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March 16, 2018

1. "ABA Unveils New Guidelines to Combat Sexual Harassment," 03.15.18.
The American Lawyer reports that the ABA has issued a new "zero tolerance" manual to provide guidance to the US legal profession in combatting sexual harassment in the workplace.

2. "Score! New Tool Helps Law Schools Compare GRE to LSAT," 03.15.18.
Law.com reports that the maker of the GRE has created an online comparison tool that predicts the LSAT score an applicant would earn based on their GRE results.

3. "Santa Clara Law's New Campus Channels Silicon Valley," 03.15.18.
The Recorder reports that Santa Clara has opened a new law school facility that is built with its neighboring Silicon Valley in mind.

4. "Federal Judiciary Unveils First Reforms From Harassment Working Group," 03.14.18.
The National Law Journal reports that "a working group has come up with nearly 20 reforms aimed at dealing with concerns about workplace harassment throughout the federal judicial system."

5. "Penn Law Prof Reassigned Over Race Comments," 03.14.18.
The Legal Intelligencer reports that conflicts surrounding a Penn Law professor's comments about race and student performance continue to simmer on that campus.

    a. "Penn law prof won't be teaching required courses after remark about black students' class rank," 03.15.18.
    More on this from the ABA Journal.

    b. "Professor Declares Black Students 'Rarely' Graduate In The Top Half Of Law School Class," 03.08.18.
    Ugh. And even more on this from Above the Law.

6. "Chadbourne Settles Sex Bias Case That Shined Light on Big Law Pay Gap," 03.14.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "Chadbourne & Parke and its successor firm, Norton Rose Fulbright, have agreed to settle a high-profile gender discrimination case brought by three former women partners."

7. "The 2019 US News Law School Rankings Leak: The Top 100," 03.13.18.
Above the Law has the early word on the US News law schools rankings, due out March 20.

    a. "Behold, The FULL US News Law School Rankings Leak (1-144)," 03.14.18.
    And more on this from ATL.

8. "McGeorge Law School To Reduce Faculty By 25% Through Voluntary Buyouts," 03.13.18.
The TaxProf Blog reports that the Sacramento Bee broke the news that McGeorge School of Law will reduce its faculty by 10-11 professors through buyouts, leaving the school with about 28 full-time professors.

9. "Nearly 300 former students at shuttered law school are eligible for discharge of student loans," 03.12.18.
The ABA Journal reports that nearly 300 former students of the defunct Charlotte School of Law will be eligible for discharge of their federal student loans.

    a. "Former Charlotte Law Students to Get Loan Discharge Extension," 03.13.18.
    And more on this from Law.com.

    b. "Loan Discharge for Students of Failed Law School," 03.12.18.
    And Inside Higher Ed also reports on this development.

10. "Visas Issued to Foreign Students Fall, Partly Due to Trump Immigration Policy," 03.11.18.
The Wall Street Journal reports that "the number of visas issued to foreign students fell markedly last year amid stricter immigration policies, State Department data show, exacerbating financial challenges for some U.S. colleges and universities." (Subscription required.)

11. "What They Don't Teach You In Law School: How to Get a Job," 03.11.18.
The TaxProf Blog reports on the publication a of a new book, What They Don't Teach You In Law School: How to Get a Job, by Adam Gropper, a former tax partner.

12. "Law schools dive into virtual reality experience for their students," 03.09.18.
The ABA Journal reports that "law schools are ramping up efforts to provide more experiential learning opportunities through virtual reality experiences that will allow both students and practicing attorneys to practice their lawyering skills anytime, anywhere."

13. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

    a. "Smaller Wilmer Partnership Enjoys Record Profits," 03.15.18. (National Law Journal: Gross revenue up 0.6%, PPP up 13.8%)

    b. "Record Profits, Revenue for Schulte Roth in 2017," 03.15.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 3.6%, PPP up 7%)

    c. "Winston & Strawn's Record Year Sees Revenue Rise 19 Percent," 03.14.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 18.9%, PPP up 18.4%)

    d. "Drinker Biddle Revenue Up 6.3 Percent, PPP Grows 8.9 Percent," 03.14.18. (Legal Intelligencer)

    e. "Blank Rome Revenue Up 2.1 Percent as Profits Stay Flat," 03.14.18. (Legal Intelligencer: Gross revenue up 2.1%, PPP up 0.5%)

    f. "Alston & Bird Racks Up Big Gains in Revenue, Profit," 03.13.18. (Daily Report: Gross revenue up 7.0%, PPP up 6.3%)

    g. "Shook Hardy Grows Revenue, Profits," 03.13.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 5%, PPP up 15.1%)

    h. "Fried Frank's Gross Revenue Hits a Record High," 03.13.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 14.1%, PPP up 16.9%)

    i. "Orrick Posts Double Digit Growth in Income Partner Profits," 03.12.18. (The Recorder: Gross revenue up 4.9%, PPP up 10.9%)

    j. "Duane Morris Revenue, Profits Inch Up for Record Year," 03.12.18. (Legal Intelligencer: Gross revenue up .6%, PPP up 2.7%)

    k. "Barnes & Thornburg Budgeting Pays Off in Record Revenue," 03.12.18. (American Lawyer: PPP up 6.9%, PPP up 6.8%)

    l. "Kramer Levin Financials Again Hit Record High," 03.12.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 9.9%, PPP up 8.4%)

Past News Digest Issues

March 9, 2018

1. "The 2018 Go-To Law Schools," 03.09.18.
The National Law Journal publishes its annual Go-To Law Schools List (in increments), "which ranks the 50 law schools with the highest percentage of recent graduates who snagged associate jobs at the nation's largest 100 law firms."

    a. "Columbia Ranks No. 1 as Go-To Law Schools Enjoyed Strong Recruiting Cycle," 03.09.18.
    And The National Law Journal reports that Columbia sits in the top position for the fifth year in a row, sending 68% of its 2017 law grads into associate positions at the largest law firms.

2. "One-Third of Texas Law Firm Leaders Say They Are Open to Merger Talks," 03.08.18.
The American Lawyer reports on the results of the 2018 Law Firm Leader Survey Texas, saying the results confirm that "Texas' legal market is burning hot."

3. "When I grow up, I wanna be a Chief Legal Strategist," 03.08.18.
Lucy Bassli, the former Assistant General Counsel of Legal Operations and Contracting at Microsoft, and now the Chief Legal Strategist for LawGeex, writing for Bill Henderson's Legal Evolution blog, explains why she made the move and what it says about what is happening in the industry.

4. "Eversheds Sutherland International Sets Female Partnership Goals, Launches Career Development Program for Women," 03.08.19.
The American Lawyer reports that "Eversheds Sutherland International wants 30 percent of its partnership ranks outside the United States filled with female attorneys by 2021, and has appointed a new 'gender champion' to lead the firm's efforts to boost diversity."

5. "Outdated Partner Comp Plans Are an Obstacle to Growth," 03.08.18.
The American Lawyer argues that most law firm partner compensation models are out of date and actually hold back growth: "law firm leaders are waking to the realization that partner compensation plans often underemphasize business development and, in some cases, pose a significant obstacle to fostering a collaborative, client-focused, continuous improvement and growth-oriented culture."

6. "Want to Improve Law Firm Diversity? Hint, Start Upstream," 03.07.18.
The National Law Journal takes a look at a legal diversity pipeline program in Colorado that connects participating employers with diverse students during their 1L/rising 2L summer.

7. "LSAT-Maker Held in Contempt Over Disability Accommodations," 03.06.18.
The National Law Journal reports that a federal judge has ruled that "the Law School Admission Council violated court-ordered rules meant to help disabled test takers gain accommodations on the Law School Admission Test."

8. "Can Stay-at-Home Moms Ever Get Back on Track?," 03.06.18.
Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer, takes a look at an article in the Harvard Business Review that finds that "employers look askance at stay-at-home moms and dads who try to re-enter the workforce."

9. "How PwC Handled Its First Transgender Employee Transition in the Workplace," 03.06.18.
A good piece from Corporate Counsel on the legal and cultural issues involved in having an employee transition in the workplace.

10. "Data (Gold) Mining: The Rise of the Law Firm Data Analytics Teams," 03.05.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "a growing number of law firms are attempting to navigate the Big Data age by appointing data "leaders" under a few different titles — chief data scientist, head of data analytics and chief innovation officer, to name a few."

11. "Urged by Law School Deans, Federal Judges Revamp Law Clerk Hiring," 03.05.18.
The National Law Journal reports that an ad hoc group of federal appeals judges has promulgated a new hiring plan for law clerks. You can find the plan details on the OSCAR website here.

    a. "Order In The Court, Order In The Court: The Law Clerk Hiring Plan Returns!," 03.01.18.
    More on this from David Lat at Above the Law.

12. "Denial of Cooley Law's request to open new location is reasonable, ABA motion argues," 03.05.18.
The ABA Journal has more on the ABA/Cooley Law School litigation — the ABA has argued that it was reasonable to deny the school's request to open a new location.

13. "What Can We Learn From the English ABS Experience After Five Years?," 03.05.18.
A good post from Slaw with a "five years after" look at the UK Legal Services Act of 2007 that liberalized the practice of law in England and allowed for the first time, among other things, for legal services to be provided by alternative business structures.

14. "Give Students Who Complete Their 1L Year And Then Leave A Master's Degree In Legal Principles," 03.03.18.
The TaxProf Blog reports on a new article in the Journal of Legal Education that proposes awarding "a master's degree to students who successfully complete the 1L curriculum but leave before completing the full JD curriculum."

15. "University of Minnesota Study: Enhanced Individualized Feedback In One Core 1L Class Improves Student Performance In Other Classes," 03.02.18.
The TaxProf Blog reports on a new article in the Journal of Legal Education that demonstrates that "individualized feedback in a single class during the first-year of law school can improve law students' performance in all of their other classes."

16. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

    a. "Akerman's 7-Year Growth Record Stays Alive as Revenue Rises 10 Percent," 03.08.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 10.4%, PPP up 2.1%)

    b. "Revenue, Income Improve at Haynes and Boone in 2017," 03.08.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 6%, PPP up 3.1%)

    c. "Covington Posts Double-Digit Growth in Revenue, Head Count," 03.06.18. (National Law Journal: Gross revenue up 12.8%, PPP up 4.5%)

    d. "King & Spalding Stays in Growth Mode as Partner Profits Top $2.5M," 03.06.18. (Daily Report: Gross revenue up 7.7%, PPP up 5.5%)

    e. "Fenwick & West Bounces Back with Record High Revenue," 03.06.18. (The Recorder: Gross revenue up 3.7%, PPP up 1.5%)

    f. "Revenue Up, Partner Profits Flat at Perkins Coie," 03.06.18. (National Law Journal: Gross revenue up 0.6%, PPP down 0.4%)

    g. "Revenue Inches Up at O'Melveny as Partner Profits Top $2M," 03.05.18. (The Recorder: Gross revenue up 1.7%, PPP up 3.1%)

    h. "Gross Revenue, Profits Per Partner Hit New Highs at Paul Hastings," 03.05.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 4.1%, PPP up 11.5%)

    i. "Bryan Cave Finances Dip Ahead of Trans-Atlantic Deal," 03.05.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue down 2.5%, PPP down 6.9%)

    j. "Jenner Revenue Slips, Profits Fall Amid Investments in Talent," 03.02.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue down 1.9%, PPP down 18.7%)

    k. "The Early Reports: Am Law 100/200 2018," 03.08.18. The American Lawyer compilation of its Am Law 100 and 200 firm financials, which is updated daily, can be found here.

March 2, 2018

1. "Got a Legal Problem? These Law Students Can Solve It With Legal Tech," 03.01.18.
Law.com reports that students from several law schools across the country participated in a Global Legal Hackathon last weekend where participants brainstormed how to harness technology to solve legal problems.

2. "Penn Law Snags a $2.5 Million Gift for Public Interest," 02.28.18.
The Legal Intelligencer reports that Robert and Jane Toll have donated $3 million to establish the Toll Public Service Corps at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law.

3. "Women Take a Pass on the Big Law Brass Ring," 02.28.18.
Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer, argues that women are leaving law firms in greater numbers because they are not interested in partnership: "It seems that women want more — and not just money — than law firms are offering them."

4. "NCCU Law Raises LSAT Cut Score After ABA Accreditation Noncompliance Finding," 02.28.18.
The ABA Journal reports that "the law school at North Carolina Central University, which was found to be out of compliance with an ABA accreditation standard related to admissions, will no longer admit students with LSAT scores below 142."

5. "The Death of the Law Firm Partnership Vote?," 02.28.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "a growing number of firms in the United States and the United Kingdom are eschewing historical partnership norms in favor of more centralized management, and with that comes fewer and fewer partnership votes."

6. "Billing Rate Gap Widens as Big Firms Demand Ever Higher Premiums," 02.28.18.
The American Lawyer reports on new research that shows the billing rate gap between firms with 750 or more lawyers and those with 501 to 750 lawyers is widening.

    a. "Why Elite Law Should Raise Rates," 02.28.18.
    More from the ALM data crunchers, writing here in The American Lawyer, arguing that the most elite firms could probably realize even greater profits by raising their rates at a faster clip, providing three conditions are met.

7. "From 700 Law Firms to 7: Avis's Changed Approach to Legal Work Has 'Saved Millions'," 02.28.18.
Corporate Counsel reports that the Avis Budget Group Inc., has pared its outside law firms from over 700 to just 7, saving millions of dollars.

8. "Lawyers, Developers Team Up in Hackathon to Revamp Legal Industry," 02.28.18.
The Recorder reports that a team hosted by Orrick has won a hackathon with a plan to fund and expedite class action suits using blockchain technology.

9. "AI Is Besting Human Lawyers at Parsing Contracts. What Do Lawyers Think?," 02.28.18.
Legaltech News reports on a new study that shows artificial intelligence algorithms not only identify key language in contracts more correctly than human lawyers, but they also do the job exponentially faster than humans.

10. "YL Board: This Is What Sexual Harassment in the Legal Industry Looks Like," 02.28.18.
The Young Lawyer Editorial Board of The American Lawyer calls for the industry to avoid silence when witnessing harassment: "We believe it is imperative that victims of sexual misconduct in our profession are no longer dismissed or belittled, and that perpetrators of such misconduct are held accountable irrespective of their professional stature or book of business."

11. "Median Private Law School Tuition Discount: 28% (Average Scholarship: $28,129)," 02.28.18.
The TaxProf Blog reports on some number crunching by The National Jurist that attempts to determine the average tuition discount per law school, and identifies the 20 private law schools with the highest tuition discounts.

12. "Bryan Cave, BLP Partners Approve Deal Creating New Global Legal Giant," 02.27.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "Bryan Cave and the U.K.'s Berwin Leighton Paisner have agreed to merge following a vote by partners to create a 1,600-lawyer trans-Atlantic firm that will be among the 50 largest in the world with combined gross revenues of around $900 million."

13. "The Rise (and Fall?) of In-House Counsel," 02.27.18.
The American Lawyer reports that even as in-house departments continue to staff up, price pressures are forcing them to outsource more work to outsourced service providers. (This is a good piece from the ALM data analysts with plenty of meat for all of the data nerds among us to chew on.)

14. "Civil Rights Act Protects Gay Workers, Appeals Court Rules," 02.26.18.
The New York Times reports that "a federal appeals court in New York ruled on Monday that a landmark civil rights law bars employers from discriminating against their workers based on sexual orientation."

    a. "2nd Circuit En Banc Decision Upholds Protection Against Sexual Orientation Bias," 02.27.18.
    More on this from the New York Law Journal.

15. "LSO Endorses Proposed Ryerson Law School," 02.26.18.
Law Times reports that "the Law Society of Ontario has endorsed a proposal to create a new law school at Ryerson University."

16. "Updated LSAC Data On The Quantity And Quality Of Law School Applicants," 02.26.18.
The TaxProf Blog provides updated data from the LSAC on the quantity and quality of law school applicants.

17. "Perspectives on the Future of Law — How the Professional Should Respond to Major Disruptions," 02.26.18.
A good Slaw post, reprinted from LAWPRO Magazine, on the disruptors changing the traditional delivery of legal services and some suggestions for how members of the legal profession can respond to them.

18. "Two More Law Schools to Admit 1Ls Based on GRE Rather Than LSAT," 02.25.18.
The TaxProf Blog reports that Florida State and Pace will accept the GRE in lieu of the LSAT.

19. "Pace Launches Pre-Law Certification Program," 02.23.18.
The New York Law Journal reports that the law school at Pace has created a 45-hour, three-week, pre-law certification program for people interested in attending law school.

20. "Time Has Been Up: Why Your Firm Shouldn't Just Be 'Talking' About Diversity and Inclusion," 02.22.18.
A law firm COO, writing for The Legal Intelligencer, argues that "'conversations' around workplace diversity and inclusion aren't enough, they need to be backed up with action."

21. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

    a. "Arnold & Porter Sees Progress on Revenue, Profits After Kaye Scholer Deal," 03.01.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up to $951.5 million, PPP up to $1.2 million)

    b. "Shearman Sees Profits Rise as Revenue Stays Steady," 03.01.18. (New York Law Journal: Revenue up 0.6%, PPP up 7%)

    c. "Cozen O'Connor Grows Revenue Amid Extended Hiring Spree," 03.01.18. (Legal Intelligencer: Gross revenue up 10.7%, PPP up 5.1%)

    d. "Stroock Sees Revenue Fall, Profits Leap as Strategic Review Sparks Big Changes," 03.01.18. (New York Law Journal: Gross revenue down 7.3%, PPP up 30.4%)

    e. "Dechert Sees Revenue and Partner Profits Climb," 02.28.18. (Legal Intelligencer: Gross revenue up 7.3%, PPP up 5.3%).

    f. "Reed Smith Grows Revenue, Profits as Head Count Stays Flat," 02.28.18. (Legal Intelligencer: Gross revenue up 4.1%, PPP up 6%)

    g. "Venable Keeps Up Steady Growth as Revenue, Profits Rise," 02.27.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 8.4%, PPP up 3.3%)

    h. "Despite Dip in Head Count, Cahill Gordon Posts Profit Highs," 02.28.18. (New York Law Journal: Gross revenue up 1.3%, PPP up 1.5%)

    i. "Vinson & Elkins Posts Second Consecutive Record Year in 2017," 02.26.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 11.3%, PPP up 16.5%)

    j. "Debevoise Hits Record High Revenue, Profits Per Partner," 02.26.18. (New York Law Journal: Gross revenue up 11.8%, PPP up 17.4%)

    k. "Partner Profits Surge 18 Percent at Weil, Gotshal & Manges," 02.26.18. (New York Law Journal: Gross revenue up 9.8%, PPP up 17.8%)

    l. "Troutman Sanders Posts Revenue, Profit Gains," 02.26.18. (Daily Report: Gross revenue up 3.8%, PPP up 3.9%)

    m. "Greenberg Traurig Turns Up the Heat on Growth Plan," 02.25.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 7.2%, PPP up 5.6%)

    n. "The Early Reports: Am Law 100/200 2018," 02.28.18. The American Lawyer compilation of its Am Law 100 and 200 firm financials, which is updated daily, can be found here.

February 23, 2018

1. "Law Firm Recruitment Activity Steady, But Summer Programs Shrink," 02.22.18.
The American Lawyer reports on the release of NALP's latest law firm recruitment survey research data.

    a. "Biglaw Summer Programs Continue To Shrink, With 43 Percent Of Firms Making Fewer Offers," 02.22.18.
    More on this from Above the Law.

    b. "Entry-level Law Firm Recruiting Activity Remains Fairly Robust, Steady, Even as Firms in Some Markets Pull Back Slightly," 02.22.18.
    You can read the NALP press release here, and the full Perspectives on 2017 Law Student Recruiting report here.

2. "PwC Eyes Global Expansion of Its Flexible Lawyering Service," 02.22.18.
The American Lawyer reports that PwC's on-demand lawyering service, having met with great success in the UK, is now expanding into Asia and Switzerland.

3. "Sorry Clients: Higher Law Firm Billing Rates Really Do Pay Off," 02.22.18.
The American Lawyer reports that according to new analyses by Citi Private Bank, "law firms do better when they raise their published billing rates at a faster clip, even when those increases result in a widening gap between published and realized rates."

4. "It's Official: Andrews Kurth and Hunton & Williams Will Merge," 02.22.18.
Law.com reports that "partners at the two firms have voted to approve the merger."

5. "Ending Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Employment," 02.22.18.
A law firm partner and associate, writing for The Recorder, report that while 22 states protect both public and private employees from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, "in more than half the country, a gay person can get married on Saturday, and for doing so be fired legally on Monday."

6. "The 'Trump bump' for law school applicants is real and significant, survey says," 02.22.18.
The ABA Journal reports that "according to a Kaplan Test Prep survey of more than 500 pre-law students, 32 percent indicated that the 2016 presidential election influenced their desire to become lawyers."

7. "Pace Law School Becomes Fifth in NY State to Take GRE," 02.22.18.
The New York Law Journal reports that the Elizabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University has announced that it will allow applicants applying for the fall of 2018 to submit either the LSAT or the GRE.

    a. "Law schools examine predictive value of GRE, LSAT," February, 2018.
    The February issue of the ABA Journal magazine examines the great GRE/LSAT debate and where matters stand with the ABA requirement that law schools consider the results of a standardized test for admission to law school.

8. "LSAT Test-Takers Surge 29.7% In December; 19.2% Yearly Rise Would Be Highest In 16 Years," 02.21.18.
The TaxProf Blog reports that recent surges in LSAT test-takers are the largest since 2001-02.

    a. "LSAT Takers Hit 16-Year High, But Most Grads Regret Going to Law School," 02.22.18.
    Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer, looks at the tensions presented in some of the research presented this week; even as LSAT-takers rise and Kaplan finds a Trump bump, Gallup finds that "Law graduates, in particular, rate the value of their degree poorly. Less than a quarter of law degree holders strongly agree that their education was worth the cost, compared with about six in 10 of those with medical (58 percent) or doctoral (64 percent) degrees."

9. "Privacy is Becoming an Alternative Career Path for Thousands," 02.21.18.
Legaltech News reports that "talent from all areas of corporate, legal, marketing, human resources and government is rushing to become certified [as privacy professionals] because privacy is now becoming an operational component in how businesses run."

10. "What's Working To Increase Diversity Among Associates, Partners? Midsize Firms Share Their Secrets," 02.21.18.
The National Law Journal reports that some midsize firms have made dramatic changes and have met with some success when it comes to diversity.

    a. "For Many Midsize Firms in NY, Diversity Remains Elusive," 02.22.18.
    And in a related piece, the New York Law Journal reports that many New York midsize law firms are struggling to achieve diversity.

11. "US Colleges Are Separating Into Winners and Losers," 02.21.18.
The Wall Street Journal reports that "according to an analysis of 20 years of freshman-enrollment data at 1,040 of the 1,052 schools listed in The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education ranking, U.S. not-for-profit colleges and universities are segregating into winners and losers — with winners growing and expanding and losers seeing the first signs of a death spiral."

12. "Trump Administration Looking at Bankruptcy Options for Student Debt," 02.20.18.
The Wall Street Journal reports that "the Trump administration indicated Tuesday it is considering allowing more Americans to erase student debt in bankruptcy."

13. "MBA and Law Grads Give Programs Poor Reviews," 02.19.18.
Inside Higher Ed reports that according to new research by Gallup, "only 20 percent of law grads and 23 percent of MBA grads said that their programs 'prepared me well for life outside of graduate school.'"

14. "Cincinnati Law School Dean's Son Subject Of Racist Taunts At High School Basketball Game," 02.18.18.
Paul Caron at the TaxProf Blog collects some of the media coverage of an incident that hurts my heart and touched the family of NALP's immediate past president, Mina Jones Jefferson.

15. "If a Law Bars Asking Your Past Salary, Does It Help or Hurt?," 02.16.18.
The New York Times looks to research that suggests the impact of barring employers from asking job candidates about salary histories is not clear.

16. "The Rise of the Jumbo Student Loan," 02.16.18.
The Wall Street Journal reports that "a study released Friday by the Brookings Institution finds that most borrowers who left school owing at least $50,000 in student loans in 2010 had failed to pay down any of their debt four years later."

17. "Changing Perspective: Work Life Balance for a New Mother," 02.16.18.
A law firm associate, writing for the Daily Business Review, provides her perspective on returning from maternity leave and offers "suggestions to a career-driven parent to consider herself and to ask of her law firm when returning to work after maternity leave."

18. "ABA Removes Remedial Actions Requirements for Ave Maria School of Law," 02.15.18.
The ABA Journal reports that "finding that Ave Maria School of Law is now in compliance with an accreditation standard addressing admissions, the council of the ABA's Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has removed requirements of specific remedial actions."

19. "How to Break Up With Your Phone," 02.13.18.
The New York Times provides a great primer on learning to put your phone down: "Keep asking yourself the same question, again and again and again: This is your life. How much of it do you want to spend on your phone?"

20. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting

    a. "Revenue Tops $2 Billion at Hogan Lovells, Led by Corporate Practice," 02.23.18. (National Law Journal: Gross revenue up 6%, PPP up 2.4%)

    b. "Latham & Watkins Breaks $3 Billion in Revenue," 02.22.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 8.5%, PPP up 6%)

    c. "Nixon Peabody Sees Partner Profits Surge," 02.22.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 3.4%, PPP up 13.4%)

    d. "Sheppard Mullin Posts 27th Straight Year of Revenue Growth," 02.22.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 10.5%, PPP up 14.5%)

    e. "Ballard Spahr Revenue up 3.4 Percent, PPP Up 5.6 Percent," 02.22.18. (Legal Intelligencer)

    f. "Revenue Gains Propel Mayer Brown Past Pre-Recession Record," 02.21.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 4.2%, PPP up 8,8%)

    g. "Arent Fox Again Posts Gains in Revenue, Profits," 02.21.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 6.9%, PPP up 6.7%)

    h. "Pepper Hamilton Revenue Down 1.7 Percent, PPP up 14.3 Percent," 02.21.18. (Legal Intelligencer)

    i. "Locke Lord Posts Decline in Net Income and Gross Revenue," 02.20.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue down 9.8%, PPP down 1.7%)

    j. "Paul Weiss Posts Gains in Revenue, Profits as Lawyer Headcount Hits 1K," 02.20.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 6.5%, PPP up 4.2%)

    k. "Milbank Posts 5th Straight Year of Growth," 02.16.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 7.1%, PPP up 10.9%)

    l. "Jackson Walker Sees 10 Percent Drop in 2017 Net Income, Slight Increase in Gross Revenue," 02.16.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 1.1%, PPP down 13.7%)

    m. "The Early Reports: Am Law 100/200 2018," 02.20.18.
    The American Lawyer compilation of its Am Law 100 and 200 firm financials, which is updated daily, can be found here.

February 9, 2018

1. "Blockchain 101: Law Schools Tackle the New Frontier," 02.08.18.
The National Law Journal reports on the growing number of law schools that are teaching a blockchain course.

2. "A Third of CLOs Fired Outside Counsel in 2017, and That Number's Set to Rise," 02.08.18.
The American Lawyer reports that according to the results of a survey by ACC, "one in three legal officers and general counsel terminated outside lawyers [in 2017] for failing to meet expectations."

3. "Cooley Law School Seeks Confidential ABA Accreditation Records," 02.08.18.
Law.com reports on the ongoing Cooley Law School/ABA legal tussle: "[Cooley] wants access to years of internal records pertaining to how the ABA evaluates law schools…the ABA has asked a federal judge in Michigan for a protective order limiting discovery."

4. "Linklaters becomes the first magic circle firm to reveal gender pay gap data," 02.08.18.
Law.com publishes this Legal Week story reporting that Linklater's has released its first gender pay report, and it shows that "[the firm's] male employees are earning nearly 60% more in bonuses than women."

5. "Citi Report: Strong Fourth Quarter Report Pushes 2017 Financials Past 2016 Results," 02.07.18".
Gretta Rusanow and John Wilmouth, writing for The American Lawyer, report on Citi's 2017 4th quarter report on law firm financials, describing a strong end to the calendar year but noting rising expenses and increased dispersion and segmentation.

6. "Cooley's Gross Revenue Crosses Billion-Dollar Mark," 02.07.18.
The American Lawyer reports that Cooley, "the fast-growing Am Law 100 firm enjoyed a record year in 2017." (Gross Revenue up 10.1%, PPP up 6.2%)

7. "Andrews Kurth, Hunton & Williams Leaders Sign Off on Merger Deal," 02.07.18.
The American Lawyer reports that while the deal is not yet final, the law firms have signed a merger agreement.

8. "Shocker: Humanities Grads Gainfully Employed and Happy," 02.07.18.
Inside Higher Ed reports on new research that shows "when it comes to measures of career satisfaction, humanities grads are as satisfied as those who majored in STEM."

9. "Trifecta of Change: How Innovation Takes Shape at Law Firms," 02.07.18.
The American Lawyer takes a look at how three law firms (Holland & Knight, Perkins Coie, and Madrid-based Garrigues) are leveraging their own internal cultures and staff to deploy technology and innovation.

10. "Clark Hill, Strasburger & Price Latest Law Firms to Talk Tie-Up," 02.07.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "Detroit-based Clark Hill is in merger talks with a well-known Am Law 200 firm in Texas, Strasburger & Price."

11. "Duke Law's Next Dean to Emphasize Tech, Innovation," 02.06.18.
Legaltech News reports that University of Virginia School of Law professor and vice provost Karen "Kerry" Abrams will become the next dean at Duke.

12. "Staff Buyouts Don't Augur Layoffs, Arnold & Porter Says," 02.06.18.
The National Law Journal reports that Arnold & Porter will offer buyouts to all of its US-based legal secretaries later this spring.

13. "Akin Gump Boosts Partner Profits as Deals, Lobbying Spur Gains," 02.05.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld posted double-digit gains in profits per partner in 2017." (Gross Revenue up 6.1%, PPP up 13.5%)

14. "ABA Passes Measure on Lawyer Substance Abuse and Mental Health," 02.05.18.
The New York Law Journal reports that "the American Bar Association's House of Delegates adopted a resolution urging law firms, law schools, bar associations, lawyer regulatory agencies and other legal employers to take concrete action to address the high rates of substance abuse and mental health issues."

15. "ABA takes timely stand on Sex Harassment," 02.05.18.
The ABA Journal reports that "the ABA House of Delegates has taken a stand against sexual harassment, approving a resolution to urge all employers to create and enforce effective sexual harassment policies."

16. "Training yesterday's lawyers: Are law schools in Canada pumping out lawyers without the skills they need?," 02.05.18.
The Canadian Lawyer speaks with Jason Moyse, the co-founder of Law Made, a legal tech consultancy of sorts, about how Canada's legal academy is handling innovation; Moyse's assessment is that "it is 'so far behind it thinks it's ahead.'"

17. "Big four accounting firms well positioned to move in on big law," 02.05.18.
The Canadian Lawyer reports that "according to research from ALM Intelligence presented last week at LegalWeek in New York, as Deloitte, PWC, KPMG and EY expand their legal offerings, they pose the biggest threat to the future success of law firms and alternative service providers."

18. "Why Tech Needs to Play 'Prominent Role' in Access to Justice," 02.05.18.
LegalTech News speaks with Nicole Bradick, founder of Theory and Principle, a legal tech design firm, about the role technology needs to play in addressing access to justice.

19. "Hard Lessons From the Federal Student-Loan Program's Coming $36 Billion Shortfall," 02.04.18.
The Wall Street Journal reports that a new report from the Education Department shows the profitability of federal student loans is being squeezed by income contingent repayment plans. (Subscription required.)

    a. "Federal Student-Loan Program Is Rapidly Losing Money, and Income-Based Repayment Is to Blame, Report Says," 02.02.18.
    More on this from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

20. "Would an overhaul of federal student-loan programs help bring down law school tuition?," 02.04.18.
The ABA Journal reports on a session at the ABA Midyear Meeting that was focused on "The Perennial (and Stubborn) Challenge of Cost, Affordability and Access in Legal Education."

21. "Legal Sector Jobs Down in January," 02.02.18.
The American Lawyer reports that according to the most recent data from the US Department of Labor, the legal services industry lost 1,100 jobs in January.

22. "JPMorgan Holds Law Firms' Feet to the Fire on Diversity," 02.02.18.
The New York Law Journal reports that JPMorgan has announced a new diversity initiative that will require its outside law firms to have women and minority lawyers in leadership positions on teams handling the bank's litigation matters.

23. "Fish & Richardson's DJ Healey on Practicing Law as a Transgender Trailblazer," 02.02.18.
The Texas Lawyer speaks with IP Partner DJ Healey about her experience transitioning at age 57 and the support she has received from the legal community.

24. "Project by LSAC, law schools association aims to boost understanding — and appeal — of law profession," 02.02.18.
The ABA Journal reports that "the Law School Admission Council and the Association of American Law Schools are coming together on a project to improve how the public sees the prospects of a legal education and the legal profession."

25. "'We do not want a school-like culture' — Slaughters shakes up associate appraisals and drops performance scores," 01.26.18.
Law.com publishes this piece from Legal Week that reported Slaughter and May has overhauled its associate evaluation process, getting rid of performance scores and adopting a system based on more frequent feedback and mentoring.

February 2, 2018

1. "ABA's Law School Oversight Needs Younger Perspectives, Report Finds," 02.01.18.
Law.com reports that "a new report from Law School Transparency and the Iowa State Bar Association's Young Lawyer Division…calls for the ABA to immediately add two young lawyers to the legal education council."

2. "Eversheds Sutherland Joins $1 Billion Club with Post-Merger Revenues," 02.01.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "Eversheds Sutherland has announced revenues of $1.03 billion in its first financial results since its transatlantic tie-up one year ago."

3. "Minority Attorneys Take a Closer Look at the SCOTUS Diversity Dearth," 02.01.18.
The National Law Journal reports that the dean at Howard University School of Law and other minority leaders have become more outspoken in criticizing the US Supreme Court justices for the relative lack of diversity amongst their clerks.

4. "Constructing a Workplace Environment That Rejects Sexual Harassment," 02.01.18.
Corporate Counsel reports that in the current climate, "today's companies now must prepare for direct public scrutiny of how they address workplace sexual harassment," and offers some concrete suggestions for building "a culture of respect, diversity and inclusion."

5. "Reality Check for Law Firms: It's Not Just About You Anymore," 02.01.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "alternative legal services providers have only just begun to chomp gleefully into the firms' existing market share."

6. "The 2018 Laterals Report," 02.01.18.
The American Lawyer publishes its annual Laterals Report.

    a. "The Top 5 Strategies Behind Law Firms' Lateral Hiring — And Whether They Work," 01.30.18.
    The American Lawyer looks at five strategies to limit the downsides to lateral hiring.

    b. "What the Data on Women Laterals Can Teach About Retention," 01.28.18.
    The American Lawyer reports that the data suggest lateral partners who are women outpace men at the most successful firms.

    c. "The 200 Partner Tour: Reducing Lateral Risk the Old-Fashioned Way," 01.28.18.
    The Recorder takes a look at how two California firms vet their lateral partners.

    d. "Recent Survey Shows Firms Aren't Doing Right Due Diligence on Laterals," 01.28.18.
    The American Lawyer reports that new survey research suggests few law firms perform adequate due diligence on their lateral partner hires.

    e. "Racing Against the Clock: Firms Must Move Fast to Rebuild After Defections," 01.28.18.
    The American Lawyer explores what happens when a law firm gets word that a key partner or group is about to leave.

7. "Law Firm Revenue, Profits Up in 2017: Wells Fargo Report," 01.31.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "Wells Fargo Private Bank's Legal Specialty Group on Tuesday released the results of its year-end check-in on law firm financials…[noting that the report shows] after stalling in the third quarter, law firm financial performance finished 2017 on a positive note."

8. "The end of the beginning," 01.31.18.
Another thought-provoking piece from Jordan Furlong at Law21, looking at the evolution of alternative legal services providers, and suggesting that "we're nearing the end of the legal services disintermediation process…[and that] the supply side of the legal market has broken into two segments."

9. "Student Participation In Externships Does Not Affect Bar Passage," 01.30.18.
The TaxProf blog reports on new research that suggests that "students participating in externships positively outperform non-participants in bar passage rates."

10. "Departing UDC Law Dean Says Job Offers a Bully Pulpit for Justice," 01.30.18.
The National Law Journal reports that "Katherine 'Shelley' Broderick, who for the past two decades has served as dean of the University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law, will step down from that post this summer."

11. "As Law Firms Stall, Who Will Overtake Them in the Innovation Race?," 01.30.18.
The American Lawyer writes that "efforts by the Swiss arm of global accounting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers could be a harbinger of things to come when it comes to delivering high-end legal services," noting that the accounting firm just hired a top executive from Axiom Global Inc.

12. "Industry Disruptor Warns Law Firms: Don't Take Client Trust for Granted," 01.30.18.
The American Lawyer reports on the proceedings at Legalweek in New York where a high-powered panel discussed the evolution of the business of law, and warned that traditional firms could lose their edge, and client trust, in the current market.

13. "New York Law Firms Set Sights on Texas as Andrews Kurth Mulls Merger," 01.30.18.
The American Lawyer reports that both White & Case and Shearman & Sterling are preparing to enter the Texas market.

    a. "Andrews Kurth, Hunton Deal Inches Ahead Amid Texas Market Moves," 01.26.18.
    More on the "dynamic" Texas market from The American Lawyer.

14. "Five Tips for Law Firm Associates in Complying With Their Professional Duties," 01.29.18.
A partner and an associate from Dentons, writing for the Daily Report, discuss "five areas pf particular importance to associates in navigating their professional duties and obligations that may arise during the nascent years of their careers."

15. "Ross Intelligence Unveils Case Analysis Tool EVA," 01.29.18.
Legaltech News reports that ROSS has launched a new AI legal tool that is designed "to make case research, citations and studies as easy as possible."

16. "UnitedLex CEO Gives Contrarian View on True Legal Service Delivery Change," 01.29.18.
The American Lawyer speaks with UnitedLex CEO Daniel Reed on his views on an industry in transition.

17. "LSAC reports increase in law school applications," 01.29.18.
The ABA Journal reports that "the number of law school applications has increased 10.6 percent when compared to last year at this time, according to information released by the Law School Admission Council."

18. "Ex-Boies Schiller Associate Launches Campaign to End Sexual Harassment," 01.29.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "former Boies Schiller Flexner associate Ally Coll Steele is using her experience at the firm to launch The Purple Campaign, which seeks to end sexual harassment in the workplace."

19. "Law firms' female partners earn 24% less than men," 01.29.18.
The Financial Times reports that a new Major, Lindsey & Africa study has revealed that "female partners at London firms typically receive 24 per cent less compensation than their male counterparts." (Subscription required, or type "Law firms' female partners earn 24% less than men" into your search engine to retrieve the text of the article.)

20. "Survey finds 21 per cent of articling students face harassment, discrimination," 01.26.18.
The Canadian Lawyer reports that "a new survey conducted by the Law Society of Ontario has revealed that harassment and discrimination are an ongoing reality for many articling students…the survey found that one in five current or recent articling students…faced comments or conduct based on their gender, race, sexual orientation, citizenship, disability, or other personal characteristics."

January 26, 2018

1. "Summer Associate Hiring Slowed at Largest Firms," 01.25.18.
Karen Sloan, writing for The American Lawyer, reports on the proceedings of NALP's annual Recruiting Summit, held yesterday in New York, noting that fall recruiting survey data released at the meeting showed that "firms with more than 700 lawyers scaled back their summer associate classes in 2017."

2. "Reed Smith Launches Workplace Wellness Initiative," 01.25.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "Reed Smith is among an increasing number of law firms implementing health and wellness initiatives as a way to combat inherent stresses in the legal profession."

3. "New Data Shows Compliance, Regulation Are Top In-House Priorities for 2018," 01.25.18.
Corporate Counsel reports that new survey data from Robert Half show "compliance and/or regulation management is the most common corporate counsel priority for 2018."

4. "Creating a diverse law firm takes the right outlook and right moves," 01.25.18.
The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin cites NALP's 2016 Report on Diversity in US Law Firms, and identifies five things firms are getting wrong when it comes to diversity. (Subscription required.)

5. "Blind Law Students Win ADA Suit," 01.25.18.
Inside Higher Ed reports that blind law students won a discrimination lawsuit against BarBri for failing to provide fair and equal access to its bar prep materials in violation of the ADA.

6. "Even Years Away From Full Adoption, Blockchain Disruption Is Already Here," 01.25.18.
Legaltech News speaks with Aaron Wright, director of the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law's Tech Startup Clinic, about bringing blockchain technology to the practice of law.

7. "BYU's LawX Rolls Out Complaint Answering Aid Aimed at Debt Collection," 01.24.18.
Legaltech News reports on the results of the first semester of BYU Law School's legal design lab: "The result of its first semester of work is SoloSuit, an online tool aimed at helping Utahns who cannot afford legal services respond to debt collection lawsuits."

8. "AI, Analytics, and How Cravath Is Embracing Technology," 01.24.18.
A Legaltech News podcast with Scott Reents, the lead attorney for data analytics and e-discovery at Cravath, Swaine & Moore, speaking about the challenges and advantages of integrating AI with the legal profession.

9. "Law School Offers Crash Course in Pot Law," 01.24.18.
The Recorder reports that "The University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law is hosting a workshop on the ins and outs of legal pot in California, and the risks and obstacles marijuana businesses face."

10. "Norton Rose Fulbright's New Global Chair to Promote Law Firm Diversity," 01.23.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "Tricia Hobson, the first woman to serve as global chair of Norton Rose Fulbright, said she will be promoting gender diversity and inclusion."

11. "How Non-California Law Schools Fared on the July Exam," 01.23.18.
The Recorder reports on the July 2017 bar passage figures for candidates from non-California law schools that were released this week, noting that first-time test-takers at top-tier schools did well.

    a. "July 2017 California Bar Exam Results For Out-Of-State Law Schools," 01.24.18.
    More on this from the TaxProf Blog, including a list of out-of-state schools with the highest pass rates.

12. "Outlook for Higher Ed in 2018 Is Bleak, Ratings Agency Says," 01.23.18.
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that analysts at Standard & Poor's have issued a bleak outlook report for the higher education sector, citing the recently passed federal tax overhaul as an added pressure on top of the many challenges already facing higher ed.

13. "Single, Pregnant and 40-ish. Got a Problem With That?," 01.23.18.
Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer, cites new research from Pew that shows "the most dramatic increase in motherhood has occurred among the relatively small group of women in their early 40s with a Ph.D. or professional degree. Now, 80 percent of those women are mothers, compared with just 65 percent in 1994."

14. "5 lessons for teaching law and technology," 01.22.18.
Two law professors who co-teach a course at Georgetown that uses technology to help students critically think through criminal justice policy and law, writing here for the ABA Journal, identify five lessons they think are key for teaching law and technology.

15. "Harvard Law School Students Create Evisort to Improve Contract Review," 01.22.18.
Legaltech News reports that Harvard Law students have launched a startup that aims to bring efficiency to the analysis and review of legal documents: "Evisort's algorithms analyze language in contracts, and can classify and categorize the content."

16. "Are More Companies Today Hiring Lawyers Straight Out of Law School?," 01.22.18.
Julie Brush, writing for The Recorder, says the answer is yes: "In today's legal market, in-house opportunities for freshly minted law school graduates are slowly on the rise…[as] more GCs are warming up to the idea of adding first-year lawyers to their legal teams."

17. "Freelanced: The Rise Of The Contract Workforce," 01.22.18.
NPR explores Orrick's "factory" operation in Wheeling, West Virginia, where artificial intelligence tools and cheaper lawyers speed up the process of handling routine tasks, noting that "the legal job market…is fragmenting, and with it, its workforce."

18. "Millennial Attorneys, Firm Leaders on the Lure of Midsize Firms: In Their Own Words," 01.22.18.
The New York Law Journal speaks with millennials and managing partners at midsize law firms.

19. "International Student Numbers Decline," 01.22.19.
Inside Higher Ed reports that "the number of international students in the US fell by 2.2 percent at the undergraduate level and 5.5 percent at the graduate level from fall of 2016 to 2017, according to a new report from the National Science Foundation."

20. "What Makes a Law Firm Innovative? For GCs, It's About Size," 01.19.18.
Corporate Counsel reports that according to the Global Trends in Hiring Outside Counsel report, "many legal departments turn to smaller firms because they believe they are more innovative than their larger counterparts."

21. "The Law Firm Disrupted: Tales From a Document Automation Specialist," 01.19.18.
Law.com's Law Firm Disrupted column takes a look at the still nascent legal document automation space, focusing here on the work of a Ukrainian startup.

22. "Can the 'Me Too' Movement Jump-Start Diversity Initiatives in Legal Organizations?," 01.19.18.
The New York Law Journal writes that while many industries in the United States are seeing a renaissance around diversity efforts, the push for equity in the legal industry is still behind, but experts see a promise for progress in the current cultural moment.

23. "Surprise Findings on Laptop Use in Law School Classrooms," 01.18.18.
The New York Law Journal reports that a new study challenges the conventional wisdom on banning laptops from law school classrooms, finding that those who use laptops do as well as students who do not.

24. "McGill Panel explores the future of legal education," 01.17.18.
The Canadian Lawyer reports on a panel discussion held at McGill University's Faculty of Law last week on the future of legal education.

January 19, 2018

1. "Improving Workplace Culture, One Review at a Time," 01.22.18.
The New Yorker writes about the growing role that the site Glassdoor is playing for job-seekers and the employers that hire them (the article reports that Glassdoor is the second most popular jobs website after Indeed).

2. "Law Firm Lateral Hiring Off to Active Start in 2018," 01.18.18.
The Legal Intelligencer reports that Pennsylvania law firms have already seen aggressive lateral hiring in the new year.

3. "Global In-House Leaders Turn to Smaller Firms for Lower Costs, Better Service, Survey Finds," 01.18.18.
The American Lawyer reports on new survey research that finds "In-house teams at large global companies are three times more dissatisfied with the larger law firms than small but innovative ones."

4. "Your 2018 Slightly Unconventional Career Goal Guide," 01.18.18.
Julie Brush, the Lawyer Whisperer, writing for The Recorder, provides career advice for the new year, including a call for more inner reflection and some self-assessment. (We look forward to hearing from Brush at NALP's Recruiting Summit in NYC next week!)

5. "Buffalo Law Students See Puerto Rico as Defining Moment in Their Legal Education," 01.18.18.
The New York Law Journal reports on a six-credit course at Buffalo that "immerses students in topics such as disaster relief, climate justice and foreclosure prevention…[and students] then take a 10-day trip to Puerto Rico to work as supervised attorneys and return home to write about the legal obstacles for the island's most vulnerable residents."

6. "Millennials Get 'Bad Rap,' NJ Firms Say (But Seriously, Put Down the Phone)," 01.18.18.
The New Jersey Law Journal takes a look at the match between millennial lawyers and midsize law firms in New Jersey.

7. "Interested in Law School? Click Here," 01.17.18.
Law.com reports that "the Law School Admission Council and the Association of American Law Schools are launching a new website and social media campaign that will make the case for getting a law degree."

8. "Touro Law Offers New York's First Hybrid JD," 01.17.18.
The New York Law Journal reports that Touro has launched a FlexTime JD program that combines online learning and weekend study and can be completed in just under four years.

9. "Millennial Lawyers Explain Why They Flock to New York's Midsize Firms," 01.17.18.
The New York Law Journal reports that "the leaders of New York's midsize law firms say they are uniquely suited to give millennials meaningful work, recognition for their accomplishments and a better work/life balance."

10. "Male Clients Disfavor Women Partners," 01.17.18.
Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer, reports that a recent survey by Acritas finds that male clients still favor male partners.

11. "Law Grads Have Grown Skeptical of a JD's Value," 01.16.18.
Law.com reports that "a new survey reveals major differences in the way pre-recession and post-recession law graduates view the benefits of their education."

    a. "AccessLex And Gallup Release National Study On The Long-Term Outcomes Of A Law Degree," 01.17.18.
    The TaxProf Blog also reports on this new study, "Examining Value, Measuring Engagement: A National Study of the Long-Term Outcomes of a Law Degree." (You can find a copy of the report here.)

    b. "Less than half of recent law grads had 'good jobs' waiting after graduation, report says," 01.16.17.
    And more on this from the ABA Journal.

12. "Law Schools Under the Microscope," 01.16.18.
Inside Higher Ed takes a deep dive into the world of post-recession legal education, noting that "After enjoying an enrollment surge in the first decade of the new century, many law schools have more recently struggled mightily amid a dearth of jobs for young lawyers, dwindling student interest, worries schools were encouraging students to take on high debts they would struggle to repay, and intense criticism that many schools had been admitting students who never had the academic chops necessary to become practicing lawyers. At the same time, the accreditation world has been grinding toward greater transparency, placing some institutions under an unwelcome harsh light."

13. "Updated Analysis Of Law School Attrition Data — 2018," 01.16.18.
Jerry Organ, writing for the TaxProf Blog, provides updated analysis of the most recent law school attrition data released by the ABA, noting in particular that "average overall first-year attrition rates continue to increase…[and] academic attrition rates increase as law school median LSAT decreases."

    a. "Is sweet spot for avoiding academic attrition at law schools a median LSAT of at least 150?," 01.16.18.
    The ABA Journal reports on Organ's analysis of the 509 attrition data, noting that "among ABA-accredited law schools with median LSAT scores above 150, academic attrition has recently decreased, but there's been an increase at schools with median LSAT scores below 150."

14. "This is where all the unemployed lawyers go to cry," 01.16.18.
The Outline reports on the "Vale of Tears," "an epic thread on the Top-Law-Schools forum that chronicles the lawyer unemployment crisis."

15. "Group Pushes For New Texas Public Law School In El Paso," 01.15.18.
The TaxProf Blog reports that a group is fighting to bring a new law school to Texas. Ugh.

16. "Seton Hall's Innovative Weekend JD Program," 01.13.18.
The TaxProf Blog reports that Seton Hall has changed the structure of their part-time program from an evening program to a weekend program.

17. "Declining productivity costs law firms an average of more than $74K per lawyer, report says," 01.12.18.
The ABA Journal, reporting on last week's release of the annual State of the Legal Market report put out by Georgetown and Thomson Reuters, notes that "the average lawyer today is billing 156 fewer hours annually than at the start of 2007."

18. "A Rekindled Interest in Law," 01.12.18.
The Chronicle of Higher Education interviews Kellye Testy, the new president and chief executive of the Law School Admission Council, noting that "she described signs that the outlook for many law schools may be improving."

19. "The Law Firm Disrupted: PwC Will Take Your Client's Call Now," 01.12.18.
Law.com reports that the global accounting giants continue to expand into legal services.

20. "New Year, Same Old Pressures for Smaller Law Firms," 01.12.18.
The New York Law Journal reports that consolidation pressures continue to drive mergers and dissolutions among small law firms in New York.

21. "How to Succeed in Business? Do Less," 01.12.18.
This Wall Street Journal article says that "Most top performers in business have one thing in common: They accept fewer tasks and then obsess over getting them right." (Subscription required.)

22. "How Small and Midsize Law Firms Survived the Big Law Salary Hikes," 01.11.18.
A VP at Robert Half, writing for Law.com, looks at how smaller firms are faring in the aftermath of the large law firm associate salary jump.

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