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September 21, 2018

1. "Before the JD: A Report on Undergraduate Views on Law School," 09.19.2018.
AALS has released the report and selected findings from this study that was conducted with the support of NALP and other legal organizations.

    a. "What Pushes Undergrads to Law School? It Ain't the Money," 09.19.2018.
    Law.com and Karen Sloan report: "A new study commissioned by the Association of American Law Schools looks at the motivations of aspiring law students and how they approach their search for the right school."

    b. "How Undergrads Think About Law School," 09.19.2018.
    Inside Higher Ed reports on the Before the JD report from AALS and Gallup: "Undergraduates considering a law degree are motivated by a desire to contribute to the public good, but high costs and work-life balance concerns deter some of them."

2. "Scientists identify four personality types," 09.21.2018.
The Washington Post. A new study of personality identifies four personality types: reserved, role models, average and self-centered, and the "new study, based on huge sets of personality data representing 1.5 million people, has persuaded one of the staunchest critics of personality types to conclude that maybe distinct types exist, after all."

3. "Why Are So Many In-House Professionals Joining AI Contract Startups?" 09.21.2018.
Legaltech News. "They helped transform the legal departments at Microsoft, Google and Hewlett-Packard. But now they're looking to make a bigger impact on corporate law by joining legal tech disruptors."

4. "New York AG Sues Debt-Relief Companies," 09.21.2018.
Insider Higher Ed reports the New York Attorney General alleged "[t]elemarketers from several student loan relief companies falsely represented themselves as employees of the federal government and told borrowers they could not enroll in debt-relief programs like income-based repayment on their own." And the press release from the NY AG.

5. "Average Loan Debt for Graduates of Four-Year Colleges: $28,650," 09.20.2018.
Inside Higher Ed reports summarizes data from the annual report of the Institute for College Access and Success.

6. "New Data on Public Service Loan Forgiveness," 09.20.2018.
Inside Higher Ed reports that the "Education Department received about 28,000 applications for Public Service Loan Forgiveness as of June 30 of this year but so far has approved just under 300 applications for loan discharge."

7. "Fox Rothschild to Merge With North Carolina Firm, Gaining 130 Lawyers," 09.20.2018.
Law.com. "A merger with Smith Moore Leatherwood gives Fox Rothschild six new offices in the Carolinas and Atlanta."

8. "UnitedLex, Big Deals in Hand, Sells Majority Stake to European Buyout Firm," 09.20.2018.
Law.com. "CVC Capital Partners is poised to purchase control of the New Law company."

9. "CLO Who Passed 5 Bar Exams in 3 Years Speaks Up for Relocating Military Spouse Lawyers," 09.20.2018.
The Georgia state high court ruled "that the state bar erred when it denied, without giving a reason, a woman's waiver request based on her status as the spouse of an active member of the military who had been transferred to Georgia."

10. "Facebook Accused of Allowing Bias Against Women in Job Ads," 09.20.2018.
The New York Times reports that "job seekers, in collaboration with the Communications Workers of America and the American Civil Liberties Union, filed charges with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Tuesday against Facebook and nine employers."

11. "What To Do If You Don't Have An IP Job Lined Up Yet," 09.20.2018.
Some good advice on Above the Law for students on how "[d]eveloping your own network and immersing yourself in the intellectual property world can help open up career paths."

12. Book Review: "Legal Upheaval: A Guide to Creativity, Collaboration, and Innovation in the Law," 09.20.2018.
Writing for Above the Law, Nicole Black reviews this new ABA title and concludes "if you're a legal employer seeking to inject an innovative mindset into your firm or company's culture, then don't overlook this book."

13. "How to be — sort of — happy in law school (podcast)," 09.19.2018.
The ABA Journal talks with Professor Kathryne M. Young about her book (titled as above) and "tackling imposter syndrome; advice that alumni wish they could give their younger selves; and techniques for getting along with your fellow students."

14. "Walmart's In-House Counsel Tells How the Retail Giant Is Changing Its Legal Ops," 09.18.2018.
Law.com. "Alan Bryan, senior associate general counsel of Walmart Inc. told lawyers at the 15th Annual Federation of Defense and Corporate Counsel Symposium in Philadelphia why and how the legal department developed its legal operations function to control spending."

15. "'It's a Question of When, Not If' — Baker McKenzie Sets Sights on US Merger," 09.18.2018.
The American Lawyer. "The firm is targeting growth on the east and west coasts amid interest from several domestic firms."

16. "Law firms need to consider a range of options for achieving their aspirations," 09.18.2018.
The American Lawyer. "An increasing number of law firm leaders and many of their high performing partners have concluded that they need to grow high quality headcount in their areas of focus to remain competitive."

17. "DeVos Gets Another Chance on Obama Loan Rule," 09.18.2018.
Inside Higher Ed. "The Department of Education has until October 12 to offer a stronger justification for delaying an Obama student loan rule issued to help defrauded borrowers."

18. Symposium, Finding Unique Ways To Solve Legal Issues Surrounding Race, Religion, Gender and Class, 18 U. Md. L.J. Race, Religion, Gender & Class 1-234 (2018).
This Symposium issue of the University of Maryland Law Journal of Race, Religion, Gender & Class features five articles on topics including implicit bias, bar exam bias, academic support, and admissions.

19. "Multistate Bar Exam Scores Sink to 34-Year Low, Pass Rates Sag," 09.17.2018.
Law.com reports that "[u]pticks in the average MBE scores in July 2017 and 2016 had fueled hopes of a recovery in bar exam pass rates, but the latest figures indicate otherwise." And here is the official word from the National Conference of Bar Examiners: July 2018 Average MBE Scores Decrease.

20. "Our journey to Big," 09.16.2018.
This recent post on the Legal Evolution blog from Bill Henderson focuses on the impact and consequences for the practice of law given that large corporations are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. economy.

21. "What Can Law Schools Learn from Grade-Nondisclosure In Elite Business Schools?" 09.15.2018.
TaxProf Blog provides coverage from various sources of a decision by MBA students at Cornell's SC Johnson College of Business to refrain from providing their grades to recruiters until after a full-time, post-graduation job offer has been extended.

22. "ALM Survey on Mental Health and Substance Abuse: Big Law's Pervasive Problem," 09.14.2018.
Law.com. "ALM Intelligence's survey of Am Law 200 firm leaders about their attitudes and actions regarding addiction and mental health challenges reveals much work remains to be done to deal with the problem."

23. "Shearman & Sterling Aims to Boost Diversity With New C-Suite Role," 09.14.2018.
The American Lawyer. "Sandra Bang will be Shearman's first chief diversity and talent strategy officer — and the latest in a string of new diversity-focused executives at big firms."

24. "Berkeley Law Is Deeply Divided on 'Boalt' Name, Chemerinsky Says," 09.14.2018.
Law.com. "The University of California, Berkeley School of Law dean discusses the movement to remove references to John Boalt from the law school and why people on both sides feel so strongly about the issue."

25. "Title IX Is Changing, and Lawyers Have Opinions," 09.14.2018.
Law.com. "Delving into the pros and cons, litigators and former administrators are expecting to see changes as a result of these proposals."

26. "ABA releases new report on access to justice commissions in the US," 09.14.2018.
ABA Journal. "Twenty-four years after the founding of the first access to justice commission, the American Bar Association has released a report analyzing the structure, activity, staffing and funding in 40 state and U.S. territory commissions."

27. "Pledge to Lend an Ear To A Lawyer In Need," 09.14.2018.
Brian Cuban writing on Above the Law provides "a simple method I use to engage when I suspect someone is struggling even if I have no idea what the issue may be."

28. "Advice For LL.M. Students Who Want To Enjoy The U.S. And Work Here After Graduation," 09.14.2018.
NALP member Nicholas Alexiou (Vanderbilt) writing for Above the Law provides "[s]teps international LL.M. students can take beyond working with their Career Services Office to fully utilize and maximize their time in an American law school and in the U.S. in general."

29. Leadership Corner: "10 Reasons Why You Aren't Growing As a Leader (and Why You Should Still Try)," 09.20.2018.
Inc.com. "If you're a student of leadership, here are 10 reasons why you may not be getting better."

30. Leadership Corner: "Why the Best Leaders Are Never Satisfied With 'Good Enough,'" 09.19.2018.
Inc.com. "Stay on your game by learning to maintain balance between meeting today's expectations and focusing on exceeding tomorrow's competitive demands."

Past News Digest Issues

September 14, 2018

  1. "ABA Sounds New Alarm on Substance Abuse, Firms Pledge Action," 09.10.2018.
    The American Lawyer reports that "[a] dozen major law firms have already signed on to a seven-point pledge that the ABA hopes the whole industry will embrace."

    1. "Q&A: Why Firms Need New Norms on Substance Abuse, Mental Health," 09.11.2018.
      The New York Law Journal provides a Q&A with "[a]lcohol and drug counselor Patrick Krill [who] says a new ABA pledge campaign to increase lawyer well-being is 'not just words.'"

    2. "Legal Industry Admits It Has a Substance Abuse Problem, But Recovery Won't Come Easy," 09.12.2018.
      Additional coverage from Law.com: "A new ABA effort suggests more law firms at least acknowledge substance abuse and mental health problems among lawyers."

  2. "Legal Procurement 101: An Interview With Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein," 09.13.2018.
    Evolve the Law (Above the Law's Legal Innovation Center) interviews the "executive director of Buying Legal Council, the international trade organization for legal procurement to learn more about legal procurement and the impact it is having on the legal industry."

  3. "Higher Law School Tuition Actually Boosts Enrollment, Study Finds," 09.13.2019.
    In The American Lawyer, Karen Sloan reports on "[n]ew research [that] shows that having to pay more for law school doesn't deter applicants and new students. In fact, the opposite is true."

  4. "A Deeper Look into Performance Indices," 09.13.2018.
    ALM Intelligence takes a "look at the key trends that emerge from evaluating law firms overall performance."

  5. "Lateral Moves By BigLaw Partners: Age And Gender Implications," 09.13.2018.
    TaxProf Blog references a new study "Lateral Moves: An Empirical Investigation of Cyclicality, Directional Mobility, and 5-Year Retention Rate by Gender and Age Cohort, 42 J. Legal Prof. 171 (2018)," which "explores the cyclicality and directional mobility (upward versus downward in terms of new firm profit per partner (PPP) rank and absolute level of new firm PPP rank) of partner moves and their relationship to five-year retention rate (5 years from the initial move) from a gender and age cohort perspective."

  6. "Job Satisfaction Among Tenured U.S. Law Professors," 09.13.2018.
    TaxProf Blog refers to another study, Katherine Y. Barnes (Arizona) & Elizabeth Mertz (Wisconsin), Law School Climates: Job Satisfaction Among Tenured US Law Professors, 43 Law & Soc. Inquiry 441 (2018) "which investigate[s] why post-tenure law professors of color and women professors within the US legal academy are differentially dissatisfied with their work lives."

  7. "AccessLex Institute Awards $515,000 Grant To State Bar Of California For Job Analysis Study," 09.12.2018.
    TaxProf Blog reports that "[w]ith funding from AccessLex, the State Bar of California is planning a California Attorney Job Analysis Study to collect detailed, empirical data about how attorneys in their daily routines use their knowledge and skills to perform their tasks with competency."

    1. "California's Bar Exam Evaluated Again, This Time on Job Skills," 09.12.2018.
      Additional coverage from Karen Sloan on Law.com.

  8. "Defunct Charlotte Law School and Ex-Students Reach $2.7M Settlement," 09.12.2018.
    Law.com reports on a "class-action settlement [that] will end four federal suits and 90 state court suits targeting the shuttered law school."

  9. "New York Law School Launches Business of Law Institute," 09.12.2018.
    The 'What Great Law Schools Do' blog features a new institute designed "to create a pipeline of new lawyers to join the growing legal tech sector and assist the efforts to bridge the access-to-justice gap."

  10. "'Kangaroo Court': Lawyers Weigh in on Betsy DeVos' Proposed Title IX Policies for Handling Sexual Misconduct on Campus," 09.12.2018.
    The National Law Journal reports "[s]ome say the rules will silence and intimidate victims, while others believe the proposal would provide due process for accused students facing potentially life-altering penalties."

    1. "Campus Sexual Assaults: What You Need to Know about Title IX Changes," 09.12.2018.
      Law.com provides an infographic update on "[n]ew rules under federal law [that] are set to follow the repeal of Obama-era guidelines."

  11. "Hurricane Florence Prompts Law School Closures in The Carolinas," 09.11.2018.
    Law.com reports that "law schools in North and South Carolina canceled classes Tuesday in advance of Hurricane Florence."

  12. "Law Firm Leaderships' Biggest Challenge: Equality Of Outcome," 09.11.2018.
    Law.com reports that "[a]ggressive poaching in the market is forcing leadership to contend with the delicate balance of equality, culture and compensation in their firms."

  13. "Managing Partner Comp Expectations in a Record Financial Year," 09.11.2018.
    The American Lawyer provides an expert opinion from Blane Prescott noting that
    "[s]etting partner compensation and defending it after the fact doesn't typically work."

  14. "How compensation plans are wrecking law firms," 09.11.2018.
    A new post from Jordan Furlong on Law21 posits that "[t]he greatest threat to the survival and success of law firms today is not client empowerment, or Big 4 accountancies, or artificial intelligence, or even generational change…[w]hat's killing law firms these days is their lawyer compensation systems."

  15. "Cooley Law's Kalamazoo, Michigan, campus approved by ABA's Legal Ed section," 09.11.2018.
    The ABA Journal reports that following months of litigation, the council of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has approved Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School's application to establish a branch in Kalamazoo, Michigan."

  16. "Venture Capitalists Pour Another $115M into Legal Tech Platforms," 09.11.2018.
    Law.com reports "[v]enture capital is taking notable interest in legal industry 'disrupters' this month, with San Francisco-based Atrium announcing $65 million in new funding."

    1. "Q&A: Why Justin Kan Thinks He Can Make Clients-and Lawyers-Happier," 09.12.2018.
      The American Lawyer interviews Atrium's founder and CEO Justin Kan who "says his company can make legal services more efficient for clients and more 'meaningful' for lawyers."

  17. "Remove Boalt references from UC Berkeley Law, school committee says," 09.11.2018.
    The ABA Journal covers Berkeley Law's consideration of renaming a law school building in light of racist views held by its namesake.

  18. "Out-of-Town Firms Hire for Industry Expertise in Boston Push," 09.10.2018.
    The American Lawyer reports that "[a]s Boston booms, out-of-town Am Law 200 firms are making niche hires targeted at certain industry expertise."

  19. "Data Snapshot: Where Are Law Firm Associates Happiest?" 09.10.2018.
    Further analysis of The American Lawyer's Midlevel Associate Survey on Law.com shows that "Miami ranks No. 1 for satisfaction with compensation and benefits, while Los Angeles associates reported the most satisfaction with their work."

    1. "Midlevel Associates in DC Report Less Work Satisfaction Than Peers in Other US Cities," 09.10.2018.
      In further analysis of the 2018 Midlevel Associate Survey, The National Law Journal notes that "Washington DC associates are also less likelier than most peers to report that they'll be at the same firm in the next two years."

  20. "Has The Alternative Legal Provider Market Already Peaked?" 09.10.2018.
    TaxProf Blog cites a Prism Legal Blog that suggests "the alternative legal provider market share may be limited."

  21. "How Firm Culture Affects the Success of Attorneys with Diverse Backgrounds," 09.07.2018.
    The Legal Intelligencer provides commentary, noting: "It's not easy being a young attorney of a diverse background. Much like Rocky was an underdog fighter with hopes of making it in the boxing world without much support, so too do many minority attorneys struggle to find their place in the legal market today."

  22. "The Quantity And Quality Of Law School Applicants: 2018 Edition," 09.07.2018.
    LSAC President and CEO Kellye Testy provides a "state of the state" of law school admissions on TaxProf Blog, noting that "the 2018-2019 admission cycle ended with an 8.1 percent increase in law school applicants and 8.7 percent increase in applications," and "the increase in law school applicants has been driven by a significant increase in candidates in the top LSAT score ranges."

  23. "Fewer Legal Jobs for Second Consecutive Month as US Economy Continues Growth Streak," 09.07.2018.
    The American Lawyer reports that "[t]he U.S. government's jobs report for August showed a decline in legal services employment for the second straight month."

  24. "Old Problem of Legal Industry Bias Requires New Tools, Study Says," 09.07.2018.
    The American Lawyer's coverage of the new "You Can't Change What You Can't See," report which was conducted by the Center for WorkLife Law at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law in partnership with the American Bar Association's Commission on Women in the Profession and the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA). "Law firms and in-house legal departments are barely moving the needle when it comes to combating gender and racial discrimination, a new report said. But researchers said even implicit bias can be countered."

    1. The American Lawyer's Careerist Vivia Chen shares her take on the report in "Yup, It's Great to Be a White Male Lawyer!" 09.07.2018 and in "Diversity Efforts Are Basically Worthless," 09.11.2018.

  25. "Law Firm Innovation Takes More than Talk," 09.07.2018.
    The American Lawyer provides this commentary from Legaltech News which explains the innovation buzz, assesses its current state and impact, and includes a case study of Ogletree Deakins' approach to innovation.

  26. "Talk To Your Law School Career Services Folks Or Risk Devaluing Your Law Degree," 09.07.2018.
    Writing for Above the Law, NALP Member Nicholas Alexiou (Vanderbilt) entreats law students to complete surveys for career services for their own good, for the good of their school, and for their futures.

  27. "From the Career Files: A Law Professor's Advice For Women Entering The Legal Profession," 09.07.2018.
    On Above the Law, Grover Cleveland interviews Michelle Travis, a professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law, a Dean's Circle Scholar and co-director of USF's Labor and Employment Law Program.

  28. "The job is killing them: Family lawyers experience threats, violence," September 2018.
    The ABA Journal reports that "[f]amily lawyers face disproportionate amounts of threats and violence."

  29. Podcast: "LawNext Episode 9: Bill Henderson on Changing the Non-Lawyer Ownership Rules," 09.10.2018.
    LawSites hosts Bill Henderson discussing his Legal Market Landscape Report.

  30. Leadership Corner: "How to manage your team through change," 09.12.2018.
    From Fast Company: "Leading your team through change — whether it's new leadership, a reorganization, a merger or acquisition — can be extremely daunting. Here's how to do it."

  31. Leadership Corner: "What Serena Williams Teaches Us About Anger, Compassion and Women Leaders," 09.09.2018.
    From Inc.com: Leadership lessons from last week's US Open.

  32. September 7, 2018

    1. "Race and gender bias is rampant in law, says new report that also offers tools to fight it," 09.06.2018.
    The ABA Journal shares the "You Can't Change What You Can't See: Interrupting Racial & Gender Bias in the Legal Profession," report "based on a 2016 survey of 2,827 in-house and firm attorneys, [which] says current efforts to advance women and minorities have largely failed, and bias and discrimination — explicit and implicit — persist." The survey was conducted by the Center for WorkLife Law at the University of California's Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco on behalf of the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession and the Minority Corporate Counsel Association. And the coverage from The New York Times.

    2. "Applications Drop at M.B.A. Programs," 09.06.2018.
    Inside Higher Ed reports on a decrease in applications to MBA programs. With more details from Poets and Quants on the TaxProf Blog.

    3. "Can licensed legal paraprofessionals narrow the access-to-justice gap?" 09.06.2018.
    The ABA Journal features a story on licensed legal technicians noting that "[t]wo state supreme courts have embraced the licensed legal technician concept, and other jurisdictions are closely studying it."

    4. "How Faculty Can Build Resiliency In Law Students Through A Growth-Mindset Culture In Our Classrooms," 09.06.2018.
    TaxProf Blog summarizes findings from "The Jury Is In: Law Schools Foster Students' Fixed Mindsets," 42 Law & Psychology Review 1 (2018).

    5. "US Justice Department Opens New Front Against EEOC," 09.06.2018.
    The National Law Journal reports that "[t]he U.S. Justice Department in a federal appeals court has disavowed Obama-era guidance that discourages employers from flatly rejecting job applicants who have criminal histories."

    6. "Twin Cities Market Grows Again With New Quarles & Brady Outpost," 09.06.2018.
    The American Lawyer reports that "Am Law 200 law firm Quarles & Brady announced…the opening of its new office in Minneapolis, Minnesota."

    7. "Blank Rome Debuts C-Suite Role for Innovation, Client Value," 09.06.2018.
    The American Lawyer reports that Blank Rome has created a new C-suite position to tackle a mix of evolving issues in law firm leadership and strategy.

    8. "A Gulf in the Earnings Gap," 09.06.2018.
    Inside Higher Ed reports in a study from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York's "Liberty Street Economics" blog that suggests that "[a]ttending a for-profit college widens the earnings gap between rich and poor students. Enrolling at a selective college does the opposite."

    9. "Reports: Free College Programs Don't Benefit Low-Income Students," 09.06.2018.
    Inside Higher Ed reports that "[t]wo nonpartisan research groups are urging policy makers to examine the details of tuition-free programs and make them more financially helpful for low-income students."

    10. "Wells Fargo Report Gives More Evidence for Big Law's Financial Rebound," 09.05.2018.
    The American Lawyer reports that "[s]urveys are bullish on law firms' performance during the first six months of 2018."

    11. "A New Approach to Law Firm Rankings," 09.05.2018.
    Law.com and AmLaw Intelligence provide an alternative methodology to rank law firms which "led&Hellip;to a multi-dimensional approach, where we combine revenue with two reasonably non-correlated metrics: revenue per lawyer (RPL) and profit margin."

    12. "Allen & Overy, O'Melveny & Myers Leaders Meet Again Amid Tie-Up Talks," 09.05.2018.
    The American Lawyer reports that "[s]enior management figures from both firms have traveled to Germany, as discussions about a potential combination gather pace."

    13. "Kira Systems Raises $50 Million in First Outside Funding Round," 09.05.2018.
    The American Lawyer reports that this "automated contract review company, which has received a nine-figure valuation, has snagged its first influx of capital via external investment."

    14. "Beware the 'Vanity Metric' When Building Your Professional Network," 09.05.2018.
    Some valuable insight from The Talent Trainer Jay Harrington in The American Lawyer, noting that "[i]n a world in which we're told to chase more Facebook friends, Instagram and Twitter followers, and LinkedIn connections, it's easy to lose sight of what the purpose of a professional network really is. Bigger isn't necessarily better."

    15. "Law industry creates pathways for minorities," 09.04.2018.
    The Idaho Business Review covers some of NALP's data on law firm diversity. (Subscription required.)

    16. "How One Firm Used Marketing Intelligence to Inform a Merger," 09.03.2018.
    The American Lawyer has an inside look at the Eversheds Sutherland merger.

    17. "The Incredible, Rage-Inducing Inside Story of America's Student Debt Machine," September/October 2018.
    This feature in Mother Jones Magazine asks "Why is the nation's flagship loan forgiveness program failing the people it's supposed to help?" and includes law students in its profiles.

    18. "Florida Coastal still out of compliance with accreditation standards, ABA legal ed council says," 09.04.2018.
    The ABA Journal reported that "[t]he ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has affirmed its findings that Florida Coastal School of Law is out of compliance with certain accreditation standards — increasing the likelihood that the matter will be settled in court."

    19. "Legal Innovation Woes, Part III: Skill Shortage, Emotional Labor & Arrested Development," 09.03.2018.
    On the Legal Evolution blog, Jae Um concludes a three part series on legal innovation taking "a closer look at the talent required to make innovation actually happen, as well as some of the structural barriers that legal innovation teams face in accessing that talent."

    20. "Study on Chief Diversity Officers and Faculty Hiring," 09.03.2018.
    Inside Higher Ed Reports on a study that suggests that having a chief diversity officer isn't necessarily linked to significant gains in faculty diversity.

    21. "Companies Say Trump Is Hurting Business by Limiting Legal Immigration," 09.02.2018.
    The New York Times reports on delays and additional paperwork requirements in H-1B visa processing.

    22. "Dan Linna: Taking the measure of legal innovation," 09.01.2018.
    In one of their Legal Rebel profiles, the ABA Journal features Linna, who recently introduced the Law School Innovation Index as well as the Law Firm Innovation Index.

    23. "College students say they want a degree for a job. Are they getting what they want?" 09.01.2018.
    The Washington Post. Since the Great Recession, surveys of teenagers — and the choices they are making about their college majors — show that higher education has become less about preparing for life or learning something that interests undergraduates and much more about securing employment.

    24. "The MCCA Honors 4 Companies, 1 Lawyer for Leading the Diversity Charge," 08.31.2018.
    The American Lawyer reports that "[t]he Minority Corporate Counsel Association…announced the four regional winners of its 2018 Employer of Choice Award, as well as the winner of its inaugural Charlotte E. Ray Award."

    25. "Law Firms Benefit by Showing Attorneys That Family Matters," 08.31.2018.
    The American Lawyer's Young Editorial Board advocates that "[f]irms can help themselves — and their employees — by introducing family-friendly policies."

    26. "Why Lawyers Need To Pay Attention To Spirituality," 08.31.2018.
    Above the Law includes this column on wellness that provides some simple steps to get started on the road to wellness.

    27. "What Happens If You Don't Like Career Services?" 08.31.2018.
    Writing for Above the Law, NALP member Nicholas Alexiou (Vanderbilt) provides some practical advice to students for managing their relationship with their career services office.

    28. "So, 4,000 Big Law Associates Walk Into a Therapist's Office…" 08.30.2018.
    Roy Strom summarizes some of the comments from participants in The American Lawyer's Mid-Level Associate Survey.

    29. "Is Your Organization Building a World-Class Talent Pipeline?" 08.31.2018.
    Law.com commentary from Bill Henderson and Daniel Linna Jr. on taking "the time to plan out a talent pipeline strategy and follow it with discipline."

    30. "After Professor's Alleged 'N-Bomb,' Emory Law Rally Calls for Tolerance, Respect," 08.29.2018.
    The Daily Report shares the latest.

    31. "Hungry Midsize Firms Gobbling Up Struggling Smaller Shops," 08.23.2018.
    The American Lawyer summarizes ALM's Mid-Market Report which notes that "[m]idsize firms are hungry for niche services and geographic expansion, and as small firms struggle to meet client needs, the time is ripe to feed that appetite."

    32. Leadership Corner: "A 4-Word Master Class in Leadership From Steve Jobs," 08.31.2018.
    Inc.com provides some insight into Steve Jobs' management style: "People will rarely follow you because you're great, they follow because you enable them to feel great about themselves."

    August 31, 2018

    1. "Microsoft GC Tells Its Major Suppliers (Including Outside Firms) to Provide Paid Parental Leave," 08.30.2018.
    Law.com reports that "Microsoft will require suppliers to offer their employees a minimum of 12 weeks paid parental leave, up to $1,000 per week."

    2. State Attorneys General rebuke DOE's proposed changes to borrower defense regulations.
    In a jointly signed letter dated 8.30.2018, twenty state Attorneys General sharply rebuked the U.S. Department of Education's proposed changes to its borrower defense regulations. The New York Attorney General's Office press release notes that the changes "would make it more difficult for defrauded students to obtain financial relief, while giving unscrupulous and predatory schools unwarranted protections."

    3. "Is Outside Ownership of Law Firms Picking Up Steam?" 08.30.2018.
    The American Lawyer reports on some movement in the area with a state bar studying whether to allow outside investors in law firms, and a litigation finance giant discussing with law firms a financial structure that would allow investors to own portions of today's firms, with no regulatory changes required.

    4. "DOJ Attacks Harvard's Race-Conscious Admissions Policy," 08.30.2018.
    The National Law Journal reports that "the Justice Department said Thursday that Harvard's race-conscious admissions process 'significantly disadvantages Asian-American applicants.' Harvard's lawyers at WilmerHale dispute this, and they argue admissions officers 'carefully consider each applicant in his or her entirety.'" And New York Times coverage is here: "Asian-American Students Suing Harvard Over Admissions Win Justice Dept. Support." Inside Higher Ed weighs in here.

    5. "Study: Children of Divorce Less Likely to Earn Degree," 08.29.2018.
    Inside Higher Ed reports on study that shows "[b]eing a child of divorce nearly halves the likelihood that a young person will earn a bachelor's or graduate degree compared to someone whose parents remain married."

    6. "Wells Fargo Lawfully Fired Employees Over Background Checks, Appeals Court Says," 08.29.2018.
    Despite the expansion of the "ban-the-box" legislation in several jurisdictions, Law.com reports that a "Federal appeals court says the bank's employment practices didn't discriminate against African-American and Latino former workers and would-be new hires."

    7. "Day Pitney Hires Mercedes In-House Lawyer as Diversity Chief," 08.29.2018.
    Law.com reports that "[o]n the heels of recently achieving 'Mansfield Plus Certification' from Diversity Lab, the firm announced…it had hired its new director of diversity and inclusion, Tommy M. Shi, former in-house counsel and 10-year diversity and inclusion officer for Mercedes-Benz USA."

    8. "Vern? Myers Joins Netflix as Vice President, Inclusion Strategy," 08.29.2018.
    Diversity and inclusion consultant and frequent NALP presenter Vern? Myers has accepted this new role.

    9. "'Extreme Part-Time' Lawyer-Moms Flock to Freelance Firms," 08.29.2018.
    The American Lawyer reports that "[s]o-called 'accordion law firms' have become particularly popular with lawyer moms who want to dramatically reduce their hours after they give birth, but who also want to stay in the legal game."

    10. "IRS Clears Path For Student Loan Repayment Tied To 401(k)," 08.18.2018.
    The TaxProf Blog reports on this "IRS decision allowing an employer to offer a student loan repayment benefit as an element of its retirement plan."

    11. "How To Convince An Employer To Pay You Less Money," 08.29.2019.
    Helpful guidance on Above the Law from a former biglaw associate on how to effectively pursue a position in a sector that pays less money than you previously earned.

    12. "Top Student Loan Official Resigns, Blasts Trump Administration," 08.28.2018.
    Inside Higher Ed reports on the resignation of the student loan ombudsman at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

    13. "Colleges Say They Prepare Students for a Career, Not Just a First Job. Is That True?" 08.28.2018.
    The Chronicle of Higher Education. "About 60 percent of executives and hiring managers think that most college graduates are prepared to succeed in entry-level positions. But only a third of executives, and a quarter of hiring managers, believe graduates have the skills and knowledge to advance or be promoted."

    14. "A Live Discussion About the Future of Wall Street Firms," 08.28.2018.
    The American Lawyer. An ongoing discussion between Nicholas Bruch, director of Legal Market Intelligence at ALM Intelligence and Gina Passarella, editor-in-chief of The American Lawyer.

    15. "Data Snapshot: What's Average Big Law Pay for Summer Associates?" 08.27.2018.
    The American Lawyer provides "[a] sneak peek at the 2018 summer associate hiring survey conducted by ALM Intelligence [which] shows some signs of rising summer associate pay."

    16. "Halting the hover: Dealing with helicopter parents in law school (podcast)," 08.27.2018.
    The ABA Journal. As a new academic year begins, Sondra Tennessee, Associate Dean at the University of Houston Law Center, shares her advice on how students, parents and school administrators can halt the hover and foster students' independence and success.

    17. "A Surprisingly Simple Way to Help Level the Playing Field of College Admissions," 08.27.2018.
    The New York Times reports that "[w]hite, Asian-American and affluent students commonly take the SAT more than once, but disadvantaged students are less likely to, and it's holding them back."

    18. "Calling All Lawyers: The Blockchain Opportunities Are Waiting," 08.27.2018.
    Olga Mack and Julie Brush discuss "opportunities for lawyers in the blockchain industry" on Above the Law.

    19. "What Microsoft, Starbucks, Rackspace Expect From Their Outside Counsel," 08.27.2018.
    Law.com shares a summary of a session from ILTACON where "three in-house legal professionals from some of the biggest companies in the global economy shed light on how they approach hiring outside counsel, and what they expect from these firms."

    20. "The 2018 Midlevel Associates Survey," 08.26.2018.
    The American Lawyer Midlevel Associates Survey is out and suggests that "[t]hird-, fourth- and fifth-year associates are as happy as ever at their law firms…in fact, their satisfaction has been slowly rising year after year for a while now."

      a. "Top Firms for Midlevel Associates: The 2018 National Rankings," 08.26.2018.
      The American Lawyer. Results from the survey.

      b. "Midlevel Associates Are Content but Curious About Their Futures," 08.26.2018.
      Further analysis of The American Lawyer Midlevel Associates Survey survey shows that "most are pleased with their firms, but they're eager for a peek behind the curtain."

      c. "The Simple Ways Law Firms Can Make Associates Happier," 08.26.2018.
      The American Lawyer. Vivia Chen provides her tips for keeping midlevel associates satisfied.

      d. "Women and Minority Associates Are Less Satisfied Than Their Peers," 08.26.2018.
      The American Lawyer. Analysis of the Midlevel Associates Survey results shows that "[m]inority attorneys gave lower scores on average in every category, when compared with white midlevel associates."

      e. "Associates Say Law Firms Need a Tech Upgrade," 08.26.2018.
      The American Lawyer Midlevel Associates Survey reveals that "[t]echnology is a trouble spot for many firms, but those that succeed have happy associates."

      f. "How Schulte Roth Gave Associate Life an Extreme Makeover," 08.26.2018.
      A profile of the firm that ranks #1 in The American Lawyer's 2018 Midlevel Associates Survey.

      g. "The Regional Perspective: Associate Satisfaction by City," 08.26.2018.
      The American Lawyer reports that "[t]here are some significant differences among the biggest legal markets in how associates feel about their law firms."

    21. "What signal are legal employers sending to legal education?," 08.26.2018
    Bill Henderson asks this question in a promotion for the Institute for the Future of Law Practice's 2019 Curriculum and Internship Program.

    22. "The Student Debt Problem Is Worse Than We Imagined," 08.25.2018.
    Op-Ed in the The New York Times shares some sobering numbers on student debt.

    23. "Appeals Court Affirms Denial Of Richard Sander's Request To Access California Bar Data To Study Racial Implications Of Bar Passage Rates" 08.25.2018.
    The TaxProf Blog provides an update on Sander v. State Bar of California.

    24. "Are Wall Street Law Firms Losing the Talent War?" 08.24.2018.
    Law.com's LegalSpeak podcast addresses how some law firms are taking on more private equity, venture capital and corporate deal-making work that was traditionally handled by Wall Street law firms.

    25. "Law Firm Compensation Transparency Doesn't Guarantee Happiness," 08.24.2018.
    Commentary in The American Lawyer suggests that "if one looks at highly successful firms, it is predictability rather than transparency that produces true success and satisfaction."

    26. "The Latest Domino: Kilpatrick Raises Associate Pay," 08.24.2018.
    The Daily Report notes "Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton is the latest big Atlanta-based firm to raise associate pay. It's matching the new top starting salary of $165,000 in Atlanta and $190,000 in other markets."

    27. New Book on Lawyer Well-Being: "The Best Lawyer You Can Be: A Guide to Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellness," 08.22.2018.
    This new ABA book is a comprehensive toolkit for lawyers that addresses the stress and emotional challenges that often come with a career in the law. And an interview with the author: "Boost Your Practice by Improving Your Wellness: New ABA Book," 08.27.2018. Law.com.

    28. "Will My Lack of Law Firm Experience Come Back to Haunt Me?" 08.22.2018.
    In The Recorder, Julie Brush (The Lawyer Whisperer) notes that "[i]n today's legal environment, starting your legal career as an in-house lawyer as opposed to law firm associate is not the kiss of death that it might have been in years past."

    29. "Student Debt Is Worse for Women," 08.20.2018.
    The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that women "borrow more than men do, and then earn less, making it harder for them to repay their loans."

    30. "Midsize Firms, Stop Stressing Out Your Lawyers," 08.16.2018.
    Law.com provides an overview from ALM's Mid-Market Report about how mid-size firms help their attorneys manage stress.

    31. Leadership Corner: "8 Tips for Effective Leadership," 08.30.2018.
    Inc.com provides tips no matter where you are in your career.

    August 24, 2018

    1. "The Legal Institute for Forward Thinking's Analysis of Today's Biggest Issues," 08.23.2018.
    The American Lawyer provides a summary of "[t]he organization's mid-year discussion on trends in the legal market included UnitedLex, the Big Four, differentiation, compensation, the repeal of Jewel v. Boxer, and client lock-in."

    2. "Big Law Stays 'Bullish' on Small and Midsize Mergers," 08.23.2018.
    The American Lawyer reports that "[w]ith three Am Law 200 firms announcing mergers this week, large firms are showing their appetites for acquiring smaller shops."

    3. "4 Stories of Change: Law Firm Innovators Talk to the People Behind Tech Change," 08.23.2018.
    The American Lawyer reports from ILTACON 2018, where "four major law firm movers and shakers gave their own personal stories about how innovation is a people problem as much as a tech one."

    4. "The Law Firm Disrupted: Graduation Day for a Legal Tech Startup," 08.23.2018.
    Law.com's Roy Strom's weekly Law Firm Disrupted column focuses on a Canadian incubator and "[w]hat incubators and Legal Innovation Zones might mean for the traditional delivery of legal services."

    5. "Recruiter's Suit Sheds Light on Fierce Lateral Market in Texas," 08.23.2018.
    Law.com reports on "[a] dispute involving a legal recruiter and another recruiting firm provides a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes moves of several national law firms that have swooped into the Lone Star State to launch and expand local offices."

    6. "Striking Out At OCI: What Happens Now?" 08.23.2018.
    Writing for Above the Law, NALP member Nicholas Alexiou (Vanderbilt) provides some thoughtful guidance for students who don't have success in OCI.

    7. "You're in Recovery And Starting Law School — Now What?" 08.23.2018.
    Brian Cuban, writing for Above the Law, provides some advice for incoming law students in recovery, from a graduate in long-term recovery.

    8. "Despite Salary Hikes, Inflation Leaves Associate Pay Below Pre-Recession Level," 08.22.2018.
    The American Lawyer looks at associate salary increases versus inflation over time, and determines that the high point for first-year associate pay is not 2018, despite many firms now offering $190,000.

    9. "No-Deal Brexit Could See UK Legal Sector Shed 12,000 Jobs, Lose $3.9B in Revenue," 08.22.2018.
    The American Lawyer reports "[a] new study by the Law Society details 'significant negative effects' of a no-deal Brexit scenario."

    10. "Denver Law Joins the Hybrid J.D. Trend," 08.22.2018.
    Law.com reports that "[t]he American Bar Association's recent decision to double the number of credits J.D. students can take online may prompt additional law schools to transform their traditional part-time programs into largely online hybrids."

    11. "First-Year Enrollment Soars by Double Digits at Some Law Schools," 08.21.2018.
    On Law.com, Karen Sloan reports that "[a]n 8 percent increase in applicants nationwide has yielded significantly larger incoming classes at some, but not all, schools this fall as early numbers trickle in."

    12. "Considering Fur-ternity Leave for Employees? Paws and Think It Through First," 08.21.2018.
    Law.com reports on a growing trend in the digital sector and notes that "[p]roviding employees with pet-related benefits can be a great boost to morale, but it can also pose some legal and HR issues."

    13. "New Case at US Supreme Court Tests Gender Pay Disparities," 08.21.2018.
    Law.com reports that "[a] gender-pay case that management-side firms called a 'wake-up call' for employers is expected soon to arrive at the U.S. Supreme Court after settlement talks stopped. The Ninth Circuit, ruling for the employee this year, declared: 'Salaries speak louder than words.'"

    14. "Legal Ops Down Under: CLOC Institute Heading to Australia," 08.21.2018.
    Law.com reports that the Corporate Legal Operations Council "decided to bring their latest gathering for in-house counsel and legal ops professionals to Australia."

    15. "It's 2018. Do You Know Who Your Law Firm Settled with Today?" 08.21.2018.
    The American Lawyer analyzes bias and sexual harassment allegations, accusations, and resolutions in law firms.

    16. "Law School Kicked Out of Building Due to Alleged Failure To Pay Rent," 08.21.2018.
    In further bad news for Arizona Summit Law, Above the Law reports that Arizona Summit Law has been evicted from their space.

    17. "So, You Want to Quit Law But Overcome With Fear? Try This Exercise," 08.21.2018.
    Jeena Cho, author of The Anxious Lawyer, provides practical guidance for lawyers suffering from burnout.

    18. "Venable Adds 100 Lawyers in Merger With New York's Fitzpatrick Cella," 08.21.2018.
    Law.com reports "[t]he deal with prominent IP boutique Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto creates an 800-lawyer firm with a major presence in New York City."

    19. "Diversity Initiative Names 'Certified' Firms for Women, Minority Leadership," 08.20.2018.
    The American Lawyer reports that Caren Stacey's Diversity Lab announced that "[o]ver 40 law firms can now call themselves 'Mansfield Certified.'"

    20. "NYU Drops Med School Tuition. Will Law Schools Follow Suit?" 08.20.2018.
    Karen Sloan reporting for Law.com: "Experts said that law schools are generally more dependent on student tuition than are medical schools, making it less likely that a law school will ditch tuition entirely."

    21. "Ryerson's law school proposal headed to ministry," 08.20.2018.
    Canada's Law Times reports that "Ryerson University has submitted forms to the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities seeking approval of its new law school."

    22. "The Compensation Scorecard: Which Firms Have Announced Raises and Bonuses? (2018)," 08.20.2018.
    Above the Law summarizes its tally of raises and bonuses since June.

    23. "More people are applying to law schools: Does the jobs data support increasing class sizes?" 08.20.2018.
    The ABA Journal looks at the recent law school application data in relation to the recent jobs data for the Class of 2017.

    24. "Ahead of the Curve: Takeaways from Harvard Law's Admissions Experiment," 08.20.2018.
    In this week's Ahead of the Curve, Karen Sloan discusses Harvard Law's use of the GRE and a study on the limited diversity in citation sources.

    25. "Are Wall Street Firms Built to Handle Today's Financial Services Industry?" 08.19.2018.
    The American Lawyer identifies "[t]hree emerging trends in the financial sector [that] have created a new competitive landscape for traditional capital markets-oriented firms."

    26. "A Crack in the Wall: Elite Wall Street Firms Are Being Put to the Test," 08.19.2018.
    A Law.com analysis posits that "[t]he once-impenetrable facade of some of the country's sturdiest law firms is showing signs of wear in the face of shifting financial markets. Now they are forced to confront a once-foreign concept: competition." In a Letter from the Editor, Gina Passarella further explains "Why We Looked at Wall Street Firms," 08.19.2018, The American Lawyer.

    27. "Law Firms Just Turned in Their Best Half Since the Recession," 08.19.2018.
    The Citibank team of Greta Rusanow and John Wilmouth report in The American Lawyer that "revenue growth of 5.5 percent in the first half of 2018 was the highest since 2007, and the outlook going forward remains positive."

    28. "Legal Innovation Woes, Part II: TBD Markets + MIA Customers," 08.19.2018.
    Part II of Jae Um's post on Legal Evolution "take[s] a deeper dive into the concrete implications of the structural features that make the legal industry a particularly inhospitable environment for innovation."

    29. "Sunday Morning Spotlight: Street Law," 08.19.2018.
    Thanks to Lee Arbetman at Street Law for this recent CBS58 (Milwaukee) feature on Foley & Lardner's Street Law legal diversity pipeline program.

    30. "Milbank Associate Training Program Targets the Art of the Deal," 08.17.2018.
    The American Lawyer reports that "Deals@Milbank is the latest in a suite of associate training initiatives at the firm, one of several law firms to beef up its programs for young lawyers in recent months."

    31. "Better Law Jobs! Higher Pay! Smarter Students! What's Not to Love?" 08.17.2018.
    Law.com's "LegalSpeak" podcast features "Law.com senior reporter Karen Sloan and AccessLex Institute president Chris Chapman explor[ing] the impact of improved J.D. employment stats, rising salaries and brighter law school applicants."

    32. "Law Prof Applicants Are Down 15% (48% From 2010)," 08.17.2018.
    TaxProf Blog reports on the recent decrease in law faculty applications through the AALS faculty recruitment program.

    33. "We Asked for Stress Stories; Here's What You Said," 08.17.2018.
    Summarizing attorney stress stories, the editor of the Daily Report concludes that "no one who feels stress is alone in this battle."

    34. "For Midsize Firms, the Big Four Threat Is Very Real," 08.02.2018.
    Law.com provides a summary from ALM Mid-Market Report that surmises that "[a]s non-law firms become increasingly bullish about providing services traditionally provided by lawyers, now is not the time for complacency in the legal mid-market."


      35. "Leadership Lesson from Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs: Stop Worrying About Being Right, and Focus on This Instead," 08.20.2018.
      Inc.com shares the approach that "what we as leaders really need to do is to create a system that gets things right most of the time — work that begins with surrounding ourselves with talented people who can keep the business pointed in the right direction."

      36. "Adopt these 4 speaking habits to boost your leadership presence," 08.21.2018.
      Fast Company provides tips for public speaking: "Being a leader is not about teaching your audience — it's about influencing them with your point of view."

      August 17, 2018

      1. "The Law Firm Disrupted: Winning Business by Slashing Prices — Do Midsize Firms Have an Edge?" 08.16.2018.
      Law.com commentary from Roy Strom on "[a] regional law firm from the Silicon Slopes [that] might have hit on a new formula for delivering legal services."

      2. "Texas Tax Lawyer's Suit Over Georgetown Job Fair Ban Is Tossed," 08.16.2018.
      Law.com reports that "[a] federal judge has thrown out a Texas tax attorney's lawsuit…that claimed the school unlawfully banned him from a job fair after concerns arose over discrepancies on his resume."

      3. "Why Must Women Wear High Heels?" 08.16.2018.
      The American Lawyer's Vivia Chen has "a hard time understanding the notion that expensive, sky-high pumps boost a woman's confidence. Pain is not empowering."

      4. "'What It Takes' article gives false picture of female trial lawyers," 08.16.2018.
      The ABA Journal shares a counterpoint to Lara Balezon's recent article "What It Takes to Be a Trial Lawyer If You're Not a Man" in The Atlantic.

      5. "Sadly, Anyone Can Be An Attorney," 08.16.2018.
      Above the Law shares a well-heeded anecdote for job seekers and those hiring into positions where attorneys are in the mix.

      6. "The Battle For Talent Is Disrupting The Business Of Law," 08.15.2018.
      Law.com provides an in-depth report on the "hyper-aggressive" actions by some highly profitable firms in the lateral hiring market, noting that "[a] shift in the way firms are pursuing laterals is disrupting the market and New York will be the primary battleground."

      7. "Law Firms Need Informal Reporting Programs to Quash Sexual Harassment," 08.15.2018.
      The American Lawyer provides a commentary from Gwen Mellor, who notes that "[b]y establishing a neutral reporting resource for inappropriate behavior, firms can help keep women safe and satisfied, benefiting everyone."

      8. "Report Says Law Firm Demand Hit New Heights in Second Quarter," 08.14.2018.
      The American Lawyer reports that "[d]emand for law firms' services in the second quarter of 2018 grew more than in any quarter during the past six years, according to an analysis by Thomson Reuters," but expect the unexpected.

      9. "Pro Bono Service: How Common are Mandatory Requirements?" 08.14.2018.
      The latest post on the What Great Law Schools Do blog looks at how widespread mandatory pro bono requirements are.

      10. "Pay Model Evolves at Fried Frank, Paving Way for Outsized Earnings," 08.14.2018.
      The National Law Journal reports on how "Wall Street firm Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson has undertaken significant changes in the last few years, including overhauling its compensation system to become more competitive."

      11. "Christian University Drops Ban on Same-Sex Student Relationships," 08.15.2018.
      Inside Higher Ed reports that "[a]n evangelical Christian university [Trinity Western University] in Canada announced Tuesday that students will no longer be required to abide by a 'community covenant' barring same-sex relationships or any other form of sexual activity 'that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.'" This comes following denial of accreditation to Trinity Western's proposed law school due to concerns about discrimination against LGBTQ students.

      12. "The Tyranny of the Exclamation Point Is Causing Email and Text Anxiety," 08.14.2018.
      The Wall Street Journal looks at text and e-mail etiquette, our addiction to exclamation points, and its impact in the workplace. (Subscription required.)

      13. "Navigating Student Loan Default," 08.14.2018.
      Insider Higher Ed reports that "[a] study finds that most borrowers exit loan default within a few years. But many still fail to make serious progress paying down their balances, and the options facing them are inconsistent and confusing."

      14. "Law School Pulls Plug on Fall Classes Amid Accreditation Crisis," 08.14.2018.
      Law.com. Karen Sloan reports that "Arizona Summit Law School has called off next semester's classes, but Arizona State University is allowing the school's current students who are within one semester of graduating to take fall courses at its nearby campus."

      15. "8 Dos and Don'ts for Surviving the Social Media Age as an Attorney," 08.14.2018.
      Law.com. "Robert Brownstone of Fenwick & West doesn't think that the legal profession should shy away from LinkedIn, cloud services and other new tools. Lawyers just need to be smart about how they're used."

      16. "Partner succession and law firm ownership," 08.14.2018.
      Law21. The latest post from Jordan Furlong looks at how firms increasingly struggle with partner succession challenges as the Boomer generation of law firm partners continues to exit.

      17. "Ahead of the Curve: A 'Legal Upheaval' for Law Schools?" 08.13.2018.
      The American Lawyer. Karen Sloan's weekly news and update on the future of legal education looks at Karen DeStefano's new book and a recent conference on racism at UVA Law.

      18. "Reed Smith Says Tech Summer Associate Program Will Return Next Year," 08.13.2018.
      The American Lawyer reports that "[a]fter a successful launch, the firm said it's already seeing some 'exciting' resumes for next year's legal technology summer associate program."

      19. "'Ban-the-Box' Enforcement Gains Steam. What Employers Need to Know," 08.13.2018.
      Law.com reporting from Corporate Counsel provides the "[l]abor and employment perspective on several recent 'ban the box' state attorney general enforcement actions."

      20. "Law School Group Looks to Disrupt the Faculty Hiring Market," 08.13.2018.
      Law.com. Karen Sloan reports that "[t]he Southeastern Association of Law Schools has announced plans to launch its own law faculty hiring conference, taking on the Association of American Law Schools' longstanding hiring event."

      21. "An open letter to potential law students: Know the truth," 08.13.2018.
      The ABA Journal engages two legal industry observers, Nicole Black and Heather Morse, to opine on "the wisdom of attending law school in 2018."

      22. "For-Profits Keep Access to Billions in Aid," 08.13.2018.
      Inside Higher Ed reports that the "Education Department's decision to drop gainful-employment rule will mean lowest-performing programs keep $5.3 billion over next decade" and that "[a]nother recent proposal to overhaul an Obama student loan forgiveness rule would mean $12.7 billion less in debt relief for borrowers over 10 years."

      23. "Guidance on 'Unlawful Presence' and Foreign Students," 08.13.2018.
      Inside Higher Ed reports that "New final guidance published by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will change the way international students and visiting scholars on F, J or M visas are found to accrue 'unlawful presence' in the U.S." You can read the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Policy Memorandum here.

      24. "An Underappreciated Key to College Success: Sleep," 08.13.2018.
      The New York Times. Jane Brody on Personal Health and the importance of sleep.

      25. "Career Transitions Made Easier with Neuroscience Tools," 08.12.2018.
      In a recent post on her website, Jeena Cho, author of The Anxious Lawyer, interviews Laura Mahr, founder of Conscious Legal Minds, about using the tools of neuroscience to navigate career changes.

      26. "Legal Innovation Woes, Part I: Got 99 Problems but Capital Ain't One," 08.12.2018.
      On Legal Evolution, Jae Um starts a three part series, the first of which "provides an overview of recent trends in capital investment into legal innovation."

      27. "Proskauer Partner, Firm Resolve $50M Gender Bias Suit," 08.11.2018.
      Law.com. Scott Flaherty reports that "Proskauer Rose partner Connie Bertram and her firm have agreed to end the $50 million gender discrimination lawsuit that Bertram lodged against the law firm last year."

      28. "Everyone Gets An Offer…Unless They Don't," 08.10.2018.
      Writing for Above the Law, Nicholas Alexiou of Vanderbilt Law's Career Services provides practical advice to students who don't receive offers from their summer associate gigs.

      29. "Think Like a Waiter…and Other Tips for Making It in Big Law," 08.10.2018.
      In his recent Hsu Untied podcast, recruiter and former IP lawyer Richard Hsu notes "[t]here's probably not a job in the world that epitomizes being a service provider better than being a waiter."

      30. "SCOTUS Asked to Ignore Circuit Split on Sexual Orientation Discrimination," 08.10.2018.
      Law.com reports that "attorneys defending Clayton County, Georgia, in a discrimination fight over sexual orientation say the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit got it right in a finding that discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation is not prohibited under federal law."

      31. "The Reviews Are in: EY's Acquisition of Riverview Law Has Grabbed Legal Departments' Attention," 08.10.2018.
      The American Lawyer summarizes industry leaders' responses to the acquisition and notes that "[l]egal departments are paying attention, but whether or not the Riverview acquisition and the expansion of the Big Four will actually inspire general counsel to give these service providers more business remains to be seen."

      32. "This One Psychological Term Could Be Responsible for a Lot of the Strife in Law and Life," 08.10.2018.
      The National Law Journal. "Lawyers would do well to grasp the process of splitting, because law practice is based on it. It is so thoroughly ingrained in the legal mindset that it becomes habitual, and is applied to all problems, not just those in legal work."

      33. "Riverview Law and EY Law: A View from the Technology Side," 08.09.2018.
      Law.com. "A technology perspective of the recent Riverview Law acquisition by EY Law. Legal managed services are already evolving."

      34. "Vermont Law School Redux: The Numbers Still Don't Add Up," 08.06.2018.
      Law.com. Mark Cohen provides follow-up commentary emphasizing that "[l]aw is no longer solely about lawyers, it is a profession and industry comprised of 'legal professionals.'"

      35. New Book: "Mindful Lawyering: The Key to Creative Problem Solving," 08.06.2018.
      "Mindful Lawyering introduces students to creative problem solving and mindfulness in the context of law school and beyond, presenting checklists, scenarios, and hypotheticals that invite student engagement."

      36. "Will 'Alternative' Providers Ever Go Mainstream?" 08.09.2019.
      Law.com columnist Roy Strom "look[s] at the number of clients who use alternative legal providers and ask[s] a simple question: Will there come a point where they will no longer be considered alternatives?"

      And a few more on leadership:

        37. "140 Outstanding Leadership Quotes From the Global Leadership Summit," 08.15.2018.
        Inc.com shares "these quotes from powerful founders and corporate leaders, best-selling authors, and world-class speakers."

        38. "Jack Welch Always Wanted His Team Members to Take Ownership of Their Work. Here's Why," 8.10.2018.
        Inc.com. "Jack Welch of GE and Frank Blake of Home Depot knew that the secret to true business growth was to create leaders — not more followers."

        39. "Are you a leader or a manager? Here's the difference," 08.13.2018.
        Fast Company. "Leaders inspire people, while managers have people who do work for them. Here's how to figure out which you are, and how you can change."

        40. "Making the Jump From Good to Great Leadership Starts With Mastering These 4 Habits," 08.13.2018.
        Inc.com. "What separates good from great leaders are often simple habits."

      August 10, 2018

      First, some news from the ABA Annual Meeting:

      1. "ABA House urges legal employers not to require mandatory arbitration of sexual harassment claims," 08.07.2018.
        The ABA Journal reports that the ABA's House of Delegates passed Resolution 300, a response to the #MeToo movement, which "opposes mandatory binding arbitration that employees cannot opt out of and that shields the matters from public disclosure."

      2. "ABA House urges Congress to protect transgender service members in the military," 08.07.2018.
        The ABA Journal reports that "the ABA House of Delegates voted for a resolution in support of transgender service members in the military, calling on the federal government 'to recognize that service by persons who otherwise meet the standards for accession or retention, as applicable, in the United States Armed Forces should not be restricted, and transgender persons should not be discriminated against, based on gender identity.'"

      3. "ABA Holds Off on Removing LSAT Requirement for Law Schools," 08.06.2018.
        Karen Sloan's reporting on the activities from the ABA Annual Meeting addresses withdrawal of the proposal to remove the LSAT requirement for law schools, the approval of proposed reorganization of the Section on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar and the accreditation process (in which its Council will absorb both the accreditation committee and the standards review committee), and the approval of a proposal to increase the number of distance education credit hours JD students may take from 15 to 28-30, up to 10 of which may be taken during the 1L year. See also ABA Journal, 08.06.2018 with additional news from the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago.

        1. "LSAT's Dominance Remains Intact, But GRE Will Press On," 08.07.2018.
          More reporting from Karen Sloan on Law.com about the impact of the ABA's recent decision: "Although fewer law schools may use alternative tests as a result of the LSAT rule remaining on the books, innovation in admissions will continue, law deans say."

        2. "After withdrawal of law school admissions test rule revision, will fewer schools accept the GRE?" 08.09.2018.
          The ABA Journal reports that "Law school deans expect that fewer schools than anticipated will now be accepting other entrance exams besides the LSAT. And while it seems clear that those schools planning to do so must submit validity studies to the section, how school-specific those studies must be seems unclear to some."

      4. "ABA to Slash Dues Amid Membership Drop," 08.06.2018.
        Law.com reports, "The ABA House of Delegates on Monday voted to adopt a simpler and less-expensive schedule of membership fees in an effort to revitalize the association's long-declining membership rates."

      5. "Law firms need to make structural changes to keep women from leaving, panel says," 08.04.2018.
        Amidst the news coming out of the ABA's Annual Meeting is this summary of the research findings of the ABA's initiative on Achieving Long-Term Careers for Women in Law as presented in the panel "Long-Term Careers for Women in Law: What's Pushing Women Out and What Can We Do to Keep Them in the Profession?" The findings showed that "managing partners and women lawyers largely agree on why women are leaving firms: they no longer wish to practice law; the level of stress at work; the number of billable hours; caretaking commitments; [and] the emphasis on originating business. But there is a disconnect between what managing partners think firms are doing about it versus what women lawyers think." Law.com columnist Roy Strom reports on the preliminary survey findings in "Women Partners, Law Firm Leaders Have Vastly Different Big Law Lives, Study Shows," 08.06.2018.

      6. "Solutions for addicted attorneys must start in law school, recovering lawyer says," 08.08.2018.
        From ABA News: Lawyer Brian Cuban shared his story last week at the American Bar Association Annual Meeting in Chicago at a Young Lawyers Division-sponsored program called "Lessons from The Addicted Lawyer."

      7. "Legal education council delays action on questionnaire guidance," 08.03.2018.
        The ABA Journal reports that the Council of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar "postponed decisions on new guidance for annual questionnaires, which are used for 509 Reports." The guidance is related to admission test reporting.

      NALP in the news:

      1. "Legal Sector Drops 2,100 Jobs in July," 08.03.2018.
        Law.com reports on the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report that "legal services employment dipped in July as the sector lost 2,100 jobs while the overall U.S. economy added some 157,000 jobs." They also reference NALP's recent press release that reflects some positive news in the entry-level job market for the class of 2017.

      2. "Four charts to better understand the Class of 2017," 08.05.2018.
        Bill Henderson provides some excellent insight into NALP's recent Selected Findings report on the Class of 2017 at Legal Evolution. He notes that, despite the positive headlines generated by the recent increase in the employment rate for the class of 2017, "The NALP materials contain other facts, figures, and observations that reveal a much more complex market."

      And the rest of the news:

      1. "White House, and Kushner, Dig Into Higher Ed," 08.10.2018.
        Inside Higher Ed reports, "Office led by President Trump's son-in-law holds a series of meetings on higher education policy, signaling high-level attention from the administration."

      2. "Framing Failure In The Classroom To Build Growth And Resilience In Law Students," 08.09.2018.
        TaxProf Blog highlights this recent law review article that focuses on teaching "students to react to failure with a 'growth mindset' and resilience and help them to engage even when something is difficult."

      3. "Is That Lateral Partner a Sexual Harasser?" 08.09.2018.
        Vivia Chen comments on last week's Wall Street Journal story.

      4. "Let's Be Clear: The Case for Explicitly Banning Discriminatory Law Schools," 08.09.2018.
        Slaw commentator Amy Salyzyn concludes that "[i]t's time for law societies to lead as modern regulators by adopting non-discrimination provisions or, where legislative change is necessary, advocating for this legislative change."

      5. "What It Takes to Be a Trial Lawyer If You're Not a Man," 09.2018.
        This article from the September 2018 issue of The Atlantic takes a deep dive into how "sexism infects every kind of courtroom encounter, from pretrial motions to closing arguments — a glum ubiquity that makes clear how difficult it will be to eradicate gender bias not just from the practice of law, but from society as a whole."

      6. "The Real Issues That Prevent Gender Equity in the Law," 08.08.2018.
        The American Lawyer's Young Lawyer Editorial Board comments on "[t]hree myths that continue to hold women back in the legal profession," including avoiding confrontation, lack of confidence, and parenthood and work life balance.

      7. "A Record Number of SCOTUS Clerks Are Likely This Term — Thanks to Kennedy," 08.08.2018.
        Law.com's analysis suggests that "[t]he bottom line is that four of the court's current justices will in effect have five clerks at their side instead of four — an increase that could speed up the court's pace in the upcoming term."

      8. "Entrepreneur Strives to Enable, Not Disrupt, Higher Ed," 08.09.2018.
        Inside Higher Ed interviews Paul Freedman, who "unlike some of his ed-tech peers, focuses on nurturing companies that will extend the reach of traditional institutions, not compete with them."

      9. "Update On 2018 Applicant Pool: Growth In Matriculants Likely Will Be Unbalanced Across Law Schools," 08.08.2018.
        In a post on the TaxProf Blog, Jerry Organ discusses the current increase in the law school applicant pool and notes that "the most significant aspect of the applicant pool in this cycle is the tremendous increase in applicants with a high LSAT of 165 or higher." And based on his analysis, he postulates that "the enrollment bump likely will be concentrated at the top of the US News rankings with ripples impacting lower-ranked schools on a more sporadic basis."

      10. "It's Never Too Early for Associates to Build a Personal Brand," 08.08.2018.
        Advice from Law.com Talent Trainer Jay Harrington on building a strong personal brand.

      11. "Utah Nears Licensing of Paralegals to Practice Law in Limited Circumstances," 08.07.2018.
        LawSites reports that "Utah is on track to become the second state to license non-lawyers to practice law in limited circumstances, similar to the limited license legal technician (LLLT) program pioneered by Washington state. The Utah Supreme Court has approved a new class of legal professional called the licensed paralegal practitioner."

      12. "Winners and Losers From DeVos Approach," 08.07.18.
        Inside Higher Ed reports that the "plan to narrow student loan forgiveness and, reportedly, repeal gainful-employment rule would be a boon to poorly performing colleges — especially for-profit institutions — and hurt students, critics say."

      13. "Ryerson law proposal presents opportunities, challenges," 08.07.2018.
        Canada's Law Times reports that "Ryerson University's new law school is on pace to open in 2020, and with its opening, issues affecting aspiring lawyers have come to the forefront."

      14. "Trump's NLRB Is Taking New Look at Restricting Workers' Electronic Communication," 08.07.2018.
        The National Law Journal: "Can employees use corporate email and other forms of electronic communication to discuss their workplace? The National Labor Relations Board tees up a fresh test about the scope of protections for employee speech on company property."

      15. "A Need for Lawyers With Empathy," 08.07.2018.
        Corporate Counsel explores "an opportunity — and a need — for lawyers to be better listeners, a skill not typically honed in law school and developed during the course of one's career."

      16. "Sued for Gender Bias, but Named to the 'Best Law Firms for Women' List," 08.07.2018.
        Law.com's Vivia Chen considers "How did embattled Ogletree Deakins land on a list that touts firms' fair and inclusive cultures for female attorneys?"

      17. "In Hot Lateral Market, Some Lawyers Forced to Cool Their Heels," 08.07.2018.
        The American Lawyer reports on contractual "hold" provisions having recently delayed lateral moves in Texas.

      18. "DLA Piper Sells Share of ALSP to Big Four's Ernst & Young," 08.07.2018.
        The American Lawyer notes that "[t]he move marks the latest foray by a Big Four accounting firm into legal services." With further analysis from American Lawyer blogger Roy Strom: "A Big Four-Branded New Law Competitor Could Be a 'Safe Disruptor,'" 08.08.2018 and ALM Senior Analyst Nicholas Bruch: "The Big Four's Recent Acquisition in the Legal Market is a Big Deal," 08.08.2018. See also "Ernst & Young buys Riverview Law to expand its managed legal services business," 08.09.2018 from ABA Journal. And GC's take on the deal from Law.com: "GCs Are Flirting With the Big Four — But They Remain Wary," 08.10.2018.

      19. "Summer Internships in Silicon Valley Offer New Route In-House for Law Students," 08.07.2018.
        Corporate Counsel reports that "NetApp, Adobe and Google are among the companies tempting law students with summer programs that just might convince them to opt for the in-house path in their legal careers."

      20. "Showing anger can backfire for female lawyers, studies say; law prof suggests 'gender judo' response," 08.06.2018.
        The ABA Journal reports on a forthcoming survey from Hastings Professor Joan Williams' Center for WorkLife Law for the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession and the Minority Corporate Counsel Association. "The research suggests that women lawyers are more likely to be judged in a harsher light than men when they display assertiveness, self-promotion or anger."

      21. "Midwest Lawyers Stuck with Midwest Rates, Federal Judge Tells Arent Fox," 08.06.2018.
        The American Lawyer: "A lateral move to a firm with roots in a more expensive city doesn't mean a judge is going to award that lawyer a bump in attorney fees in litigation, even if some of the work then gets done in that pricier hub, a recent court ruling shows."

      22. "Ahead of the Curve: Law School Tryouts and a Blockchain Bonanza," 08.06.2018.
        Karen Sloan's weekly "Ahead of the Curve" section in Law.com looks at a program for "aspiring lawyers with less-than-stellar LSAT scores" and a blockchain primer.

      23. "Women Think Sexual Harassment Is a Problem. Men: Not So Much," 08.05.2018.
        American Lawyer commentator Vivia Chen shares the results from "a survey by Working Mother magazine and the American Bar Association [that] finds that while men agree harassment exists in the workplace, they don't fully appreciate the magnitude of the problem."

      24. "Law Firms Uneasy as the Big Four Make Their Big Push in Asia," 08.03.2018.
        The American Lawyer explores the impact of the expanding footprint of the Big Four accounting firms in Asia in this report on how "lawyers in Asia are trying to come to grips with the Big Four accounting firms as they push aggressively into the region's legal markets."

      25. "Stereotype Threat, Role Models, and Demographic Mismatch in an Elite Professional School Setting," 07.30.2018.
        AccessLex Research Institute Research Paper No. 18.08. "Ten years of administrative data from a diverse, private, top-100 law school are used to examine the ways in which female and nonwhite students benefit from exposure to demographically similar faculty in first-year required law courses." See also Karen Sloan's coverage on Law.com: "Want that 'A' in Law School? It Helps If Your Professor Looks Like You," 08.08.2018.

      26. New Book: Legal Upheaval: A Guide to Creativity, Collaboration, And Innovation in Law, 2018, ABA.
        "In today's legal marketplace, clients are demanding services that require a new skill set and a new mindset from lawyers. In Legal Upheaval, Professor Michele DeStefano lays out the trifecta for success in a changed legal landscape: creativity, collaboration, and innovation."

      And to wrap up this issue, a couple of leadership tips from Inc.com:

      1. "How to Be a Great Business Leader and Cherished Manager at the Same Time," 08.06.2018.
        This Inc. article from Martin Zwilling provides seven people management practices that can help with results and management.

      2. "Want to Keep Your Career on Track? Avoid These 7 Common Leadership Blind Spots," 08.07.2018.
        This succinct article "shed[s] light on the leader's most common blind spots."

      August 3, 2018

      1. "Class of 2017 Notched Best Employment Outcomes Since Recession," 08.02.18.
      NALP releases its selected findings on the employment and salary outcomes for the Class of 2017, noting "a private practice employment rate that has now increased for six years in a row." (You can read the full report, and commentary by yours truly, here. Also, if you missed Wednesday's free member webinar previewing these findings, or want to see my slides from that webinar, you can find both of those things here.)

        a. "Job Market for Law Grads 'Surprisingly Strong,' NALP Finds," 08.01.18.
        The American Lawyer reports on NALP's employment and salary findings for the Class of 2017.

        b. "Median salaries for new law grads jump to $70K as BigLaw boosts hiring of newbie lawyers," 08.02.18.
        And the ABA Journal also reports on the NALP employment and salary findings.

        c. "Job Market For Law School Grads Is 'Best Since The Recession,' Bolstered By Biglaw Hiring," 08.02.18.
        And Above the Law gets the story exactly right.

      2. "Legal education council to discuss admission standards, reorganization," 08.02.18.
      The ABA Journal reports on the upcoming meeting of the Council of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, to be held Friday and Saturday in Chicago during the ABA Annual Meeting.

        a. "ABA to Overhaul Law School Accreditation Process With Major Reorganization," 07.31.18.
        Law.com reports that "the ABA's Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar [seeks] to dissolve two longstanding committees tasked with developing the rules governing law schools and with making accreditation recommendations for individual schools."

      3. "ABA Loses Multidistrict Litigation Bid in Law School Accreditation Suits," 08.02.18.
      Law.com reports that "the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation on Wednesday denied the ABA's bid to coordinate three accreditation lawsuits brought by InfiLaw Corp. and the three for-profit law schools it owns."

        a. "ABA Seeks To Consolidate Accreditation Lawsuits By Three For-Profit Law Schools," 07.30.18.
        The TaxProf Blog reports that the ABA has moved to consolidate a group of lawsuits filed by for-profit law schools owned by InfiLaw Corp. that challenge the ABA's accreditation standards.

      4. "Imposter Syndrome in Big Law Millennials: A Survival Guide," 08.02.18.
      This piece in The American Lawyer makes the case that millennials working in Big Law may be particularly susceptible to imposter syndrome.

      5. "Declining Law School Applications And Entering Credentials: Responding With Pivot Pedagogy," 08.02.18.
      The TaxProf Blog highlights a new law review article that focuses on what law professors can do to respond to the declines in law student credentials to better equip students for success in law school, the bar examination, and practice. (And the article has this great opening sentence: "Whoosh — that is the sound when the number of law school applications and entering law students and the credentials of those students, decline all at once.")

      6. "Law Firm Merger Rush Continues With Nelson Mullins Tie-Up," 08.01.18.
      The American Lawyer reports that "Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough has finalized its merger with Florida's Broad and Cassel, creating a 'super-regional' firm with over 750 attorneys and a footprint along the Eastern Seaboard from Boston to Miami."

      7. "Let's Get Real About Who's Paying for Associate Raises," 08.01.18.
      Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer, opines that law firm profit margins, not client bills, will have to absorb the cost of the recent associate pay hikes.

      8. "For Managing Partners, a Move In-House Isn't Always Easy," 08.01.18.
      The American Lawyer writes about the sometimes rocky transition from managing partner to general counsel.

      9. "Presidents of Arizona Summit and Cooley Law are leaving their positions," 08.01.18.
      The ABA Journal reports that "both Donald Lively, the president of InfiLaw's for-profit Arizona Summit School of Law, and Don LeDuc, the president and dean of Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School, are leaving their positions."

      10. "The cause of, and solution to," 08.01.18.
      A great blog post from Jordan Furlong at Law21 arguing that many law firm troubles can be attributed to the fact that traditionally "lawyers are doing too many things in law firms that they're not best qualified to do," and proposing some good ideas about getting out of that box.

      11. "PwC Boosts Legal Revenues Near $92M as Accounting Giant Continues Push Into Law," 07.31.18.
      The American Lawyer reports that "PwC's legal operations brought in around £70 million ($91.82 million) in U.K. revenues during the 2017-18 financial year-a figure that would have put it only just outside the U.K. top 50 based on last year's rankings."

      12. "LegalZoom Announces $500 Million Investment, Among Largest in Legal Tech History," 07.31.18.
      Legaltech News reports that "in one of the largest single legal technology investments to date, on-demand, Web-based legal services company LegalZoom announced this morning that it has received a $500 million secondary investment."

      13. "Why You Should Take a Vacation From Your Phone. And Why You Probably Won't," 07.31.18.
      Law.com reports on the importance of providing lawyers with opportunities to truly disconnect as an essential element of supporting lawyer health and well-being. ("Lawyer wellness consultant Patrick Krill said some attorneys don't know how to relax completely anymore, because they're accustomed to staying available for work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.")

      14. "Does the adoption of the uniform bar exam foreshadow uniform regulation?," 07.31.18.
      The executive director of the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism, writing for the ABA Journal, postulates that the rapid success of the UBE ought to lead to the more uniform regulation of lawyers once they enter practice.

      15. "Women Exit Ogletree Deakins in Wake of Gender Bias Allegations," 07.31.18.
      The American Lawyer reports that "Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, a national labor and employment firm facing a $300 million gender bias suit, has watched several women partners head for the doors this year."

      16. "UC Berkeley Law Center for Consumer Law and Economic Justice," 07.31.18.
      The latest from Michael Hunter Schwartz's What Great Law Schools Do blog, featuring UC Berkeley Law School's Center for Consumer Law and Economic Justice.

      17. "Average Starting Salaries For Graduates Of The 144 Law Schools Ranked By U.S. News," 07.31.18.
      The TaxProf Blog highlights the fact that US News is now ranking law schools by average starting salary.

      18. "Number of Law School Applicants Surges, Especially Among High Scorers," 07.30.18.
      The American Lawyer reports that "the number of people applying to law school for the upcoming academic year shot up 8 percent."

        a. "While number of lawyer jobs have been decreasing, law school applications are up 8%," 07.31.18.
        More on this from the ABA Journal.

        b. "Now They Just Need Jobs," 07.31.18.
        On the heels of the news about an increased applicant pool and likely larger entering 1L classes in the fall, Deborah Merritt, writing for the Law School Café blog, warns about the danger of not integrating admission and employment data, and offers some great suggestions for improving employment prospects for current and future students.

      19. "The Double-Barreled Bias Against Black Women Lawyers," 07.30.18.
      ALM's Careerist, Vivia Chen, interviews Michele Coleman Mayes, a leader in the profession who is general counsel for the New York Public Library and former GC at Allstate and at Pitney Bowes. (Law.com podcast)

      20. "Firms Find Fertile Ground for Growth in Smaller Markets," 07.30.18.
      The American Lawyer reports that Big Law is rapidly expanding in "certain Midwest and second-tier cities," noting particularly robust AmLaw 500 attorney headcount growth in Washington State, Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan, as well as in Columbus, Ohio, and Maine.

      21. "ABA Finds North Carolina Central Law School Back In Compliance With Admissions Accreditation Standards," 07.30.18.
      The TaxProf Blog reports that "North Carolina Central University School of Law, which in January was found to be out of compliance with an ABA accreditation standard regarding admissions, has now demonstrated compliance, according to a decision [from] the ABA's Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar."

      22. "At Law Firms, Rainmakers Accused of Harassment Can Switch Jobs With Ease," 07.30.18.
      This high profile Wall Street Journal article reports that "law firms stand out in a corporate landscape where rainmakers accused of bad behavior often receive second and third chances… law-firm management can be reluctant to punish partners who generate millions of dollars in business." (Subscription required.)

      23. "The failed storefront revolution and the inner guild in all of us," 07.29.18.
      A fascinating blog post from Bill Henderson on his Legal Evolution platform that provides an excellent history of a particular chapter of legal services delivery in the US, but ultimately focuses on the problem of access and affordability of legal services that plagues us still, and serves as a cautionary tale for our own times.

      24. "Global In-House: Wise Ideas to Advance Diversity, Inclusion in Legal," 07.27.18.
      Corporate Counsel reports on an Atlanta gathering of legal professionals from 10 countries who attended a workshop on speeding diversity and inclusion in the legal industry.

      25. "More Women Than Ever Before in General Counsel Role at Fortune 500 Cos.," 07.25.18.
      Corporate Counsel reports that "the number of female general counsels in the Fortune 500 continues to grow, with women now holding the top legal job in 28 percent of companies, up from 26 percent last year."

      July 27, 2018

      1. "The Law Firm Disrupted: Summer Associates and a Bid to Redesign Law Firm Recruiting," 07.26.18.
      Law.com reports that Orrick flew their summers to Silicon Valley to participate in a hackathon to redesign on-campus recruiting.

      2. "American Is 23rd Law School To Accept GRE For Admissions," 07.26.18.
      The TaxProf Blog reports that American is the 23rd law school to accept the GRE for admission purposes.

      3. "DeVos to Eliminate Rules Aimed at Abuses by For-Profit Colleges," 07.26.18.
      07.26.18. The New York Times reports that "Education Secretary Betsy DeVos plans to eliminate regulations that forced for-profit colleges to prove that they provide gainful employment to the students they enroll." ("The so-called gainful employment regulations put into force by the Obama administration cut off federally guaranteed student loans to colleges if their graduates did not earn enough money to pay them off.")

      4. "Atlanta Firms Hold the Line on Associate Raises — for Now," 07.26.18.
      The Daily Report writes that three law firms in Atlanta have raised associate salaries, but that others seem to be taking a wait-and-see attitude.

      5. "Temple Rankings Scandal: From Bad to Worse," 07.26.18.
      Inside Higher Ed reports on the data falsification scandal roiling Temple University's Fox School of Business.

        a. "Temple U. Says Several Programs Submitted False Data to 'U.S. News'," 07.25.18.
        More on this from the Chronicle of Higher Education

      6. "Future of Independent Law Schools Is in Peril," 07.25.18.
      Karen Sloan, writing for Law.com, posits that "the plight of the stand-alone law school illustrates the widespread problems buffeting legal education in the United States — lower enrollments, budget shortfalls, high student costs — albeit to an extreme degree."

        a. "Simkovic: Which Law Schools Could Merge?," 07.23.18.
        In light of the University of Illinois/John Marshall Law School merger, Michael Simkovic, via the TaxProf blog, suggests there are other likely mergers out there.

      7. "The American Lawyer's 2018 A-List," 07.24.18.
      The American Lawyer Publishes its annual A-List, a ranking of "the most well-rounded firms." (The A-List recognizes firms based on revenue per lawyer, pro bono commitment, associate satisfaction, racial diversity, and gender diversity, including a female equity partner score.)

        a. "Who's on Deck?: The A-List Runners-Up," 07.24.18.
        And The American Lawyer publishes its A-List runners-up.

        b. "Law Firms Ranked By Percentage of Female Equity Partners," 07.26.18.
        As part of its A-List ranking, The American Lawyer publishes a chart ranking law firms by the percentage of women in their equity tiers.

      8. "Little agreement between the sexes on tackling harassment, Working Mother/ABA Journal survey finds," 07.24.18.
      The ABA Journal and the Working Mother Research Institute surveyed almost 3,000 employees of businesses and law firms to examine sexual harassment in the workplace and found that men and women do not agree on what exactly needs to shift or how pervasive the problem is.

      9. "The Changing Landscape of Diversity in the Law," 07.24.18.
      A law firm partner, writing for the New York Law Journal, takes stock of "the changing landscape of diversity in the law — from both a diversity perspective and my own personal perspective on LGBTQ specific diversity."

      10. "California Bar to Consider Changes to Nonlawyer Ownership Rules," 07.23.18.
      The American Lawyer reports that "the State Bar of California has approved the establishment of a task force to consider amending ethics rules that limit ownership of legal services companies to lawyers." (The task force comes about as a result of a study of the current market landscape that was commissioned from Bill Henderson — see below.)

        a. "Legal Services Landscape Report," 07.22.18.
        Bill Henderson, writing for his Legal Evolution blog, shares the executive summary from the landscape report he recently wrote for the State Bar of California: "The legal profession is at an inflection point. Solving the problem of lagging legal productivity requires lawyers to work closely with professionals from other disciplines. Unfortunately, the ethics rules hinder this type of collaboration. To the extent these rules promote consumer protection, they do so only for the minority of citizens who can afford legal services. Modifying the ethics rules to facilitate greater collaboration across law and other disciplines will (1) drive down costs; (2) improve access; (3) increase predictability and transparency of legal services; (4) aid the growth of new businesses; and (5) elevate the reputation of the legal profession. Some U.S. jurisdiction needs to go first. Based on historical precedent, the most likely jurisdiction is California."

        b. "Henderson: The Legal Profession Is At An Inflection Point," 07.23.18.
        More on this from the TaxProf Blog, with some cool graphs and charts. You can read Bill's full report here.

        c. "Is the 'game changer' for the legal industry finally here?," 07.25.18.
        Some thoughtful reflections on Bill Henderson's report from Heather Morse, writing for the Legal Watercooler blog

        d. "Hope vs. experience in California," 07.26.18.
        And Jordan Furlong at Law21 weighs in on the Legal Market Landscape Report done by Bill Henderson for the State Bar of California: "The chances that California's task force will result in fundamental reform to law firm ownership rules in the United States are higher than they've ever been. That doesn't mean they're particularly high."

      11. "ABA Doomed to 'Wither on the Vine,' Without Dues Overhaul," 07.23.18.
      The National Law Journal reports that "the American Bar Association is planning to significantly reduce its annual dues in hopes of boosting the number of paying members, which has been declining for decades."

      12. "Blockchain For Law Students," 07.22.18.
      A law professor writing for the TaxProf Blog makes the case that law students should learn about blockchain technology: "In at least ten ways, a basic background in blockchain will immediately enhance students' experiences and opportunities in law school and beyond…"

      13. "The NLJ 500: Top 5 California Cities," 07.20.18.
      The Recorder takes "an in-depth look at the statewide data compiled for the NLJ 500 survey to create a list of the top five cities for lawyers in California."

      July 20, 2018

      1. "How the BBC Women Are Working Toward Equal Pay," 07.23.18.
      An excellent piece from next week's New Yorker on pay equity.

      2. "Chicago To Get Its First Public Law School," 07.19.18.
      Law.com reports that "John Marshall Law School is set to become part of the University of Illinois at Chicago, making it the Windy City's first public law school."

      3. "Hacking the Future of the Legal Industry Through Innovative Ideas," 07.19.18.
      Legaltech News explores the origin and nature of hackathons, and asks what role hackathons might play in solving problems in the legal industry.

      4. "Who really owns your law firm?," 07.19.18.
      The latest from Jordan Furlong at Law21, on the flawed nature of equity partnerships: "Many law firms are owned by lawyers who neither understand, nor desire, nor have any intention to fulfil the ownership role they've taken on."

      5. "10 Critical Challenges in Negotiating a Successful Law Firm Merger," 07.19.18.
      The American Lawyer explores why law firm mergers have such a low success rate, and provides "a summary of the most common, but not commonly understood, problems in analyzing and structuring mergers of law firms."

      6. "Democrats Want IRS to Clarify Student Debt Relief Won't Be Taxed," 07.19.18.
      Inside Higher Ed reports that two Democratic senators have asked the IRS and Treasury Department to clarify that student loan relief issued after the demise of a for-profit college should not be taxed.

      7. "Winstead and Troutman Sanders End Merger Talks," 07.18.18.
      The American Lawyer reports that "Dallas-based Winstead and Atlanta's Troutman Sanders have ended merger talks without reaching an agreement."

      8. "Cornell, NYU Law to Accept the GRE," 07.18.18.
      The New York Law Journal reports that "two of New York's top law schools this week announced that prospective students may now apply with GRE scores, and one is even allowing future applicants to submit scores from the GMAT," bringing to seven the number of New York law schools that now accept the GRE.

        a. "Cornell Is Second Law School To Accept The GMAT And GRE," 07.18.19.
        More on this from the TaxProf Blog.

      9. "Associate Pay Hikes Hit Atlanta, But Slowly," 07.18.18.
      The Daily Report brings news that "the wave of associate pay raises that originated in New York six weeks ago has hit Atlanta."

      10. "5 Best Practices for Improving Law Firm Diversity and Inclusion," 07.18.18.
      The National Law Journal provides "a few tips on how firms can increase diversity within their organizations and enhance the chances of creating a more inclusive environment where talented individuals can succeed."

      11. "Will the Rise of Artificial Intelligence Lead to More Job Cuts at Law Firms?," 07.18.18.
      Law.com reports that a new report by PwC says artificial intelligence could create more jobs than it displaces over the next 20 years, including an expected gain of 16% for the professional services sector.

      12. "Book-It-Legal: Uber For Law Students Seeking Micro-Clerkships," 07.18.18.
      The TaxProf Blog reports on the advent of Book-It Legal, a platform that "allows law students to bid on paid legal projects posted by licensed attorneys from across the country."

      13. "How Good Are Lawyers in Mid-Market Cities?," 07.18.18.
      This piece in The American Lawyer reports that the data suggest there is no real performance difference between law firms based on either location or size of the metropolitan area in which they are located.

      14. "When the Numbers Don't Add Up: Vermont Law School's Tenured Faculty Purge and What It Portends," 07.18.19.
      Forbes provides some commentary and perspective on the decimation of Vermont Law School's tenured faculty ranks, announced last week: "Vermont's wholesale decimation of its tenured faculty is something different — a clarion call to the legal Academy that its economic model is unsustainable for all but a handful of elite institutions."

      15. "Americans Still Believe in Higher Ed's 'Public Good'," 07.17.18.
      Inside Higher Ed reports on the results of a new survey that "finds that most Americans continue to support government funding of higher education and to recognize that colleges and universities play many roles beyond helping them (or their children) get a good job or other personal return on investment."

      16. "Independent Firms, Not Big Law, Should Fear Big Four the Most, Report Says," 07.17.18.
      The American Lawyer reports that according to a recent report from the president of the Association of International Law Firm Networks, "as the Big Four accounting firms continue their long-anticipated foray into the global legal market, it's the independent law firms in medium-sized markets — not the global heavyweights — that have the most to fear."

      17. "Law Firms Need Artificial Intelligence to Stay in the Game," 07.17.18.
      Legaltech News reports on the publication of ALM's new Law Firms Need Artificial Intelligence to Stay in the Game report, noting that "law firms need to embrace artificial intelligence to enhance both the business and practice of law operations to keep up with the pace and remain a competitive option for clients."

      18. "LSAT Maker Owes $529K in Fees, Calif. Agency Asserts," 07.17.18.
      The Recorder reports that "the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing has requested more than a half million dollars in attorney fees from the Law School Admission Council for its work related to the LSAT developer's violations of a consent decree."

      19. "Law Firms Spend More Time Than Ever on Pro Bono," 07.17.18.
      Bloomberg Law reports that a new report from the Pro Bono Institute shows that large law firms are spending more time than ever on pro bono work, with 129 firms reporting more than 4.9 million hours of pro bono activity in 2017.

      20. "More Law Firm Leaders Are Managing From Afar," 07.17.18.
      The Legal Intelligencer reports that both large and midsized law firms are increasingly opting for "non-headquarters-based" leaders.

      21. "Once the Addicted Lawyer Becomes Impaired, It May Be Too Late," 07.16.18.
      Patrick Krill, writing for Law.com, unpacks lawyers' unique unwillingness to confront impairment: "By focusing so narrowly on the relationship between a lawyer's mental health and his or her professional obligations, is the legal profession unintentionally cultivating a broader population of unwell practitioners?"

      22. "Dealing with harassment," 07.16.18.
      The Canadian Lawyer writes that there is more to be done in law firms to address intolerable behavior in the aftermath of #MeToo.

      23. "The Sexting Scandal That Toppled One of America's Most Powerful Lawyers," 07.13.18.
      Sara Randazzo, writing for The Wall Street Journal, recounts the fall of Latham & Watkins Chairman William Voge over a sexting scandal. (Subscription required.)

      24. "Reforming law school: Start with the end in mind," 07.13.18.
      Mary Juetten, writing for the ABA Journal, explores some changes to the law school curriculum that she argues would benefit clients and attorneys alike while improving access to justice.

      25. "Strengthening Legal Workplace Diversity and Inclusion with Pipeline Programs," 07.10.18.
      In this podcast from Legal Talk Network, Street Law's Joy Dingle talks about how the legal community partnerships are being used to expose youth in underrepresented groups to the legal profession and gives tips to students who are interested in legal careers.

      July 13, 2018

      1. "Confidence Dips, but Firm Leaders Bullish on Demand Growth, Citi Report Says," 07.12.18.
      The American Lawyer reports on the latest Citi Law Firm Leaders Confidence Index, which shows leaders have less confidence in the US and global economies going into the second half of 2018, but remain confident about the steady growth in demand for legal services at their firms.

      2. "14 of 19 Vermont Law professors lose tenure, retention chair tells professors' organization," 07.12.18.
      The ABA Journal reports that the American Association of University Professors has questioned Vermont Law School after it stripped tenure from 14 law professors.

      3. "Diversity Lab Kicks Off New Legal 'Hackathon' Round in Chicago," 07.12.18.
      The American Lawyer reports that Caren Ulrich Stacy's Diversity Lab has launched a second Diversity in Law Hackathon, kicking it off Thursday at Northwestern's law school.

      4. "Clerk Salaries Stay Modest, but That Doesn't Hurt Recruitment Efforts," 07.12.18.
      The Legal Intelligencer reports on starting salaries for judicial clerks.

      5. "New Survey Finds Public Service Law Salaries Dwarfed By Big Law Pay," 07.11.18.
      Law.com reports on the findings in NALP's newest survey of public service salaries.

        a. You can read the full NALP press release here.

        b. "Median pay for public service lawyers rises modestly, NALP reports," 07.10.18.
        More on this from the ABA Journal.

      6. "Now More Than Ever, We Need Diversity in Admissions," 07.11.18.
      Mark Yudof and Rachel Moran, writing for The Chronicle of Higher Education, remind readers that Fisher is still the law of the land and that institutions of higher education remain free to use race as one factor in admissions. (Subscription required.)

      7. "ABA Wins Early Round Against Florida Coastal Law in Accreditation Suit," 07.10.18.
      Law.com reports that a federal judge in Florida has denied Florida Coastal School of Law a preliminary injunction in its accreditation suit against the ABA.

      8. "Er, no, the Am Law 200 is NOT stratifying," 07.10.18.
      Hugh Simons and Nicholas Bruch, writing for Law.com, debunk the trope that the legal market is stratifying: "What jumps out from the data is that performance is stunningly variable across firms of all sizes and profitability levels…any firm can grow revenues and profitability strongly."

      9. "Stagnant Progress on Law Firm Diversity Can't Continue," 07.09.18.
      The American Lawyer's Young Lawyer Editorial Board writes that law firms must improve the glacial pace with which they have been diversifying (or not) their lawyer ranks.

      10. "Top Law Firms in New York Remain in Growth Mode," 07.09.18.
      The New York Law Journal reports its annual NYLJ100 list, finding that "many large law firms continued beefing up their New York offices last year."

      11. "The Cost to Law Firms of Ignoring Harmful Workplace Behavior," 07.09.18.
      The American Lawyer reports on the findings of a survey done by the Women's Bar Association of Massachusetts that found "by ignoring negative conduct and bullying behaviors, law firms are paying a price in terms of employee engagement, higher attrition, diminished reputation and increased litigation risks."

      12. "June Brings Uptick in Legal Employment," 07.06.18.
      The American Lawyer reports that the US legal industry added 4,800 jobs in June.

      13. "In Texas, the Legal Market Isn't What it Used to Be," 07.05.18.
      The American Lawyer reports that Texas' supercharged lateral market makes it hard for law firms to hold on to their lawyers.

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