who were signed up for the March LSAT will automatically be registered for the next administration April 25 in the same area. Those in other countries will automatically be registered for the June LSAT."

      1. "March LSAT canceled and National Conference of Bar Examiners monitoring July bar exam," 03.17.20.
        More on this from the ABA Journal.

    9. "The US News Rankings Are Here. How Did Your Law School Do?," 03.17.20.
      Law.com reports that US News has published its latest law school rankings.

      1. "The 2021 U.S. News Law School Rankings Are Here," 03.17.20.
        Above the Law lists the law schools in US New rank order.

    10. "In a Year Full of Worry and Division, How to Protect Your Mental Health," 03.16.20.
      Patrick Krill, writing for The New York Times, writes thoughtfully about protecting yourself from the mental fallout of the current pandemic crisis.

    11. "Rule Makers versus Risk Takers," 03.15.20.
      The latest from Bill Henderson, writing for his Legal Evolution Blog, on the tensions inherent in the current deregulatory drive to open up the delivery of legal services, and it should come as no surprise to anyone who follows Bill to learn that he is on the side of the risk takers.

    12. "Firms Where Black Lawyers Are Making Partner (Unicorn Watch 2020, Part 1)," 03.13.20.
      Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer, provides commentary on the diversity of the 2020 partnership class in Big Law: "Some firms with pathetic records with promoting black partners are now stepping up their game."

    13. Other Coronavirus News:
      1. "New State Order Means All Law Firm Offices Must Close," 03.19.20.
        The Legal Intelligencer reports that "Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has mandated that all law firms and other legal services close their physical offices, as part of a larger order specifying that non-life-sustaining businesses must close to prevent further spread of the new coronavirus."

      2. "NY Court Relaxes Limits on Online Law Classes Amid COVID-19 Response," 03.18.20.
        The New York Law Journal reports that "the New York Court of Appeals on Tuesday granted Columbia Law School a waiver suspending its restrictions on credit hours students may take online for the spring 2020 semester."

      3. "NYC Law Dept. Expands Remote Working, Confirms 2 Attorneys Tested Positive for Coronavirus," 03.18.20.
        The New York Law Journal reports that "the New York City Law Department has confirmed that two attorneys had tested positive for COVID-19, as the office implemented new measures to protect its workforce and help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus."

      4. "Big Law Goes Remote: Updates on Law Firm Closures During the Coronavirus Crisis," 03.18.20.
        (The American Lawyer)

      5. "'It's a Full Stop': Law Firm Mergers Slow Amid COVID-19," 03.18.20.
        (The American Lawyer)

      6. "Homebound by Coronavirus, Lawyer-Parents Bear Extra Burden," 03.18.20.
        (The American Lawyer)

      7. "What Does COVID-19 Mean for the Legal Economy?," 03.18.20.
        (JD Journal)

      8. "Troutman and Pepper Postpone Merger Date Amid Coronavirus Outbreak," 03.17.20.
        The American Lawyer reports that "Troutman Sanders and Pepper Hamilton announced Tuesday that they are postponing their merger from April 1 to July 1, due to the rapidly moving COVID-19 pandemic."

      9. "Recruiter David Lat, Founding Editor of Above the Law, Tests Positive for COVID-19," 03.17.20.
        The American Lawyer reports that "Lateral Link recruiter David Lat, who founded the website Above the Law in 2006, has tested positive for COVID-19."

        1. "David Lat, Battling COVID-19, Speaks From Hospital About Fears, Hopes and What People Should Know," 03.19.20.
          (New York Law Journal)

      10. "Law Society Joins Latham, Cleary and Others In Remote-Working Push," 03.17.20.
        Law.com International report that "Latham & Watkins, Eversheds Sutherland, CMS and the Law Society of England and Wales are the latest legal industry players to implement remote-working strategies as the disruption caused by COVID-19 grows."

      11. "As COVID-19 Spreads, How Effective Are Partial and Voluntary Remote Work Policies?," 03.17.20.
        The American Lawyer questions the effectiveness of some law firms' voluntary and rotational remote work policies.

      12. "Predicting 3-Month Interruption Over COVID-19, Judiciary Requests $7 Million in Emergency Funds," 03.17.20.
        The National Law Journal reports that "the federal judiciary is seeking an additional $7 million in emergency supplemental funding from Congress as it anticipates the coronavirus will impact courts for the next three months, the chair of the Judicial Conference's executive committee said Tuesday."

      13. "Coronavirus, the Law, and You," 03.16.20.
        A law firm partner, writing for the New York Law Journal, provides analysis of key federal and state laws that govern response to the current pandemic.

      14. "America's Economy Begins to Shut Down as Pandemic Measures Take Hold," 03.16.20.
        (The New York Times)

      15. "COVID-19 reaction: Law offices shutter and solo litigators try to stay afloat with remote work," 03.16.20.
        (Law Times, Canada)

      16. "Will BigLaw Pass COVID-19's Test On Working From Home?," 03.16.20.

      17. "Paul Weiss Mobilizes Army of Lawyers to Help Navigate Coronavirus Relief," 03.16.20.
        (The American Lawyer)

      18. "Morgan Lewis Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19, Offices Remain Open With Voluntary Remote Work Policy," 03.16.20.
        (The American Lawyer)

      19. "Lawyers Are Working From Home as Coronavirus Spreads-But How's Business?," 03.16.20.
        (Connecticut Law Tribune)

      20. "For Legal Services Industry, Europe Travel Ban Brings Little Disruption," 03.16.20.
        (LegalTech News)

      21. "Working From Home Under Virus Lockdown? French Firms Have Got This," 03.16.20.
        (Law.com International)

      22. "CLOC Cancels Vegas Institute Amid Coronavirus Pandemic," 03.16.20.
        (LegalTech News)

      23. "2020: The Year That Shredded the Admissions Calendar," 03.15.20.
        (The Chronicle of Higher Education) (Subscription required.)

      24. "ABA Loosening Restrictions on Online Course Credit Limits Due to Coronavirus," 03.13.20.
        (Law.com/LegalTech News)

      25. "For Some Practices, Coronavirus Uncertainty Is Bringing a Spike in Demand," 03.13.20.
        (The American Lawyer)

      26. "Major Law Firms Rush To Enact Remote Working As Coronavirus Fears Mount," 03.13.20.
        (The American Lawyer)

      27. "Here Are Some Answers to Employers' Many Legal Questions About the Coronavirus," 03.13.200.
        (Corporate Counsel)

      28. "The Coronavirus, This Recession and How Law Firms Need to Plan Now to Protect Their Business," 03.13.20.
        (The American Lawyer)

      29. "'An earthquake': Coronavirus crisis rocks higher education, forcing students and professors into uncharted territory," 03.13.20.
        (The Washington Post) (Subscription required.)

      30. "How to Work From Home Now That Your Boss Doesn't Want You Coming In," 03.12.20.
        (The New York Times)

    14. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:
      1. "Ballard Spahr Held Revenue Flat Last Year as Partnership Contracted," 03.19.20.
        (The Legal Intelligencer: Revenue up 1.5%, PPP up 0.2%)

      2. "Katten Sees Revenue Climb Despite 'Sluggish' Start and Partner Exits," 03.19.20.
        (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 5.5%, PPP up 10.2%)

      3. "Kirkland's Reign Continues as Firm Hits $4 Billion in Revenue," 03.18.20.
        (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 10.6%, PPP up 3.1%)

      4. "Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner Sees Returns Dip in First Full Year After Combo," 03.18.20.
        (The American Lawyer: Revenue down 3.4%, PPP down 1.3%)

      5. "IP, Products Liability and Political Law Pushed Perkins Coie Toward Growth in 2019," 03.17.20.
        (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 8.5%, PPP up 6.5%)

      6. "Amid Energy Investment Slowdown, Thompson & Knight Feels Revenue, Profit Pinch in 2019," 03.17.20.
        (Texas Lawyer: Revenue down 3.8%, PPP down 3.7%)

      7. "Fried Frank Extends Growth Streak With Double-Digit Revenue, Profit Gains," 03.16.20.
        (New York Law Journal: Revenue up 13.3%, PPP up 16%)

      8. "Fish & Richardson Sees Revenue and Profits Jump as Head Count Slips," 03.13.20.
        (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 9.6%, PPP up 16%)

      9. "Early Reports: The 2020 Am Law 100/200 Firm Financials," 03.17.20.
        In advance of its publication of the Am Law 100 and Am Law 200 reports, The American Lawyer is keeping a running list of its reporting on how Big Law fared in 2019

    March 13, 2020

    1. "Admissions Counselors Change Code of Ethics From Mandatory to Best Practices," 03.13.20.
      Inside Higher Ed reports that "the National Association for College Admission Counseling's Board of Directors approved at its March meeting last week a motion to change its Code of Ethics and Professional Practices from a mandatory code to a statement of best practices…after a U.S. Department of Justice antitrust investigation."

    2. "How Data Fuels Change in the Legal Profession: A Chat With the NALP Foundation's New President," 03.12.20.
      Karen Sloan interviews Fiona Trevelyan Hornblower, the new head of the NALP Foundation, for the National Law Journal.

    3. "'Political Headwinds' Force Calif. Bar to Table Legal Services Innovation Proposals," 03.12.20.
      The American Lawyer reports that "California's state bar on Thursday put the brakes on controversial proposals aimed at expanding the availability of legal help in the state, citing political headwinds."

    4. "Georgetown Law Unveils New Tech-Policy Degrees as Regulations Clash With Industry," 03.12.20.
      LegalTech News reports that "Georgetown Law has announced a new Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) in technology law and policy, as well as a similar master's degree for nonlawyers both scheduled to start this fall."

    5. "Increased Lateral Movement Mirrors Shifts in Legal Landscape," 03.11.20.
      A law firm managing partner, writing for The Legal Intelligencer, writes that "the increase in lateral traffic can be attributed to several environmental and economic factors, and also mirrors the evolution of firms and shifts in the overall legal landscape."

    6. "ABA Finds Golden Gate Law School In Full Compliance With Accreditation Standards," 03.11.20.
      The TaxProf Blog reports that the ABA has determined that Golden Gate University School of Law remains an approved law school and is not out of compliance with the accreditation standards.

    7. "Contagion," 03.11.20.
      In a non-coronavirus post on Law21, Jordan Furlong documents all of the regulatory reforms to improve access to justice that have taken place in jurisdictions in North America over the last eight months: "By end of day on March 31, ten American jurisdictions, three Canadian provinces, the American Bar Association, and the US Conference of Chief Justices will have either launched task forces to examine legal regulation reform or have taken significant steps towards encouraging such reforms or actually implementing them."

    8. "What Defines Success in the Legal Profession? Finding an Answer Isn't Easy," 03.10.20.
      The Editor-In-Chief of the UK's Legal Week takes a look at what it means to be a successful law firm lawyer.

    9. "Improving the UK's Access to Justice Can Start with Legal Technology," 03.09.20.
      A barrister in the UK, writing for LegalTech News about the access to justice problem in that country, makes the case that "technology will play a key role in levelling out the playing field by increasing the range of affordable options available for those who would otherwise have been priced out."

    10. "Artificial Intelligence: The Fastest Moving Technology," 03.09.20.
      In his Technology Law column for the New York Law Journal, Peter Brown examines how AI functions and some of its legal implications.

    11. "AccessLex introduces new law school pipeline program focused on less-than-stellar students," 03.09.20.
      The ABA Journal reports that "a new law school pipeline project from the AccessLex Institute will focus on people who have, historically, had a very difficult time getting in: applicants with low LSAT scores and undergraduate GPAs."

    12. "How Law Firms Can Move Beyond the Diversity Echo Chamber," 03.06.20.
      The senior inclusion manager at Hogan Lovells and secretary of the National LGBT Bar Association, writing for The National Law Journal, writes that "whether through programming or otherwise, law firms need to cultivate the integration of the ingredients that diverse lawyers need to succeed: a firm infrastructure that understands and works to mitigate bias, opportunities to demonstrate their skills, and investments to ensure that those opportunities manifest as successfully as possible."

    13. "What Law Firms (And Men) Can Do to Improve Gender Diversity, According to Top Female Lawyers," 03.06.20.
      Law.com International "asks women at the top of their game in the UK market what firms — and their male colleagues — can do to help bridge the gap in inequality for the next generation of female lawyers."

    14. "6 Ways Legal Leaders Can Combat Silence and Truly Advocate for D&I," 03.05.20.
      The managing partner of a woman-owned firm based in Philadelphia, writing for The Legal Intelligencer, suggests "our profession can only achieve genuine diversity, inclusion, equity and elimination of bias when the people in the trenches can speak out against bias without fear of retaliation."

    15. "Go-To Law Schools: Firm Favorites," 03.05.20.
      As part of its Go-To Law Schools analysis, Law.com identifies the law firms that hired the most new associates in 2019 and from which law schools those firms recruited most heavily. ("Last year, Kirkland & Ellis reported hiring the largest new associate class, at 245. A whopping 22 came from Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law. Columbia Law School had the largest cohort of 2019 graduates go to a single firm, sending 23 to Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom.')

    16. Coronavirus News:

      1. "Over 100 Law Schools Have Moved Online Due To The Coronavirus," 03.13.20. (TaxProf Blog)

      2. "ABA Loosens Reins On Online Legal Education Amid Coronavirus Spread," 03.13.20. (TaxProf Blog)

      3. "How Coronavirus and a Bear Market Could Upend Law Firm Hiring," 03.12.20.
        The American Lawyer takes a look at the possible impact of the retreating market and the virus pandemic on law firm recruiting plans for the coming year.

      4. "Hogan Lovells Latest Firm to Roll Out Remote Working Tests in Response to Virus," 03.12.20. (Law.com International)

      5. "King & Wood Mallesons, Norton Rose Fulbright, Jones Day Send Sydney Staff Home on Coronavirus Fears," 03.12.20. (Law.com International)

      6. "As the Coronavirus Scrambles Colleges' Finances, Leaders Hope for the Best and Plan for the Worst," 03.12.20.
        (The Chronicle of Higher Education) (Subscription required.)

      7. "Pandemic Triggers Chaos," 03.12.20.
        (Inside Higher Ed: "The pace of disruptions due to the novel coronavirus accelerated across U.S. higher education Wednesday. Several statewide systems and more than 100 colleges and universities now have announced campus closures or moved in-person classes online.")

      8. "Faegre Drinker Reopens Most Offices After 2 DC Visitors Test Positive for Coronavirus," 03.11.20. (The American Lawyer)

      9. "Coronavirus: Linklaters Stress-Tests Its Systems In Global Remote Working Exercise," 03.11.20. (Law.com International)

      10. "Here Are the Law Schools Moving Classes Online Amid Coronavirus," 03.10.20.
        (Law.com: "At least a dozen law schools in California, New York, Massachusetts and Washington State have shifted classes online, or have announced plans to do so.")

      11. "Law Schools Shift Classes Online Amid COVID-19, but Can They Do It Successfully?," 03.10.20. (Law.com)

      12. "Faegre Drinker Closes All 22 Offices After Potential Coronavirus Exposure," 03.10.20. (The American Lawyer)

      13. "As Coronavirus Spreads, Some Courts Shutter, Others Carry On," 03.10.20. (Law.com)

      14. "Harvard, MIT among colleges telling students to stay away," 03.10.20. (The Boston Globe)

      15. "Legal Preparedness for COVID-19," 03.10.20. (Slaw)

      16. "Conference Cancellations Mount," 03.10.20. (Inside Higher Ed)

      17. "Coronavirus and the Great Online-Learning Experiment," 03.10.20. (The Chronicle of Higher Education) (Subscription required.)

      18. "As Coronavirus Shutters Quinn's NY Office, Firms Weigh Remote Work Options," 03.09.20. (The American Lawyer)

      19. "Coronavirus Closures Hit Law Schools at Stanford, Columbia and Several Others," 03.09.20. (Law.com)

      20. "Campuses Close Due to Virus," 03.09.20. (Inside Higher Ed)

      21. "Colleges Move Online Amid Virus Fears," 03.09.20. (Inside Higher Ed)

      22. "Will Coronavirus Cancel Your Conference?," 03.09.20. (The Chronicle of Higher Education) (Subscription required.)

      23. "Contractual Force Majeure Provisions and the Spreading Coronavirus," 03.09.20. (Law.com)

      24. "Forfeited Games and Virtual Learning: Coronavirus Shuts Down Schools," 03.08.20.
        (The New York Times: "As the virus continues to spread across the country, more and more schools are choosing to close their doors in an effort to protect their students.")

      25. "Quinn Emanuel Partner Tests Positive With Coronavirus in NY; Firm to Keep Workers Home," 03.08.20. (The American Lawyer)

      26. "The Impact Of COVID-19 On Legal Education," 03.08.20. (TaxProf Blog)

      27. "Here's What Upcoming Legal Conferences Are Planning in Response to Coronavirus," 03.06.20.
        (LegalTech News: "Most U.S. events over the next few months are progressing as scheduled, though all conference organizers are keeping an eye on the situation.")

      28. "As Coronavirus Spreads, the Decision to Move Classes Online Is the First Step. What Comes Next?," 03.06.20. (The Chronicle of Higher Education) (Subscription required.)

      29. "Virus Fears Prompt More Firms to Cancel Events, Partners Meetings," 03.06.20. (Law.com International)

      30. "Spiraling Virus Fears Are Causing Financial Carnage," 03.06.20. (The New York Times)

    17. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

      1. "Jenner & Block Reverses Revenue Slide Amid In-House, Government Departures," 03.12.20.
        (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 1.5%, PPP up 5.8%)

      2. "Winston & Strawn Cracks $1 Billion, Shifting to More Transactional Work," 03.12.20.
        (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 2.1%, PPP up 7%)

      3. "Willkie's Revenue and Profits Grow Amid Nonequity Tier Expansion," 03.12.20.
        (New York Law Journal: Revenue up 6.2%, PPP up 2.6%)

      4. "Paul Hastings Posts 4% Revenue Gain as Head Count Stays Flat," 03.11.20.
        (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 4%, PPP up 5%)

      5. "Cahill Bounces Back on Leveraged Finance Strength After Financial Year 'Anomaly'," 03.11.20.
        (New York Law Journal: Revenue up 7.6%, PPP up 12%)

      6. "Proskauer's Revenue Crosses $1B Amid Growing Puerto Rico Workload," 03.10.20.
        (New York Law Journal: Revenue up 2.8%, PPP up 3.4%)

      7. "In First Year After Merger, Nelson Mullins Posts Big Revenue, Profit Gains," 03.10.20.
        (Daily Report: Revenue up 7.9%, PPP up 15%)

      8. "Fenwick Rides Tech, Life Sciences Deal Boom to a Second Year of Revenue, Profit Spikes," 03.09.20.
        (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 9.8%, PPP up 19.2%)

      9. "Revenue and Income Dip at Nixon Peabody After Record 2018," 03.09.20.
        (The American Lawyer: Revenue down 4.7%, PPP down 3.7%)

      10. "Government Shutdown, Energy Slowdown Made for a Flat 2019 at Haynes and Boone," 03.09.20.
        (Texas Lawyer: Revenue down 1%, PPP up 0.6%)

      11. "Focusing on Pricing, Project Management, McCarter Steps Back in Census and Revenue," 03.09.20.
        (New Jersey Law Journal: Revenue down 2%, PPP up 2.1%)

      12. "'Power Alley' Practices Push McDermott to New Revenue, Profit Highs," 03.06.20.
        (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 11.2%, PPP up 6.5%)

      13. "In Pursuit of Merger, Pepper Hamilton Delivered Another Year of RPL Gains," 03.05.20.
        (Legal Intelligencer: Revenue up 4.5%, PPP up 13.6%)

      14. "Early Reports: The 2020 Am Law 100/200 Firm Financials," 03.10.20.
        In advance of its publication of the Am Law 100 and Am Law 200 reports, The American Lawyer is keeping a running list of its reporting on how Big Law fared in 2019.

      March 6, 2020

      1. "With Secondments on the Rise, Do the Costs Outweigh the Benefits?," 03.06.20.
        The American Lawyer takes a close look at the effectiveness of the growth of secondments across the legal services spectrum to help close the resource-workload gap.

      2. "Want to Work in Big Law? These Schools Are Good Bets," 03.05.20.
        Karen Sloan, writing for Law.com, analyzes the ALM's 2020 Go-To Law School rankings of Big Law feeder schools, noting that "for the seventh straight year, Columbia Law School sent a higher percentage of its graduates into associate jobs at the nation's largest 100 law firms than any other campus."

        1. "The Top 50 Go-To Law Schools," 03.05.20.
          Law.com ranks the 50 law schools that sent the highest percentage of their 2019 juris doctor graduates into associate positions at the largest 100 law firms in the country.

        2. "Explore the Data Behind the Go-To Law Schools," 03.05.20.
          Law.com publishes an interactive database that allows you to delve into all the Go-To Law Schools School associate hiring and alumni partner promotion data.

      3. "Harvard, NYU and Columbia Embrace Early Summer Associate Hiring — Sort Of," 03.05.20.
        Law.com reports on the recent changes in recruiting policies at some of the top law schools.

      4. "To Bridge the Justice Gap, the Legal Profession Should Welcome Regulatory Reform," 03.05.20.
        The American Lawyer's Young Lawyer Editorial Board writes that "it is time to seriously engage with the possibility of reforming Model Rule 5.4 and open up the practice of law to multidisciplinary practices and ABS" in order to help close the justice gap.

      5. "What comes next for ABA-accredited law schools with two-year pass rates below 75%?," 03.05.20.
        The ABA Journal examines the likely impact of the 2019 revision to Standard 316, which sets bar passage requirements for ABA-accredited law schools, reporting that "it appears that 11 law schools have class of 2017 pass rates below [the required] 75 percent."

      6. "Cancellations Increase as Firms, Legal Groups Face Coronavirus Uncertainty," 03.04.20.
        The American Lawyer reports that "as the coronavirus spreads, law firms and legal industry organizations have continued to announce changes and cancellations of long-planned events that would have involved domestic or international travel for many."

        1. "Big Firms Pitch Coronavirus Task Forces as Client Impacts Spread," 03.04.20.
          The American Lawyer reports that "a growing number of big law firms are assembling crisis-response task forces to address myriad client concerns" about the COVID-19 outbreak.

        2. "As Coronavirus Spreads, Some Firms May Struggle to Pivot to Remote Work," 03.04.20.
          Legaltech News reports that "while various firms have shut down offices after coronavirus scares, many are weighing remote access options in the event of an outbreak [and others] are scrambling to put together a plan to work remotely."

        3. "New York Law School Cancels Classes Due to Coronavirus, Cardozo Disinfects Premises," 03.04.20.
          The New York Law Journal reports that "New York Law School canceled classes Wednesday in order to clean and disinfect its building, while the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law also disinfected its campus on Tuesday."

          1. "First Law School Closes Due To Coronavirus; Student At Second Law School Self-Quarantines Due To Exposure," 03.04.20.
            The TaxProf Blog has the NYLS communication to its community about the school closing.

        4. "Amid Coronavirus, Peking Transnational Law School Closes Brick-and-Mortar, Shifts Online," 03.03.20.
          Law.com reports that "Peking University School of Transnational Law in Shenzhen is shifting to providing its courses online in order to continue operating amid the coronavirus outbreak."

      7. "Reed Smith Launches Mental Health 'Stop the Stigma' Campaign," 03.04.20.
        The American Lawyer reports that Reed Smith has launched a new #stopthestigma campaign — a partnership between its Wellness Works initiative, launched two years ago, and its Mental Health Task Force, which was launched in January.

      8. "Texas university remains out of compliance with admissions standards, ABA legal ed section finds," 03.04.20.
        The ABA Journal reports that "the ABA's Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has found that the embattled Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law remains out of compliance with a key admissions standard."

        1. "One University's Leadership Crisis Started in Admissions. An Investigation Found Alleged Bribery and Thousands of Dollars Stashed Under a Calendar," 03.04.20.
          The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on the deepening scandal at the law-school at Texas Southern University including accusations that a staff member hoarded thousands of university dollars, took an alleged admissions bribe, and helped falsify a transfer student's application culminating in a vacated presidency, protests against the board, and accreditor questions. (Subscription required.)

      9. "Train and Gain: Law Firms Are Beefing Up Associate Training and Reaping the Rewards," 03.03.20.
        The American Lawyer reports that "since the Great Recession, law firms of all sizes have invested more time and resources than ever before into training their associates, whom they view as a critical component of their future success."

        1. "Should Law Schools Do More to Develop Business-Ready Attorneys?," 03.03.20.
          The American Lawyer writes that "while many law firms are bulking up their professional development offerings to better prepare associates earlier in their careers, some experts point out that it's even more cost-effective for law schools to bear the brunt of the training."

      10. "ABA Finds Louisville Law School In Full Compliance With Accreditation Standards," 03.03.20.
        The TaxProf Blog reports that at its February meeting, the Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of the American Bar Association found University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law in compliance with the accreditation standards.

      11. "CDC to Colleges: 'Consider' Canceling Exchange Programs," 03.03.20.
        Inside Higher Ed reports that "the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that colleges should consider canceling upcoming student foreign exchange programs and asking current program participants to return to their home countries in light of the global outbreak of a new coronavirus."

        1. "The Coronavirus Threatens to Upend Higher Ed. Here Are the Latest Developments," 03.03.20.
          The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that "colleges are re-evaluating their study-abroad programs, moving courses online, and taking other preventive measures" in response to the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.

      12. "West Coast Law School Comes to New York," 03.03.20.
        Law.com reports that the University of California, Irvine School of Law, unveiled its new UCI Law in NYC program that will include a 10-week summer program, for-credit externships at New York legal employers, and a year-round slate of New York events featuring Irvine Law faculty and alumni.

      13. "Unraveling the Complexity of America's Student-Loan Debt," 03.03.20.
        The Chronicle of Higher Education takes a deep dive into the $1.5 trillion of college debt that is held by some 45 million people in the US. (Subscription required.)

        1. "Who Holds America's $1.5-Trillion Student-Loan Debt?," 03.03.20.
          And The Chronicle of Higher Education provides some nifty (and sobering) animated infographics to tell the story of America's student debt. (Subscription required.)

      14. "Inside the legal profession's alcohol problem," 03.03.20.
        Precedent Magazine's March cover story digs into the latest research on alcohol abuse and speaks with experts on alcohol dependency and with lawyers in recovery.

        1. "Do You Have to Give Up Alcohol to Be Healthy?," 03.05.20.
          A personal trainer, nutrition coach, and corporate wellness consultant, writing for Law.com, discusses alcohol, lawyers, and well-being.

      15. "Bill Adams Named ABA Managing Director Of Accreditation And Legal Education," 03.02.20.
        The TaxProf Blog reports that "William Adams, who served as deputy managing director of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar at the American Bar Association for 5½ years, has been promoted to managing director of Accreditation and Legal Education, the section's top job."

        1. "Internal candidate is selected to lead the ABA's legal ed section," 03.03.20.
          More on this from the ABA Journal.

      16. "Big Law Has Saturated the Biggest U.S. Cities. Where Is the Next Frontier?," 03.02.20.
        The American Lawyer reports that large law firms are looking to expand into regional markets like Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas, Boise, Minneapolis, and Chattanooga.

      17. "2020, The Year Legal Operations Finally Flourish," 03.02.20.
        This op-ed in Corporate Counsel argues that "thanks to technological advancement and consistent incubation, we are hitting that critical mass where legal ops is recognized as an important part of the legal department across industries, company size and geography."

      18. "Why the Legal Technologist Career Path Presents Both Opportunity and Danger," 03.02.20.
        This piece in Legaltech News argues that "the legal industry is ripe with career opportunities for those able to use technology to assist lawyers with solving clients', as well as their own, challenges."

      19. "Coronavirus Is Different. It's Rapidly Hitting Supply and Demand," 03.01.20.
        The Wall Street Journal reports that the coronavirus has "abruptly dented demand and supply across industries and continents, disrupting global travel and hobbling supply chains that churn out everything from smartphones to pharmaceuticals." (Subscription required.)

        1. "China Stopped Its Economy to Tackle Coronavirus. Now the World Suffers," 03.02.20.
          More on this from The New York Times: "If the coronavirus plunges the world into recession, China will be the biggest reason. Economists caution that its shutdown threatens the economies of Japan, South Korea, Europe and even the United States. Huge corporations like Apple, Microsoft, AB InBev and Pfizer have already seen an impact."

        2. "Will the Coronavirus Cause a Recession? Keep Your Eye on the Barbershops," 03.03.20.
          And more from the NYT: "There is no evidence that consumer spending, which makes up about 70 percent of the American economy, has been affected by the coronavirus."

        3. "COVID-19 Outbreak to Slow Deals in Asia in First Half of 2020," 03.03.20.
          Law.com International reports that "lawyers and analysts are warning that there will be a severe slowdown in deal-making in the first half of this year — especially in the first quarter — as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to cause massive disruptions among businesses globally."

        4. "Coronavirus, Election Jitters Have Law Firm Leaders Pondering a Downturn," 02.28.20.
          The American Lawyer reports that "law firms are also confronting whether their recent gains could be under serious threat if the spreading disease, officially called COVID-19, puts a damper on corporate profits and economic growth, as investors clearly fear."

      20. "Varied Perspectives, Better Solutions: The Case for Diversity in Law School Leadership," 03.01.20.
        Mark C. Alexander, the dean at the Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law, writing for The National Law Journal, makes the case for giving diverse law professors the support and exposure they need to succeed in leadership positions in legal education.

      21. "ABA Ends Three-Year Investigation, Finds Florida Coastal Law School In Full Compliance With Accreditation Standards," 03.01.20.
        The TaxProf Blog reports that "the American Bar Association found Florida Coastal School of Law in compliance with standards that ensure law schools are financially sound, a requirement for accreditation."

      22. "High School GPAs Are Much More Predictive Of College Graduation Than SAT/ACT Scores," 02.29.20.
        The TaxProf Blog highlights new research that shows that "students' high school grade point averages are five times stronger than their ACT scores at predicting college graduation."

      23. "Diversity Needs to Extend to Leadership in the Legal Profession," 02.28.20.
        A law firm partner and two associates writing for The Legal Intelligencer make the case that for law firms, "the commitment to diversity must also extend to firm leadership teams with an emphasis on elevating and promoting partners and counsel."

      24. "Law School Survival in the 21st Century," 02.28.29.
        This opinion piece in Corporate Counsel makes the case that the law school curriculum needs to change in order to prepare future lawyers for the most pressing legal problems that corporations will face.

      25. "Google's Mary Shen O'Carroll: Some Firms Don't Realize They Can Be Replaced," 02.28.29.
        Legaltech News reports on a session from last week's ABA TechShow where "Google's director of legal operations and Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) president Mary Shen O'Carroll warned that the cultural and technological disruption reshaping the legal industry may leave some complacent law firms behind."

      26. "Can Law Firm Tech Turn the Big 4 From Competitor to Customer?," 02.28.20.
        This piece in Legaltech News asks whether Big Law can successfully make the transition from Big Four competitor to Big Four solution provider.

      27. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:
        1. "After Two Years of Revenue Drops, Crowell Sees Financial Rebound," 03.05.20.
          (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 8.1%, PPP up 9%)

        2. "Weil, Advising on Big Bankruptcies, Sees Revenue and Profits Climb," 03.05.20.
          (New York Law Journal: Revenue up 3.9%, PPP up 5%)

        3. "Sidley Sees Gains in Revenue, Partner Profits as Equity Tier Dips," 03.04.20.
          (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 5.3%, PPP up 10.5%)

        4. "Jackson Lewis Sees Profits Rise Amid Investments in Charlotte and California," 03.04.20.
          (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 8.6%, PPP up 5.1%)

        5. "Buoyed by Young Partners, Davis Wright Tremaine Posts Near-Double-Digit Revenue Gain," 03.04.20.
          (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 9.6%, PPP up 5.3%)

        6. "Sheppard Mullin Revenue Jumps 13% Amid Growth in Equity Tier, Texas Launch," 03.03.20.
          (The Recorder: Revenue up 13%, PPP up 6.6%)

        7. "Blank Rome Boosts Revenue on Steady Head Count, Joins $1M PEP Club," 03.03.20.
          (The Legal Intelligencer: Revenue up 7%, PPP up 8.1%)

        8. "Alston Boosts Partner Profits as Revenue Per Lawyer Exceeds $1M," 03.02.20.
          (Daily Report: Revenue up 2.9%, PPP up 7.9%)

        9. "At Wilson Sonsini, M&A, Tech and Life Sciences Fuel Big Gains," 03.02.20.
          (The Recorder: Revenue up 12.1%, PPP up 3%)

        10. "Shearman Sees Revenue Inch Up Amid Strategy to 'Reshape' Business," 02.28.20.
          (New York Law Journal: Revenue up 1.3%, PPP up 1.2%)

        11. "Chasing High-End Work, Vinson & Elkins Sees Profits Soar in 2019," 02.27.20.
          (Texas Lawyer: Revenue up 6.1%, PPP up 11.2%)

        12. "Boosting Revenue Per Lawyer, Archer Grows Revenue With Fewer Lawyers," 02.27.20.
          (New Jersey Law Journal: Revenue up 7.1%, PPP up 19.6%)

        13. "Early Reports: The 2020 Am Law 100/200 Firm Financials," 03.04.20.
          In advance of its publication of the Am Law 100 and Am Law 200 reports, The American Lawyer is keeping a running list of its reporting on how Big Law fared in 2019.

      February 28, 2020

      1. "What legal tech jobs are available for new lawyers?," 02.27.20.
        As part of its coverage of this week's ABA Techshow in Chicago, the ABA Journal reports on the proceedings at a panel titled "Tech Forward: New Jobs for New Lawyers."

        1. "Law school tech classes may not bring job opportunities, but they do help teach practice skills," 02.27.20.
          More from the ABA Journal on the ABA Techshow, here reviewing the proceedings at a panel, titled "Innovation Foundation: Forward-Thinking Law School Curriculum."

      2. "More Big Law Firms Respond as the Coronavirus Continues to Spread Globally," 02.27.29.
        The American Lawyer reports that "more law firms are taking precautions to protect their attorneys and clients from contracting and spreading the coronavirus, officially called COVID-19."

        1. "Paul Weiss Restricts Travel, Orrick Cancels Partner Retreat Over Coronavirus Fears," 02.26.20.
          The American Lawyer reports that "major national and international law firms are altering travel plans and reevaluating events because of coronavirus outbreaks in several countries, including canceling firm meetings in the United States."

        2. "Colleges Brace for More-Widespread Outbreak of Coronavirus," 02.26.20.
          The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that "American colleges are bracing for more-widespread outbreaks of coronavirus within the United States [by] readying communications plans, cautioning students to use preventive health measures, and even preparing for possible college closures." (Subscription required.)

        3. "Coronavirus Is Prompting Alarm on American Campuses. Anti-Asian Discrimination Could Do More Harm.," 02.05.20.
          The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that "another phenomenon has accompanied the panic over the virus — real and perceived discrimination against Asian American students." (Subscription required.)

        4. "Most Coronavirus Cases Are Mild. That's Good and Bad News.," 02.27.20.
          Reporting on the coronavirus, The New York Times reports that "though the virus can be deadly, the vast majority of those infected so far have only mild symptoms and make full recoveries."

        5. "How to Prepare for the Coronavirus," 02.25.20.
          The New York Times provides practical advice for protecting your family and yourself from the coronavirus — at the top of the list? "Wash your hands frequently…it's not super sexy, but it works."

      3. "Chief Judge DiFiore Announces New York Will Eliminate Mental Health Question in Bar Application," 02.26.20.
        The New York Law Journal reports that "prospective attorneys in New York will no longer have to answer a question about mental health in their applications to practice in the state, Chief Judge Janet DiFiore announced Wednesday."

        1. "'A Good Start': Ending Mental Health Question on NY Bar Application May Remove Stigma," 02.27.20.
          The New York Law Journal reports that "the removal of a question about mental health history on the New York state bar application was celebrated this week at the state's law schools, where leaders said the change sends a positive message about the importance of mental health in the legal profession as a whole."

      4. "Wharton names Erika James first female dean of University of Pennsylvania's famed business school," 02.26.20.
        The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Erika H. James will be the next dean of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania: "She is the first woman and first person of color to lead the 139-year-old business school."

      5. "See Something, Say Something: A Call to End the Bullying of Junior Women Attorneys," 02.26.20.
        A law firm partner who is the chair of her firm's Women's Initiative Network, writing here for The American Lawyer, writes that "there is no place for bullying in the legal profession, and it will come to an end only when we speak to and empower our junior women attorneys to overcome these challenges."

      6. "Casetext Launches New Brief-Writing Automation Platform Compose," 02.25.20.
        Legaltech News reports that "Casetext has announced the release of its automated legal brief-writing software Compose."

      7. "No Free Lunch: How to Chart Your Course to Success as a Government Lawyer," 02.25.20.
        The U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, writing for The National Law Journal, provides advice about transitioning to a career as a federal government lawyer.

      8. "Eric Holder, Evercore Litigation Chief Urge 'Hope Over Cynicism' on Diversity in Law," 02.25.20.
        The American Lawyer speaks with Eric Holder of Covington & Burling and Brogiin Keeton, head of litigation at Evercore about diversity and inclusion in the legal industry.

      9. "Linking Partner Pay to Strategic Firm Objectives," 02.25.20.
        A certified management consultant, writing for Law.com, writes about the four key requirements to implementing a performance linked partner pay system.

      10. "Harvard, Yale and Stanford Law Students Among Groups Chiding Judiciary Over Its Handling of Sexual Misconduct," 02.24.20.
        Law.com reports that "a coalition of law student groups from Harvard, Yale and Stanford sent a letter Feb. 24 to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and the chief judges of the country's 13 federal appellate courts that urges the judiciary to bolster its mechanisms for judicial clerks and other court employees to report misconduct, and to adopt a more uniform process to collect data on harassment and make it available to the public and to law schools."

      11. "California Task Force Recommends Limited Fee-Sharing, 'Regulatory Sandbox'," 02.24.20.
        The Recorder reports that California's Task Force on Access Through Innovation of Legal Services has approved eight recommendations for partially deregulating the delivery of legal services.

        1. "The Fight Over the Future of Law Firm Ownership Has Put an Industry at Odds," 02.24.20.
          The American Lawyer reports that "the growing recognition of an access-to-justice crisis in American society is ushering in a reform movement [that could] change the business model of Big Law."

        2. "From California to D.C., These Are the Proposals for Reforming Law Firm Ownership," 02.24.20.
          The American Lawyer reviews the "fight to reform the rules around law firm ownership and related issues" currently underway in California, Utah, Arizona, Illinois, and DC.

        3. "What the U.S. Can Learn From the U.K. Foray Into Nonlawyer Ownership," 02.25.20.
          The American Lawyer provides some perspective on what the current deregulatory movements in various US jurisdictions can learn from similar changes that were implemented in the UK through the Legal Services Act of 2007.

        4. "The Law Firm Disrupted: Talkin' 'Bout Deregulation," 02.20.20.
          Law.com's Law Firm Disrupted columnist Dan Packel attempts to assess the likely impact of a measure adopted at the ABA midyear meeting in Austin, Texas this month where "an overwhelming majority of the House of Delegates supported a measure encouraging state regulators and state bar associations to explore regulatory innovations that could improve access to legal services."

      12. "Harassment in the Legal Profession: A Few Bad Apples?," 02.24.20.
        This post in Slaw makes the case that "far too many people who work in law firms are subject to harassment by lawyers and paralegals," and asks what, if anything, can be done about it?

      13. "At the Precipice: 6 in 10 Colleges Say They Missed Fall Enrollment Goals," 02.24.20.
        The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on new survey results that indicate "about 60 percent of public and private institutions responding to the survey missed their enrollment goals, although private colleges were more likely to miss their goals by a wider margin [and] sixty-seven percent of institutions did not meet their net-revenue goals, with public institutions hurting slightly more."(Subscription required.)

      14. "Concordia's Boise Law School Gets New Parent, Will Not Close," 02.21.20.
        The TaxProf Blog reports that "a Minnesota university has agreed to take over operation of the Concordia University School of Law in Boise."

        1. "Concordia Law School to Change Hands," 02.24.20.
          More on this from Inside Higher Ed.

      15. "Major Law Firms, In-House Departments Strive to Modernize Metrics in New Collaboration," 02.21.20.
        Legaltech News reports that "Winston & Strawn is spearheading a project that brings together legal stakeholders from across the industry to develop new metrics dashboards and benchmarks" that could help law firms and clients track financial and diversity data, among other things, in a uniform way.

      16. "How Technology Is Changing the Future of Higher Education," 02.20.20.
        The New York Times reports that "squeezed by the demands of employers and students — especially the up and coming Generation Z — and the need to attract new customers, some schools…are starting labs to come up with improvements to help people learn more effectively, match their skills with jobs and lower their costs."

      17. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

        1. "Reed Smith Boosts Revenue, Partner Profits in 'Excellent' 2019," 02.27.20.
          (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 6.1%, PPP up 4.7%)

        2. "Latham Revenues Surge To $3.76 Billion on Strong Demand," 02.26.20.
          (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 11.3%, PPP up 9.5%)

        3. "Milbank's Breakneck Revenue Growth Softened in 2019," 02.26.20.
          (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 3.4%, PPP up 1.3%)

        4. "Beating the Pack on Client Demand, Mayer Brown Boosts Revenue, Profits," 02.25.20.
          (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 6.8%, PPP up 6.5%)

        5. "Busy Litigation Docket, Big Deals Drive Gains at O'Melveny & Myers," 02.25.20.
          (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 4.3%, PPP up 2.4%)

        6. "Cozen O'Connor Sees Profits Jump as Investments Pay Off," 02.25.20.
          (The Legal Intelligencer: Revenue up 9.4%, PPP up 9.9%)

        7. "Debevoise Cracks $1B in Revenue in Third Straight Year of Major Growth," 02.24.20.
          (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 12.9%, PPP up 13.4%)

        8. "Duane Morris Posted Revenue, Profit Gains While Courting Merger," 02.24.20.
          (The Legal Intelligencer: Revenue up 3.8%, PPP up 5.1%)

        9. "Baker Botts Posts Revenue Turnaround After 2-Year Slide," 02.24.20.
          (Texas Lawyer: Revenue up 10.7%, PPP down 3.5%)

        10. "Early Reports: The 2020 Am Law 100/200 Firm Financials," 02.27.20.
          In advance of its publication of the Am Law 100 and Am Law 200 reports, The American Lawyer is keeping a running list of its reporting on how Big Law fared in 2019.

      February 21, 2020

      1. "Clerkships Never Get Old: Why the Federal Clerk Hiring Plan Benefits Recent Grads," 02.20.20.
        A law firm associate who held two different federal clerkships, writing her for The National Law Journal, makes a pitch to current law students to consider a federal clerkship, noting that it is usually a wonderful experience and provides "a key credential, opening doors to prestigious litigation boutiques and government positions that focus hiring efforts on former clerks."

      2. "Sidley Austin, Fried Frank Hire New Diversity Executives," 02.20.20.
        The American Lawyer reports that "Sidley Austin and Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson have hired new diversity executives to replace departing directors." (Sidley has hired María Meléndez as the firm's new chief diversity officer, and Fried Frank has hired Stephanie Quappe to be the firm's director of diversity and inclusion.)

      3. "George Washington Is Latest Law School to Find a New Dean From UVA Faculty," 02.20.20.
        Law.com reports that "University of Virginia law professor Dayna Bowen Matthew has been named the next dean of George Washington University Law School."

      4. "30 Years Sober: A Tale of a Law Firm Leader," 02.20.20.
        The American Lawyer shares the story of Husch Blackwell Chairman Greg Smith who has begun to speak openly about the fact that he is an alcoholic with 31 years of sobriety.

      5. "How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome as a Young Lawyer," 02.20.20.
        An executive coach and trainer for lawyers and law firms, writing here for Law.com, provides young lawyers with practical advice about how to overcome the imposter syndrome.

      6. "Millennial or Boomer, Tech Adoption In Legal Doesn't Come Down to Age," 02.20.20.
        LegalTech News reports that the results of the most recent Association of Corporate Counsel Chief Legal Officers Survey show that tech adoption rates among millennial and boomer chief legal officers are similar.

      7. "Law Firms Are Adopting a Legal Operations Perspective," 02.20.20.
        This LegalTech News piece makes the case that "the success of law firms in this changing environment may well rest on their ability to understand and embrace this new paradigm, by applying legal operations principles in their own practices and in their consultative contributions to corporate clients…by understanding legal operations approach, law firms can gain a better appreciation of client needs, share the client's vision and contribute to client satisfaction, while creating a competitive advantage for the firm."

      8. "Lawyers Reveal True Depth of Mental Health Struggles," 02.19.20.
        ALM publishes the findings of its first ever Mental Health and Substance Abuse Survey in this Law.com piece: "An overwhelming majority of legal professionals believe their mental well-being is worse off as a result of their chosen career…ALM's Mental Health and Substance Abuse Survey found that 31.2% of the more than 3,800 respondents feel they are depressed, 64% feel they have anxiety, 10.1% feel they have an alcohol problem and 2.8% feel they have a drug problem."

        1. "By the Numbers: The State of Mental Health in the Legal Industry," 02.19.20.
          And Law.com provides a sampling of some of the key data points out of the results of the survey with this interactive infographic.

      9. "Gender Pronouns Can Be Tricky on Campus. Harvard Is Making Them Stick.," 02.19.20.
        The New York Times reports on the many ways that colleges and universities are adapting to a new generation of "young people who have grown up with a more expansive concept of gender identity."

        1. "They/Them/Their: We Contain Multitudes," 02.01.20.
          See also this column from the February issue of the NALP Bulletin: "Modeling the right pronoun usage for others in your office will help everyone get comfortable with this evolution of English language usage."

      10. "How Can Big Law Overcome Its Persistent Diversity Problem?," 02.19.20.
        The Daily Report writes about the proceedings at a Black History Month event Tuesday at Baker & Hostetler in Atlanta, where the event's featured speaker, Beverly Tatum, president emerita of Spelman College, made concrete suggestions for better recruitment strategies.

      11. "Gender Diversity Pays," 02.19.20.
        Two law firm partners and a general counsel, writing for Corporate Counsel, make the case that companies led by female executives are more profitable.

      12. "Three New Law School Concepts," 02.19.20.
        Jordan Furlong, writing for Slaw, presents "three very different visions for law schools- new ways of conceiving what legal education could and should now be expected to accomplish."

      13. "As U.S. Firms Warily Eye the Big Four, They're Becoming a Force in Asia," 02.19.20.
        The American Lawyer reports that "in just two years, the Big Four have become a force that is penetrating Asia's legal marketing."

      14. "Even Without Client Pressure, Firms Are Becoming BFFs With ALSPs," 02.19.20.
        LegalTech News reports that law firms are proactively collaborating with alternative legal service providers at an increasing rate.

      15. "A&O Ramps Up Global Diversity and Inclusion Measures With New Regional Heads," 02.19.20.
        The UK's Legal Week reports that Allen & Overy has introduced five regional diversity and inclusion (D&I) partners across its network to lead the firm's D&I efforts in their regions.

      16. "Bar Exam Pass Rate Jumps to 80% Nationwide for First-Timers," 02.18.20.
        Law.com reports that the ABA has released the latest bar passage data from law schools, noting that "the first-time pass rate among graduates from American Bar Association-accredited law schools was nearly 80% in 2019, up from 75% the previous year."

        1. "Law schools see an increase in bar passage rates, new ABA data shows," 02.18.20.
          The ABA Journal also reports on this story: "The bar passage rate for first-time test-takers has increased by nearly 5 percentage points, according to data released Monday by the ABA's Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar."

        2. "Check It Out: Law Schools with the Highest Bar Pass Rates in 2019," 02.19.20.
          And Law.com identifies the 20 law schools with the highest 2019 first-time pass rates.

        3. "Law School Rankings By Ultimate Bar Passage Rates," 02.20.20.
          And the TaxProf Blog identifies the 43 law schools with ultimate bar passages rates for the Class of 2017 greater than 95%.

      17. "All full-time ABA employees are eligible for federal loan forgiveness program after litigation settles," 02.18.20.
        The ABA Journal reports that "all full-time employees of the ABA are now eligible for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program following a settlement in the association's lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education."

      18. "41% of Recent Grads Work in Jobs Not Requiring a Degree," 02.18.20.
        Inside Higher Ed reports that "the unemployment rate for young college graduates exceeds that of the general population, and about 41 percent of recent college graduates — and 33.8 percent of all college graduates — are underemployed in that they are working in jobs that don't require a college degree, according to new data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York."

      19. "The Affirmative Action Battle at Harvard Is Not Over," 02.18.20.
        The New York Times reports that "a group representing Asian-American students is appealing a judge's ruling that Harvard did not explicitly discriminate against them by boosting other racial and ethnic groups."

      20. "ABA Approves Innovation Resolution, With Revisions to Limit Regulatory Changes," 02.17.20.
        The American Lawyer reports that "the American Bar Association's House of Delegates passed a resolution to push for new approaches to the practice of law that would improve access to justice, but not before adding a disclaimer to address concerns raised by some state bar associations about outside investment in law firms."

        1. "To increase access to justice, regulatory innovation should be considered, ABA House says," 02.17.20.
          More on this from the ABA Journal: "The ABA House of Delegates passed a controversial resolution Monday to address the crisis of access to civil justice, encouraging states to adopt regulatory innovations to expand legal services to more Americans."

      21. "How to talk data and influence people, including lawyers," 02.16.20.
        Evan Parker, writing for the Legal Evolution blog, writes about presenting data to legal professionals and lawyers, and makes some interesting observations about diversity along the way.

      22. "'ALSP,' 'New Law' or 'Law Company': What's Behind Legal's Shifting Identity?," 02.14.20.
        LegalTech News takes a look at the evolving vocabulary used to describe alternative legal service providers in "a changing market where the hard line between traditional law firms and legal service providers is beginning to fade."

      23. "Equality, Diversity and Inclusion — What Can We Agree on and What Can't We?," 02.14.20.
        A thoughtful post on Slaw about diversity, equity and inclusion, including thoughts on intentional discrimination, unintentional discrimination, and systemic discrimination in the legal profession.

      24. "'I Knew What Life Was Like': How This Managing Partner Thrived Amid the Whiteness of Big Law," 02.14.20.
        In this ALM podcast, "Vivia Chen talks with Squire Patton Boggs global managing partner Frederick Nance about the progress-and lack of it-in opportunities for African American attorneys in Big Law."

      25. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:
        1. "Capital Markets, US Gains Fuel Revenue Boost for White & Case," 02.21.20.
          (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 6.6%, PPP up 8.3%)

        2. "Hogan Lovells Hiked Revenues Again in Immelt's Last Full Year as CEO," 02.20.20.
          (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 6%, PPP up 9.1%)

        3. "Troutman Posts Revenue and Profit Growth as Merger With Pepper Hamilton Nears," 02.20.20.
          (Daily Report: Revenue up 5.4%, PPP up 8.4%)

        4. "Goodwin Procter's Focus on PE, Tech and Life Sciences Fuels More Revenue Gains," 02.19.20.
          (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 11%, PPP up 5.8%)

        5. "Leaner Baker & Hostetler Sees Revenue Growth Across Practices," 02.19.20.
          (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 9.8%, PPP up 22.3%)

        6. "Lowenstein's Earnings Spike Amid Gains in Head Count, Revenue Per Lawyer," 02.19.20.
          (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 11%, PPP up 15.5%)

        7. "Head Count Growth Drives Revenue Gains at Saul Ewing as Firm's Footprint Spreads," 02.18.20.
          (The Legal Intelligencer: Revenue up 5.2%, PPP up 2.3%)

        8. "DLA Piper Shows Near Double-Digit Growth in 2019," 02.14.20.
          (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 9.7%, PPP up 4.1%)

        9. "Early Reports: The 2020 Am Law 100/200 Firm Financials," 02.18.20.
          In advance of its publication of the Am Law 100 and Am Law 200 reports, The American Lawyer is keeping a running list of its reporting on how Big Law fared in 2019.

        February 14, 2020

        1. "Will Coronavirus Crisis Trigger an Enrollment Crisis?," 02.13.20.
          Inside Higher Ed reports that "U.S. colleges could see a major enrollment pipeline cut off this fall if the coronavirus epidemic persists." ("As the number of students from China studying in the U.S. grew rapidly, fueled by a big increase in tuition-paying undergraduates, colleges and universities grew reliant on them to balance their budgets…the global public health crisis precipitated by an outbreak of a new coronavirus, COVID-19, in China — and the imposition of travel restrictions barring entry to the U.S. of most foreign nationals who have traveled to China within the last 14 days — threatens student flows.")

        2. "Growing Federal Subsidies for Graduate Loan Debt," 02.13.20.
          Inside Higher Ed reports that "almost half of federal student loans are being repaid through more generous income-driven repayment plans, new data show, with 80 percent of government subsidies now going to graduate student borrowers."

        3. "7 Reasons Law Firms Fail at Lateral Hiring," 02.12.20.
          Two consultants, writing for The American Lawyer, identify everything that's wrong with how law firms currently approach lateral hiring.

        4. "Corporate Legal Departments Slow to Adopt Artificial Intelligence Contract Analysis Tools," 02.12.20.
          Corporate Counsel reports that according to new survey results, "a surprising number of corporate legal departments have yet to embrace AI as a tool to analyze and manage contract data."

        5. "The Next Generation of Legal Services Delivery," 02.12.20.
          Adam Beschloss, writing for Corporate Counsel, argues that mature Alternative Legal Service Providers have become indispensable partners in tackling large-scale, complex legal operations challenges.

        6. "Law Firms Posted Impressive Growth in 2019, Citi Survey Finds," 02.11.20.
          Gretta Rusanow, writing for The American Lawyer, reports that year-end Citi law firm financial data show that "last year may not have matched 2018's performance, but 2019 was a year of solid growth for the legal industry…[with] revenue growth of 5.3% driven largely by lawyer billing rate growth of 4.5%, as demand increased by 1.1%." ("There were, however, two factors that dampened revenue growth in 2019: a slight drop in realization and a longer collection cycle…[W]e saw continued consolidation [and] dispersion [with] the majority of firms (58%) reporting demand growth, but with 42% of firms seeing a demand decline during 2019, it remains a challenging environment for many firms.")

        7. "How a Wilson Sonsini Partner Died From Drug Use and No One Saw It Coming," 02.11.20.
          The American Lawyer reports that the wife of a Wilson Sonsini partner who died from drug use has written a new book, Smacked: A Story of White-Collar Ambition, Addiction and Tragedy, detailing the facts that led to her husband's death.

        8. "More Women Are Making Partner. So What About the Men?," 02.11.20.
          Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer, tackles the notion of the "woman's work" and writes that "no matter how many women are leading prestigious law reviews and entering Big Law, eventually they'll face the burden of responsibilities on the home front."

        9. "Law School Fights for Survival Amid University Closure," 02.11.20.
          Law.com reports that "Concordia University School of Law is on the brink of shutting down, a collapse that would make it one of seven non-elite law schools to close or merge in recent years…[after the] parent university of the Boise, Idaho, law school — Concordia University in Portland, Oregon — announced plans Monday to close at the end the spring semester as a result of shrinking enrollment and mounting debt."

          1. "Another law school seeks acquisition, after parent university announces closure plan," 02.11.20.
            The ABA Journal also reports on this development: "Concordia University School of Law, a Boise, Idaho, institution with new ABA accreditation, had a 100% bar passage rate for its class of 2016, but its future as of Monday is unknown, following the announcement that its parent school, the Concordia University campus in Portland, Oregon, is closing."

        10. "Why Are More Late-Career Laterals Leaving the Only Firm They've Ever Known?," 02.10.20.
          The American Lawyer writes that "fueled by slowly separating partnerships, mandatory retirement and the desire to write one last successful chapter in a storied career, more and more partners are becoming late-career laterals and leaving the only firms they've ever known after decades in the same place."

        11. "ABA and SoFi offer student loan debt relief through new contest," 02.10.20.
          The ABA Journal reports that the ABA and SoFi have announced that they are accepting applications for their new Student Loan Relief Scholarship Contest — the grand prize winner will receive $30,000, the first runner-up will receive $15,000, and the second runner-up will receive $5,000 to put toward their student loan debt.

        12. "The Legal Function Reimagined: A Closer Look At The ACC 2020 Chief Legal Officers Survey," 02.10.20.
          Forbes reports on the results of the Association of Corporate Counsel's 2020 edition of its Chief Legal Officers Survey, writing that its findings "foreshadow changing expectations of all lawyers and allied legal professionals."

        13. "First Harvard, Now Yale. Law Students Want Paul Weiss to #DropExxon," 02.07.20.
          Law.com reports that "students from two of the county's most elite law schools have banded together to launch a national campaign to pressure Paul Weiss to drop ExxonMobil as a client."

          1. "Paul Weiss Targeted, This Time by NYU Law Students," 02.12.20.
            Law.com reports that "thirty students from New York University School of Law disrupted a Paul Weiss recruiting event Tuesday evening."

        14. "Texas university moves to fire its president over law school admissions scandal," 02.07.20.
          The ABA Journal reports that the regents at Texas Southern University have moved to fire the university president after an admissions scandal at the Thurgood Marshall School of Law where an assistant law dean has been accused of taking a $14,000 payoff for facilitating a scholarship and fraudulent admission for a law student, facilitating a fraudulent transfer application for a second student, and providing false LSAT information to the ABA.

        15. "One Year Later: Has the General Counsel Open Letter on Diversity Had an Impact?," 02.07.20.
          The American Lawyer follows up a year after more than 170 general counsel signed an open letter demanding that law firms field more diverse teams, concluding that "the legal profession's progress in the past year has been limited."

        16. "Experts say 23% of lawyers' work can be automated — law schools are trying to stay ahead of the curve," 02.07.20.
          CNBC reports that "McKinsey estimates that 23% of work done by lawyers can be automated by existing technology."

        17. "Legal industry gains 4,500 jobs in January," 02.07.20.
          The ABA Journal reports that according to the latest numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, "the legal services sector gained 4,500 jobs in January, with total employment surpassing the previous 10-year high set in November."

        18. "Three Things You Can Do Today to Become a Better Lawyer," 02.07.20.
          A former Am Law 200 partner, writing for The Legal Intelligencer, provides three concrete steps people can take to make themselves better lawyers.

        19. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:
          1. "Covington, Playing the Long Game, Closes In on $1.2B in Revenue," 02.13.20.
            (American Lawyer: Revenue up 6.3%, PPP up 3.9%)

          2. "Holland & Knight's Revenues Break a Billion Dollars," 02.13.20.
            (American Lawyer: Revenue up 12.2%, PPP up 10%)

          3. "Akin Gump Continues 10-Year Revenue Climb as Partner Profits Jump," 02.13.20.
            (American Lawyer: Revenue up 5.9%, PPP up 8.2%)

          4. "Kilpatrick Boosted Revenue, Profit in 'Best Year Ever'," 02.13.20.
            (Daily Report: Revenue up 6.3%, PPP up 9.7%)

          5. "Cooley Caps 10-Year Growth Streak With Big Revenue Boost, Big Hires," 02.12.20.
            (The Recorder: Revenue up 8.4%, PPP up 6.4%)

          6. "Cadwalader Sees Another Profit Hike, Amid Strategic Focus on Financial Industry," 02.11.20.
            (New York Law Journal: Revenue up 9.1%, PPP up 11%)

          7. "Patterson Belknap Boosts Revenue Amid Litigation Gains, Management Focus," 02.11.20.
            (New York Law Journal: Revenue up 10.4%, PPP up 8.8%)

          8. "Revenue Dips at Locke Lord, RPL Up Slightly, as Head Count Declines," 02.11.20.
            (Texas Lawyer: Revenue down 3.1%, PPP down 9.7%)

          9. "Orrick's Partner Profits Break $2 Million, Firm Posts Double-Digit Revenue Growth," 02.10.20.
            (American Lawyer: Revenue up 10.8%, PPP up 14.3%)

          10. "Partner Profits Hit $3M at King & Spalding After Decade of Growth," 02.07.20.
            (Daily Report: Revenue up 6.1%, PPP up 5.4%)

          11. "Dechert Grows Revenue by 11%, PEP by 10% in 'Exceptional' Year," 02.07.20.
            (Legal Intelligencer: Revenue up 11.1%, PPP up 10%)

          12. "Growing Brownstein Boosts Revenue as Lobbying Stays Strong," 02.07.20.
            (American Lawyer: Revenue up 10.2%, PPP up 3.8%)

          13. "Early Reports: The 2020 Am Law 100/200 Firm Financials," 02.12.20.
            In advance of its publication of the Am Law 100 and Am Law 200 reports, The American Lawyer is keeping a running list of its reporting on how Big Law fared in 2019.

          February 7, 2020

          1. "Training for nonlawyers to provide legal advice will start in Arizona in the fall," 02.06.20.
            The ABA Journal reports that "the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law has started a two-year pilot project that licenses a small group of nonlawyers to give limited legal advice on civil matters stemming from domestic violence."

          2. "Phila. Employers Can't Ask Job Seekers About Salary History, Appeals Court Rules," 02.06.20.
            The Legal Intelligencer reports that "a federal appeals court on Thursday handed down a big win for equal pay advocates by ruling that a Philadelphia ordinance that prohibits employers from asking job candidates about wage history is not unconstitutional."

          3. "New Civility Standards for NY Lawyers Are About 'Being All That You Can Be,' Andrew Oringer Says," 02.06.20.
            The New York Law Journal reports on the New York court system's newly adopted Standards of Civility that "set forth principles of behavior to which the bar, the bench and court employees should aspire."

          4. "Is Guaranteed Compensation a Savvy Lateral Lure or an Unnecessary Risk?," 02.06.20.
            The American Lawyer takes up the thorny practice of guaranteed comp packages for high profile lateral partners, looking at the pros and cons on the controversial practice.

          5. "Law firm culture and the 'war for talent'," 02.06.20.
            Jordan Furlong, writing for his Law21 blog, takes on the so-called war for talent, and provides advice for strategically winning that war.

          6. "Enough Is Enough: Black Millennials Are Fed Up," 02.06.20.
            Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer, comments on a new report from the nonprofit Center for Talent Innovation, "Being Black in Corporate America," which documents the low levels of Black representation among Fortune 500 CEOs, senior-level executives and managers; Chen concludes that "Black professionals find solace in neither corporate America nor Big Law."

          7. "Technology Trends That Will Affect the Legal Profession in 2020," 02.06.20.
            A Miami law firm lawyer, writing for the Daily Business Review, discusses five tech trends that will impact the legal profession this year — data-driven analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain platforms, automated workflows and collaboration tools.

          8. "The Art of the Deal: The Transformation of the Lateral Recruiting Industry," 02.05.20.
            The American Lawyer takes a look at the many ways that "legal placement has been transformed by technology and changing workplace norms."

          9. "Bar Groups Line Up Against 'Dangerous Changes' to Lawyer Regulation," 02.05.20.
            The New York Law Journal reports that state bar leaders are mounting opposition to a proposal before the American Bar Association that would encourage states to consider "new approaches" in the practice of law, fearful that its adoption could lead to outside investment of law firms and nonlawyers practicing law.

          10. "Axiom Bolsters Flexible Attorney Network With Bliss Lawyers Deal," 02.05.20.
            The American Lawyer reports that "flexible legal staffing provider Axiom on Wednesday announced the acquisition of Bliss Lawyers, expanding the company's workforce to approximately 2,400 attorneys on the heels of a recent investment from private equity firm Permira."

          11. "Nixon Peabody Becomes Last Member of Big Law Diversity 'Laboratory'," 02.04.20.
            The American Lawyer reports that "Nixon Peabody was selected to be the fifth and final firm to join Diversity Lab's Move the Needle Fund, a $5 million "laboratory" for research initiatives and programs designed to address the lack of diversity in the legal profession."

          12. "Discussion Between Firms and Clients Is Key to Diversity," 02.04.20.
            Corporate Counsel reports on the proceedings at a panel at ALM's Legalweek conference in New York where in-house counsel discussed how clients can best foster greater diversity at the law firms they work with.

            1. "'How Do You Get People to Care?' Firm Leaders, Experts Discuss Mental Health at LegalWeek 2020," 02.04.20.
              The American Lawyer also reports on Legalweek proceedings, here covering a panel discussion on law firm mental health culture and the stigma associated with depression, alcohol abuse, and anxiety.

            2. "Seeking Pay Equity? Management Diversity, Transparency Are Key," 02.04.20.
              And The American Lawyer has more on the proceedings at Legalweek, where the message was delivered that "diversifying leadership is the most meaningful change a company can make toward eliminating gender and racial inequity."

            3. "How to 'Optimize' Your Legal Career—So You Can Eventually Change It," 02.05.20.
              The American Lawyer reports on a Legalweek panel during which David Lat spoke about the rise of nontraditional legal careers.

            4. "For Law Firms, Automation Could Be the Key to Millennials' Heart," 02.06.20.
              And LegalTech News covers a session at Legalweek where panelists talked about how bots can be used to help automate some legal tasks — and one panelist opined that this might be a good thing because "millennials are less willing to engage in repetitive tasks."

              1. "'Lawbots to handle a quarter of internal corporate legal requests by 2023," 02.03.20.
                Related, Staffing Industry Analysts' Daily News reports that Gartner Inc., a research and advisory firm, predicts that 33% of corporate legal departments by 2023 will have a dedicated legal technology expert in place to support increased use of automation.

          13. "Lawyers Continue to Use Free Counseling at Higher Rate," 02.04.20.
            The Daily Report writes that the number of lawyers taking advantage of the State Bar of Georgia's free, confidential counseling service continues to rise ("the free service includes counselors available 24/7 by phone, up to six prepaid clinical sessions per calendar year and a referral program for assistance with such issues as child care, elder care and finances").

          14. "Rethinking Old Messages To Support Better Mental Health," 02.04.20.
            A law firm practice group chair, writing for the New York Law Journal, writes that "to truly address the root causes of why lawyers are depressed, stressed, anxious and less than fulfilled professionally, there must be fundamental structural and transformative change throughout our profession."

          15. "Four Ways to Help Your College Student Grow Up," 02.04.20.
            The director of family engagement at Barnard College, writing for The New York Times, advises against intervening unnecessarily in the lives of college-age children and suggests a number of "ways to support young people as they learn to speak up for themselves, solve their own problems and make important decisions."

          16. "Why Mentoring Programs Fail (And How to Fix Them)," 02.04.20.
            This post from Slaw talks about what's wrong with mentoring programs, and how to fix them.

          17. "The Lateral Integration Process Has Gotten a Facelift as Firms Search for a Leg Up," 02.04.20.
            The American Lawyer takes a look at how lateral partner integration programs have evolved.

          18. "Student Loan Relief for Disabled Vets," 02.04.20.
            Inside Higher Ed reports that "the federal government plans to forgive hundreds of millions of dollars in outstanding loan debt for roughly 25,000 disabled veterans in July."

          19. "Mental Health Care 2.0: What's Next in Healing Minds and Bodies of Legal Professionals?," 02.03.20.
            The chief human resources officer at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, writing for The Recorder, writes about wellness initiatives at her firm, including the launch of a partnership with a digital health care provider.

          20. "Law Student Debt And Career Choices," 02.03.20.
            The TaxProf Blog highlights a new law review article that "examines the student loan crisis with a particular emphasis on its salience for law school graduates [and looks at how] rates and amounts of borrowing to attend law school impact law students differentially on the basis of their endowed characteristics, such as race and parental education."

          21. "I Performed at the Super Bowl. You Might Have Missed Me.," 02.03.20.
            Christine Sun Kim, who performed the national anthem and "America the Beautiful" in American Sign Language at the opening of the Super Bowl on Sunday, writing here for The New York Times, reflects thoughtfully on her frustration over the failure of Fox Sports to broadcast her performance.

          22. "Simplifying Public Service Loan Forgiveness," 02.03.20.
            Inside Higher Ed reports that "the U.S. Department of Education signaled it will make it easier to apply for Public Service Loan Forgiveness after the application process has faced criticism for being too unwieldy."

          23. "If a Recession Is Looming, the Laterals Report Shows Firms Aren't Changing Their Ways," 02.03.20.
            The American Lawyer reports that more than 3,100 Big Law partners moved laterally between October 2018 and October 2019, noting that "the total figure is 14.5% higher than last year's lateral total of 2,754."

          24. "Women Are Dominating in Complex Compliance Roles," 02.03.20.
            Corporate Counsel reports that "U.S. Labor Department statistics over the past 20 years show that compliance is one of the fastest-growing professions for women."

          25. "Coronavirus Closes China to the World, Straining Global Economy," 02.03.20.
            The Wall Street Journal reports that the coronavirus outbreak "has disrupted world-wide trade and supply chains, depressed asset prices, and forced multinational businesses to make hard decisions with limited information." (Subscription required.)

            1. "Virus threatens U.S. companies' supply of Chinese-made parts and materials," 02.02.20.
              The Washington Post reports that "the battle to contain the Chinese coronavirus threatens to cut off U.S. companies from parts and materials they need to produce iPhones, automobiles and appliances and drugs to treat medical conditions including Alzheimer's disease, high blood pressure and malaria."

            2. "What travelers should know about face masks amid growing coronavirus concerns," 02.02.20.
              The Washington Post provides the low down on masks: "[The] CDC does not currently recommend the use of face masks among the general public…Is it bad? No. It's not like it's harmful. But will it completely protect you? No. The best thing you can do is wash your hands frequently — with water and antibacterial soap for at least 20 seconds."

          26. "Oregon Law School Will Waive LSAT For Oregon Undergrads With 3.5 UGPA, 85th Percentile SAT (1290) / ACT (27)," 02.02.20.
            The TaxProf Blog reports that "University of Oregon students with a 3.5 GPA upon graduation and an SAT or ACT score in the top 85th percentile will not be required to take the Law School Admissions Test to apply to the UO School of Law."

          27. "Limited Practice Experiments: The Educational Piece of the Puzzle," 02.02.20.
            As more and more jurisdictions take up the question of whether to license alternative legal services providers (aka limited license legal services providers, or allied legal professionals) Dan Rodriguez, writing for the Legal Evolution blog, takes up the question of what sort of education these "non-lawyer" legal professionals should have, and who should provide it.

          28. "Law Firms Are Failing Work-Life Balance in the March for Gender Equality, Ginsburg Says," 01.31.20.
            The National Law Journal reports that "Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Thursday said work-life balance remains elusive in achieving gender equality, and she blamed firms that have not yet been sufficiently accommodating."

          29. "How the 'Innovation Tournament in Law' Is Changing the Industry," 01.31.20.
            The American Lawyer speaks with Michele DeStefano, founder and executive director of Law Without Walls, about how law firms can get lawyers and staff to buy into change: "We are witnessing innovation on almost every legal dimension, including how legal services are priced, packaged, sourced and delivered."

          30. "Half of Legal Departments Do Not Have Anyone Dedicated to Legal Operations," 01.31.20.
            Corporate Counsel reports that "according to the recent Association of Corporate Counsel's 2020 Chief Legal Officers Survey, 46% of top company lawyers indicated they do not have any legal operations professionals with another 24% having one professional."

          31. "Creating a Diverse and Welcoming Legal Department: A Q&A With Ironclad's Chris Young," 01.30.20.
            Corporate Counsel speaks with Chris Young, general counsel of Ironclad Inc., about "what goes into creating a rewarding legal department, the importance of legal operations, and diversity and inclusion."

          32. "One Attorney's Struggle With Addiction Shines Light on Deeper Problem," 01.29.20.
            Dena Lefkowitz interviews Laurie J. Besden, executive director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, for The Legal Intelligencer, to talk about her personal story of addiction and recovery and the work she now does to support lawyers and law students struggling with substance use and mental health disorders.

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