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June 14, 2019

1. "Florida Coastal Cleared By ABA; Law School Is Found To Be In Compliance With Accreditation Standards," 06.13.19.
The TaxProf Blog reports that according to the Jacksonville Daily Record, "the requirements imposed 20 months ago on Florida Coastal School of Law by the American Bar Association related to the school's alleged noncompliance with ABA accreditation standards were removed Tuesday."

2. "When Is a 'Final Offer' Really a Final Offer?," 06.13.19.
Julie Brush, writing for The Recorder, parses offers, counter-offers, and final offers for employment.

3. "Progress, Not Perfection, Is Key to Law Firms' Mental Health Programs," 06.12.19.
Patrick Krill, writing for Law.com, charts the progress the legal industry has made towards greater well-being, and outlines the distance that remains to be covered.

4. "Eversheds Sutherland PEP Hits Record High," 06.12.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "Eversheds Sutherland's profit per equity partner (PEP) in its international arm has risen by 9% to hit a record figure of £886,000 (about $1.12 million), the firm has announced."

5. "When Machines Do the Hiring, Some See a Need to Revamp Job Bias Law," 06.12.19.
Corporate Counsel "increased use of algorithms, or machine learning, to evaluate job seekers is expected to result in more unintended discrimination in hiring," and creates uncertainty about the applicability of current anti-bias protections.

6. "Gender-Discrimination Suits Against Law Firms Offer Plaintiffs a Voice," 06.12.19.
Lauren Stiller Rikleen, writing for The American Lawyer, says that recent lawsuits filed by women that allege gender discrimination in their law firm's compensation and promotion practices reveal that "sexual harassment and related negative behaviors in the workplace are rooted in discrimination and power imbalances."

7. "LSAT Test-Takers Surge 7.3%, The Fourth Consecutive Year Of Increases," 06.12.19.
The TaxProf Blog reports on the latest LSAT test-taker figures.

8. "The T-Shaped Factor: An Exposure to Tech in Law School," 06.12.19.
A recent graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School, writing for Slaw, provides "her perspective on law, technology, access justice and how she is thinking about her responsibility to be technically competent as she enters the profession."

9. "'This Is Not Greenberg Traurig': Firm Leader Touts New Innovation Venture," 06.12.19.
The American Lawyer speaks with Greenberg Traurig chair Richard Rosenbaum about his firm's launch of a new technology subsidiary, "Recurve, that will partner with artificial intelligence providers…[to] identify client needs and guide them toward solutions."

10. "Could a 'Right to Disconnect' Alleviate Lawyers' Stress?," 06.12.19.
Legaltech News reports that a French law codifies employees right to disconnect from their work after their workday is over, and poses the question whether a similar law in the US could assist in de-stressing lawyer practice.

11. "Law Students Press SCOTUS to Make Legal Tools Free Nationwide," 06.12.19.
The National Law Journal reports that "more than 100 law students, along with nearly 100 solo and small-firm practitioners and legal educators, are urging the U.S. Supreme Court to eliminate copyright protection for state annotated codes of law and certain other state and local legal materials."

12. "On a Roll, ABA Yanks Accreditation From Thomas Jefferson School of Law," 06.11.19.
The Recorder reports that "the ABA's Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar on Monday announced that it has withdrawn accreditation from the standalone Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego for failing to comply with its admissions, governance and academic program standards."

    a. "ABA approval withdrawn for Thomas Jefferson School of Law," 06.11.19.
    More on this from the ABA Journal.

    b. "ABA Yanks Thomas Jefferson Accreditation," 06.12.19.
    And more from Inside Higher Ed.

13. "Six Skills to Land a Job as an In-House Attorney," 06.11.19.
This piece from a consultant, writing for Corporate Counsel, provides a list of six skills that set successful in-house lawyers apart.

14. "Beyond the Bravado: Some Lawyers Are Scared to Death," 06.11.19.
The New York Law Journal reviews a new book by Brooklyn Law School professor Heidi Brown, Untangling Fear in Lawyering, calling the book "a must-read for legal professionals," and writing that the book "is a masterpiece of healing…for suffering introverts."

15. "These Students Are Guaranteed $70,000 Jobs Upon College Graduation," 06.11.19.
The Wall Street Journal reports that Jersey City has launched a program modeled after Germany's apprenticeship system where an advanced-manufacturing firm in the city will give jobs to a group of high-school graduates while they attend college part-time. (Subscription required.)

16. "Hey, Want a Look Around? Akin Gump Turns to Virtual Reality Tours for Recruiting," 06.10.19.
Legaltech News reports that "Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld has unveiled a virtual reality tour of its Dallas and New York offices aimed at giving recruits and law students a feel for what it's like to work for the firm."

17. "Momentum Builds for Allowing NY Bar Applicants to Keep Mental Health History Secret," 06.10.19.
The New York Law Journal reports that "the new president of the New York State Bar Association is announcing today that he's launching a blue-ribbon committee to determine if the state should remove questions about mental health disorders from applications for the bar." (Part of the ALM Minds Over Matters: An Examination of Mental Health in the Legal Profession series.)

18. "Another University of Denver law professor sues school alleging gender and wage discrimination," 06.10.19.
The ABA Journal reports that another tenured professor at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law has filed an Equal Pay Act complaint, claiming that she earns significantly less than others in her academic category.

19. "Helicopter Crash Rattles Willkie, Sidley Offices," 06.10.19.
The New York Law Journal reports that both Willkie and Sidley had to evacuate their New York offices after a helicopter crashed on the roof of 787 7th Avenue on Monday.

    a. "Sidley and Willkie Find Refuge as Crash Keeps NY Offices Closed," 06.11.19.
    The New York Law Journal reports that Willkie Farr & Gallagher and Sidley Austin were still forced to work outside their New York offices Tuesday after the helicopter crash the previous day.

    b. "Sidley, Willkie Return to NY Offices After Helicopter Crash That Shook Building," 06.13.19.
    The New York Law Journal reports that "lawyers and staff at Sidley Austin and Willkie Farr & Gallagher returned to their Manhattan offices Thursday, three days after a helicopter crash-landed on the roof of the firms' building, forcing an evacuation."

20. "Choosing Leadership: A Workbook," 06.09.19.
Bill Henderson, writing for his Legal Evolution blog, writes about his use of the workbook Choosing Leadership (2018) by Linda Ginzel for a class he teaches at Indiana Law.

21. "The Anti-College Is on the Rise," 06.08.19.
A history professor from UNC, writing for The New York Times, takes a thoughtful look at "an expanding number of educational experiments born out of a deepening sense that mainstream American colleges are too expensive, too bureaucratic, too careerist and too intellectually fragmented to help students figure out their place in the universe and their moral obligations to fellow humans."

22. "As May Job Growth Lags Estimates, Legal Sees an Uptick," 06.07.19.
The American Lawyer reports that according to the latest USBLS jobs data, "the legal industry added roughly 2,000 jobs in May."

23. "New Evidence of Age Bias in Hiring, and a Push to Fight It," 06.07.19.
The New York Times reports on mounting evidence of age discrimination against those 50 and over in hiring, and limited legal remedies to combat the problem.

24. "An Upward Limit on Elite M.B.A. Tuition Rates," 06.07.19.
Inside Higher Ed reports that with M.B.A. program enrollments on a decline, "two business schools that are at the top of the pecking order for M.B.A.s — those of Harvard University and the University of Chicago — [will freeze their tuition]."

    a. "More Universities Shut Down Traditional M.B.A. Programs as Popularity Wanes," 06.05.19.
    The Wall Street Journal reports that as the number of GMAT test-takers and applicants to MBA programs continue to go down, "a growing list of U.S. business schools [are] shutting down their flagship M.B.A. programs in favor of shorter, specialized masters and online degrees." (Subscription required.)

25. "University of Alabama to Return $21.5M Law School Donation Amid Abortion Fight," 06.07.19.
Law.com reports that the University of Alabama's board of trustees on Friday voted to return $21.5 million to its namesake donor and remove his name from the law school after a public dispute involving the state's abortion ban and accusations of donor meddling.

    a. "University of Alabama Returns Largest-Ever Gift to Donor," 06.07.19.
    More on this from The New York Times.

    b. "An Abortion Red Herring in Alabama," 06.12.19.
    This op-ed in The Wall Street Journal makes the case that the decision to return the donor's gift at the University of Alabama had nothing to do with abortion and everything to do with the donor meddling in the affairs of the law school: "He demanded that the law school increase the size of its student body by as much as half…. The law school was firm: It wouldn't allow donors to dictate school policy — even the donor whose name graced the law school's entrance." (Subscription required.)

Past News Digest Issues

June 7, 2019

1. "Literally, Here's What the Law Grad Job Market Looks Like," 06.06.19.
Law.com provides an infographic detailing the types of positions the law class of 2018 obtained as of 10 months after graduating. (Subscription required.)

2. "ABA group offers $5K scholarships to support LGBT public interest work," 06.06.19.
The ABA Journal reports that the ABA's Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity has announced that it will provide two $5,000 scholarships to law students or recent law school graduates studying for the bar exam who are either LGBTQ or have secured an internship or job with an organization engaged in work that impacts the LGBTQ community.

3. "With New Chatbot Track for Summer Associates, Wilson Sonsini Puts AI to the Test," 06.05.19.
The Recorder reports that "as part of a new program, a group of summer associates at Wilson Sonsini is partnering with the firm's senior attorneys and technical staff to create automated chatbots for clients to use."

4. "Why Big Law Should Consider a Digital Declutter," 06.05.19.
This piece in Law.com argues that "minimizing technology can help you stay focused and can lead to better attorney well-being in a noisy world." (Part of the ALM Minds Over Matters: An Examination of Mental Health in the Legal Profession series.)

5. "When it comes to diversity, planting a seed can make a difference," 06.05.19.
The Star Tribune reports on a fellowship by the Ballard Spahr law firm and Piper Jaffray that aims to attract more women and minorities to the legal ranks.

6. "Unicorn Watch: Black Partners (Part 2)," 06.04.19.
Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer, asserts that "it's another awful, dismal, horrible year for the promotion of black lawyers to partner."

    a. "Am Law Firms With Zero Black Partners — How Is This Possible in 2019?," 06.06.19.
    More on this from Vivia Chen at The American Lawyer.

7. "Normalizing Law Students' Academic Struggles To Build Resilient Lawyers," 06.04.19.
The TaxProf Blog highlights a new law review article that "examines and criticizes the ways legal academia treats law students' academic struggle as a problem, and suggests that legal educators reorient their attitudes toward struggle, forgiving and embracing student struggle, even building opportunities for struggle into the curriculum…by normalizing the fact of struggle, law schools will not only improve the wellness of their students, but will create lawyers who are better prepared to cope with the constant problem-solving required of a successful lawyer."

8. "10 Steps to Improve Your Law Firm's Succession Planning," 06.04.19.
Heidi Gardner and Susan Saltonstall Duncan, writing for The American Lawyer, provide "10 easy-to-digest steps to help firms analyze and uncover current gaps and opportunities in their succession management."

9. "The Business Case for Enrolling Military Veterans," 06.04.19.
The Chronicle of Higher Education makes the case that colleges and universities should enroll more military veterans: "As population shifts threaten the solvency of tuition-dependent colleges especially, serving veterans offers an opportunity to learn which support programs might work best for the adult learners that colleges are eager to enroll." (Subscription required.)

10. "Lawyer count in US increases 14.5% from decade ago; these 5 states have highest number of active attorneys," 06.03.19.
The ABA Journal reports that according to the ABA's latest National Lawyer Population Survey, the number of active lawyers in the United States increased 14.5% over the last decade.

11. "Lawyers by Day, Uber Drivers and Bartenders by Night," 06.03.19.
The New York Times writes about Legal Aid lawyers who hold down second jobs to make ends meet.

12. "How to Cope When Losing a Job, Especially for Lawyers with Depression and Anxiety," 06.03.19.
A career coach, writing for Law.com, offers some job-loss coping advice for lawyers who suffer from anxiety or depression. (Part of the ALM Minds Over Matters: An Examination of Mental Health in the Legal Profession series.)

13. "Mississippi institutes rule requiring more schooling after 3 bar exam failures," 06.03.19.
The ABA Journal reports that the "state supreme court in Mississippi granted a petition from the Mississippi Board of Bar Examiners that requires 12 additional semester hours of law school before making a fourth attempt on the test." (No other state requires an applicant to complete additional law school courses for retaking a bar exam.)

14. "Most New Associates Who Fail California Bar Can Keep Their Jobs — For Now," 06.03.19.
The Recorder reports that most law firm associates who fail the California bar exam on their first attempt are allowed to continue working but will most often be terminated if they fail it for a second time.

15. "Frustrated With Big Law Diversity, Many Companies Are Looking Elsewhere," 06.03.19.
The American Lawyer reports that clients are increasingly turning to minority- and women-owned law firms to find the diversity they are not finding at large law firms.

16. "China Is Warning Its Students About Going to College in America. Here's Why That Matters," 06.03.19.
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that "China signaled on Monday that it may start to steer its people away from studying in the United States." (Subscription required.)

17. "First Openly Gay President of Major NY Bar Association Talks About Diversity," 06.03.19.
The New York Law Journal speaks with Stephen Lessard, a senior associate in the New York office of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, the new president of the New York County Lawyers Association, and the first openly gay president of a major bar association in New York.

18. "Biggest Offender in Outsize Debt: Graduate Schools," 06.03.19.
The New York Times analyzes the recently released Department of Education data on student debt and finds that "the fast-growing master's degree market is replete with debt levels that make little sense."

19. "Paper and Pencil LSAT Ends Its 71-Year Run," 06.02.19.
Law.com writes about the transition from the paper and pencil LSAT to the digital LSAT taking place this summer.

20. "Innovation in Legal Education is a Data Desert," 06.02.19.
Dan Rodriguez, writing for the Legal Evolution blog, writes that law schools are innovating like crazy but are collecting little data to measure the effectiveness of the changes that are being made.

21. "Navigating Background Checks in the Hiring Process," 06.01.19.
Two labor and employment lawyers writing for The National Law Journal provide advice for successfully navigating the criminal background check process.

22. "Seeing Evolving Demands, Law Firms Move to Support Legal Tech Education," 05.31.19.
Legaltech News reports that law firms and law schools are collaborating on bringing more technology to the law school classroom.

23. "Legal Industry Has Been Slow to Come to Terms With Destructive Tendencies on Mental Health," 05.31.19.
The New York Law Journal writes that when it comes to well-being, "meaningful change will require industry leaders to do more than sign pledges and make superficial changes, and to question the underlying culture of the profession."

24. "Law Firms on Sidelines of Structural Change While New Players Take Field," 05.30.19.
A former Big Law chair, writing for Bloomberg Law, argues that alternative service providers and technology companies, not law firms, are driving structural changes in the delivery of legal services.

May 31, 2019

1. "Mastering Law Firm Economics Is Key for Young Lawyers," 05.30.19.
The Young Lawyer Editorial Board of The American Lawyer writes that "young lawyers — junior associates, experienced associates, new partners and in-house attorneys alike — should seek to understand how law firm economics impact their careers."

2. "Four Legal Trends Changing the Face of Staffing in 2019," 05.30.19.
This piece in the Daily Report provides insight into what is driving legal departments in 2019, including the increased use of alternative legal service providers where they once used law firms.

3. "Kirkland Hires Lawyer Turned Therapist to Lead New Wellness Effort," 05.29.19.
The American Lawyer reports that Kirkland & Ellis announced Wednesday that it is hiring attorney and licensed clinical professional counselor Robin Belleau to oversee a new wellness program, one of a growing number of large law firms that have rolled out initiatives aimed at improving mental health and wellness. (Part of the ALM Minds Over Matters: An Examination of Mental Health in the Legal Profession series.)

4. "Are law schools doing enough to help with student stress?," 05.29.19.
The ABA Journal reports that new survey data from Kaplan shows that 40% of law student respondents believe that their law schools do not do enough to help students with academic-related stress.

5. "Law Deans Step Up to Bigger University Roles," 05.29.19.
Law.com reports that "at least five deans are trading in their law school duties this summer to take on larger roles within their universities."

6. "2011-2018 Law School Application Volume, Matriculants, And LSAT Data," 05.29.19.
The TaxProf Blog reports new data from Spivey Consulting on ABA and LSAC trend data from 2011 through 2018.

7. "The Importance of Having a Mentor in the Legal Profession," 05.29.19.
A law firm partner, writing in the Daily Business Review, writes about the importance of mentoring and being mentored in the legal profession.

8. "Visa Woes, Politics, and Fears of Violence Are Keeping International Students Away, Report Warns," 05.29.19.
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that a report released on Wednesday by NAFSA (the Association of International Educators), says that "prospective international students and their families are concerned about U.S. federal policies and rhetoric on immigration, along with apprehensions of personal safety and tense race relations," and that "harmful policies and anti-immigrant rhetoric" are keeping international students from enrolling at American colleges, hurting the economy.

9. "California Needs a Task Force to Study the Bar Exam, and Needs It Now," 05.28.9.
The deans of three California law schools, writing for The Recorder, call on the California Supreme Court to immediately appoint an independent task force to study the cut score issue and make its recommendations within six or nine months.

    a. "An African-American Lawyer's Perspective on the California Cut Score Debate," 05.28.19.
    The Recorder publishes a letter from an African American lawyer who writes that he is offended that law school deans are using diversity as the reason why the California Bar Exam's cut score should be lowered.

    b. "How will deans improve bar passage rates to meet new standard?," 05.23.19.
    The ABA Journal speaks with deans at law schools identified as at risk under the new bar passage standard.

10. "ABA's Legal Ed approves two teach-out plan possibilities for Western State College of Law," 05.28.19.
The ABA Journal reports that two different teach-out plans have been approved for Western State College of Law, one of which contemplates acquisition by an unnamed institution, under which Western State would continue to operate.

    a. "Westcliff University Offers To Buy Western State And Continue Operations; If ABA, DOE Do Not Approve Acquisition, Law School Will Close In 2022," 05.27.19.
    And the TaxProf Blog reports that the unnamed potential buyer is Westcliff University, which is located in Irvine.

11. "Work-Life Policies Abound. Who Has the Nerve to Use Them?," 05.28.19.
Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer, points to a new study in the Harvard Business Review that shows employees at management consulting firms spurned workplace flexibility policies because they were afraid of looking less committed to work, and argues that many lawyers take a similar approach.

12. "Facing shortage of lawyers in some areas, this state is considering licensing legal technicians," 05.28.19.
The ABA Journal reports that "the New Mexico Supreme Court has appointed a work group to consider whether the state should allow licensed legal technicians to provide civil legal services."

13. "The 2019 Diversity Scorecard," 05.28.19.
The American Lawyer publishes its 2019 Diversity Scorecard, ranking law firms by the average number of full-time-equivalent minority attorneys in the calendar year 2018. (Subscription required.)

    a. "Diversity Scorecard: African American Lawyers Are Being Left Out," 05.28.19.
    The American Lawyer provides analysis of its 2019 Diversity Scorecard Data, noting that "as minorities see incremental growth in representation within Big Law, black attorney ranks have remained mostly stagnant for nearly a decade."

14. "Legal Industry Leaders Team Up to Launch Free Online Professional Development Series," 05.28.19.
Corporate Counsel reports that law schools, lawyers and legal ops leaders are partnering for a free, open-to-all webinar series launching June 4 that aims to equip participants with the business and people skills needed to succeed at companies and firms. (The series is organized by NetApp's Connie Brenton, and has been featured in the last several issues of NALPnow.)

15. "Constantly On Call, Lawyers Risk Exhaustion," 05.27.19.
Law.com publishes the first article in a three-part series on aspects of the legal profession that contribute to high rates of mental health problems and addiction in the industry. (Part of the ALM Minds Over Matters: An Examination of Mental Health in the Legal Profession series.)

    a. "Battling an 'Epidemic' of Loneliness Among Lawyers," 05.28.19.
    This is the second part in a three-part series from Law.com on pain points within the legal profession that have caused higher rates of mental health problems and addiction. (Part of the ALM Minds Over Matters: An Examination of Mental Health in the Legal Profession series.)

    b. "Is the Legal Industry Ready for a Culture Shift on Mental Health?," 05.30.19.
    And this is the third article in a three-part series on pain points within the legal profession that contribute to mental health problems and addiction: "Law schools and Big Law haze law students and new legal professionals into dangerous mindsets and destructive behaviors." (Part of the ALM Minds Over Matters: An Examination of Mental Health in the Legal Profession series.)

16. "Workplace transparency, Part I: Is it time to take Glassdoor seriously?," 05.26.19.
The latest from Bill Henderson and Evan Parker, writing for the Legal Evolution blog, taking a look at what Glassdoor is likely to do for the legal industry.

    a. "Workplace transparency, Part II: A roadmap for law firms," 05.27.19.
    More from Bill and Evan at Legal Evolution, taking a look at Glassdoor as a predictor of law firm profitability.

17. "University Of Hawaii Law School Freezes Tuition ($22,392 Resident, $45,186 Non-Resident) For Five Years," 05.25.19.
The TaxProf Blog reports that "UH Law School tuition levels for the current year — 2018-19 — will be unchanged next year, and for the three years following that: 2019-20 through 2022-23."

18. "In-House Counsel Salaries Are Increasing, New Study Shows," 05.24.19.
Corporate Counsel reports that "the average annual salary of corporate counsel in all positions across all industries increased 4.4% from 2017 to 2018."

19. "Gunderson Dettmer Associates to Get Summer Bonuses," 05.24.19.
The Recorder reports that "Gunderson Dettmer Stough Villeneuve Franklin & Hachigian, a Silicon Valley-based firm with strong ties to the tech and startup world, has announced summer bonuses for associates, following a strong start financially in the first half of 2019."

20. "Re-personalizing law firm culture," 05.24.19.
The latest from Jordan Furlong at Law21 makes the case that "sometime over the last few decades, the de-personalization of partner relations became a cultural feature of most law firms," and argues that for law firms to thrive, that development has to be undone.

21. "'Battle of the Thermostat': Cold Rooms May Hurt Women's Productivity," 05.22.19.
The New York Times reports that "in a study published [last week] researchers reported that at colder temperatures, men scored higher than women on verbal and math tests…but as a room grew warmer, women's scores rose significantly."

    a. "Stop the office AC overload: Study shows women are more productive when it's warmer," 05.24.19.
    More on this fun research from The Washington Post: "The paper's release set off yet another round of attention and headlines to what's been called the thermostat patriarchy."

22. "US Firms Are Increasing Pay For New UK Associates as Salary War Heats Up," 05.20.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "Shearman & Sterling has become the latest firm to hike its U.K. salary bands, increasing pay for its newly qualified (NQ) lawyers by 14% to £120,000 (about $152,000)."

May 24, 2019

1. "Emory Law Turns to Canada for Its First Woman Dean," 05.23.19.
The Daily Report writes that "Emory University announced Thursday that Mary Anne Bobinski will assume the deanship of the Atlanta law school in August, making her the first woman to lead the school in its 103-year history."

    a. "GSU Law School Names Interim Dean As Hensel Steps Into Provost Role," 05.23.19.
    And with more Georgia dean news, the Daily Report reports that "Georgia State University's law school will get a new interim dean [GSU Law prof] Leslie Wolf, because the current dean, Wendy Hensel, has been named the university's interim provost and senior vice president for academic affairs."

2. "A $23 Billion Law Firm? New Valuation Model Says Kirkland Fits the Bill," 05.23.19.
The American Lawyer provides estimated value figures for law firms based on a methodology formulated by Hunton Andrews Kurth CFO Madhav Srinivasan who also lectures at Columbia Law School — and some of the numbers are eye-popping!

3. "ETS Announces Changes in TOEFL," 05.23.19.
Inside Higher Ed reports that "the Educational Testing Service has announced changes in the Test of English as a Foreign Language, known as TOEFL and a key test for many international students seeking to study in the United States."

4. "Many Firms Didn't Buy Into the Latest Round of Associate Pay Raises, Report Finds," 05.22.19.
The American Lawyer reports on NALP's 2019 Associate Salary Survey findings.

    a. "Median pay for new associates jumps nearly 15%, NALP survey says," 05.23.19.
    The ABA Journal reports on the new NALP associate salary figures: "The median salary for first-year associates was $155,000 at the beginning of the year, a jump of $20,000 from 2017, according to figures released Wednesday by the National Association for Law Placement."

    b. "First-Year Law Firm Associates Earn Median $155K, Survey Says," 05.22.19.
    Bloomberg Law also reports on the latest NALP associate salary findings.

    c. "70 Percent Of Biglaw Firms Are Not On Board With $190K For First Year Associates," 05.23.19.
    Above the Law weighs in on the new associate salary data from NALP.

    d. "Large Firms Drive Spike In Associate Starting Salaries," 05.22.19.
    More on this from Law360.

    e. "First-year associate salaries rise at large law firms," 05.22.19.
    And The National Jurist also reports on the new associate salary data.

    f. "First-Year Associate Salaries on the Rise at Large Law Firms," 05.22.19.
    The NALP press release notes that "the overall median first-year salary as of January 1, 2019, was $155,000, up $20,000 (14.8%) from 2017."

5. "Making the Most of Your Summer Experience," 05.22.19.
Susan Manch and Marcia Shannon, writing for The National Law Journal, provide sound advice for new summer associates.

6. "The 2019 Am Law 200," 05.22.19.
The American Lawyer publishes its annual ranking of the second hundred top-grossing US law firms.

    a. "The Am Law Second Hundred Are Green — With Envy," 05.22.19.
    The American Lawyer provides analysis of the newest Am Law 200 numbers, noting that despite the fact that "the Am Law Second Hundred enjoyed one of their best all-around financial performances in the past decade…the nation's 100 largest firms by revenue grew their lead over the Second Hundred by a wider margin than in all but two years in the past decade." ("Consider that Kirkland & Ellis, the nation's largest firm by revenue, added more revenue from 2017 to 2018, $592 million, than all of the Second Hundred combined, $588 million.")

    b. "The 2019 Am Law 200 Ranked by Gross Revenue," 05.22.19.
    The American Lawyer ranks the Second Hundred US law firms by gross revenue: "Gross revenue for the Second Hundred increased in 2018 by more than 3 percent, rebounding from a slight decrease in 2017." (Chart — Subscription required.)

7. "Western State College of Law submits proposed teach-out plan to ABA," 05.22.19.
The ABA Journal reports that Western State College of Law has submitted a proposed teach-out plan, a necessary step as it winds down its operations.

    a. "Western State Submits Teach-Out Plan To ABA; Sixth Law School To Close Since 2016," 05.23.19.
    More on this from the TaxProf Blog.

8. "Low-Income and Minority Students Are Growing Share of Enrollments," 05.22.19.
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on new Pew research data that show more low-income students may be going to college, but they aren't attending selective institutions, and that more nonwhite undergraduates are attending college.

    a. "Study Finds More Low-Income Students Attending College," 05.23.19.
    More on the Pew research from Inside Higher Ed.

9. "MCCA Report Shows Legal Departments Lag Behind Firms in Some Diversity and Inclusion Metrics," 05.21.19.
Corporate Counsel reports that a Minority Corporate Counsel Association report that analyzed 2018 survey data from more than 600 legal industry professionals found that lawyers of color and LGBT attorneys were less likely than white or heterosexual respondents to feel they had influence at work.

10. "200+ General Counsel Pushing for Law Firm Diversity Outline Next Steps," 05.21.19.
Corporate Counsel reports that Michelle Fang, chief legal officer, Turo, working with DiversityLab, has released a set of actionable items for general counsel looking to promote diverse legal talent. (You can find a link directly to the PDF of the Diversity Lab report embedded in the article.)

11. "Yay Diversity! (Sigh)," 05.21.19.
Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer, takes a look at a recent Pew Research Center survey on American attitudes about racial and ethnic diversity that found "a majority of Americans believe diversity is a worthwhile goal, but 'few endorse the idea of taking race or ethnicity into consideration in hiring and promotions.'"

12. "Many More Students, Especially the Affluent, Get Extra Time to Take the SAT," 05.21.19.
The Wall Street Journal reports that an analysis of data from 9,000 public schools found that students in affluent areas are much more likely to receive extra time or another accommodation such as a separate room for taking the SAT or ACT college entrance exam.

13. "Can Data Ward Off College Debt? New Strategy Focuses on Results," 05.21.19.
The New York Times reports that "the Department of Education on Tuesday released a trove of information that shows the average amount of debt incurred by graduates of different academic programs at each college and university in America."

14. "With Diversity Stagnating, NYC Bar Association Launches Major Effort to Help Young Students Become Lawyers," 05.20.19.
The New York Law Journal reports that "the city bar association is announcing today that it plans to partner with schools, government agencies, law firms, nonprofits and the courts to reach would-be lawyers as early as elementary school and mentor them through law school graduation and beyond."

    a. "NYC Bar's Diversity Push Aims to Tap Future Lawyers Early," 05.20.19.
    More on this from Bloomberg Law.

15. "Enrollment Shortfalls Spread to More Colleges," 05.20.19.
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that "a broad swath of private colleges across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions are expected to miss their enrollment goals for the fall semester [as a result of] the declining number of high-school students across the regions, families' increasing sensitivity to tuition and other costs, questions about the overall value of a college degree, and the ease with which students can apply to and consider multiple colleges." (Subscription required.)

16. "Morehouse College Graduates' Student Loans to Be Paid Off by Billionaire," 05.19.19.
The New York Times reports that "Robert F. Smith, the billionaire investor who founded Vista Equity Partners and became the richest black man in America, told the crowd that he and his family would pay off the entire graduating class's student debt, freeing them to begin their next chapter, whether it was a master's program, a position with Teach for America or an internship at Goldman Sachs, without loan payments to worry about."

    a. "A Pledge to Pay Morehouse College Students' Debt Prompts Elation, Envy and a Host of Questions," 05.22.19.
    More from The New York Times on this story.

    b. "Billionaire Robert Smith Pushes Plan to Boost Minority Students' Access to Internships," 05.22.19.
    And The Chronicle of Philanthropy writes about Robert Smith's internX program, where students studying science, technology, engineering, or math can connect with companies looking to ensure their interns are drawn from a diverse pool of students.

17. "Seeing Lawyers in Crisis, Some Blame the Billable Hour," 05.19.19.
This piece from Law.com examines whether scrapping the billable hour can improve attorneys' health and lives. (Part of the ALM Minds Over Matters: An Examination of Mental Health in the Legal Profession series.)

18. "Nearly 7 in 10 Flunked California's February 2019 Bar Exam," 05.17.19.
The Recorder reports that "only 31.4% of would-be attorneys passed California's February 2019 bar exam…but the success rate was 4.1 percentage points higher than the historically low pass rate of 27.3% recorded in February 2018."

19. "ABA Toughens Bar-Pass Standard for Law Schools," 05.17.19.
The National Law Journal reports that "the ABA's council of the section of legal education and admission voted Friday to implement a new standard that requires at least 75 percent of a law school's graduates to pass the bar within two years of leaving campus in order to retain accreditation."

    a. "ABA legal ed section's council adopts tighter bar pass standard; clock for compliance starts now," 05.17.19.
    And the ABA Journal reports that "following multiple years of discussion, and two rejections from the American Bar Association's House of Delegates, the council of the ABA's Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar adopted a proposed revision to tighten an accreditation standard regarding bar passage Friday."

    b. "Law School Accreditor Raises Bar-Passage Standard," 05.20.19.
    And more on this from Inside Higher Ed.

    c. "ABA's Tougher Bar Pass Rule for Law Schools Applauded, Derided," 05.21.19.
    Karen Sloan, writing for Law.com, gathers reactions to the ABA bar passage standard change from academics and law school leaders around the country.

May 17, 2019

1. "SAT's New 'Adversity Score' Will Take Students' Hardships Into Account," 05.16.19.
The New York Times reports that "the College Board will for the first time assess students not just on their math and verbal skills, but also on their educational and socioeconomic backgrounds…the score will be calculated using 15 factors, including the relative quality of the student's high school and the crime rate and poverty level of the student's neighborhood."

    a. "Coming soon to the SAT: An 'adversity score' offering a snapshot of challenges students face," 05.16.19.
    More on this from The Washington Post.

    b. "New SAT Score: Adversity," 05.17.19.
    And a deeper dive into this development from Inside Higher Ed.

2. "Legal Tech's Competitive Edge Top of Mind for UK Law Schools," 05.16.19.
Legaltech News reports that in the UK, law schools at both ends of the prestige scale are quickly adapting their curricula to provide additional legal tech education that can give their graduates a leg up in the job market.

3. "These Law Firms Are Investing in Legal Operations. It's Paying Off," 05.16.19.
The American Lawyer finds that firms that have invested in legal operations are seeing a return on investment in the form of new work and new clients — "by investing in technology and applying data to decision-making they can show clients they are delivering legal services effectively and efficiently."

    a. "Firms Halted Innovation Efforts in 2018 At Their Own Risk, Report Finds," 05.15.19.
    The American Lawyer reports that according to Altman Weil's annual Law Firms in Transition Survey results, "firms have stopped aggressively pushing for the increasingly cost-effective and valuable services clients are still demanding…and down the road, firms that deescalate progress in legal operations could be in hot water in an increasingly competitive market."

    b. "General Counsel Share Their Legal Ops Stories, Implementation Tips at CLOC 2019," 05.15.19.
    Corporate Counsel reports on the opening of this week's CLOC conference in Las Vegas, including the opening plenary panel that featured GCs from Oracle Corp., Gap Inc., and Westpac.

    c. "CLOC Is Opening Up to (Some) Firm Lawyers," 05.14.19.
    Corporate Counsel reports that Mary O'Carroll, the president of CLOC and head of legal ops at Google, announced at its annual Vegas Institute on Tuesday that it will begin offering a form of membership to lawyers at firms.

4. "Tomorrow's Artificially Intelligent Lawyer Getting Closer Each Day," 05.15.19.
A law firm partner, writing for The Legal Intelligencer, provides an update on the ways AI is being adapted and adopted by lawyers and law firms, and seeks to confirm that Susskind was right when he wrote that "we are at the beginning of a period of fundamental transformation in law: A time in which we will see greater change than we have seen in the past two centuries. Where the future of the legal service will be a world of internet-based global businesses, online document production, commoditized service, legal process outsourcing and web-based simulation practice. Legal markets will be liberalized, with new jobs for lawyers and new employers, too."

5. "Critics Link California's Bar Exam to Lack of Bench, Bar Diversity," 05.15.19.
The Recorder reports that "critics told a legislative committee that the high marks required to pass are hurting efforts to diversify the state's legal profession and bench."

6. "I Survived My First Year of Law School. Woot.," 05.15.19.
A University of Michigan law student, writing for Law.com, looks back on her experience as a 1L.

7. "A New Growth Vision For Legal Education, Part I: Sustainable Growth Or Dead Cat Bounce?," 05.15.19.
The TaxProf Blog highlights a new law review article that argues that "innovation represents the only firewall to obsolescence" for law schools.

    a. You can download the full paper from SSRN here. ("Legal education programs now face strategic inflection points. To survive and thrive long-term, education programs must embrace entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, platforms, and customer service as the means by which to navigate through strategic inflection points. Imagination, adaptability, agility, determination, and speed will separate market leaders from laggards. Scrappy, entrepreneurial, and action-oriented programs that deliver omni-channel, lifelong knowledge and skills development solutions are the movers that will radically redefine and likely dominate the legal education industry. Slow, tradition-bound programs resistant to change are non-movers that face extinction.")

8. "A Year After Associate Salary Hikes, Added Expense Is Catching Up With Firms," 05.15.19.
The New York Law Journal reports that data from the first quarter of 2019 suggests that the added expense pressure of the 2018 associate salary hike is beginning to catch up with many law firms.

9. "Law Firms See Warning Signs of Slower Growth in 2019," 05.14.19.
The American Lawyer reports that both the first quarter reports from both Citi and the Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor Index found that demand and productivity had stalled in the first four months of 2019 and that the recent associate salary hikes are becoming a drag on expenses.

    a. "Law Firm Revenue Rose as Demand Dropped in the First Quarter of 2019," 05.13.19.
    Gretta Rusanow and David Altuna of Citi, writing for The American Lawyer, report on law firm first quarter financial performance, noting that robust first quarter revenues were largely based on cash collections from 2018 inventory, and they note that expense growth outpaced revenue growth (largely on the costs of associate salary hikes) as the demand curve continues to be volatile.

10. "Sexual Harassment and Bullying: Global Edition," 05.14.19.
Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer, reports on the results of a global survey of female lawyers in Europe, Latin America, Asia, North America, Africa, Australia, Russia and Scandinavia that found "one in two women suffered bullying (for men, it's one in three), while one in three women experienced sexual harassment in the workplace (compared with one in 14 for men)."

11. "39 Law Schools Now Accept The GRE For Admissions (The Latest Are Florida International, New Hampshire, UC-Irvine)," 05.14.19.
The TaxProf Blog provides an update on the list of law schools that now accept the GRE in lieu of the LSAT for admission purposes.

12. "Supreme Court Justice Gascon attributes disappearance to depression, anxiety," 05.14.19.
CBC News in Canada reports that "Supreme Court Justice Clément Gascon says that his sudden disappearance last week, which triggered a police search, was the result of a long battle with depression and anxiety and a recent change in medication."

13. "Lawyers Aren't Taking Full Advantage of AI Tools, Survey Shows," 05.14.19.
Bloomberg Law reports on new survey results that show "only about one in four people working at law firms and law departments that use legal technology use tools based on artificial intelligence or machine learning."

14. "Why the Legal Industry Can Handle the Next Recession," 05.13.19.
Two partners from Major, Lindsey & Africa, writing for The American Lawyer, suggest that "lasting changes in the way law firms deliver services to their increasingly cost-conscious clients…mean that the next recession will not have nearly as dramatic an effect on the industry."

15. "Offer Rate Points to Best Job Market Since 2007," 05.13.19.
The National Association of Colleges and Employers reports that "graduating seniors from the Class of 2019 are experiencing the best job market for new college graduates since 2007."

16. "Introducing Minds Over Matters: A Yearlong Examination of Mental Health in the Legal Profession," 05.12.19.
Law.com and its affiliate ALM publications are "embarking on a major, yearlong endeavor to more deeply cover stress, depression, addiction and other mental health issues affecting the legal profession." ("This 12-month examination into mental health, stress, addiction and overall well-being in the profession will house articles, analysis, data, expert advice, personal stories of triumph, a resource center, views from our very esteemed mental health advisory board and much more.")

    a. "Confronting the Mental Health Crisis in the Legal Profession," 05.12.19.
    Gina Passarella, editor-in-chief of Law.com affiliate The American Lawyer, shares her goals for the Minds Over Matter series, as the leader of the editorial initiative. (Podcast)

    b. "Meet the Advisory Board Guiding Law.com's Yearlong Mental Health Reporting Project," 05.12.19. (Law.com)

    c. "The Legal Profession's Very Real Impact on Personal Relationships," 05.12.19. (Law.com)

    d. "For Jeena Cho, Managing Anxiety Meant Making 'Room for Feelings' in Law," 05.12.19. (Law.com)

    e. "For Jerry Braun, a Career of Addiction in Law," 05.12.19. (Law.com)

    f. "Lisa Smith: Lawyers Who Struggle With Mental Illness Shouldn't Be Afraid to Seek Help," 05.12.19. (New York Law Journal)

    g. "David Aronstam's Unusual Path From Heroin Addict to Successful NYC Lawyer," 05.13.19. (New York Law Journal)

    h. "'I Didn't Think I'd Ever Come Back To Work' — How a Magic Circle Partner Overcame Personal Trauma Following His Wife's Death," 05.15.19. (The American Lawyer)

17. "ABA legal ed section's council to reconsider stricter bar passage standard," 05.10.19.
The ABA Journal reports that "the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar will revisit a controversial proposal to tighten law school standards regarding bar passage rates when it meets in Chicago on Friday."

18. "Law Firm Communication and Millennial Attorneys," 05.10.19.
This piece in the New York Law Journal provides advice about "developing a strategy for communicating with millennial attorneys and creating cultures where this younger generation can be productive and thrive."

19. "Back to the Future: The Effect of AI on the Law Firm Model," 05.10.19.
A law firm partner and associate write about restructuring law firms in the age of automation. (New York Law Journal.)

20. "Asian American Woman Is New Leader at Elite Law Firm," 05.10.19.
Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer, talks to Hailyn Chen, the new co-managing partner of Munger, Tolles & Olson. ("Chen, a litigator of Chinese descent, seems to hold the distinction of being the second Asian American woman to assume the top leadership position of a major firm.")

May 10, 2019

1. "It's Time to Break Up Facebook," 05.09.19.
Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, writing for The New York Times, argues that Facebook needs to be broken up into multiple companies, and that more effective regulation needs to be put in place to rein in that company and similar tech giants like Amazon and Google.

2. "Another Threat to Student Legal Clinics — This Time From Ontario," 05.09.19.
This piece in Slaw reports on recent budget cuts to Legal Aid Ontario, and predicts a negative impact on law student clinics.

3. "Law Grads Hiring Report: Job Stats for the Class of 2018," 05.08.19.
Law.com has ranked schools on a variety of factors using the recently released ABA employment outcomes data. (Chart — be sure to check out all of the tabs.)

    a. "2019 Law School Rankings By Employment Outcomes," 05.07.19.
    The TaxProf Blog reports on Robert Anderson's alternative ranking of law schools based on their ABA employment outcomes data.

    b. "Visualizing legal employment outcomes in California in 2018," 05.06.19.
    Derek Muller, writing for the Excess of Democracy blog, provides a visualization of the ten-month law school employment outcomes in California for the Class of 2018 (previous posts provide visualizations for the employment outcomes at law schools in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Florida, DC-Maryland-Virginia, and New York).

4. "Nearly 60% of Young Lawyers Pondering Career Switch, Florida Bar Survey Finds," 05.08.19.
Law.com reports that "A new study [of young Florida attorneys] showed nearly one-third…would not apply for law school knowing what they now do about the field…and 58% of respondents have considered changing careers."

5. "AccessLex Awards $375k Grant To AALS For Support Of Law Schools And Deans," 05.08.19.
The TaxProf blog reports that "the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) has been awarded a grant from AccessLex Institute for up to $375,000 to support research on legal education and professional development for law schools and deans."

6. "Program to Relieve Student Debt Proves Unforgiving," 05.07.19.
The Wall Street Journal reports that more than 73,000 people have applied for debt forgiveness under the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, but as of March 31 of this year, according to Education Department data, only 864 have had their loans erased. (Subscription required.)

7. "Deloitte Expands US Legal Ambitions With Epstein Becker Alliance," 05.07.19.
The American Lawyer reports that Deloitte has announced a new labor and employment legal services initiative through a strategic alliance with Epstein Becker.

8. "How Corporate Counsel Can Benefit From Growth and Consolidation of Managed Legal Services," 05.07.19.
This piece from Corporate Counsel reports that the competition is heating up between outside counsel law firms and alternative legal services providers as they vie for work from corporate counsel.

9. "Whither English-Canada Law Schools?," 05.07.19.
This piece in Slaw argues that Ryerson University's announcement that its new law program will allow students to include what would otherwise be post-graduate training as part of their law school stage of legal education begs the question, "what is the role of university law schools?"

10. "Data Snapshot: The Path to Big Law Equity Partnership Is Narrowing," 05.06.19.
The American Lawyer provides an ALM Legal Intelligence infographic showing that "over the past two decades, coveted equity partnerships at Am Law 100 firms have become increasingly scarce."

11. "The Big Fail Part IV: Picking Up the Pieces After Flunking the NY Bar Exam," 05.06.19.
Part four in this series from ALM, here in the New York Law Journal, profiles two law graduates who failed the bar and then rebounded.

12. "The Best (and Worst) Ways to Respond to Student Anxiety," 05.05.19.
An associate professor of psychology, writing for The Chronicle of Higher Education, provides advice for responding to students with anxiety.

13. "Legal Industry Is Left Out as Economists Cheer US Jobs Growth," 05.03.19.
The American Lawyer reports that according to the latest jobs data from the US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, the legal industry lost jobs between March and April at a time when the US economy generally has been adding jobs at a rapid clip, and noted that the legal sector is still down 30,000-40,000 jobs from pre-recession highs in 2007.

14. "Key to Advancing, Sustaining Diversity in Law Firms — Open the Door of Opportunity," 05.03.19.
A law firm partner and a client, writing for The Legal Intelligencer, suggest some simple next steps for advancing and promoting diverse associates and partners within large law firms.

15. "Big Law or Big Four? For Firms, It's Not Size of Tech But How You Use It," 05.03.19.
Legaltech News suggests that large law firms will need to use technology strategically to keep pace with the Big Four.

16. "Public law school for Rio Grande Valley authorized by Texas House of Representatives," 05.02.19.
The Valley Town Crier reports that the state House of Representatives in Texas has approved a measure calling for the establishment of a new public law school in Texas.

May 3, 2019

1. "Clifford Chance Aims to Scrap Billable Hours to Measure Performance," 05.02.19.
The American Lawyer reports that Clifford Chance plans to scrap billable hours as a lawyer appraisal metric, and will roll out a pilot performance evaluation scheme based on other factors, including demonstration of knowledge, thought leadership, innovation, pro bono work, and business development.

2. "Can Law Firms Keep Young Lawyers Happy?," 05.02.19.
A former Big Law associate, writing for The American Lawyer, argues that "sustainable, healthy employee motivation requires three things: autonomy, mastery and purpose," and then applies those concepts to modern law firms.

3. "'Belongingness' is important to diversity and inclusion in the workplace," 05.02.19.
The ABA Health Law Section's Champion of Diversity and Inclusion Award recipient, writing for the ABA Journal, explains the critical importance of "belongingness."

4. "Firms Recognize Profession's Pressures at Start of Mental Health Awareness Month," 05.01.19.
The American Lawyer marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Month by taking a look at what law firm leaders are doing about the mental health issues in the profession.

5. "PwC Launches UK Legal Tech Incubator Program," 05.01.19.
Legaltech News reports that "PwC's legal arm has launched a legal tech incubator program in London, joining the ranks of firms opting to work closely with legal tech startups."

    a. "Are the Big Four Accounting Firms Poised to Dominate Law?," 05.01.19.
    This post in Slaw argues that Richard Susskind's prediction that the accounting firms would first begin to dominate law firms by eating into more routine legal work is proving to be correct.

6. "The 2019 Pro Bono Hot List," 05.01.19.
The National Law Journal publishes its annual Pro Bono Hot List.

7. "Walmart Creates New Position and Hires General Counsel for Health and Wellness," 05.01.19.
Corporate Counsel reports that "Walmart Inc. Wednesday announced it has created the new legal position of senior vice president and general counsel for health and wellness."

8. "What the Numbers Say About the UK Gender Pay Gap," 05.01.19.
The American Lawyer analyzes the UK's gender pay gap data for that country's top firms, noting that "the average partner pay gap amounted to 16.8 percent."

9. "Hot Ticket: In-House Health Care Lawyers with Tech Backgrounds Can Write Their Own," 04.30.19.
Legaltech News reports that health care lawyers and tech lawyers are likely to be in high demand as more tech companies enter the health care space.

10. "Amid Shrinking Membership, ABA President Touts New Dues Structure and Focus," 04.30.19.
Law.com's Karen Sloan speaks with the ABA president about that association's changing business model.

11. "Law Class of 2018 Notches Highest Legal Employment Rate in a Decade," 04.29.19.
Law.com reports on the release of the ABA employment data for the Class of 2018, noting that "the latest figures show that 78.6 percent of the class of 2018 had secured full-time, long-term jobs that either require bar passage or for which a law degree offers an advantage within 10 months of graduation — up from 75.3 percent the previous year."

    a. "Jobs for Class of '18 overall see 'modest increase' but with fewer graduates than last year," 04.29.19.
    And the ABA Journal also reports on the release of the Class of 2018 employment data.

    b. "ABA legal education section releases employment data for graduating law class of 2018," 04.29.19.
    The ABA's press release about the data says that "the employment market for law graduates has stabilized since 2012-13 and is showing incremental improvement."

    c. "Reflections On Legal Employment Outcomes Over The Past Five Years," 04.30.19.
    Jerry Organ, writing for the TaxProf Blog, takes a look at 5-year trends in the ABA's employment data for law school graduates.

12. "Lawyers, Experts Fear Dire Consequences as the Pace of Legal Work Accelerates," 04.29.19.
The New York Law Journal takes a look at the toll that the current pace of law practice is taking on the human beings involved.

13. "The Path to Partnership Offers Great Rewards at Great Costs," 04.29.19.
The American Lawyer's Young Lawyer Editorial Board writes about the path to partnership.

14. "Cardozo Offers First Online Master's in Data and Privacy Law for Non-Lawyers," 04.29.19.
The New York Law Journal reports that Yeshiva University Benjamin N. Cardozo Law School is launching the first master's degree in data and privacy law.

15. "Ryerson law school plan would let students skip articling," 04.29.19.
Law Times in Canada reports that "Ryerson University has a proposal that would allow graduates to bypass articling by putting practice preparation directly into its law school curriculum."

16. "Citi Reorganizes Law Firm Banking Business as Legal Industry Leans on Finance," 04.29.19.
The American Lawyer reports that Citi Private Bank is reorganizing its law firm group, a recognition of "the growing sophistication of law firm clients."

17. "The Big Fail Part III: Hiring — Then Firing — as Bar Pass Rates Sink," 04.28.19.
Law.com releases the third part of its series on falling bar pass rates, writing about its impact on employers.

    a. "Ultimate Bar Passage: Law Schools at Risk," 04.28.19.
    Gary Rosin, writing for The Faculty Lounge blog, identifies the 14 law schools with ultimate bar passage percentages below 75% and therefore at risk of sanctions or loss of accreditation from the ABA.

18. "At Penn State and Nationwide, Incoming Batch of Law Deans Is More Diverse Than Ever," 04.26.19.
More on the diversity of the class of new deans, here in The Legal Intelligencer: "The number of women and minorities announced as new deans this semester has thus far outnumbered white men named to those jobs."

19. "How to make less money," 04.26.19.
Jordan Furlong, writing for his Law21 blog, offers law firms his best advice on how to make less money and be less profitable: "maybe this advice will do some good for future lawyers who, against all expectations, somehow form the notion that law firms exist for some purpose other than generating truckloads of cash for their owners."

20. "Weil To Invest $1M Per Year in Pre-Law Students' Nonprofit Work," 04.25.19.
Bloomberg Law reports that "Weil, Gotshal & Manges is introducing an initiative that will give students entering prestigious law schools the chance to work with U.S.-based nonprofits for a year."

    a. "Weil Legal Innovators Program Pays Columbia, Duke, Georgetown, NYU & Penn Admittees $50k To Defer Law School For One Year To Work In Public Interest," 04.29.19.
    More on this from the TaxProf Blog.

April 26, 2019

1. "NY Bar Exam Pass Rates Rebound in February," 04.24.19.
The New York Law Journal reports that "72% of graduates of American Bar Association accredited law schools who took the exam in New York in February for the first time passed, an increase of 3 percentage points and the highest for the group in five years."

2. "5 Ways Law Schools Are Preparing Students for Tech-Driven Economy," 04.24.19.
Legaltech News takes a look at how law schools across the country are trying to retrofit legal tech into part of a well-balanced education. (Slide show)

3. "All InfiLaw suits against the ABA appear to be headed to resolution," 04.24.19.
The ABA Journal reports that "Charlotte School of Law and the InfiLaw Corp. have unilaterally dropped their lawsuit against the ABA."

4. "Roberts Delivers Latest Pro-Arbitration Ruling for Divided Court," 04.24.19.
The National Law Journal reports that "the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday wrapped up its arbitration docket for the current term with a 5-4 decision that is a win for business and favors individual over class arbitrations."

5. "Law School LGBTQ 'Climate Survey' Results Are Fair to Partly Cloudy," 04.24.19.
Law.com reports on the findings of the National LGBT Bar Association's inaugural Law School Climate Survey.

6. "Two Law Schools Snag Hefty Donations," 04.23.19.
Law.com reports on big donations at Case Western and Pepperdine.

    a. "Pepperdine Law Snags $2M Donation to Endow Parris Institute," 04.23.19.
    More on the Pepperdine gift, from The Recorder.

7. "The Am Law 100 Reached New Heights, Driven by Nearly Universal Growth," 04.23.19.
The American Lawyer has published its 2019 Am Law 100 rankings and analysis: "If 2017 was a good year for law firms, 2018 was better. Revenue grew at an 8 percent clip, and growth was more evenly balanced throughout the Am Law 100 than in recent years."

    a. "From the Editor-in-Chief: A Rising Tide Lifts Most Boats," 04.23.19.
    The American Lawyer's Editor-in-Chief writes that "nearly all of the nation's top-grossing firms took home big gains in top-line revenue and partner profits in 2018."

    b. "The 2019 Am Law 100: Gross Revenue," 04.23.19.
    The American Lawyer: "Kirkland & Ellis leads the way again." (Subscription required.)

    c. "The 2019 Am Law 100: Profits Per Equity Partner," 04.23.19.
    The American Lawyer: "Wachtell leads the list again, but it's no longer the only firm north of $5 million."

    d. "The 2019 Am Law 100: By the Numbers," 04.23.19.
    The American Lawyer's infographics.

    e. "The 2019 Am Law 100: At a Glance," 04.23.19.
    The American Lawyer's Am Law 100 rankings from A to Z.

    f. "Can Cravath and Wachtell's Lean Lockstep Approach Keep Them on Top?," 04.23.19.
    Am Law 100 analysis from The American Lawyer.

    g. "Five Key Takeaways From the 2019 Am Law 100," 04.23.19.
    An American Lawyer video highlighting key trends from this year's Am Law 100 reporting.

    h. "Crash Course: How a Small Group of Firms Pivoted and Profited After the Recession," 04.23.19.
    The American Lawyer takes a look at the strategies and practices of the small group of firms that have delivered year-over-year growth since the 2009 fiscal year.

    i. "Confirmation Bias, Market Stratification and the Am Law 100," 04.25.19.
    Hugh Simons, writing for The American Lawyer, challenges the conventional wisdom that the Am Law 100 data tell a story of stratification.

8. "The future of law, maybe," 04.23.19.
The latest from Jordan Furlong at Law21, and always worth a read: "In five or so years from now, the traditional legal market should be approaching both its zenith and its logical conclusion. Record-breaking profits for old Boomer partners as they burn up their law firms on their way out the door; the relentless disaggregation of legal work to lower-cost platforms, with ever-fewer associate roles for young lawyers; a metastasizing crisis in the public legal system, coinciding with geopolitical upheaval in a post-Brexit, post-Trump world. So much to look forward to!"

9. "In-House Innovation: Managed Service Providers Targeting Corporate Law," 04.23.19.
Legaltech News reports that "as legal departments want law firm quality services for less than the traditional cost of those services, managed legal service providers…have recently moved to offer broader legal services to corporate legal departments."

10. "Law school group helps first-gen law students get 'a leg up'," 04.23.19.
The ABA Journal reports on Boston University's First Generation Professionals, a group designed to address the self-doubt some first-generation college graduates feel about being in law school.

11. "International Student Numbers in U.S. Decline," 04.23.19.
Inside Higher Ed reports that the total number of international students studying in the U.S. at all levels declined by 2.7 percent from March 2018 to this March.

12. "First-Time Bar Pass Rate Took a Hit in 2018, ABA Data Shows," 04.22.19.
Law.com reports on the release by the ABA this week of law school's latest bar passage data: "Less than 75 percent of people who took the bar for the first time in 2018 passed, a figure lower than in 2017, according to new figures from the American Bar Association."

    a. "Two NY Law Schools Had Highest Bar Pass Rates in the Country in 2018, ABA Data Shows," 04.22.19.
    The New York Law Journal reports that New York University School of Law, Columbia Law School, Harvard Law School, and Liberty University School of Law had the four highest first-time pass rates in the country in 2018.

    b. "Data Snapshot: A Look at the Falling Bar Passage Rates in Five U.S. States," 04.22.19.
    Law.com takes a look at bar exam passage rates for California, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas. (Infographic)

    c. "The Big Fail Part II: Law Schools Clamber to Raise Bar Pass Rates," 04.21.19.
    Law.com's second article in a series about falling bar passage rates: "We examine the steps law schools are taking to fix the problem."

    d. "88.6% Of The Class Of 2016 Passed The Bar Within 2 Years Of Graduation," 04.20.19.
    The TaxProf Blog reports on this week's release by the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar of a comprehensive set of data on bar passage outcomes for American Bar Association-approved law schools, and lists the 25 law schools with the highest ultimate bar pass rates and the 25 U.S. law schools with the lowest ultimate bar pass rates.

13. "Wall Street Firms Struggle to Ensure Diversity on High-End M&A Teams," 04.22.19.
The New York Law Journal reports that "because some Wall Street firms rarely hire laterals, ensuring diversity on trusted deal teams can be especially challenging."

14. "Albany Law, SUNY Poly Launch Interdisciplinary 'Innovation Clinic' to Commercialize Tech," o4.19.19.
LegalTech News reports that "Albany Law School and the SUNY Polytechnic Institute are teaming up to offer law, business and engineering students a program to gain hands-on experience in shepherding SUNY products from the lab to the market."

15. "Big NY Firms Increase New Partner Classes, As Female Promotions Steadily Rise," 04.19.19.
The New York Law Journal reports that "the 25 law firms with the biggest presence in the state significantly increased their partner promotions firmwide for a second year in a row and grew the percentage of newly promoted partners who are women to a new high of 34 percent."

16. "Half of Australian GCs Turning to 'Innovative Solutions' in Face of Budget Cuts," 04.19.19.
Legaltech News reports that "Australian legal departments are more likely to be cutting their legal budgets this year than most of their counterparts around the world [and as a result] general counsel have been looking to improve efficiency with innovation."

17. "ANALYSIS: Legal Futurists Wanted — The New, Alt-Legal Jobs," 04.19.19.
Bloomberg Law takes a deep dive into the rapidly growing world of (don't call them alternative) alt-legal jobs of the future.

18. "The Legal Talent Market Faces Tectonic Jolts," 04.19.19.
A former Big Law associate, writing for The American Lawyer, argues that "tectonic change is coming to the legal talent market," noting that in-house departments are taking lawyers earlier and earlier, sometimes right out of law school, legal employment opportunities with the Big Four are swelling fast, and alternative legal service providers are growing like crazy, giving both veteran lawyers and new law school graduates a host of exciting career options beyond law firms.

April 19, 2019

1. "Women Describe Their Experiences in Big Law—and It's Not Pretty," 04.18.19.
The American Lawyer reports on new research from the American Bar Association and ALM Intelligence that looked into the experience of women working in Big Law that found that repercussions when returning from maternity leave, sexual harassment, verbal abuse, unfair review and compensation processes and denied opportunities are common.

2. "Keeping Equity Tiers in Check, New York's Top Firms Record New Profit Highs," 04.18.19.
The American Lawyer reports that in a "banner year" for the legal industry, 2018 was particularly kind to New York firms with nearly all seeing increases in revenue and profits. ("Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz again led the pack in profits per equity partner (PEP), with its 80 partners averaging more than $6.5 million in profits as the firm generated revenues of $856 million.")

3. "DC Market Sees 'Slow and Steady' Growth Amid Shifts in Demand," 04.18.19.
The National Law Journal reports that Washington, D.C., law firms had a relatively strong year in 2018 with the region's largest firms benefitting the most. ("Wilmer recorded its highest-ever revenue at $1.149 billion, and Covington crossed the $1 billion mark for the first time, representing an 18.1 percent increase year-over-year.")

4. "5 Ways for Legal Operations to Boost Diversity and Inclusion," 04.18.19.
LegalTech News reports that "today's legal operations leaders are in a unique position to further diversity and inclusion."

5. "Law Firm Recruiting Tries to Keep Up with Blockchain Boom," 04.18.19.
LegalTech News reports that legal recruiters say there's a huge demand for blockchain expertise, as well as lawyers who understand data privacy.

6. "Equity and Nonequity Partners Are on Divergent Paths," 04.17.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "2018 witnessed little movement in the number of equity partners while their compensation…grew strongly; conversely, nonequity partner numbers grew strongly while their compensation was flat...continuing a trend that goes back over a decade."

7. "The Student-Debt Crisis Hits Hardest at Historically Black Colleges," 04.17.19.
The Wall Street Journal reports that students at HBCUs are leaving college with disproportionately high loans compared with their peers at other schools.

8. "AI Creeps Into Hiring, and Some Ask if It's Injecting New Biases," 04.17.19.
Bloomberg Law reports that as new technology plays an ever larger role in hiring, it has the potential to replace old forms of bias and discrimination with new ones.

9. "Yale Law Group Lists Top 10 Law Firms for Family, Gender Equality," 04.16.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "a Yale Law School group has identified its top 10 law firms for gender equity and family friendliness."

10. "February Multistate Bar Exam Scores Inch Up After a Five-Year Slide," 04.16.19.
Law.com reports that "the national average score on the Multistate Bar Exam…increased by 1.2 points to 134 for the February 2019 test…the first increase in the mean February MBE score since 2013, which was followed by a five-year slide in bar exam pass rates." (The article goes on to report that some jurisdictions experienced a rise in February pass scores while others saw further declines.)

    a. "The Big Fail: Why Bar Pass Rates Have Sunk to Record Lows," 04.14.19.
    Law.com provides the first in a series about the high percentage of law graduates failing the bar and the impact on law schools and the legal profession, and examines the reasons for the decline.

11. "The Best Law Schools For Practical Training," 04.16.19.
The TaxProf Blog reports that PreLaw Magazine has ranked the best law schools for practical skills training by looking at which schools provided the most clinical opportunities, externships and simulation classes.

12. "Baker McKenzie Chairman Helped Erode Taboos About Attorney Health," 04.15.19.
In the wake of Paul Rawlinson's unexpected death, the American Lawyer writes about his legacy of starting an industrywide conversation about lawyer mental health and well-being when his firm announced he was taking leave last year, citing "medical issues caused by exhaustion."

    a. "BigLaw global chairman's death after leave for health issues highlights stress of law practice," 04.16.19.
    "BigLaw global chairman's death after leave for health issues highlights stress of law practice," 04.16.19. More on this from the ABA Journal.

    b. "How mental illness almost ended this Bay Street lawyer's career," 03.06.19.
    And from Precedent Magazine in Canada, a Bay Street lawyer opens up about mental health and self-care.

13. "Do Law Schools Limit Black Enrollment With LSAT?," 04.15.19.
Inside Higher Ed reports that "a new study argues that law schools' use of the LSAT is effectively limiting black enrollment in law schools."

14. "Black lawyer crisis: Major law firms have no Black attorneys," 04.15.19.
Rolling Out reports that the nonprofit Lawyers of Color just published the Black Student's Guide to Law Schools & Firms, the first-ever comprehensive listing of Black attorney percentages at nearly 400 law firms, including the nation's largest firms.

15. "Law Firms May Want to Hire Legal Ops-Trained Law Grads," 04.12.19.
The American Lawyer writes that "law schools are looking for ways to bring legal operations training into the classroom, potentially creating a new path for lawyers in Big Law and an opportunity for firms to provide what clients really want."

16. "As Test Expert in Admissions Scandal Pleads Guilty, Exam Companies Move to Fix Weaknesses," 04.12.19.
The New York Times reports that "in the wake of the federal [admissions] investigation, the college testing industry is now scrambling to fix weaknesses that the scheme has exposed, focusing on…special-needs arrangements."

Associations Now reports that on Friday the Pentagon's decision to rescind rules that allowed transgender people to serve in the military went into effect.

18. "Georgetown Students Agree to Create Reparations Fund," 04.12.19.
The New York Times reports that "students at Georgetown University voted on Thursday to increase their tuition to benefit descendants of the 272 enslaved Africans that the Jesuits who ran the school sold nearly two centuries ago to secure its financial future…the fund they voted to create would represent the first instance of reparations for slavery by a prominent American organization."

19. "New bill would end 'bureaucratic nightmare' for Public Service Loan Forgiveness program," 04.11.19.
The ABA Journal reports that two Democratic senators have introduced a bill that would bolster the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.

    a. "Your Student Loan Servicer Will Call You Back in a Year. Sorry.," 04.12.19.
    More on the fiasco that is public service loan forgiveness, from the New York Times.

20. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

    a. "Venable Posts Financial Gains After Fitzpatrick Deal," 04.18.19. (American Lawyer: Revenue up 5,5%, PPP up 2.7%)

    b. "Arnall Golden Breaks $1M PEP Milestone," 04.17.19. (Daily Report: Revenue up 6.9%, PPP up 13.5%)

    c. "Cahill Gordon Sees Declines Amid Junk Bond Market Slowdown," 04.15.19. (New York Law Journal: Revenue down 7%, PPP down 7.1%)

April 12, 2019

1. "Strong Demand Fuels Growth for Big Four Labor and Employment Firms," 04.11.19.
The Daily Report reports that "the country's largest labor and employment firms enjoyed strong growth in 2018, thanks to high demand that has been spurred by litigation, new laws and regulations, multinational clients and the #MeToo era."

2. "Florida International Is 37th Law School To Accept The GRE For Admissions," 04.11.19.
The TaxProf Blog provides an update on the number of law schools accepting the GRE in lieu of the LSAT for admissions purposes.

3. "How Law Schools Can Encourage More Exposure to Legal Operations," 04.11.19.
This piece in Legaltech News argues that "law schools would do well to include some basic teaching of database management, knowledge management, data analytics and project management into their curriculum to better prepare future attorneys for the technological and operational side of the business."

4. "It's Time for Big Steps Toward Law Firm Diversity," 04.11.19.
Joe Drayton, president of the National Bar Association and a partner at Cooley, and writing here for the New York Law Journal, argues that "the legal profession must work harder to closer resemble our ever changing and evolving national demographics."

5. "Government Warns Law Firms of Consequences for Diversity Failures," 04.10.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "a key federal contracting overseer put law firms on notice Wednesday, warning that the government is paying attention to the diversity gap in the legal industry."

    a. "Law Firms Warned About Diversity by Contractor Watchdog," 04.10.19.
    More on this from Bloomberg Law: "The Trump administration's federal contractor police plans to take a closer look at diversity and discrimination at law firms, a Labor Department official said."

6. "For Morgan Lewis' McKeon, Global Mentorship Goes Two Ways," 04.10.19.
The American Lawyer writes about Morgan, Lewis & Bockius chair Jami Wintz McKeon's participation in the Global Women's Mentoring Partnership, through which she has mentored rising women lawyers in South Africa, El Salvador, Kenya, Vietnam and Ghana.

7. "My One-L Life: Where 'Grutter' Hits Close to Home," 04.10.19.
A University of Michigan 1L, writing for The National Law Journal, reflects on the Supreme Court's decision in Grutter and the current undergraduate admissions scandal: "16 years after Grutter, thoughtful discussions about admissions in higher education are still worth having — whether celebrity bribery is involved or not."

8. "In 'Mommy Track' Suit, Morrison & Foerster Seeks Sanctions Against Former Associate and Sanford Heisler," 04.09.19.
The Recorder reports that Morrison & Foerster is asking for sanctions against the firm that has brought a gender discrimination lawsuit against the firm, alleging the plaintiffs' claims were knowingly baseless.

9. "Jones Day Breaks Silence, Disputes Bias Claims Brought by Working Mothers," 04.09.19.
The New York Law Journal reports that "Jones Day has responded publicly to a $200 million proposed gender bias class action brought by six associates last week, vowing to fight the claims and touting its commitment to women's inclusion and advancement."

10. "Texas Tech Health Sciences Center agrees to stop using race in medical school admissions," 04.09.19.
The Washington Post reports that "Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center has agreed to stop using race when considering applicants to its medical school, bowing to pressure as the Trump administration campaigns to curtail the use of affirmative action in education."

11. "Brexit Has London's US Law Firms Stirred Up, Not Quite Shaken," 04.09.19.
The American Lawyer takes a look at the impact of the Brexit process on American law firms with offices in London.

12. "U.K. Gender Pay Gap Reporting Prompts Two Big Law Firms to Review Parent Policies," 04.08.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "Ashurst and Hogan Lovells are reviewing policies designed to change attitudes and aid women's success in the workplace following the release of their latest gender pay gap figures."

13. "Do Minimum Hourly Billing Requirements Lead to Overbilling?," 04.08.19.
This opinion piece in Legaltech News argues that minimum annual billing requirements push associates to overbill for their services.

14. "The Future Of Legal Recruiting Takes Less Than A Half-Hour?," 04.05.19.
Nick Alexiou, writing for Above the Law, reports that O'Melveny will use computer tests developed by Pymetrics to supplement their screening of law students during recruitment.

15. "Law Schools Should Make Law Graduates Better Humans, Not Just Better Lawyers," 04.05.19.
The Daily Business Review speaks with Patricia White, Dean of the University of Miami Law School for more than ten years, as she prepares to step down.

16. "Law Firms See Minor Gains While Affinity Bars Set Goals," 04.05.19.
The president of the Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Pennsylvania, writing for The Legal Intelligencer, laments the slow progress of increasing diversity within law firms: "Despite decades of diversity and inclusion efforts, the legal profession remains one of the least diverse professions and is making only incremental progress."

17. "EY Eyes Continued Legal Services Growth With Pangea3 Acquisition," 04.05.19.
Legaltech News reports that EY has acquired Pangea3, a legal managed services business originating from Thomson Reuters.

    a. "Ernst & Young entity acquires Thomson Reuters' business; should law firms worry?," 04.05.19.
    More on this from the ABA Journal.

18. "Sink or Swim: Law Firms Need to Leverage, Understand Tech to Survive," 04.05.19.
Legaltech News reports on the results of a new survey by Wolters Kluwer that show most law firms are not prepared to keep pace with technology-driven changes in the legal market.

19. "Would millennial lawyers trade pay for better work-life balance? A significant percentage say yes," 04.04.19.
The ABA Journal reports that "a significant portion of millennials would be willing to take a pay cut for more time out of the office."

20. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

    a. "After Strong Year, Katten Sets Sights on Greater Growth, Brand Recognition," 04.11.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 10.6%, PPP up 7.1%)

    b. "Greenspoon Marder Posts Its Third Consecutive Year of Double-Digit Revenue Growth," 04.11.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 13%, PPP up 2.3%)

    c. "Mintz Hits New Revenue, Profit Highs After a Decade Under NY Leader," 04.10.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 7%, PPP up 2%)

    d. "After Netting Nearly $100M in Contingency Fees, Winston Sees More Revenue Growth," 04.09.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 1.3%, PPP up 0.2%)

    e. "Arnold & Porter Stays 'On Track' With Modest Revenue Growth," 04.09.19. (The National Law Journal: Revenue up 1%, PPP up 4.3%)

    f. "Foley &: Lardner Reaps Big Gains From Gardere Merger," 04.09.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 21.9%, PPP up 7.2%)

    g. "Drinker Biddle Feels Profit Pinch in 2018, Following Defections," 04.05.19. (The Legal Intelligencer: Revenue down 2.6%, PPP down 1.1%)

April 5, 2019

1. "Ted Cruz to investigate Yale Law School," 04.05.19.
The Yale Daily News reports that "Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has opened an investigation into the Law School's decision to extend its nondiscrimination policy to summer and postgraduate public interest fellowships."

2. "Millennial Lawyers Want Partnership on Different Terms, Survey Finds," 04.04.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "despite their heavily analyzed generational differences, a new study finds that millennial lawyers still have their eye on law firm partnership more than any other long-term goal."

3. "Legal Departments Join Law Firms in Applying the 'Mansfield Rule'," 04.04.19.
The American Lawyer reports that Caren Ulrich Stacey's Diversity Lab has "launched the newest iteration of its campaign to boost diversity in legal departments and outside counsel ranks… 'Mansfield Rule: Legal Department Edition' will require participating in-house legal teams to consider at least 50 percent women, minority lawyers, LGBTQ+ lawyers and lawyers with disabilities as applicants for key leadership roles."

4. "International J.D. Students In U.S. Law Schools," 04.04.19.
The TaxProf Blog highlights a new Law & Society article that "reveals the significance of a new and growing minority group within US law schools — international students in the Juris Doctor (JD) program."

5. "Bay Area Big Law Firms Reap Rewards From Tech Boom," 04.04.19.
The Recorder reports that "most of the Am Law 100 firms with deep roots in the Bay Area's booming tech economy reported solid gross revenue growth last year."

6. "Associates Assail 'Fraternity Culture' at Jones Day in $200M Sex Bias Suit," 04.03.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "six female former Jones Day associates have accused the firm of widespread gender discrimination, claiming its black box compensation model, leadership structure and culture serve to systematically deny women equal pay and opportunity for advancement." (A $200 million class action was filed Wednesday afternoon in Washington, D.C., federal court.)

    a. "'Someone Has to Speak Up': Lawyers Suing Jones Day Say Career Risk Is Worth It," 04.05.19.
    The Recorder digs into this story, writing that "two California-based law firm associates, who are part of a proposed class suing Jones Day, say more female attorneys should come forward about injustices they say they face in the workplace."

7. "Education Dept. rejects vast majority of applicants for temporary student loan forgiveness program," 04.03.19.
The Washington Post reports that while "tens of thousands of public servants have applied to have their federal student loans forgiven through a temporary relief program run by the U.S. Education Department…fewer than 300 have had success."

8. "Meet the Record-Setting Number of Incoming Women Law Deans," 04.03.19.
Karen Sloan, writing for Law.com, introduces readers to the next generation of women law school leaders.

    a. "Gibson Dunn Practice Leader Tapped as Catholic U Law School Dean," 04.02.19.
    The National Law Journal reports that Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher partner Stephen Payne has been named as dean of Catholic University of America's Columbus School of Law.

    b. "Seasoned Law Deans Bidding Adieu," 04.01.19.
    And Law.com tackles the flip side, noting that "a number of the nation's longest-serving deans are soon to leave their posts."

9. "The Houston Legal Tech Association Is Turning Law Students Into Tech Writers," 04.03.19.
Legaltech News reports that "the newly created Houston Legal Tech Association has announced the start of a new program for law school students to create original content regarding the intersection of law and technology."

10. "BigLaw firm criticized for lack of diversity is now No. 1 for black lawyers, new report says," 04.02.19.
The ABA Journal reports that the nonprofit group Lawyers of Color has found Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison to be the law firm with the highest percentage of black lawyers.

11. "To Promote Equal Pay, More Places Are Banning the 'Salary History' Question. This Map Shows Where It's Still Legal," 04.02.19.
Money reports that "seven states, Puerto Rico, and six cities and counties have banned all employers from asking a job applicant about his or her salary history in one of the most significant efforts to shrink the gender wage gap."

12. "In a Hot Lateral Market, Why Are Some Lawyers Lifers?," 04.02.19.
The American Lawyer speaks with lawyers who have stayed with one firm for their entire career despite the mad lateral market around them.

13. "This lawyer was so burned out she gave up practice and studied well-being; what's her stress advice?," 04.02.19.
The ABA Journal profiles former Big Law lawyer Paula Davis-Laack about her work to combat lawyer stress and burnout.

14. "Private equity fund that owns Charlotte School of Law sued in Illinois state court for alleged fraud," 04.01.19.
The ABA Journal reports that "former students at Charlotte School of Law recently filed two Illinois state court actions alleging consumer fraud and deceptive business practices against Sterling Capital Partners, a Chicago private equity firm that owns the law school."

15. "Half of World's Largest Companies Fail Pay Equality Test," 04.01.19.
Corporate Counsel reports that according to a new report that ranks 46 of the world's largest companies on their efforts to close persistent gender and racial pay gaps, half of all the companies flunked the pay equality test.

16. "NYSBA to Study if Move to Uniform Bar Exam Led to a Rise in Lawyers Unprepared to Practice," 04.01.19.
The New York Law Journal reports thatthe state bar association is creating a task force to study whether the adoption of the Uniform Bar Exam has led to a decrease in practice readiness.

17. "Children Of Lawyers 17 Times More Likely To Become Lawyers," 04.01.19.
Above the Law reports "according to a new book on social mobility…children of lawyers are 17 times more likely to become lawyers than children whose parents have a job in a different area of employment."

18. "Another Biglaw Firm Kicks Mandatory Arbitration To The Curb," 04.01.19.
Above the Law reports that McDermott Will & Emery has announced that they are ending their policy of mandatory arbitration.

19. "New Push for Test Optional," 04.01.19.
Inside Higher Ed reports that more colleges are ending requirements that applicants submit SAT or ACT and explores the reasons for this development.

20. "Brexit Is Messy. London's Lawyers Are Cashing In," 03.31.19.
The New York Times reports that the highest grossing law firms in the UK have had their best financial results in a decade as a result of the messy Brexit process currently underway.

21. "50 Years of Affirmative Action: What Went Right, and What It Got Wrong," 03.30.19.
This special report in The New York Times looks back at 50 years of affirmative action policy and practice in the United States.

22. "Profits Rise, But Big Law's Middle Class Still Feels the Squeeze," 03.29.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "the growth in wealth among the Am Law 100 last year was more evenly distributed than in recent years, buoyed by arguably the healthiest market for Big Law services since the Great Recession."

23. "Report Sees Busy Quarter for Law Firm Mergers, Driven by Smaller Deals," 03.29.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "more law firm mergers than usual closed in the first three months of 2019, according to the consultant Fairfax Associates, helped along mostly by consolidation among smaller firms across the country."

24. "ABA legal ed section finds Puerto Rico law school back in compliance with accreditation standard," 03.29.19.
The ABA Journal reports that the ABA's Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has found that the University of Puerto Rico School of Law is back in compliance with the accreditation standards after having fallen out of compliance in the aftermath of the hurricanes that hit the island in 2017.

25. "What Will Retirement Look Like for Millennials?," 03.29.19.
The Recorder reprints this piece from ThinkAdvisor about a new report from the Brookings Institution that examines the prospects for retirement saving by millennials in 2050.

26. "California Lawmakers Propose Reforms in Admissions Process. Other States Could Follow," 03.29.19.
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that a group of California legislators has proposed reforms in the college-admissions process that would ban preferential treatment in admissions for the children of donors and alumni and would review the effectiveness of college-entrance exams like the SAT and ACT. (Subscription required.)

27. "Majority of Law Firms, Companies Score High in Equality Study on LGBTQ Policies," 03.28.19.
More on last week's release of the 2019 Human Rights Campaign Foundation report on corporate equality for LGBTQ people, here from Corporate Counsel: "a record number of U.S. companies and law firms support employees who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer or questioning their gender and/or sexuality."

28. "How International Education's Golden Age Lost Its Sheen," 03.28.19.
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on the decline of the internationalization of American higher education, and the complex set of reasons behind this development.

29. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

    a. "Miles & Stockbridge Took a Hit in 2018 But Sees Promise in DC," 04.03.19. (The National Law Journal: Revenue down 1.7%, PPP down 14.2%)

    b. "Smith Gambrell Posts Profit, Revenue Jumps Amid Continued Expansion," 04.03.19. (Daily Report: Revenue up 12.1%, PPP up 13.3%)

    c. "A Year After Merging, Hunton Andrews Kurth Close to Marks at Legacy Firms," 04.02.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue $748 million, PPP $1.09 million)

    d. "Holland & Hart Reports Drops in Revenue, Profits and Head Count," 03.29.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue down 5.1%, PPP down 3.1%)

    e. "Morris Manning Posts Big Revenue Jump While Bulking Up in DC," 03.29.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 7.4%, PPP up 3.3%)

March 29, 2019

1. "Freelance attorneys benefit from growing demand," April 2019.
The ABA Journal magazine reports that the freelance lawyer business is thriving.

2. "Big Law Beats Big Business for LGBTQ Equality, Report Says," 03.28.19.
The American Lawyer reports that according to the latest Human Rights Campaign Foundation's 2019 Corporate Equality Index, "once again, the country's biggest law firms outperformed corporate America in their level of support for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer employees."

3. "The Implicit Punishment of Daring to Go to College When Poor," 03.28.19.
A good NYT op-ed by a senior at Queens College in New York, on the experience of low-income students navigating college admissions.

4. "JP Morgan's Investment Bank Drops Campus Visits," 03.28.19.
Inside Higher Ed reports that "JP Morgan Chase's investment bank has dropped its long-standing intern recruiting visits to college campuses [and will] instead ask students to apply by submitting video interviews and taking online behavioral science tests." ("The change is designed to create a more level playing field for potential recruits who are from underserved backgrounds or who attended less selective colleges, the bank said.")

5. "How Quinn Emanuel Partner Joe Milowic Plunged to the Depths of Depression but Inspired Other Lawyers to Believe in Themselves," 03.28.19.
The New York Law Journal reports that Quinn Emanuel partner Joseph Milowic III has launched the Lawyers Depression Project to support attorneys experiencing mental health problems.

6. "Talent or Token? Lawyers Say Diversity Still Can Be Just for Show," 03.28.19.
This piece in The American Lawyer argues that "all the talk [about diversity] hasn't meant meaningful increases in actual lawyers of color doing client work."

7. "As Mayer Brown, Orrick Oust Partners, Signs of a Post-#MeToo Standard," 03.28.19.
The American Lawyer reports that in a post-#MeToo world, law firms are acting on their values and ousting partners who violate norms.

8. "Nonprofit AccessLex Institute To Offer Bar Prep Courses At Reduced Cost (At Least $1,000 Less)," 03.27.19.
The LawProf Blog reports that the AccessLex Institute has announced that "it will offer a superior bar examination preparation program at a price that will rationalize and reset market pricing."

9. "US Law Firms Are Falling Behind in the UK M&A Market," 03.27.19.
The American Lawyer reports that U.K. firms took the top six spots in a 2018 ranking for U.K. M&A activity, with U.S. firms falling down the rankings for the first time since 2014.

10. "Big Law Is Targeted-In Person-By Law Students Opposing Mandatory Arbitration," 03.26.19.
Law.com reports that "law students behind a national effort to end mandatory arbitration at law firms stepped up their efforts Tuesday."

    a. "Law School Students Are Taking To The Street Over Biglaw Firms With Mandatory Arbitration Agreements," 03.26.19.
    More on this from Above the Law.

    b. "Law Students Put More Pressure on Big Law Over Arbitration," 03.26.19.
    Bloomberg Law also reports on this development.

    c. "Harvard Law Students Push to Reform Law Firms' Contracts for Incoming Associates," 03.28.19.
    More on this from The Harvard Crimson.

11. "M&A Activity Is Booming, but Attorneys' Optimism Is Guarded, " 03.26.19.
The American Lawyer reports that despite a booming M&A market in 2018, there are a number of adverse market trends and developments that could put a damper on M&A activity in 2019 and beyond.

12. "Where Do Colleges Recruit? Wealthy and White High Schools," 03.26.19.
Inside Higher Ed reports on a new study that shows that leading public universities are more likely than not to recruit at high schools that are high income and largely white.

13. "Connecting Law Students' Goals To Lawyer Competency," 03.25.19.
The TaxProf Blog reports on a new law review article by Neil Hamilton in which he argues that "In changing markets for clients and legal employers, law schools that most effectively connect the goals of prospective and enrolled law students to the competencies that clients and legal employers need will be successful."

14. "Valuing Potential, Not Privilege, in College Admissions," 03.25.19.
Kellye Testy, the president and CEO of the Law School Admission Council, writing here for The National Law Journal, responds to the recent undergraduate admissions scandal.

15. "Western State May Be Sixth ABA-Accredited Law School To Close Since 2016," 03.23.19.
The TaxProf Blog reports that "should Western State close after the spring semester [as is widely anticipated], it would become the sixth ABA-accredited law school to shutter or announced plans to close since 2016, joining Arizona Summit, Charlotte, Indiana Tech, Valparaiso, and Whittier."

16. "Our Software Is Biased Like We Are. Can New Laws Change That?," 03.23.19.
The Wall Street Journal reports on the bias potential present in algorithms, and what a variety of states are trying to do to combat that bias. (Subscription required.)

17. "Some London Firms Seeking Female-Only Lists of Potential Laterals," 03.22.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "one trend that has emerged amid the heightened push for diversity is firms requiring recruiters to include women — and sometimes only women — on short lists of lateral partner candidates."

18. "Law Schools See High Dean Turnover As Pressures Increase," 03.22.19.
The TaxProf Blog reports that "in the past five years, 15 of California's nationally accredited law schools have had dean turnover, which experts say is a testament to how difficult and demanding the job is."

19. "Alston & Bird Partners With GSU Analytics Lab For Future Law," 03.22.19.
The Daily Report reports that "Alston & Bird…has formed a unique, broad-based partnership with Georgia State University's new Legal Analytics Lab to develop artificial intelligence programs for the firm from the ground up."

20. "Privacy Law Specialist: The ABA-Approved Certification for Lawyers Practicing Privacy," 03.19.19.
Legaltech News reports on the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Privacy Law Specialist certification, the only such certification for lawyers practicing in the United States that is recognized by the American Bar Association.

21. "Could Riverside County get a UC law school?," 03.19.19.
The Press-Enterprise reports that a bill has been introduced in California that "would set aside an unspecified amount of state money starting in mid-2020 for a University of California-affiliated law school in Riverside County."

22. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

    a. "Partner Compensation Changes at Morrison & Foerster Lead to Equity Partner Drop, PEP Surge," 03.25.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue down 1.9%, PPP up 14.2%)

    b. "Loeb & Loeb Sees Double-Digit Revenue Growth in Big Hiring Year," 03.25.19. (The Recorder: Revenue up 12.6%, PPP up 2.1%)

    c. "Shook Hardy & Bacon Sees Flat Revenue Amid Big Lateral Hires in 2018," 03.22.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue down 0.7%, PPP down 1.4%)

March 22, 2019

1. "Remote Revolution: Law Schools Embracing Online Flexibility After Student Push," 03.21.19.
Legaltech News reports that following the change made by the ABA last year to allow up to 30 credits of distance education towards the juris doctor degree, more law schools are offering online coursework.

2. "Incoming Batch of Law Deans Is More Diverse Than Ever," 03.21.19.
Law.com reports that "the wave of minority women taking the helm at law schools is gaining momentum," and that more women and minorities have been named law school deans than ever before.

3. "How Recruiters Can Help Address Gender Imbalance," 03.21.19.
A partner at MLA, writing for The American Lawyer, argues that because "legal recruiters serve as intermediaries and trusted advisers between firms and candidates…recruiters are in a unique position to help move the needle on closing the [gender pay] gap."

4. "The moral issue here," 03.21.19.
Jordan Furlong, writing for his Law21 blog, provides a thoughtful response to the recent university admissions scandal, and argues that a lawyer needs to be able to recognize the sound of his or her conscience, and provides some guidance for doing so.

5. "Federal Judge Throws Sinking Western State Law a Short-Term Lifeline," 03.20.19.
The Recorder reports that "a federal judge in Ohio on Tuesday ordered the receiver tasked with winding down the Orange County, California, school to extend enough funding to allow it to remain open until May 29 — giving the 77 students in their final semester the ability to complete their legal studies and graduate."

6. "Why Millennials Should Give 'Managing Upward' a Chance," 03.20.19.
A Big Law associate, writing for The Recorder, says that managing upward is good for attorneys at all levels.

7. "Is Elite College Worth It? Maybe Not," 03.20.19.
The Wall Street Journal reports on research that shows that "a college degree delivers a large and sustained income premium over a high school diploma, but a selective college doesn't make the premium bigger." (Subscription required.)

8. "Be skeptical of law-school and other college rankings. Very skeptical," 03.19.19.
This Los Angeles Times op-ed by a professor of constitutional law at Yale Law School argues that "prospective law students should treat the U.S. News rankings — and any other ranking system, for that matter — with caution and skepticism."

9. "Georgetown Law Expands Campus With Record-Setting Gift," 03.19.19.
The National Law Journal reports that "Georgetown University Law Center is expanding its campus with the purchase of a 130,000-square-foot building near its Washington, D.C., location…the addition is partially funded with a $10.5 million gift from law school alum Scott Ginsburg, which is the largest single donation in the law school's history."

10. "'Just-Make-It-Happen' Mentality Is Bad for Lawyer Well-Being," 03.19.19.
Patrick Krill, writing for Law.com, proposes two steps for pushing back against the just-make-it-happen mentality that often prevails at law firms.

11. "Former Big Law Attorney Aims to Foster Diversity in Year One," 03.19.19.
The Recorder reports that "Legal education company PracticePro…is trying to reduce that uncertainty for diverse law students [by] partnering with law firms and in-house departments for its 1L Diversity Scholar Program, a mentorship program intended to develop diverse legal talent beginning in the first year of law school."

12. "UA Little Rock Strives to Strengthen Pre-Law Advising by Leading a One-Day Statewide Meeting," 03.19.19.
The latest from the What Great Law Schools Do blog, featuring a pre-law initiative at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock's William H. Bowen School of Law.

13. "Legal Aid Calls for Public Defender Pay Parity With Corporation Counsel Lawyers," 03.19.19.
The New York Law Journal reports that "the Legal Aid Society on Tuesday called for city public defenders to be given pay parity with Corporation Counsel attorneys."

14. "Global Vereins Show Steady Growth in 2018," 03.18.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "the five full-service law firms in the Am Law 100 structured as Swiss vereins all grew their revenues in 2018, while also increasing their profitability."

15. "Morgan Lewis Takes on Lawyer Mental Health With New Program, Executive," 03.18.19.
The American Lawyer reports that Morgan, Lewis & Bockius is launching a new mental health and well-being initiative and adding an executive position focused entirely on employee wellness issues.

16. "Trump Administration Proposes Borrowing Limits for Some Student Loans," 03.18.19.
The Wall Street Journal reports that "the White House is calling on Congress to cap how much graduate students and parents of undergraduates can borrow in federal student loans, a proposal it said is aimed at curbing rising college costs."

    a. "White House Looks to Curb Student Lending," 03.19.19.
    More on this from Inside Higher Ed.

17. "Washburn Law School Launches Third Year Anywhere Enrollment Option," 03.18.19.
The TaxProf Blog reports that Washburn has announced a new program that will allow third year law students to complete their final year of law school from anywhere, and will include online courses as well as a supervised 20-hours per week practicum.

18. "A Law School Ventures Into Executive Ed," 03.18.19.
Inside Higher Ed reports that Loyola Law School in Los Angeles is launching an executive education program called LLX.

19. "Tech support: law firms lining up to take advantage of tech boom," 03.18.19.
Canadian Lawyer magazine reports that "Canada's tech sector is booming, and law firms of all shapes and sizes are lining up to take advantage."

20. "The Lies, Myths and Fears Fueling the College Admissions Scandal," 03.18.19.
A law firm partner, writing for the New York Law Journal, takes a deeper dive into the college admissions culture that he says drove the recent scandal.

    a. "College Admissions: Vulnerable, Exploitable, and to Many Americans, Broken," 03.15.19.
    More from The New York Times on the implications of the university admissions scandal that broke last week.

21. "Study Shows 'Disheartening' Lack of Diversity at Legal Departments, Law Firms," 03.15.19.
Corporate Counsel reports on a new report from Thomson Reuters and Acritas that examines the state of diversity in corporate law departments.

22. "Women Corporate Counsel Share Career Advice, Experiences At Berkeley Law Event," 03.15.19.
The Recorder reports on the proceedings at a Berkeley Center for Law and Business event addressing gender inequity in business law with a panel of corporate counsel in San Francisco.

23. "Risk and Trust: Keys to Evaluating a Lateral's Transferrable Business," 03.15.19.
A law firm talent management director, writing for The Legal Intelligencer, provides five simple best practices to increase your likelihood of predicting a lateral candidate's potential for success.

24. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

    a. "Kirkland Overtakes Latham as World's Biggest Firm by Revenue," 03.21.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 19.4%, PPP up 14.7%)

      i. "Kirkland Poised to Keep Top Am Law 100 Rank After Another Stellar Year," 03.20.19.
      More on this from The American Lawyer: "Kirkland & Ellis looks likely to retain its title as the largest law firm in the U.S. by revenue after a year in which the Chicago-founded firm grew its top line more than 18 percent to $3.76 billion and its profits per equity partner topped $5 million for the first time."

    b. "Wall Street Firm Fried Frank Surpasses $3 Million Profit Per Equity Partner," 03.21.19. (New York Law Journal: Revenue up 7.9%, PPP up 11.1%)

    c. "Bankruptcies, Deals and Litigation Push Weil Gotshal to New Highs," 03.20.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 5%, PPP up 5.4%)

    d. "After Record Year, Wilmer Teases New San Francisco Office, Fresh Hires," 03.20.19. (The National Law Journal: Revenue up 1%, PPP up 1.7%)

    e. "Schulte Roth Sees Profits Rise in 2018 as Transition Approaches," 03.19.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 3.7%, PPP up 8.2%)

    f. "Profits Per Partner Hit $5 Million at Paul Weiss, Redefining Richest Tier," 03.18.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 10.6%, PPP up 10%)

    g. "Blank Rome Sees Incremental Gains, C-Suite Changes in 2018," 03.18.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 2.7%, PPP up 1.6%)

    h. "As Revenue Dips, Schiff Hardin Leader Focuses on Core Practices, PEP Growth," 03.18.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue down 3.5%, PPP up 13.1%)

    i. "Crowell Sees Revenue Drop, Rebalancing After Big Gains," 03.15.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue down 4.2%, PPP down 8.8%)

March 15, 2019

1. "How to Reduce Student Debt and Increase College Affordability," 03.14.19.
The Recorder reports on the proceedings of "a panel testifying before the House Committee on Education and Labor in a hearing [on student debt in] the first of five bipartisan hearings to be used for a comprehensive reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, last renewed over 10 years ago."

2. "New Hampshire Is Ninth Law School To Offer Hybrid Online J.D., First With IP Focus," 03.14.19.
The TaxProf Blog reports that in fall of 2019 UNH Law will offer a new Hybrid (online and residential) JD Program with an Intellectual Property and Technology Law focus.

3. "Is Being Black a Problem at Law Firms?," 03.14.19.
A lawyer from Michigan, writing for The American Lawyer, argues that most law firm diversity efforts amount to mere tokenism.

4. "Forget Prom. This 16-Year-Old Is Headed to Law School," 03.14.19.
Law.com reports that a 16-year old who has been accepted by five law schools has chosen to enroll at Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law.

5. "Summer Associate Recruiting Holds Steady," 03.13.19.
Karen Sloan, writing for Law.com, reports on NALP's release this week of the 2018 summer and fall recruiting data.

    a. "Entry-level Law Firm Recruiting Activity Remains Strong, Exceeding Some Pre-Recession Benchmarks," 03.13.19.
    You can read the NALP press release and review the entire report, Perspectives on 2018 Law Student Recruiting, here.

    b. "Associate offer rates reach record high; how do 2Ls pick law firms?," 03.14.19.
    The ABA Journal reports on the NALP recruiting numbers: "Law firms offered jobs to nearly 97 percent of associates coming out of summer programs last year, a historic high, according to the National Association for Law Placement."

    c. "Biglaw Offer Rates For Law School Student Recruitment Reaches Historic Highs," 03.14.19.
    And Above the Law weighs in.

6. "Federal judiciary adopts ethics rules barring sex harassment, egregious treatment of workers," 03.13.19.
The ABA Journal reports that "new ethics rules adopted by the federal judiciary Tuesday make clear that sexual harassment is banned, and that judges and their employees have a reporting obligation when such conduct happens."

    a. "How the Judiciary Changed Conduct Rules to Pierce Culture of Confidentiality," 03.13.19.
    More on this from The National Law Journal: "Responding to complaints that the culture of the federal judiciary makes it difficult for employees to lodge complaints of misconduct, the Judicial Conference on Tuesday promulgated significant changes to the code of judicial conduct that governs judges and court employees."

7. "O'Melveny and Allen & Overy Merger Talks Reach Final Stages," 03.13.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "West Coast litigation leader O'Melveny & Myers and U.K. Magic Circle firm Allen & Overy are in the final stages of discussions on a major trans-Atlantic merger."

8. "College Admissions Scandal: Actresses, Business Leaders and Other Wealthy Parents Charged," 03.12.19.
The New York Times reports that "federal prosecutors charged 50 people on Tuesday in a brazen scheme to buy spots in the freshman classes at Yale, Stanford and other big name schools."

    a. "College Officials Were Charged in the Admissions-Bribery Scheme. Now Their Campuses Are Cutting Ties," 03.12.19.
    More on the admissions scandal from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

    b. "Massive Scandal Alleged in College Admissions," 03.12.19.
    And Inside Higher Ed has more on this story.

    c. "2 Stanford Students File Suit Over University Admissions Scandal," 03.14.19.
    The Recorder reports that "lawyers representing a pair of Stanford University students have filed a proposed class action lawsuit [claiming] that the value of their Stanford education has been tarnished by the scandal."

    i. "$500B? Proposed Class Action Seeks Windfall in College Admissions Scandal," 03.14.19.
    More on this from The Recorder.

    d. "Can You Bribe Your Way Into Law School?," 03.14.19.
    Karen Sloan, writing for Law.com, tosses this question around with admissions coach Anna Ivey.

9. "Big Law Dealmaker Charged in the National College Admissions Scandal," 03.12.19.
And The American Lawyer reports that "Gordon Caplan, the New York-based co-chair of international law firm Willkie Farr & Gallagher and The American Lawyer's 2018 Dealmaker of the Year, has been named as a defendant in a nationwide college admissions scandal."

    a. "In Through the 'Side Door': Wiretap Outlines Willkie Leader's Alleged Role in Admissions Scandal," 03.12.19.
    And more on the Willkie angle from the New York Law Journal.

    b. "How Significant a Blow Is Gordon Caplan's Leave From Willkie?," 03.14.19.
    The New York Law Journal speculates on the ramifications of this scandal for Willkie.

10. "Stanford Holds Steady, USC Jumps 2 Spots in Latest US News Law School Ranking," 03.12.19.
The Recorder reports on the release of the latest US News law school rankings.

    a. "2020 U.S. News Law School Peer Reputation Rankings (And Overall Rankings)," 03.12.19.
    And the TaxProf Blog provides the full list of the 192 law schools ranked by academic peer reputation and the overall rank for each school.

    b. "US News releases its 2020 law school rankings," 03.12.19.
    More on this from the ABA Journal: "There's little variation in U.S. News & World Report's 2020 rankings among the top 20 law schools, and the top seven are identical to last year."

11. "Husch Blackwell Conducts Lawyer Challenge to Develop Innovative Client Services," 03.12.19.
Legaltech News reports that "Husch Blackwell awarded a startup adviser tool the winner of its first firmwide legal innovation challenge aimed at sparking creative solutions for clients' challenges."

12. "From White-Shoe to Blue-Jean, Firms Get Casual to Draw in Talent," 03.12.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "Dechert is the latest firm to expand its definition of acceptable workplace attire…[announcing] a new business casual dress code that means lawyers and staff can now wear jeans any day of the week, if they so choose."

13. "Billable Hour Haters Academy? New Curriculum Launches for Legal Pricing Pros," 03.12.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "two well-known consultants in the legal pricing space launched a set of online courses this week designed to [train law firm pricing directors]."

14. "Why Legal Operations Matters and How to Optimize Its Impact," 03.11.19.
This piece in The Legal Intelligencer makes the case for legal operations and provides four best practices to ensure the long-term success of legal ops efforts.

15. "4 Recent Compliance Apps — Created by Attorneys — to Replace Attorneys," 03.11.19.
Legaltech News reports that "law firms are now merging their legal expertise and technology to create software that clients can use for assistance without counsel" by developing software around compliance.

16. "Law Schools Escalate Their Focus on Digital Skills," 03.11.19.
EdTech Magazine Higher Education reports that new technology is changing the law school curriculum.

17. "Are Legal Departments Really Better Than Firms at Diversity?," 03.10.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "in 2018, fewer than 20 percent of Fortune 500 general counsel were people of color and around one-third were women."

18. "Legal Employment Edges Up as US Job Gains Flatten," 03.08.19.
The American Lawyer reports modest gains in lawyer jobs numbers based on the latest USBLS data: "the legal services industry added 600 jobs in February."

19. "5 Tips for Incorporating Mindfulness into Your Legal Practice," 05.08.19.
A law firm associate who is also a yoga instructor, writing for The Recorder, offers advice about how busy lawyers can fit in the daily practice of mindfulness, meditation or yoga.

20. "Big Changes in Summer Associate Hiring Are On the Way — Slowly," 03.07.19.
Karen Sloan, writing for Law.com, reports on reactions to the changes NALP made recently to its recruiting guidelines.

    a. "Big Law Associate Hiring is Static — And That's a Good Thing," 03.08.19.
    And Law.com speaks with NALP's executive director about the most recent recruitment season, and the changes to the NALP recruiting guidelines. (Podcast)

    b. "What The Future May Hold For Legal Recruiting," 03.11.19.
    And the latest from Vanderbilt's Nick Alexiou, writing for Above the Law, on these very same issues.

21. "Columbia Law School, for 6th Year, Tops Go-To Law Schools Ranking," 03.07.19.
More reporting from The National Law Journal about last week's release of Law.com's Go-To Law Schools ranking: "Among Columbia's most recent graduating class, 71 percent are now working as associates at the nation's largest 100 law firms. That's up from 68 percent the previous year and is 11 percentage points higher than the No. 2 school on our list, the University of Pennsylvania Law School."

22. "Can You Tell Me a Little About Yourself?: Hiring Biases on College Campuses," 03.07.19.
Two law firm associates, writing for The Legal Intelligencer, provide "steps university leaders can take to reduce biases in both the recruiting and hiring processes and facilitate a more diverse campus."

23. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

    a. "Carlton Fields Sees Double-Digit Growth in Partner Profits," 03.14.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 4.4%, PPP up 15.5%)

    b. "Armstrong Teasdale Nudges Revenue Higher Amid East Coast Debut," 03.14.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 4.1%, PPP down 7.2%)

    c. "FisherPhillips Makes Big Gains in Revenue, Profit," 03.14.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 9.5%, PPP up 3.6%)

    d. "Debevoise & Plimpton Posts Record Revenue, Profits," 03.13.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 13%, PPP up 15.5%)

    e. "Baker McKenzie Boosts Revenues and Profits, Buoyed by Global Deals," 03.13.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 8.6%, PPP up 11%)

    f. "Kilpatrick Saw 'Exceptionally Good' Year, Leaping Forward in Revenue, Profits," 03.13.19. (Daily Report: Revenue up 6.2%, PPP up 10.8%)

    g. "Perkins Coie Sees Jump in Revenue, Partner Profits in 2018," 03.11.19. (The Recorder: Revenue up 9.6%, PPP up 9.7%)

    h. "Mayer Brown Revenue Jumps as Firm Boosts New York Practice, International Work," 03.11.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 5.8%, PPP up 8.1%)

March 8, 2019

1. "There's a Diversity Problem at Law Firms. What Can Be Done?," 03.07.19.
The ALM data wonks at The American Lawyer take a deep dive into the diversity data for the Am Law 100 and 200 law firms, and it's not a pretty picture they come up with.

2. "'We Are Doing Better Now' on Minority Law Clerk Hiring, Kagan Says," 03.07.19.
The National Law Journal reports on public comments made recently by Justice Elena Kagan and Justice Samuel Alito Jr.

3. "The Law Firm Disrupted: The Golden Years Have Not Returned," 03.07.19.
Roy Strom writing for Law.com: "In this week's Law Firm Disrupted, we hold two truths in our mind at once: Big Law is performing well. But the heady days of growth have not returned." (Subscription required.)

4. "$50M Gift to Scalia Law School Will Fund 13 New Faculty Members," 03.07.19.
The National Law Journal reports that "a record-breaking $50 million gift to George Mason University, announced Thursday, will go to the university's Antonin Scalia Law School to support 13 new faculty members."

5. "Mimicking Clients, Barnes & Thornburg Launches Legal Ops Department," 03.07.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "Indianapolis-based Barnes & Thornburg…is launching a 'legal operations department,' mimicking language that has been used on the in-house side to describe a suite of efficiency-focused services such as budgeting, project management and technology-supported legal work."

6. "When Algorithms Are Racist: How to Protect Against Biased Algorithms," 03.07.19.
Legaltech News reports on new research that points to the potential bias that comes with the use of algorithms that mine big data to automate tasks like loan approval.

7. "The reality of collaboration," 03.07.19.
Jordan Furlong at Law21 writes about collaboration between corporate law departments and law firms, and wonders if that is really possible.

    a. "The price of collaboration," 03.07.19.
    And this companion piece in Law21 looks at the costs of collaboration between corporate law departments and law firms.

8. "Judges, Clerks Warned to Avoid Partisan Training Programs," 03.06.19.
The National Law Journal reports that "the Judicial Conference of the United States' Committee on Codes of Conduct has published an advisory opinion on federal judges and their employees, including current and future law clerks, participating in programs and events sponsored by outside organizations…warning judges to carefully consider their participation in events by groups that are 'engaged in public policy debates'."

9. "Ex-Associate Alleges North Carolina Firm Used Her as 'Diversity Prop'," 03.06.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "North Carolina-based Robinson, Bradshaw & Hinson faces racial discrimination claims from a former associate who alleges the law firm markets itself as committed to maintaining a diverse workforce when, in reality, it's dominated by white males and uses women and minority lawyers as 'diversity props' to attract clients."

10. "Chai Feldblum Reflects on What's Next for Harassment, LGBT Rights," 03.06.19.
The National Law Journal speaks with "Chai Feldblum, a former member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, who watched over nine years as the courts and regulatory policies embraced progressive ideals of greater workplace equality for disabled, LGBT and minority workers and who left the EEOC in January, joined Morgan, Lewis & Bockius as a partner in Washington, and hopes to build off the work she did at the agency, particularly the 2016 report outlining guidance on harassment training in the workplace."

11. "How Do I Boost My Odds of Interview Success? One Word: Enthusiasm," 03.06.19.
Julie Brush, writing for The Recorder provides job interview advice: "Whether an employee, manager, colleague or candidate, your career success is connected to your ability to project excitement, curiosity, engagement and a positive attitude to those around you … and the work you perform."

12. Law.com publishes its 2019 Go-To Law Schools report, their ranking of the law schools that sent the highest percentage of recent graduates into associate jobs at the nation's largest 100 firms:

    a. "Sneak Peek at the 2019 Go-To Law Schools: Nos. 1-10," 03.07.19.

    b. "Sneak Peek at the 2019 Go-To Law Schools: Nos. 11-20," 03.07.19.

    c. "Sneak Peek at the 2019 Go-To Law Schools: Nos. 21-30," 03.06.19.

    d. "Sneak Peek at the 2019 Go-To Law Schools: Nos. 31-40," 03.05.19.

    e. "Sneak Peek at the 2019 Go-To Law Schools: Nos. 41-50," 03.04.19.

13. "Why Do Laterals So Often Fail? Poor Due Diligence, Researchers Say," 03.05.19.
The American Lawyer estimates that "firms lose over $2 billion a year in revenue from failed laterals," and suggests that lack of appropriate due diligence is the culprit.

14. "To the Head of the Class: Tech for Legal Educators," 03.05.19.
The dean from Fordham Law, writing for The National Law Journal, writes that "law schools must do better to adapt their curricula to technological change…schools need to expose students to the 21st century tools and concepts of the legal profession."

15. "ABA: Few Options for Western State College of Law," 03.05.19.
More on the fate of Western State College of Law from Inside Higher Ed: "In a memo to students at Western State College of Law Monday, the American Bar Association said it did not have the authority to direct the disbursal of student aid that has yet to be released for the spring semester."

    a. "Western State Law Students Turn To Courts, GoFundMe As School 'Teeters On The Edge Of Closure'," 03.07.19.
    And more from the TaxProf Blog.

16. "Common Ethical, Professional Issues Faced by Associates," 03.05.19.
Two Dentons partners, writing for The Recorder, highlight a few of the most common ethical issues that may arise for young lawyers.

17. "After Bumpy Starts, Two More Law Schools Win Full ABA Approval," 03.04.19.
Law.com reports that Concordia University School of Law and Lincoln Memorial University Duncan School of Law have been fully accredited by the American Bar Association.

18. "Clifford Chance Offers Lawyers Two Months' Leave," 03.04.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "Clifford Chance lawyers will be able to take two months of unpaid leave as part of a new flexible-working scheme at the firm, which will also target former firm lawyers."

19. "Why Michelle Obama Disliked Working at Sidley — and the Lessons That Still Apply," 03.04.19.
This comment piece in Law.com reflects on Michelle Obama's "dismal depiction of the three years she spent as an associate at the firm from 1988 to 1991" in her recently released memoir.

20. "The Two Levers in the War for Talent: Money and Culture," 03.03.19.
Evan Parker, writing for the Legal Evolution blog, says that firms that pay at the top of the market and have a high performing culture win in the war for talent.

21. "Wooing Millennials Will Be Crucial to a Firm's Bottom Line," 03.01.19.
Legaltech News reports on the proceedings at a panel during the ABA's Tech Show last week where panelists focused on how to keep millennials, who will make up seventy-five percent of the work force in ten years, happy and productive.

22. "Lawyers are 'Prototypes' in Suffering from Mental Health Problems," 03.01.19.
Law.com reports on the proceedings at a conference focused specifically on mental health challenges in the legal profession that was organized by Duke's law school and held at the University of Miami: "the mental health issues that are pervasive in the legal profession are merely a subset of the problems faced in the general population, experts said."

23. "Law Firms' Future Isn't About Rainmaking. It's About Change-Making," 03.01.19.
This piece in The American Lawyer makes the case that "change-makers…with a relentless focus on growth who also recognize that long-term success requires more than revenue generation alone…are quickly becoming a driving force in helping partners buy into new ways of thinking."

24. "Some law schools offer tech programs to help students find jobs, but does it work?," March, 2019.
The March issue of the ABA Journal magazine cover story takes a stab at evaluating the success of law school technology programs.

25. "Adult LGBT Population in the US," March 2019.
The Williams Institute at UCLA has issued a new report that provides a comprehensive look at the demographics and socioeconomic status of LGBT adults nationwide and by state, noting that somewhat counterintuitively, "regionally, the South has the largest population of LGBT adults (3,868,000) and the Northeast (2,079,000) has the smallest." A link to the full PDF report is also available from the same link.

26. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

    a. "Orrick Passes $1B Revenue Benchmark as Footprint Grows," 03.07.19. (The Recorder: Revenue up 7.3%, PPP up 6.8%)

    b. "Fish & Richardson Grows Profits, Revenue Amid Patent Litigation Headwinds," 03.06.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 3.4%, PPP up 7.2%)

    c. "DLA Piper Boosted Revenues, Profits Again in 2018," 03.05.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 7.7%, PPP up 6.7%)

    d. "Jenner & Block's Revenue Slips for Third Straight Year as PEP, RPL Rebound," 03.05.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue down 1.7%, PPP up 6.3%)

    e. "Akerman Sees Income, Revenue Rise in Year of Unexpected Leadership Shift," 03.05.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 5.1%, PPP up 0.4%)

    f. "GrayRobinson Posts Flat Revenue as Firm Streamlines Operations," 03.05.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue down 0.8%, PPP up 7.2%)

    g. "As Its Chair Leaves for Big GC Role, Davis Polk Posts Best Year Ever," 03.01.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 12%, PPP up 19%)

    h. "Latham Breaks Records Again as Revenue Soars, Profit Jumps," 03.01.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 10.5%, PPP up 6.3%)

    i. "Baker Botts Again Posts Weaker Revenue, Profits, on Fewer Contingency Fees," 03.01.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue down 7.3%, PPP down 9.6%)

    j. "Fueled by Hires and 'Happiness Factor,' McDermott Revenue Hits $1 Billion," 03.01.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 13.9%, PPP up 10%)

    k. "Ballard Spahr Sees Big Revenue Gain, Slight Profit Dip After Midwest Merger," 03.01.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 17.4%, PPP down 2.8%)

    l. "The Early Reports: 2019 Am Law 100/200 Financials," 03.06.19. The American Lawyer updates its aggregate year-end financial reporting on Am Law 100 and 200 firms.

March 1, 2019

1. "Lawyers with depression can still zealously represent clients while embracing their humanity," 02.28.19.
An attorney, writing for the ABA Journal, writes about her own depression and its impact on her practice: "The legal profession must stop pretending that the proverbial emperor is wearing clothes. Contrary to popular belief, we are merely human. We can zealously represent clients while embracing our humanity and vulnerability. As a community we can create emotionally safe spaces to discuss and seek treatment for a mental illness without being stigmatized."

    a. "A Guide to the Barriers to and Benefits of Getting Lawyers Mental Health Support," 02.27.19.
    A Big Law associate, writing for The Recorder, suggests steps that "firm leaders can [take to] help destigmatize mental health illness and mental health treatment."

2. "Democrats Launch Effort to Bar Mandatory Arbitration in Disputes," 02.28.19.
Law.com reports that "Congressional Democrats announced a package of bills Thursday that would ban forced arbitration of disputes over employment, consumer and antitrust issues and civil rights disputes."

3. "New Report: Diversifying Graduate Schools and the Faculty," 02.28.19.
Inside Higher Ed has published a new report that "features recommendations and practical ideas…on how to hire and promote diverse faculty members, as well as how to recruit diverse groups of graduate students."

4. "Khan Academy's Free, Online LSAT Prep Proves Popular With Test Takers," 02.27.19.
Law.com reports that "more than 40,000 people each month are using Khan Academy's new free, online Law School Admission Test prep program, according to figures released Wednesday by the Law School Admission Council and Khan Academy." ("More than half of African-American test takers — 52 percent — reported using the Khan Academy prep program. Among Hispanics, 41 percent used the program. And 38 percent of Asians used the program to prepare, as did 46 percent of women. Forty-seven percent of Puerto Rican LSAT takers also used Khan Academy.")

5. "Florida Coastal and ABA ask court to dismiss accreditation lawsuit," 02.27.19.
The ABA Journal reports that "Florida Coastal School of Law, the last of three for-profit InfiLaw schools to remain open, has asked that the court dismiss, with prejudice, its lawsuit against the American Bar Association, with the parties agreeing to bear their own costs and fees."

    a. "Another Law School Drops Suit Against ABA," 02.27.19.
    More on this from Law.com.

6. "The Future Of Western State Is In Doubt As Law School Is Placed In Receivership And Students Cannot Access Federal Financial Aid," 02.27.19.
The TaxProf Blog reports that Western State College of Law, operated by Dream Center Education Holdings, which was placed under federal receivership in January, is in a precarious position, with millions of dollars of debt and students who are unable to receive their federal financial aid.

    a. "Law Students Unable To Pay Rent Without Student Loans After School Goes Into Receivership," 02.08.19.
    More on this from Above the Law.

7. "Student loan forgiveness: Great in theory, murky in practice," 02.27.19.
The ABA Journal reports that the "convoluted" requirements of the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program has resulted in a denial rate of 99% for the first cohort of eligible borrowers.

8. "Busy Lawyers Are Freezing Their Eggs to Focus on Their Careers,"02.27.19.
The American Lawyer reports that advances in reproductive medicine have allowed lawyers and other busy professionals to reclaim their reproductive trajectory.

    a. "A Woman's Decision to Have Children Shouldn't Be Limited by Where She Is on Corporate Rung," 02.27.19.
    A law firm partner responds: "Lawyers should not be encouraged to freeze their eggs simply so that they can devote all their time to churn out billable hours. The work-life balance will not be significantly less challenging if a woman has children in her 40s. A woman's decision to bear children should be a personal one and not limited by her rung on the law firm corporate ladder. The legal community will benefit from women choosing to have children when it best suits their personal lives and then providing both women and men with the flexibility to care for their families while satisfying their work obligations." (New York Law Journal)

9. "Finding Your Voice as a Young Lawyer in the Courtroom," 02.27.19.
A law firm associate, writing for The Legal Intelligencer, provides insights and advice about finding your voice as a young lawyer in court.

10. "The Next Recession Could Cost 10,000 Lawyers Their Jobs," 02.26.19.
This is a good piece in The American Lawyer that takes a look at how the economics of law have changed since the last recession and makes predictions about the likely impact of the next (inevitable) recession on law firms and in-house lawyers.

11. "Judge Sides With ABA in Public Service Loan Fight — Mostly," 02.25.19.
Law.com reports that "in a case expected to have wider implications than for just ABA employees, a federal judge Feb. 22 largely sided with the plaintiffs, who worked at — or hoped to work in — the ABA's pro bono programs or other public interest organizations." (The plaintiffs had been informed by the U.S. Department of Education that they were not eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness because the ABA or their other organizations were not qualified employers despite having been initially told by their loan servicers that they qualified under the program.)

    a. "Public service attorneys win important victory in Dept of Ed loan-forgiveness lawsuit," 02.24.19.
    More on this from the ABA Journal.

12. "Burnout Is Part of the Profession. How Can Attorneys Avoid It?, 02.26.19.
The Young Lawyer Editorial Board of The American Lawyer writes about lawyer job burnout, and what can be done about it.

13. "The Cost of Becoming a Lawyer," 02.26.19.
This column in Slaw takes a deep dive into the findings of the recent Law Students Society of Ontario survey about the growing debt load of Canadian law students.

14. "In-House Lawyers Face Growing Demands Due to Intense Regulatory Environment, Survey Finds," 02.25.19.
Corporate Counsel reports on a new survey conducted by K&L Gates and Forbes that found that "over the next three years the most in-demand lawyers will be those who have expertise with regulatory compliance, fraud protection, risk management, data protection and consumer law compliance."

15. "Big Company GCs Sign On as Mentors to Foster Big Law Diversity," 02.25.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "in a new program organized by in-house collective AdvanceLaw, general counsel and other senior lawyers from Fortune 500 companies will mentor diverse associates at large law firms that are within the organization's network."

16. "Are Law Firms Ready for Generation Z? They'd Better Be," 02.25.19.
With the oldest members of Generation Z currently making their way through law school, The American Lawyer asks whether BigLaw is ready.

17. "Who Is Hispanic?," 02.25.19.
Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer, asks who is Hispanic/Latino/Latina/Latinx?

18. "What Does the Big 4's Legal Tech Push Mean for Law Firms?," 02.25.19.
This piece in Legaltech News suggests that as the Big Four accountancy firms are rapidly adopting technology and AI solutions to help them deliver legal services efficiently, law firms must innovate quickly to keep pace.

19. "Are Lawyers Ready to Be Managed by Metrics?," 02.24.19.
Roy Strom, writing for The American Lawyer, suggests that it is inevitable that law firms and legal departments will increasingly be driven by the need to capture and model ever more data, and that will "have radical consequences for the entire legal industry."

20. "ABA legal ed council delays decision on stricter bar passage standards," 02.22.19.
The ABA Journal reports that "the ABA's legal education council has delayed a decision on whether to implement a stricter bar passage standard for accredited law schools, prolonging a yearslong debate of the hot-button issue." ("The council also supported taking an initial step in examining whether it should regulate non-JD programs, which have grown rapidly in recent years."

    a. "Legal ed groups ask ABA for more transparency while awaiting possible changes to bar passage standard," 02.22.19.
    The ABA Journal reports that the Clinical Legal Education Association and the Society of American Law Teachers "have asked that the council of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar increase transparency and collaboration in its decision-making."

21. "West Coast-Based Firms Dominate List of Startups' Go-To Counsel," 02.22.19.
The Recorder reports that a new report analyzes the legal spend of more than 140 US startups and identifies the top five go-to law firms by revenue share.

22. "36 Law Schools Now Accept The GRE For Admissions (The Latest Are Dayton, South Carolina)," 02.22.19.
The TaxProf Blog provides an update on the growing list of law schools that now accept the GRE in lieu of the LSAT for admission purposes.

23. "Being a Lawyer Can Be Lonely-But It Doesn't Have to Be," 02.20.19.
A coach and former practicing lawyer, writing for The Legal intelligencer, provides seven rules for combatting lawyer loneliness.

24. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

    a. "O'Melveny Posts Record Income, Profit Growth in 2018," 02.28.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 8.5%, PPP up 12.6%)

    b. "Dechert Cracks $1B in Revenue in Big Hiring Year," 02.28.19. (The Legal Intelligencer: Revenue up 4.5%, PPP up 1.7%)

    c. "Wilson Sonsini Grew Revenue, Profits as It Chased Startup Culture's Geographic Spread," 02.28.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 7.5%, PPP up 6.3%)

    d. "Husch Blackwell Reports Increase in Revenue and Profits," 02.28.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenu up 1.3%, PPP up 3.3%)

    e. "Sidley Austin Sees Revenue, Profits Surge in Standout Year," 02.28.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 9%, PPP up 12.8%)

    f. "Profits Spike at Milbank as Firm Exceeds $1 Billion Revenue Mark," 02.27.19. (New York Law Journal: Revenue up 12.8%, PPP up 10.5%)

    g. "Revenue, Partner Profits Hit New Highs at Paul Hastings," 02.27.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 9.1%, PPP up 12%)

    h. "Partner Profits Pass $1M at Duane Morris as Growth Streak Continues," 02.27.19. (The Legal Intelligencer: Revenue up 5.5%, PPP up 4.8%)

    i. "Alston Sees Steady Growth, Pushing Firm Over $2M in Profits Per Partner," 02.27.19. (Daily Report: Revenue up 3.9%, PPP up 8.4%)

    j. "Frost Brown Todd's Revenues and Profits Slip in FY2018," 02.27.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue down 1.4%, PPP down 9.6%)

    k. "Sheppard Mullin Continued Revenue Growth, but Partner Profits Flattened," 02.26.19. (The Recorder: Revenue up 5.4%, PPP down 1.2%)

    l. "Dickinson Wright Reports Gains in Revenue and Profit," 02.26.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 7.5%, PPP up 7.1%)

    m. "Lowenstein Revenue Up 14.2 Percent; PPP Jumps 17.9 Percent," 02.26.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 14.2%, PPP up 17.9%)

    n. "Revenue, Profits on the Rise for Transatlantic Hogan Lovells," 02.25.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 4.1%, PPP up 7.6%)

    o. "Baker & Hostetler Sees Uptick in Revenue, Partner Profits," 02.25.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 3.1%, PPP up 3.5%)

    p. "Hinshaw's New Chairman Seeks to Reverse Head Count, Revenue Declines," 02.25.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue down 4%, PPP down 5.9%)

    q. "Partner Profits Outpace Revenue at Bracewell in 'Outstanding' 2018," 02.25.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 7.6%, PPP up 11.3%)

    r. "A 'Different Firm,' Pepper Hamilton Posts Declines in Revenue, Profits," 02.25.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue down 2.2%, PPP down 0.8%)

    s. "Nelson Mullins' Tie-Up Boosts Revenue While Partner Profits Dip," 02.22.19. (Daily Report: Revenue up 27.5%, PPP down 9%)

    t. "Best Best &anp; Krieger Reports Strong Revenue Growth," 02.22.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 8.9%, PPP up 1.3%)

    u. "Snell & Wilmer Reports Increase in Revenue, Profits," 02.22.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 0.77%, PPP up 7.5%)

    v. "Cozen O'Connor Sees Revenue Outpace Profit Growth in Investment Year," 02.21.19. (The Legal Intelligencer: Revenue up 13.7%, PPP up 2.6%)

February 22, 2019

1. "Thanks To The Shutdown, Hundreds Of Would-Be Lawyers Are Still Waiting To Get Barred In D.C.," 02.21.19.
The DCist reports that because of the federal government shut-down, despite the fact that next week students in DC will be able to sit for the bar exam, more than 800 people who passed the bar exam in July of 2018 are still waiting to get barred.

2. "Dissecting 'Firm Culture' — What This Term Means for Millennials," 02.21.19.
The Recorder writes that "for millennial attorneys in particular, work environment or culture can be a dispositive factor in whether to join or stay at a firm long term," and that research confirms that "millennials across a spectrum of industries would be willing to forgo nearly $10,000 in annual salary for a better work environment."

3. "Divergent Perspectives on Law Firm Innovation," 02.21.19.
David Parnell, writing for Law.com, reviews survey research findings that show that associates, partners, and law firm leadership view innovation very differently.

4. "Tougher Bar Pass Standard for Law Schools Is Back on the Table," 02.21.19.
Law.com reports that despite having been rejected twice by the ABA's House of Delegates, the ABA's Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admission to the Bar is set to take up for the third time the question of whether to implement a more stringent bar passage standard.

5. "Hofstra Law School Opens Program to Help Pro Se Litigants in Federal Court," 02.20.19.
The New York Law Journal reports that "the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University has launched a program to help pro se litigants with civil issues."

6. "More Tech, More Problems: The Downsides to Millennial Attorneys Working Remotely," 02.20.19.
Legaltech News reports that "easy accessibility of tech could lead to burnout and mental illness among current and future lawyers."

7. "The Case For An ABA Accreditation Standard On Employment Outcomes," 02.20.19.
The TaxProf Blog reports that law professor Scott Norberg has published a new law review article calling for an ABA accreditation standard on employment outcomes.

8. "Axiom to Go Public, Applying for IPO and Spinning Off Two Businesses," 02.19.19.
Legaltech News reports that the alternative legal services provider Axiom has submitted a draft registration statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering.

    a. "Beyond a Payout: What to Make of Axiom's Plans to Go Public," 02.21.19.
    Roy Strom, writing for The American Lawyer, mulls on the meaning of the planned Axiom IPO, highlighting that the plan turns on the company's decision to split into three businesses: legal staffing, contract management and enterprise managed services, and that the staffing business is what the company hopes to list publicly.

9. "Even at Top Colleges, Graduation Gaps Persist for Poor Students," 02.18.19.
The Wall Street Journal reports that based on an analysis of Education Department data, elite schools don't serve poor students as well as they do others.

10. "As chosen by GCs: the best law firms for diversity," 02.18.19.
Legaltech News reports that the UK's "Legal Week interviewed a dozen UK general counsel from major companies…to name the law firms that have impressed them on their diversity and inclusion initiatives."

11. "CBA passes motion defining diversity at AGM," 02.12.19.
The Canadian Lawyer reports that "the Canadian Bar Association passed a motion at its annual general meeting defining diversity after a multi-year consultation." [The definition states that diversity "means the inclusion of members from a variety of backgrounds, with particular attention to representation in the Association of members from equality-seeking groups, including but not limited to women, LGBTI2S (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and two-spirit) communities, Indigenous peoples, racialized and ethno-cultural groups, and persons with disabilities. Diversity is to be interpreted consistent with the evolving nature of equality issues."]

12. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

    a. "Covington Surpasses $1 Billion in Revenue, Capping a Decade of Rapid Growth," 02.21.19. (The National Law Journal: Revenue up 18.1%, PPP up 12.4%)

    b. "Gibson Dunn Posts Double-Digit Revenue Gain in 23rd Straight Year of Growth," 02.21.19. (The American Lawyer: Revenue up 10.8%, PPP up 3.2%)

    c. "Shearman & Sterling Reports Increase in Revenue, Profits," 02.21.19. (New York Law Journal: Revenue up 4.1%, PPP up 5%)

    d. "Strong LatAm, Private Equity Performances Push Up Profits for Greenberg Traurig," 02.21.19. (Daily Business Review: Revenue up 5.4%, PPP up 7.1%)

    e. "Reed Smith Grows Revenue and Profits, Citing Strong Demand," 02.20.19. (The Legal Intelligencer: Revenue up 5%, PPP up 7%)

    f. "Saul Ewing Sees Profits Grow in Integration Year," 02.20.19. (The Legal Intelligencer: Revenue up 3.6%, PPP up 8.5%)

    g. "Despite Closing Asia Offices, Troutman Sanders Sees Revenue and Profit Growth," 02.20.19. (Daily Report: Revenue up 2.5%, PPP up 1.5%)

    h. "After Retrenchment, Cadwalader Reverses Revenue Slide and Boosts Profits," 02.19.19. (New York Law Journal: Revenue up 3.1%, PPP up 8%)

    i. "King & Spalding Posts Double-Digit Revenue Increase to $1.26B," 02.15.19. (Daily Report: Revenue up 10.8%, PPP up 9.3%)

    j. "The Early Reports: 2019 Am Law 100/200 Financials," 02.15.19.
    The American Lawyer collects the year-end financial results on the Am Law 100 and Second Hundred firms for 2018.

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