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May 18, 2018

1. "EEOC, Women Law Profs Settle Bias Suit Against Denver School for $2.7M," 05.17.18.
Law.com reports that "the University of Denver Sturm College of Law will pay $2.66 million to female law professors who for years were paid less than their male colleagues."

2. "Thinking differently about legal AI," 05.17.18.
Jordan Furlong writing for his Law21 blog takes a step back from artificial intelligence and "deconstruct[s] what we're trying to achieve with this technology" in the legal sector. He helpfully distinguishes between two very different kinds of things that AI is being used for in legal — Volume AI: "applications that accomplish high-volume legal tasks far more quickly and efficiently than human lawyers do, to generate great cost and time savings for clients," and Expertise AI: "applications that make scarce legal expertise widely available in computerized form, to generate greater accessibility for clients to the legal answers they need."

3. "Law Firm Optimism Up as Pressures Remain on Rates, Cybersecurity: Survey," 05.16.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "a new survey of business-side professionals at law firms showed that optimism is high in the industry, while innovation is increasingly important to the largest firms."

4. "Suing the ABA Over Accreditation? Get In Line," 05.16.18.
Karen Sloan, writing for Law.com, reports that "the ABA's Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has been named as a defendant in three different lawsuits in the past week and a half, each centered on its law school accreditation activities."

    a. "Defunct Charlotte Law School, With Kirkland & Ellis' Help, Sues ABA," 05.15.18.
    Law.com reports that "defunct Charlotte School of Law and its parent company on Tuesday filed suit against the American Bar Association and its various entities involved in law school accreditation, alleging that the ABA violated the school's due process when it placed Charlotte on probation in 2016."

5. "Some Lawyers Chafe as Clients Expand Outside Counsel Guidelines,"05.16.18.
The American Lawyer reports that some lawyers are pushing back as "corporate clients are getting more aggressive about broadening and expanding their outside counsel guidelines, according to a number of industry consultants and lawyers who represent law firms."

6. "Corporate Law 2.0: What It Means to Be a 'Chief Legal Innovation Counsel'," 05.16.18.
Legaltech News takes a look at evolving in-house counsel staffing, including a newly appointed "chief legal innovation counsel, a new role that is part e-discovery manager, part legal operations director and part legal tech evangelist."

7. "New Initiative Aims for 100 Black GCs at Top Companies by 2025," 05.16.18.
The Daily Report and Corporate Counsel report on the 2025 Black GC Initiative: "A group of former and current general counsel is setting some very specific goals to increase racial diversity in the top legal spots at some of the world's largest companies."

8. "Reed Smith 'Innovation Hours' Program Gives Credit for Non-Client Work," 05.15.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "Reed Smith is rolling out a new program that lets lawyers earn billable hour credits for time they spend promoting advances in legal technology and operations."

9. "ABA Set to Approve More Online Credits for Law Students," 05.15.18.
Law.com reports that the ABA Council has decided to make a standards change that will "ease rules that limit the number of distance education credits J.D. students may take at ABA-accredited law schools." (The new proposal would approximately double the number of credits law students may take online, and will not take effect until approved by the ABA House of Delegates in August.)

10. "Akin Gump Adds On-Site Counseling as Firms Fret Over Mental Health," 05.15.18.
The National Law Journal reports that Akin Gump has a pilot wellness program that includes an on-site behavioral assistance counselor one day a week.

11. "New Evidence Adds to Troubling Picture for Black Borrowers of Student Loans," 05.15.18.
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that two new studies confirm that a disproportionate level of student-loan debt is borne by black students: "In 2016, an astonishing 30 percent of African-American graduate students had at least $100,000 in debt, nearly three times the rate of white students."

12. "Uber CLO Explains Decision to Scrap Mandatory Arbitration Clauses and NDAs Around Sexual Harassment, Assault," 05.15.18.
The Recorder reports that "The San Francisco-based ride-hailing company announced Tuesday morning it would eliminate the requirement of arbitration clauses for any employee, driver or rider who says they have experienced sexual harassment or assault. And it will not require any survivors to sign on to nondisclosure agreements if they wish to speak out about their claims."

13. "Legal Operations is Hot. But Legal Culture is Lukewarm Toward It," 03.15.18.
Legaltech News looks at the rapid growth of corporate legal operations, and at some of the obstacles that it faces: "Lawyers would be well served to embrace legal operations because it will liberate them to work on matters that require their differentiated expertise."

14. "Rainmakers-in-Training Need Time to Train, Experts Say," 05.15.18.
The Daily Report takes a look at training new lawyers in the all-important area of growing their book of business.

15. "Top Law Schools Ask Firms to Disclose Summer Associate Arbitration Agreements," 05.14.18.
The National Law Journal reports that "Yale Law School and 13 other top law schools are issuing a survey to law firms asking them to disclose whether or not they require summer associates to submit to forced arbitration agreements and related nondisclosure deals."

    a. "Law Schools Ask Firms for Harassment Policies," 05.15.18.
    More on this from Inside Higher Ed: "Fifty law schools signed on to the letter asking firms to complete a survey on workplace policies."

16. "The Legal Market Is Looking Up, Citi Q1 Survey Shows," 05.14.18.
David Altuna and Gretta Rusanow from Citi Private Bank, writing for The American Lawyer, review first quarter law firm financial performance finding lots of good news, including strong demand growth.

    a. "A Demand Turnaround for Law Firms? Not for Everyone," 05.14.18.
    And in a related piece The American Lawyer writes that "demand grew only for the top segment of the law firm market."

17. "More Women Accuse Ogletree of Gender Bias in $300M Suit," 05.14.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "three former nonequity shareholders at Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart have joined a $300 million collective action that accuses the labor and employment specialty law firm of operating as a male-dominated hierarchy that puts women at a disadvantage with respect to pay and promotions."

18. "UVA Law to receive $43.9 million donation from 2 alumni," 05.14.18.
The ABA Journal reports that "Martha and Bruce Karsh, a couple who met at the University of Virginia School of Law, will donate $43.9 million to their alma mater," the largest gift in the law school's history.

19. "Do Clients Prefer Lawyers Who Are Hedgehogs or Foxes," 05.14.18.
An interesting read on the tension between the lawyer as generalist versus lawyer as specialist on the one hand, and the future of the T-shaped lawyer in the age of AI on the other, from an Adjunct Professor and Research Fellow at Michigan State University College of Law, writing here for The Algorithmic Society blog. (Hat tip to Michelle Jackson at Northwestern for bringing this one to my attention.)

20. "The Gender Pay Gap: Trying to Narrow It," 05.13.18.
The New York Times takes a look at efforts in the UK to narrow the gender pay gap between men and women.

21. "Law School Applicants Are Up 8.8%," 05.12.18.
The TaxProf blog has the latest law school application figures from the Law School Admission Council.

    a. "LSAT Test-Takers Surge 18.1%, The Biggest Increase In 16 Years," 05.11.18.
    And the TaxProf Blog has the latest LSAT volumes from LSAC as well.

22. "ABA Moves Forward With Plan to End Law School Admission Test Requirement," 05.11.18.
Law.com reports that "the American Bar Association law school accrediting arm on Friday approved a plan to remove an admission test requirement for accredited law schools."

    a. "ABA Legal Ed council approves proposed rule change to end admission test requirement," 05.11.18.
    More on this from the ABA Journal.

    b. "Vote to Toss LSAT Mandate for Law Schools Slated for August," 05.14.18.
    And as Karen Sloan makes clear in this piece for Law.com, the removal of the standardized test requirement must still pass muster at the ABA House of Delegates in August, and even if it passes there, most law schools are likely to continue to require the LSAT.

    c. "Your Voice: Abandoning law school admissions testing would harm students, not help," 05.14.18.
    An op-ed in the ABA Journal by Jay Austin from UC Irvine who is opposed to the possibility of the elimination of standardized testing for law school admissions.

23. "Ohio State Prof Bans Laptops, Sees Grades Rise," 05.11.18.
Inside Higher Ed reports that a professor at Ohio State has banned laptops and has seen student performance improve significantly in midterms compared with previous years.

24. "The Law Firm Disrupted: A Kirkland & Ellis Law School? Crystal Ball Gazing on the Future of Legal Ed," 05.11.18.
Law.com's Law Firm Disrupted column asks what would happen if law schools closed up shop tomorrow and speculates about whether law firms might someday be competitors to law schools for training new lawyers.

25. "Lawyers weigh in: Why is there a depression epidemic in the profession?," 05.11.18.
The director of content at Rocket Matter, writing for the ABA Journal, asked lawyers why depression, substance abuse and related issues are so prevalent in the profession.

26. "The path forward for the legal technician model," 05.11.18.
The founder of Evolve Law, writing for the ABA Journal, makes recommendations for the adoption of Limited License Legal Technicians.

27. "Combating Sexual Harassment in the Workplace," 05.11.18.
In this article from Today's General Counsel, "McGuireWoods partner Sabrina A. Beldner includes a listing of seven components of a strong anti-harassment policy and suggestions about how training should be structured and conducted."

28. TED Talk Bonus: "The power of a single story," July, 2009.
In preparing for our Board Orientation program this week we were asked to watch this powerful TED Talk: "Novelist Chimamanda Adichie tells the story of how she found her authentic cultural voice — and warns that if we hear only a single story about another person or country, we risk a critical misunderstanding."

Past News Digest Issues

May 11, 2018

1. "ABA should never have accredited now-closed Charlotte School of Law, lawsuit claims," 05.10.18.
The ABA Journal reports that "a former professor and former student from the Charlotte School of Law have sued the ABA, accusing it of negligence in accrediting the school."

2. "Florida Coastal sues ABA over finding of noncompliance with accreditation standards," 05.10.18.
The ABA Journal reports that "Florida Coastal School of Law…filed a federal court lawsuit against the organization Thursday, alleging that the ABA's accreditation finding violated the school's due process rights."

3. "Looking Behind the Numbers in The Am Law 200 Rankings," 05.10.18.
The American Lawyer provides a teaser, and a webinar infomercial, for its upcoming release of the Am Law 200 rankings on May 22.

4. "Legal tech has a diversity problem, new report says," 05.09.18.
The ABA Journal reports that according to new research, "women and minority founders are underrepresented in legal technology."

5. "What Can I Do to Be Happier in My First Year as a Law Firm Associate?," 05.09.18.
Julie Brush, writing for The Recorder, provides advice for young lawyers about how to maximize the enjoyment of the experience.

6. "Lingering Gender Pay Gap Plagues US In-House Counsel, Study Says," 05.08.18.
Corporate Counsel reports that "according to a new study from BarkerGilmore, female lawyers in legal departments, particularly female GCs, are still underpaid compared to their male counterparts." (The study found that "women make about 78 percent of the average total compensation that their male counterparts make.")

7. "The Future of Law: How In-House Counsel Will Hire Outside Counsel," 05.08.18.
Legaltech News writes that in the future data will allow clients to measure how a law firm is doing and "analytics will define how in house counsel will hire their outside counsel."

8. "The Median Tenure Of Law School Deans Is 3.35 Years," 05.08.18.
The TaxProf Blog reports that "the median tenure of the 209 currently serving law school deans is 3.35 years; the average tenure is 4.25 years."

9. "As good as it gets?," 05.08.18.
The latest from Jordan Furlong on his Law21 blog: "One hundred years from now, legal historians might regard even today's best lawyers as the equivalent of 19th-century doctors who cut into patients' bodies with unwashed hands."

10. "Kagan Says She'll 'Take Into Account' Whether Judges Follow New Clerk Hiring Plan," 05.07.18.
The Recorder reports that "U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan recently threw her support behind the new law clerk hiring plan."

11. "18 New Law School Dean Appointments (61% Are Women)," 05.07.18.
The TaxProf Blog points out that of the 18 new law school dean appointments recently reported by the ABA, 61% of them are women.

12. "Hybrid Paralegal Roles Are On the Rise at Law Firms, In-House," 05.07018.
The Daily Business Review reports that according to new survey research from Robert Half, "as clients seek legal services at lower costs…two thirds of lawyers (66 percent) say blended or hybrid paralegal and legal secretary positions have become more relevant in the last two years."

13. "Confusing conversations about clients," 05.06.18.
The latest from Bill Henderson's Legal Evolution blog, on the different innovation adoption curves faced by in-house and law firm lawyers.

14. "Hang On! It's a Roller Coaster Market for Am Law 100 Firms," 05.04.18.
The American Lawyer hosts a podcast in which Greta Rusanow from Citi Private Bank's Law Firm Group provides some perspective on the latest Am Law 100 results, noting that volatility continues to be the characteristic that best describes the market.

15. "For Firms Welcoming Summer Associates, It's Time to Think Outside the Bottle," 05.04.18.
Patrick Krill, writing for The American Lawyer, writes about the importance of deemphasizing alcohol during summer associate programs and events. (Some of you may have met Patrick or heard him speak at the NALP Annual Education Conference in South Florida last month.)

16. "The Law Firm Disrupted: A New Client Service Model at Perkins Coie," 05.04.18.
Law.com's Law Firm Disrupted column takes a look at the way legal operations and technology have had a positive impact on the business relationship between Adobe and Perkins Coie.

17. "MoFo 'Between Disappointed and Angry' Over 'Mommy Track' Lawsuit," 05.04.18.
The American Lawyer reports that Morrison & Foerster chair Larren Nashelsky has responded to a gender discrimination suit filed against the firm last week by highlighting its gender statistics and its programs to promote working parents of both genders.

    a. "Shock. Shock. The Mommy Track Is a Dead End!," 05.08.18.
    And Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer, weighs in on the MoFo litigation: "Why do we perpetuate the myth that it's viable to avail yourself of every family-friendly offering and never lose your place in the race?"

18. "Legal Employment Ticks Up in April," 05.04.18.
Law.com provides its analysis of the latest USBLS legal sector employment figures, noting that "the U.S. legal services industry saw modest employment gains in April, adding 800 jobs."

    a. "Legal sector adds 800 jobs in April," 05.07.18.
    More on this from the ABA Journal.

19. "NALP 2018: 'YOU'RE GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!'," 05.04.18.
Lateral Link's Scott Hodes recaps the NALP Annual Education Conference, focusing on the lateral recruiting content.

20. "US Firms Ramp Up UK Presence as Latest Lateral Figures Highlight Aggressive London Recruitment," 05.04.18.
The American Lawyer International reports that "the largest U.S. law firms in London added some 500 lawyers to their U.K. ranks last year, making more than 100 lateral partner hires."

21. "LGBT Lawyers Better Represented at Larger Law Firms," 05.01.18.
Jonathan Hayter from Law360 has used Tableau Public to visualize NALP's NDLE data on LGBT lawyer representation in law firms.

1. "Lawyer population 15% higher than 10 years ago, new ABA data shows," 05.03.18.
The ABA Journal reports that "the number of active attorneys in the United States has increased by 15.2 percent over the last decade, according to the ABA's National Lawyer Population Survey."

2. "Young Lawyers Call For Revamping of Law Firm Offices to Meet New Industry Needs," 05.03.18.
The American Lawyer's Young Lawyer Editorial Board calls on law firms to "improve their output by optimizing the physical workspace" by, for instance, creating collaboration corners and technology-enabled spaces.

3. "Florida Coastal Law School Remains Out Of Compliance With Three Of Four Accreditation Standards," 05.03.18.
The TaxProf Blog reports that the Council of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admission to the Bar has found that Florida Coastal School of Law has come into compliance with one standard that it had violated but remains out of compliance with three other standards.

4. "Impact of Graduating With Debt as Recession Hit," 05.03.18.
Inside Higher Ed reports on the results of a new study that show that "graduating from college in 2007-08, just as the recession hit, was particularly challenging."

5. "In #MeToo Era, Linklaters Launches Hotline and Encourages Disclosures," 05.02.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "Linklaters has asked its partners and staff to disclose personal relationships that could lead to conflicts of interest at work, as part of a number of initiatives introduced by the London-based legal giant in response to the #MeToo movement."

6. "Should Top Law Schools Care About Innovation?," 05.02.18.
The American Lawyer reports on innovations taking place at Northwestern's law school, including a new program that trains students for legal operations roles.

7. "What do associates want from their firms? You may be surprised," 05.02.18.
An associate writing for the ABA Journal writes about things firms and partners can do to "help…associates thrive and be successful in a way that promotes growth, strengthens the firm, and encourages loyalty."

8. "Legal Departments See Cost-Controlling Value in Technology," 05.02.18.
Legaltech News reports on the 2nd Annual Study of Legal Spend Management, which finds that "many legal departments recognize the value of legal technology tools and processes in helping them control their spend."

9. "NSU Law Leadership Academy," 05.02.18.
The latest installment from the What Great Law Schools Do blog, highlighting a new leadership curriculum at Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law.

    a. "Northwestern Pritzker School of Law's Business Curriculum," 04.24.18.
    And more from the same blog, highlighting a program at Northwestern's law school that offers a suite of business school courses through the law school.

10. "How a Common Interview Question Fuels the Gender Pay Gap (and How to Stop It)," 05.01.18.
The New York Times Upshot column takes on prior salary history and the wage gap between male and female employees: "Several states, cities and companies have recently banned asking about salary history. They include Massachusetts, California, New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago, as well as Amazon, Google and Starbucks."

    a. "The Top Jobs Where Women Are Outnumbered by Men Named John," 04.24.18.
    And a related and widely circulated piece from last week's NYT Upshot column shares some startling numbers: "fewer women directed the top-grossing 100 films last year than men named Michael and James combined." (That's just one attention-grabbing factoid from the plethora of unsettling data presented in this piece.)

11. "Are Women in Law Finally Empowered to Speak Out Against Inequality?," 05.01.18.
Vivia Chen, writing for The American Lawyer, is encouraged by "the number of Big Law partners getting booted for alleged sexual misconduct" but is concerned that "the bigger problem resulting from the power imbalance in the legal profession remains pay inequality."

12. "Five Ways to Make Law School More Rigorous and Engaging," 05.01.18.
A good column from Slaw from a Professor of Law at the University of Alberta, offering five points for reforming legal education.

13. "Diversity & Inclusion For Recent Law School Grads Seems To Be Taking A Back Seat In Private Practice," 04.30.18.
Above the Law recaps the NALP diversity data shared at our annual education conference in South Florida last week: "perhaps the most stunning figure of all is the incredibly low percentage of black law school graduates who are working in private practice for their first jobs."

14. "Mandatory Professional Skills Training In Law Schools," 04.30.18.
Robert Kuehn, the associate dean for clinical legal education at the law school at Washington University, writing here for the TaxProf Blog, parses all of the ABA questionnaire data on law school experiential learning — clinics, externships, and simulation courses, and provides some dynamite graphs and charts.

15. "The 2018 Pro Bono Hot List," 04.30.18.
The National Law Journal publishes its 2018 Pro Bono Hot List, the firms and lawyers who have taken on "some of the biggest issues of our time."

16. "'Mommy Track Is a Dead End' at MoFo, Associates Claim in New Lawsuit," 04.30.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "Three female Morrison & Foerster associates in California have accused the firm of gender discrimination, alleging in a proposed $100 million class action that MoFo routinely holds back mothers and pregnant women, giving them lower pay and promotion opportunities compared to male peers."

    a. "'Mommy Track' Lawsuit Aside, Many Firms Look to Make Life Easier on Parents," 05.02.18.
    This piece from The American Lawyer makes the case that despite the above-referenced litigation, "many law firms have continually expanded their support programs for new parents as they discover that official parental leave policies alone do little to end the perception of gender inequality and a 'mommy track.'"

17. "Free LSAT prep, from Khan Academy and the LSAC, coming in June," 04.30.18.
The ABA Journal reports that "A free online LSAT prep program from Khan Academy and the Law School Admission Council, announced in 2017, will be available to the public starting June 1."

18. "Where are the jobs for the Class of 2018?," 04.30.18.
In this ABA Journal podcast, "Stephanie Francis Ward speaks with Valerie Fontaine, founding partner of the legal search firm SeltzerFontaine, about which in-demand areas of law have open job positions — and how law grads can secure them."

19. "My long history with law firm scorecards," 04.29.18.
The latest installment from Bill Henderson's Legal Evolution blog.

20. "Some Big Law Firms Applaud as Clients Get Tougher on Diversity," 04.27.18.
The American Lawyer reports that corporate clients have increased their requests for diversity and demographic data from law firms.

21. "How Ogletree Deakins Overcame Legal AI Burnout," 04.27.18.
The American Lawyer reports that Ogletree is "the first law firm to publicly license document-drafting technology from LegalMation, which earlier this month signed up Walmart Inc. as its first legal department client."

22. "The Big Law Boomerang That Brings In-House Attorneys Back to Firms," 04.27.18.
The American Lawyer takes a look at the in-house lawyers who go back to law firms.

23. "$11 Million a Year for a Law Partner? Bidding War Grows at Top-Tier Firms," 04.26.18.
The New York Times reports that Kirkland has hired a senior Cravath partner, Sandra Goldstein, a former leader of the firm's litigation department, for $11 million a year for five years, plus a signing bonus, a once unheard of transition, and notes the "gradual but steady erosion of both client and partner loyalty."

24. "Ian Samuel is Shaming Big Law — And It's Working," 04.25.18.
Vivia Chen speaks with Ian Samuel for The American Lawyer — Ian Samuel is the Harvard Law Lecturer who "created a huge uproar when he tweeted that Munger, Tolles & Olson required that summer associates agree to arbitration in their employment contracts."

April 27, 2018

  1. "Legal Recruiting And You: How The Sausage Is Made," 04.26.18.
    Above the Law covers the NALP Annual Education Conference held this week in South Florida.

  2. "Cooley Law back in compliance, ABA accreditation committee says," 04.26.18.
    The ABA Journal reports that "Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School has come into compliance with an admissions standard that requires accredited schools to only admit candidates who appear capable of finishing law school and gaining admission to a state bar."

  3. "Law Grads Hiring Report: Job Stats for the Class of 2017," 04.25.18.
    Law.com parses the recently released ABA employment outcomes data for the Class of 2017 with ten charts that rank schools by a variety of employment metrics, including by percent of graduates in full-time, long-term, bar passage required jobs.

    1. "Law Grad Employment Rate Improves Thanks to Smaller Class," 04.20.18.
      Law.com reports that "according to new national figures released Friday by the American Bar Association…the employment picture for new law graduates improved in 2017, marking the fourth straight year that a higher percentage of fresh J.D.s found legal jobs," but only because the class was smaller, not because there were more jobs.

    2. "Fewer entry-level positions in most job categories for 2017 law grads, new ABA data shows," 04.20.18.
      More on this from the ABA Journal.

  4. "Graduates of NY Law Schools Do Well on Bar Exam as Other Candidates Falter," 04.25.18.
    The New York Law Journal reports that "seventy percent of the graduates of New York law schools who took the bar examination for the first time in February passed."

  5. "The Top Feeder Colleges For Law School Applicants," 04.25.18.
    The TaxProf Blog highlights new research from the AccessLex Institute that identifies the top 240 feeder schools for ABA applicants, and calculates a rank by applicants per capita for each of those schools.

  6. "The 2018 Am Law 100," 04.24.18.
    The American Lawyer publishes its annual analysis on the financial health of the largest US law firms.

    1. "The 2018 Am Law 100 Ranked by: Gross Revenue," 04.24.18. (American Lawyer)

    2. "The 2018 Am Law 100 Ranked by: Profits Per Equity Partner," 04.24.18. (American Lawyer)

    3. "The 2018 Am Law 100 Ranked by: Revenue Per Lawyer," 04.24.18. (American Lawyer)

    4. "The 2018 Am Law 100: Profitability Index," 04.24.18.
      The American Lawyer ranks firms by their ability to convert revenue into profits.

    5. "From the Editor-in-Chief: Touché Law Firms, Touché," 04.24.18.
      Gina Passarella, Editor in Chief of The American Lawyer, shares her perspective on the 2018 Am Law 100 results: "Yes it's true that the top firms continued to outperform those lower on our annual list of the Am Law 100, but even firms in the second half of the ranking showed strong performances across key financial metrics."

    6. "Despite Anxiety-Inducing Trends, Am Law 100 Rose to the Challenge in 2017," 04.24.18.
      More commentary on the Am Law 100 from The American Lawyer: "In many respects, 2017 could be considered the Am Law 100's best year since the 2009 recession."

    7. "The Super Rich Are Getting Richer," 04.24.18.
      More Am Law 100 analysis and commentary from The American Lawyer: "The super rich continue to prosper and raise profits, compared with other merely rich firms. And that trend appears to be accelerating."

    8. "Success in the Am Law 100 Is Being Driven by Management," 04.24.18.
      The American Lawyer reports that "Big Law has surpassed its pre-recession levels of profitability," but there are winners and losers and the differentiator seems to be careful management.

  7. "New ABA Center for Innovation project will connect legal aid providers with free legal tech," 04.24.18.
    The ABA Journal reports that the ABA Center for Innovation is partnering with the Legal Services Corporation to connect legal aid providers with free legal technology.

  8. "With Help From New Law, This Legal Department is Firing its Outside Counsel," 04.24.18.
    The American Lawyer reports that "Univar Inc. is working with Elevate and a new Elevate-affiliated law firm to find new ways of doing legal work that it claims will result in 50 percent savings for its $10.5 million legal budget."

  9. "Northwestern Is the Latest Top Law School to Name a Woman Dean," 04.24.18.
    Law.com reports that "Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law has named longtime professor Kimberly Yuracko as its next dean."

  10. "Reed Smith Enters the Legal Technology Market With GravityStack Subsidiary," 04.24.18.
    The American Lawyer reports that "Reed Smith [has] announced the launch of GravityStack, a spin-off subsidiary technology group that will create and license the firms' technology products and provide managed services to law firm and legal department clients."

  11. "Partner percentages continue to decline in BigLaw; is in-house lure part of the reason?," 04.24.18.
    The ABA Journal reports that "the percentage of partners at the nation's largest law firms is slowly but steadily declining."

  12. "The Double Life Of Law Schools," 04.24.18.
    The TaxProf Blog highlights a new law review article that speculates about what the law school of 2025 will look like.

  13. "New York's Elite Law Firms Still Lead the Pack on Profits, Revenue," 04.23.18.
    The New York Law Journal reports that "most of New York's elite law firms enjoyed solid revenue and profit gains, even if growth was at least partially driven by billing rate hikes amid generally flat demand…once again outperforming their Am Law 100 peers."

    1. "New York Partner Promotions Up 27 Percent at Top Firms," 04.20.18.
      And in a related piece, the New York Law Journal reports that "in the last year, the top 25 firms promoted 147 New York lawyers to partner, about a 27 percent increase from their previous round of promotions."

  14. "#MeToo Comes to CLOC, as Female In-House Leaders Share Their Stories of Workplace Sexism," 04.23.18.
    Law.com, reporting from the CLOC conference taking place in Las Vegas this week, writes that the conference kicked off "with a frank discussion about gender inequity in the law."

    1. "Lawyers Continue to Dominate Legal Ops Role, CLOC Study Shows," 04.23.18.
      Corporate Counsel reports that according to new survey results from CLOC, "close to three-quarters of the legal ops directors hold a law degree, while a quarter hold an MBA."

    2. "In-House Leaders at Starbucks, Northwestern Mutual Share Diversity & Inclusion Tips," 04.24.18.
      Corporate Counsel reports that "a Tuesday panel at the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium's 2018 annual institute…[had] corporate legal leaders coming together to discuss what diversity and inclusion looks like at their companies and which strategies have been their most successful."

  15. "Howard Leads HBCUs In Law School Grads' Bar Exam Performance," 04.23.18.
    The TaxProf Blog reports that "Howard University School of Law's Class of 2017 led in the percentage of law students at historically Black colleges and universities who passed a bar examination in their first attempt, according to recently released data from the American Bar Association."

  16. "Columbia Law Review Has First Black Male Editor-in-Chief in 117-Year History," 04.22.18.
    The New York Law Journal reports that "the Columbia Law Review has its first black male editor-in-chief, Tomi Williams, who is looking to bring more diverse voices to the publication."

  17. "100% Of First-Time Takers From Shuttered Charlotte Law School Failed February NC Bar Exam," 04.21.18.
    The TaxProf Blog reports that the Charlotte Observer has reported that none of the recent graduates who sat for the most recent bar examination in North Carolina obtained a passing score.

  18. "The Unique Place for Midsize Firms in Today's Legal Market," 04.20.18.
    The New York Law Journal writes that "midsize law firms are ideally positioned to succeed with their nimble infrastructures and ability to quickly adapt to market trends."

  19. "Paul Weiss Chairman Pipes Up About the #MeToo Movement," 04.20.18.
    The Careerist's Vivia Chen talks with Brad Karp about the power imbalance in law firms and how to change it. (American Lawyer podcast)

  20. "Conference to tackle new approaches for law schools, lawyers and legal technologists," 04.20.18.
    Ari Kaplan speaks with Larry Bridgesmith, an adjunct professor at Vanderbilt Law School and the co-creator of the school's Summit on Law and Innovation, which will take place on April 30 in Nashville, Tennessee. (ABA Journal)

  21. "The Business Case for Associate Development: Top Reasons to Invest in Associates," 04.20.18.
    An associate and a partner from Greenberg Traurig in Atlanta, writing for the Daily Report, make the business case for investing in associate development.

  22. "Boston's supply of lawyers falls far short of firms' heavy demand," 04.18.18.
    The Boston Business Journal reports that demand for legal talent in Boston has never been higher. (Subscription required.)

  23. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

    1. "Fox Rothschild Grows Revenue 8 Percent, PPP Up 1.7 Percent," 04.20.18. (Legal Intelligencer)

    2. "Fisher & Phillips Reports Revenue Gains, but Profits Stay Flat," 04.19.18. (Daily Report: Gross revenue up 3.8%, PPP down 1.4%)

April 20, 2018

1. "The Autistic, Non-Binary, Queer, Law Student Fighting for Disability Justice," 04.19.18.
News@Northeastern reports that "a gender non-binary, queer, disabled person of color…was named the National Association for Law Placement Pro Bono Publico Award winner."

2. "'Client Value' Roles Take Off as Partners Place Trust in Professionals," 04.19.18.
The American Lawyer reports on "a growing trend of law firms implementing client-centric C-suite roles" including chief client value officer.

3. "Survey Shows 27 Percent Pay Gap for Top Women Equity Partners," 04.19.18.
The American Lawyer reports that new survey results show that "the mean average pay for male equity partners [deemed by in-house counsel to be in a high-caliber group] was 27 percent higher than for female equity partners."

4. "February Bar Exam Performance Hits Record Low," 04.19.18.
The National Law Journal reports that "according to the National Conference of Bar Examiners, the average score on February's Multistate Bar Exam…fell 1.3 points from the previous year" but it is important to remember that February test scores are disproportionately made up of repeat test-takers who have failed the bar previously.

5. "Reed Smith Launches Tech Program for Select Summer Associates," 04.19.18.
The American Lawyer reports that Reed Smith has launched a Legal Technology Summer Associate Program that in its inaugural summer will include three students from American law schools and two from British law schools.

6. "Proposed Student Loan Cap Could Devastate Law Schools," 04.18.18.
The National Law Journal reports that "a bill wending its way through Congress would cap graduate federal student loans and drive many law students into the private loan market, potentially forcing between 20 and 30 law schools to close within five years."

7. "Los Angeles Law Firms After the Financial Crisis," 04.18.18.
The TaxProf Blog highlights an excellent piece of research that has recently come to my attention — the report from the Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy at UCLA documents the ways that the legal market in Los Angeles has changed since the recession.

8. "Concord Law dean sees benefits with acquisition by Purdue University," 04.18.18.
The ABA Journal reports that "Purdue University's transaction to acquire Kaplan University, including Concord Law School, is complete."

9. "Can Training Eliminate Biases? Starbucks Will Test the Thesis," 04.18.18.
In the aftermath of the Philadelphia Starbucks incident, The New York Times takes a look at training to combat implicit bias, and finds academics divided on the question of whether it is effective: "Academics who study unconscious bias say that training can help alleviate it…. Other academics and experts on bias caution that anti-bias training is a sensitive exercise that can be ineffective or even backfire if handled incorrectly."

10. "CLOC Has Scored Some Early Wins — Much Work Remains Undone," 04.18.18.
In advance of the 3rd annual CLOC conference next week, ALM media takes a look at the impact that CLOC has had on the industry.

11. "LSAT's Grip on Law Schools Loosens with ABA's Latest Move," 04.16.18.
Law.com reports that "an ABA committee on April 13 recommended axing the accreditation standard mandating that schools use a standardized test in admissions."

    a. "ABA Panel Seeks to End LSAT Requirement," 04.17.18.
    More on this from Inside Higher Ed.

12. "A&O to Launch Firmwide Rollout of New Performance Evaluation Scheme as Firm Targets More 'Honest' Feedback," 04.17.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "Allen & Overy will move all of its staff to a new performance management scheme next year, becoming the latest firm to scrap annual appraisals in favor of a system based on ongoing feedback."

13. "Procurement and The New Legal Buy/Sell Dynamic," 04.16.18.
This piece in The American Lawyer explains the significance of the emergence of legal procurement and the way that it is changing the legal industry.

14. "Muller: Visualizing Law School Employment Outcomes in Florida, Pennsylvania, And Texas," 04.16.18.
The TaxProf Blog highlights research by Derek Muller that visualizes the employment outcomes of law school graduates in various states.

15. "Changing Your Firm's Compensation Culture," 04.16.18.
The latest from Jordan Furlong at Law21, with advice about how to evolve your lawyer comp system.

16. "Gorsuch Hires Native American Law Clerk, Likely First in SCOTUS History," 04.14.18.
The National Law Journal reports that "in what appears to be a historic first, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch has hired Tobi Young, a Native American lawyer, to be one of his law clerks starting this summer."

17. "Helping First-Generation Lawyers Thrive," 04.13.18.
Grover Cleveland, writing for Law Practice Today, provides advice for best integrating and supporting first generation lawyers.

    a. "Unlocking the Talents of the Millennial Lawyer," 04.13.18.
    And this is a related piece in Law Practice Today on bridging the generational divide. Both articles are part of Law Practice Today's annual Young Lawyers Issue, available here.

18. "Who Is a Public Servant? Borrowers Have a Lot Riding on the Answer," 04.13.18.
More from The New York Times on the confusion and disarray surrounding eligibility for the federal public service loan forgiveness program.

19. "Colleges Recruit at Richer, Whiter High Schools," 04.13.18.
More cool New York Times data visualization that makes the case that high schools visited by colleges on recruitment trips tend to be whiter and wealthier than schools that are not visited.

20. "How to Ask About Compensation in a Job Interview Without Sounding Greedy," 04.13.18.
Julie Brush, writing for The Recorder, offers advice about the most effective way to raise compensation issues in a job interview without the risk of being perceived negatively.

21. "No More Hotel Auditions, Says Union Representing Actors," 04.13.18.
NPR reports that "SAG-AFTRA [the union that represents actors, broadcasters, and recording artists] is calling for an end to auditions in private hotel rooms or residences, after a spate of sexual harassment allegations against powerful Hollywood figures."

April 13, 2018

1. "Legal Education in 'Perilous Moment' as Leaders Gather to Examine Its Future," 04.12.18.
Karen Sloan, reporting from Miami for Law.com, covers the first day of the Summit on the Future of Legal Education and Entry to the Profession.

2. "Hogan Lovells Scraps 'Broken' Review System for Associates," 04.12.18.
The American Lawyer reports that Hogan Lovells is overhauling the way it provides feedback to associates.

3. "GSU Law Deploys Data Analytics to Boost Bar Pass Rates," 04.12.18.
The Daily Report reports that "Georgia State University College of Law…is developing a program that uses data analytics to identify students most at risk for failing the bar exam."

4. "How Law Schools and JD Applicants Find That Love Connection," 04.12.18.
As law school admission deposit deadlines loom, Law.com talks to applicants and law school staff about the process of woo.

5. "Golden Gate does not meet admissions standard, says ABA accreditation committee," 04.11.18.
The ABA Journal reports that the ABA's Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has found Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco "significantly out of compliance" with accreditation standards related to law school admissions.

    a. "ABA Warns Golden Gate Law School About Low Bar-Pass Rates, High Attrition," 04.12.18.
    More on this from The Recorder.

6. "Duncan School of Law does not meet admissions standard, ABA accreditation committee says," 04.09.18.
The ABA Journal reports that the ABA's Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has found Duncan School of Law at Lincoln Memorial University in Knoxville "significantly out of compliance" with accreditation standards related to law school admissions.

7. "The Underwear Gnomes of Law," 04.11.18.
Because almost everything Jordan Furlong writes is good — here writing for Slaw, and including the South Park Underwear Gnomes Profit Plan clip from 1998, on the underwear gnome problem: "a recurring disconnect between the initial premise and eventual outcome of many traditional systems and practices in the law."

8. "Focus of ABA Day 2018 will be on LSC funding and preserving student loan forgiveness program," 04.11.18.
The ABA Journal reports that the focus of the ABA's annual lobbying day in DC will be on "securing the financial ability of lawyers to meet the legal needs of the public…increased funding for the Legal Services Corp. and the preservation of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program."

9. "On Equal Pay Day, In-House Counsel Can Start Closing the Gap," 04.10.18.
Corporate Counsel argues that in-house leaders can help close the gender pay gap at their companies.

    a. "Prior Salary Can't Justify Gender Wage Gap, En Banc Ninth Circuit Says," 04.09.18.
    The Recorder reports that "a federal appeals court ruled Monday that salary history cannot be used to justify a wage gap between men and women."

    b. "Lilly Ledbetter: My #MeToo Moment," 04.09.18.
    Lily Ledbetter, for whom the federal Fair Pay Act is named, and who was the plaintiff in a Supreme Court pay discrimination challenge to Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., writes here for The New York Times op-ed page that not only did she face pay discrimination, she was also subjected to sexual harassment at Goodyear: "Sexual harassment isn't about sex, just like pay discrimination isn't just about pay. Both are about power. They are clear evidence that too many workplaces value women less."

    c. "The 10-Year Baby Window That Is the Key to the Women's Pay Gap," 04.09.18.
    The New York Times Upshot column reports on new research that shows: "When women have their first child between age 25 and 35, their pay never recovers, relative to that of their husbands. Yet women who have their first baby either before 25 or after 35 — before their careers get started or once they're established — eventually close the pay gap with their husbands."

10. "Fish & Richardson offers bonuses of up to $115K for Federal Circuit clerks," 04.10.18.
The ABA Journal reports that "former judicial clerks from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit will now receive up to $115,000 in bonuses at Fish & Richardson."

11. "What Legal Professionals Want in 2018: Less Stress, More Appreciation," 04.10.18.
A Regional VP for Robert Half Legal, writing for the Daily Business Review, reports on a new report from that organization that finds that less stress makes happier lawyers: "42 percent of attorneys cited reduced stress levels as the one aspect of their job they would change."

12. "Harassment Reports Up Amid #MeToo Movement, New Data Shows," 04.10.18.
Corporate Counsel reports that new survey research shows that "harassment reports were up in the last quarter of 2017, coinciding with the growing visibility of the #MeToo movement."

13. "I Just Got Fired. How Bad Is This for My Career?," 04.10.18.
Julie Brush, writing for The Recorder, says that getting fired isn't the end of the world professionally, and offers advice for bouncing back.

14. "New Tool From Cornell Law Students Helps Immigrants Plan for the Worst," 04.09.18.
Legaltech News reports that "a new tool developed by the Immigration Advocates Network (IAN) and the Technology, Innovation and the Law Clinic at Cornell Law School hopes to help undocumented communities plan for the unfortunate potential of deportation."

15. "You Exercise and Eat Right. Now, About Those Sleep Habits, Counselor," 04.09.18.
A personal trainer and wellness consultant writing for Law.com has sleep advice for lawyers.

16. "Some Colleges Share Lists of Early-Decision Admits. Now the Justice Department Is Investigating," 04.08.18.
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that "the Justice Department is investigating whether colleges violate antitrust laws by exchanging information about applicants admitted through early-decision policies."

    a. "Justice Department seeks to uncover secrets about selective college admissions," 04.09.18.
    More on this, and the probe into alleged bias in the Harvard admissions process reported last week, from The Washington Post.

    b. "Williams, Wesleyan, Middlebury Among Targets of Federal Early-Admissions Probe," 04.11.18.
    More on this from The Wall Street Journal. (Subscription required.)

17. "A Value-Added Ranking Of Law Schools," 04.07.18.
The TaxProf Blog highlights a piece from the American Bar Foundation that assesses alternative rankings systems, and proposes a value-added ranking of law schools based on outcomes measures.

18. "Allen & Overy, O'Melveny Eye Potential Trans-Atlantic Union," 04.06.18.
The American Lawyer reports that Allen & Overy and O'Melveny & Myers are involved in merger discussions. ("If a merger deal is finalized between both firms, it would create a 3,000-lawyer global giant with roughly $2.8 billion in combined gross revenue.")

    a. "Will A&O's US Merger Move Impel Other Magic Circle Firms to Follow Suit?," 04.09.18.
    The American Lawyer speculates on "[whether] the Magic Circle firm's trans-Atlantic merger talks could shake up the market as rivals rethink their U.S. strategies."

19. "Legal Jobs Sector Posts Incremental Gains," 04.06.18.
The American Lawyer reports on the latest legal sector jobs numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, noting that "the U.S. legal services industry added 400 jobs between February and March of 2018."

20. "A $350 Million Fund Helps Many Public Servants. Meet the Ones Left Out," 04.06.18.
A good New York Times Your Money piece on the $350 million fund included in the latest federal budget that is meant to help federal student loan borrowers who thought they were enrolled in public service loan repayment programs, but actually weren't, or who face disqualification for not meeting technical elements of the repayment program.

    a. "How to Clean Up the Student Loan Mess," 04.06.18.
    More on federal student loans from The New York Times.

21. "How to Level the College Playing Field," 04.07.18.
A lovely and thoughtful NYT op-ed from the former chancellor of the New York City public schools on how to narrow the ever-growing gap between the numbers of rich and poor college graduates.

22. "Summer Interns: Who Are They? Are You Classifying Them Properly?," 04.06.18.
A partner from Ogletree, writing for the Daily Report, has a primer on how to run a summer internship program that doesn't run afoul of the Fair Labor Standards Act requirements.

23. "Law Schools Debate a Contentious Testing Alternative," 04.05.18.
Elizabeth Olson, writing for The New York Times, reports on the upheaval surrounding the great GRE/LSAT debate, set to come to a head this week when the ABA holds a public hearing on the issue.

    a. "Chicago-Kent Is 18th Law School To Accept GRE For Admissions," 04.08.18.
    The TaxProf Blog reports that "Effective immediately, Chicago-Kent College of Law will accept scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), as well as from the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), from applicants seeking admission for the upcoming academic year."

    b. "ABA Considers Tossing LSAT Requirement, Disagreement Ensues," 04.09.18.
    And Karen Sloan, writing for The National Law Journal, has more on the GRE/LSAT debate and public hearing, scheduled for this week in Washington.

24. "Law School Applications Are Up, Especially Among High LSAT Scorers," 04.06.18.
The National Law Journal reports that "the number of people who have applied to law schools nationwide this application cycle has increased more than 8 percent over last year, according to new figures from the Law School Admission Council. Perhaps even more importantly, the number of applicants with high scores on the Law School Admission Test has surged."

25. "Improving Diversity Through Inclusion: Get Asked to Dance," 04.06.18.
A practicing lawyer writing for The Legal Intelligencer makes the case for true inclusion rather than a focus on diversity numbers.

26. "We Can't All Be 'Big Law' Partners and Other Takeaways From Stanford's #FutureLaw Conference," 04.05.18.
The Recorder reports on the highlights of the Stanford CodeX center's annual FutureLaw conference.

    a. "ABA President Challenges Legal Technologists: 'Be Bold, Be Adventurous, Be Courageous'," 04.12.18.
    Legaltech News reports on ABA President Hilarie Bass's comments at the Stanford CodeX FutureLaw conference last week.

27. More from the new What Great Law Schools Do blog:

    a. "Georgia State's Center for Access to Justice," 04.09.18.
    Georgia State has a new Center for Access to Justice designed to support those working to ensure meaningful access to the courts and equal treatment in the civil and criminal justice systems.

    b. "Boston University's Critical Conversations," 04.03.18.
    Boston University School of Law has implemented an initiative aimed at addressing civility in law practice.

28. "Income Mobility Charts for Girls, Asian-Americans and Other Groups. Or Make Your Own," 03.27.18.
And finally, more superb infographics from The New York Times on the inequality of income mobility by race and gender. I can't look away.

April 6, 2018

1. "GMAT Drops 30 Minutes From Test," 04.06.18.
Inside Higher Ed reports that "the business school group that runs the Graduate Management Admission Test…announced this week that the test time is being cut by 30 minutes." ("The GRE has been 15 minutes shorter than the GMAT and is now 15 minutes longer."

    a. "Why are law schools accepting the GRE?," 04.05.18.
    And in a somewhat related piece, The Economist takes a look at why an increasing number of law schools are accepting the GRE in lieu of the LSAT.

2. "Massive restructuring at the ABA will rehouse entities under 9 centers," 04.05.18.
The ABA Journal reports that amidst continued declines in membership, the ABA is undertaking a massive restructuring.

3. "Pace Law Dean David Yassky Steps Down Amid Faculty Discontent," 04.05.18.
The New York Law Journal reports that "David Yassky, dean of Pace University's Elisabeth Haub School of Law, is relinquishing the position at the end of the semester after clashing repeatedly with the faculty."

4. "Look Out, Big Law: Global Companies May Favor Smaller Firms in the Future," 04.05.18.
Corporate Counsel reports on new survey data that show "growing concern about large legal fees and increasing worries about compliance with regional and local regulations will create more incentives for legal departments to choose smaller firms and providers."

5. "Millennial Attorneys: How to Make Your First Year Work for You," 04.04.18.
A first year associate writing for The Legal Intelligencer provides advice on transitioning from law school to practice.

6. "Keeping Millennials' Careers on Track in a Collegial Atmosphere," 04.04.18.
The New York Law Journal speaks with a law firm partner about the advantages and challenges of being a midsize law firm in New York, particularly for millennials.

7. "Second Law Prof Whistleblower Suit Against InfiLaw Unsealed," 04.04.18.
The Daily Business Review reports that professors from two of InfiLaw's for-profit law schools have filed whistleblower suits claiming student loan fraud.

8. "NYU Law Launches Global Law Institute With $20 Million Gift," 04.04.18.
New York Law Journal reports that "New York University School of Law is launching a new institute centered on the global practice of law with a $20 million donation from alum Frank Guarini."

9. "Asian-Americans Suing Harvard Say Admissions Files Show Discrimination," 04.04.18.
The New York Times provides this update on the current affirmative action litigation that alleges Harvard illegally discriminates against Asian-American applicants.

10. "How to Write a Great Thank You Note," 04.04.18.
Julie Brush, writing for The Recorder, provides advice for lawyers on writing professional thank you notes.

11. "Why Does the Gender Wage Gap Persist in Law?," 04.03.18.
This piece makes the case that any way you slice the data, the law firm diversity numbers establish a prima facie case of gender discrimination, and notes that "among the AmLaw 200, women comprise only 4 percent of executive management overall."

12. "Asian-American Women Are Filling the GC Suite," 04.03.18.
Vivia Chen, ALM's Careerist, writing for The American Lawyer, reports that "of the 20 Asian-American lawyers now heading the legal departments of Fortune 500 companies, eight are women," and notes that in China, over 50 percent of GCs are women.

13. "25% Of Harvard Law Students Suffer From Depression, 20% Are At Heightened Risk Of Suicide," 04.03.18.
The TaxProf Blog highlights a Harvard Crimson piece on the results of Harvard's annual mental health survey that also includes a call to action: "We therefore call on all law schools to survey their own student bodies every year and release the survey data. The court of public opinion should hold them accountable."

14. "Ethical Considerations for Partners and the Associates They Supervise," 04.03.18.
Two Dentons partners, writing for The Recorder, provide guidance on the ethical obligations of partners and associates who work together.

15. "Legal Departments Want to Add More In-House Lawyers, But Will They?," 04.03.18.
Corporate Counsel reports on the results of a new In-House Legal Trends Survey that reports "65 percent of respondents said they prefer to add in-house lawyers versus relying on outside counsel…[but] only about one-third of departments said they plan to hire more lawyers this year."

16. "Lawyers rank highest on 'loneliness scale,' study finds," 04.03.18.
The ABA Journal reports that according to a new study "lawyers outranked other professionals on a 'loneliness scale' [and]…sixty-one percent of lawyers ranked above average on the loneliness scale."

    a. "America's Loneliest Workers, According to Research," 03.19.18.
    This is the underlying Harvard Business Review article that describes the research.

17. "State and Local Paid Family Leave Laws Create Challenges for Employers, Lawyers Say," 04.03.18.
Corporate Counsel reports that at least 7 states and D.C. have introduced legislation recently that offers or expands paid family or medical leave beyond the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.

18. "Law Students Benefit From 'Brain Training,' Study Finds," 04.02.18.
Law.com reports on the findings in a paper first published in NALP's PD Quarterly that found students who participated in a pilot project of "brain training" at Texas Tech University School of Law "were better able to interpret information, identify key information and express big picture concepts." You can read Darby Dickerson's article in the NALP PD Quarterly here.

19. "Legal Academics Grappling with the Future of Legal Ed," 04.02.18.
The latest from Bill Henderson, writing for his Legal Evolution blog, urging his law faculty colleagues to bring non-academics (legal tech, legal practitioners, access to justice advocates) meaningfully into the dialogue about how to reimagine the future of legal education.

20. "Law School Rankings By Student Quality (LSAT And UGPA)," 04.02.18.
The TaxProf blog presents the work of two law professors who have created a law school ranking based exclusively on the combined LSAT scores of the students in a school's 2017 incoming class.

21. "Seven Changes in the Legal Job Market Impacting New Lawyers," 03.20.18.
Harvard's Assistant Dean for Career Services Mark Weber, writing for The National Law Journal, shares his perspective on how the world has changed for new law school graduates entering Big Law careers over the 24 years that he has worked with law students, alumni, and employers.

22. "How Boston Became a Beacon on the Hill to Big Law," 03.30.18.
The American Lawyer reports on the recent rapid growth of the Boston legal market, including the development of the Seaport District as a new glass tower neighborhood that is a destination for law firms and science and tech entrepreneurs alike.

23. "Report Finds Steady Pace Continuing for Law Firm Mergers," 03.30.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "an analysis by Fairfax Associates found that the U.S. law firm merger market remained robust during the first quarter of 2018." (There have already been 13 announced mergers that are set to close in 2018.)

24. "Foley & Lardner to Merge With Dallas-Based Gardere," 03.30.18.
The National Law Journal reports that "Gardere Wynne Sewell and Foley & Lardner have agreed to merge, effective April 1, creating a firm of approximately 1,100 lawyers in 24 offices in the United States, Mexico, Asia and Europe."

25. "ABA President Sees Call to Action in Quinn Emanuel Partner's Story of Depression," 03.30.18.
ABA President Hilarie Bass, writing for The American Lawyer, reacts to last week's story about the Quinn partner who recounted his struggle with depression: "Lawyer well-being is crucial to the future of the profession and there is no shame in seeking help."

26. "Amid Gender Pay Gap Disclosures, Law Firms Keep US Data Under Wraps," 03.30.18.
The American Lawyer reports that this year US law firms operating in the UK must disclose pay disparities between their male and female employees in the UK, but suggests that similar disclosures for US employees are not likely.

    a. "Norton Rose Fulbright reports a 17% mean gender pay gap," 03.26.18.
    Related, Employee Benefits UK reports that "global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright has reported a 17% mean gender pay gap for fixed hourly pay as at 5 April 2017."

    b. "White and Case reports a 24% mean gender pay gap," 03.22.18.
    Also from Employee Benefits UK, the pay gap data for White and Case.

    c. "Britain Aims to Close Gender Pay Gap With Transparency and Shame," 04.04.18.
    More on this from The New York Times.

27. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

    a. "Arnall Golden Continues Growth in 2017 With Increase in Revenue and Profit," 04.04.18. (Daily Report: Gross revenue up 5.5%, PPP up 1.6%).

    b. "Cyber Attack Doesn't Stop DLA Piper From Big Gains in Revenue, Profit," 04.03.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 7%, PPP up 6%)

    c. "Saul Ewing Increases 2017 Revenue 43 Percent After Big Merger," 04.03.18. (Legal Intelligencer: Gross revenue up 43.7%, PPP down 5.1%)

    d. "Mintz Levin Sees Another Record Year in Revenue, Profits," 03.30.18. (New York Law Journal: Gross revenue up 7.4%, PPP up 10.1%)

    e. "Ogletree Keeps Up Momentum With Revenue, Profit Gains," 03.30.18. (Daily Report: Gross revenue up 9.9%, PPP up 5.4%)

March 30, 2018

1. "DC Law Schools See Students Increasingly Attracted to Big Law Jobs," 03.29.18.
The National Law Journal reports that "top law schools in the nation's capital say they are seeing an uptick in students' interest in careers outside of government and public interest, particularly in Big Law and at corporations typically aimed at business graduates."

2. "At Elite Law Reviews, Diversity Efforts May Be Paying Off," 03.29.18.
The National Law Journal reports that slowly the top editorial positions for law reviews at the most selective law schools are being awarded to a more diverse group of law students.

3. "It's Time to Change the Way We Educate Lawyers," 03.29.18.
The Young Lawyers Editorial Board of The American Lawyer calls on law schools, law students, young lawyers, and law firms to do a better job of making the third year of law school more worthwhile.

4. "Canadian Firms Still Favored in Canada but Global Firms Gain Ground," 03.28.18.
The American Lawyer reports that based on new brand research by Acritas, "global law firms have strengthened their brands in Canada but still fall short of large Canadian firms." (According to the report "Blakes has the strongest law firm brand in the country, followed by McCarthy Tetrault in second place and Stikeman Elliott in third.")

5. "Move Over Moms, Male Lawyers Are Using Flextime Too," 03.28.18.
The American Lawyer reports that an increasing number of men are taking advantage of more robust law firm flextime policies, especially reduced-hour schedules, but women continue to take advantage of the policies at a higher rate.

6. "Big Talk, Little Action? Survey Details Big Law 'Innovation Gap'," 03.28.18.
The American Lawyer reports that "a new survey suggests clients are seeing little, if any, change in how their law firm providers approach their work."

7. "Study Shows LA's Legal Market Has Recovered Following '08 Crisis," 03.28.18.
The Recorder reports that a new report from researchers at UCLA confirms that the legal market in Los Angeles has gradually recovered since the recession, noting that "as of January 2017, large law firms employed about as many attorneys in Los Angeles as they did prior to 2008."

8. "Which law schools have the highest median LSAT scores?," 03.28.18.
The ABA Journal reports that based on the latest US News rankings information, "Harvard and Yale are tied for the No. 1 spot on a list of law schools with the highest median LSAT scores."

9. "Facebook Introduces Central Page for Privacy and Security Settings," 03.28.18.
More on your Facebook privacy settings from The New York Times.

10. "Bar Pass Data Palooza: Here's a Look at First-Time Test Takers," 03.27.18.
Law.com publishes the individual bar passage rates for every law school and compares them to an average state pass percent, coming up with a list of over- and under-performers.

    a. "Bar Pass Rates: Compare the States," 03.28.18.
    And in a related piece, Law.com reports on the first-time bar pass rates of individual states.

11. "Lawyer Testimonials Aim to Stamp Out Mental Health Stigma," 03.27.18.
Patrick Krill, writing for Law.com, writes about an ABA initiative to share online testimonials of lawyers who have faced addiction and mental health difficulties.

    a. "Quinn Emanuel Partner Suffers From Depression and He Wants Everyone to Know," 03.28.18.
    And in a related story, The American Lawyer and the New York Law Journal have published a piece by Quinn partner Joseph Milowic, who describes his struggle with depression.

12. "Even Midsize Firms Look to Texas for Expansion," 03.27.18.
The American Lawyer reports that the hot Texas legal market is causing firms of all sizes to look for an opening in the Lone Star State.

13. "Are the Top Go-To Law Schools Preparing Tomorrow's General Counsel?," 03.27.18.
Corporate Counsel discusses prepping students for in-house counsel roles with the top five schools from the 2018 Go-To Law Schools list from ALM.

14. "RIP, Law Schools. A Look at Closed Campuses," 03.27.18.
Karen Sloan, writing for Law.com, points out that "six law campuses have shuttered or soon will close up shop, and more are likely to follow suit," and reviews the recent closures.

15. "Tuition Hikes Hurt Diversity," 03.27.18.
Inside Higher Ed reports on new research that shows "tuition hikes are linked to decreased student diversity on public college campuses."

16. "What Great Law Schools Do," 03.27.19.
Michael Hunter Schwartz, the dean at the University of the Pacific's McGeorge School of Law has launched a new blog dedicated to describing law school innovations worth emulating.

17. "A New Tool Breaks Down Earnings Potential for Different Majors," 03.27.18.
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that a "data set unveiled on Tuesday lets students at Texas colleges compare majors to get an idea of what they might earn one, five, or 10 years after graduation, no matter where they live and work. They can also see how much they're likely to owe, how many years it typically takes to earn a degree, and what percentage of students in that field pursue graduate degrees."

18. "Munger Tolles Backtracks on Summer Associate Arbitration," 03.26.18.
The American Lawyer reports that over the weekend Munger, Tolles & Olson reversed course after demanding that summer associates sign mandatory arbitration agreements covering all employment disputes, including those that fall under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which includes sexual harassment, and sign non-disclosure agreements.

    a. "Who Gets Credit for Munger's About-Face on Arbitration?," 03.26.19.
    The American Lawyer reports that law school social media pummeling led Munger Tolles to quickly backtrack on its decision to require all summer associates to sign arbitration and nondisclosure agreements.

    b. "Biglaw Firm Tries To Force Summer Associates To Arbitrate Sexual Harassment Claims," 03.26.18.
    More on this from Above the Law.

    c. "Munger Tolles debacle highlights power disparity between law firms and law students," 03.26.18.
    A second year associate, writing for the ABA's Before the Bar feature for law students, argues that "it is time for law schools, career-services personnel, law professors, recruiters, and all others who assist law students in finding positions to stop engaging in passive information gathering and instead actively seek out the internal policies of firms and organizations invited to recruit their students. Recognize the inherent power disparity and make a commitment to start evening the scale. Enforce non-discrimination policies and procedures among recruiting law firms. Never allow a firm to demand confidentiality from a student over employment-related issues."

    d. "After Munger Tolles's #MeToo Snafu, Orrick Touts End of Arbitration Agreements," 03.27.18.
    The American Lawyer reports that "after Munger, Tolles & Olson announced over the weekend that it would no longer require any of its employees to sign mandatory arbitration agreements, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe quickly followed suit late Monday afternoon."

    e. "The First Biglaw Firm To Willingly Do Away With Its Mandatory Arbitration Policy," 03.27.18.
    Above the Law reports on the Orrick announcement.

    f. "Orrick follows Munger Tolles in dropping mandatory arbitration agreements: Will more firms follow?," 03.28.18.
    And the ABA Journal also reports on this development.

19. "Savannah Law School Closure Yields Student Class Action," 03.26.18.
The Daily Report reports that as a result of the announcement last week that Savannah Law School will close, "students filed a putative class action for breach of contract and negligence, seeking relief including attorney fees and punitive damages."

    a. "Savannah Law School student sues for fraud, breaching trust in planned closing," 03.23.18.
    More details on the Savannah Law School closing and resultant lawsuit from Savannah Now.

    b. "Law Students and Alums Seek to 'Save Savannah' From Closing," 03.29.18.
    And the Daily Report brings news that students and alumni of Savannah Law School are banding together to try to prevent the closure of the law school.

    c. "Despite plans to close, Savannah Law School will allow students to complete education in same city," 03.29.18.
    And finally, the ABA Journal reports that according to a statement released by the school yesterday, "students will have the option to complete their education in Savannah or to transfer to John Marshall."

20. "ABA women's commission updates manual about preventing and addressing sex harassment," 03.26.18.
The ABA Journal reports that the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession has updated its manual on sexual harassment. The manual, Zero Tolerance: Best Practices for Combating Sex-Based Harassment in the Legal Profession, can be purchased here.

21. "Partner Exits, Compensation Shifts Keep Lockstep Firms Under Pressure," 03.26.18.
The American Lawyer queries whether aggressive lateral partner hiring will soon make lockstep compensation a thing of the past for the industry's most elite law firms.

22. "How firms can encourage mental, emotional and physical fitness," 03.26.18.
The ABA Journal offers this podcast on creating employee wellness programs from Jolene Park, the founder of Healthy Discoveries, a corporate wellness company.

23. "Major Lindsey's $2.7M Fight With Fired Recruiter Might Not End With Appellate Ruling," 03.26.18.
The New York Law Journal reports that an appellate court in New York has upheld a ruling that requires a former recruiter and partner at MLA to pay $2.7 million in damages for stealing trade secrets and sharing job postings with competitors.

24. "McGuireWoods And Walmart Partner With The Pipeline To Practice Foundation To Improve Diversity In The Legal Profession," 03.23.18.
Above the Law reports that "earlier this month, the Pipeline to Practice Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to diversifying the legal profession, announced major financial support and participation from Walmart, Inc. and McGuireWoods."

25. "Engaging Law Students Online Better For Hiring Innovative Grads Than Going Through School," 03.22.18.
This Above the Law piece makes the case for the value of online professional networking for students: "Networking today comes faster and more authentically via the Internet."

26. "Unpaid Internships and the Career Success of Liberal Arts Graduates," 02.01.18.
The February issue of the NACE Journal reports on new research that shows "while research findings by NACE indicate a positive correlation between paid internships and job offers received before graduation, unpaid internships were found to have little or no impact on this measure of short-term success."

27. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

    a. "Willkie Farr Grows Partner Bench After Record 2017," 03.29.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue up 11.7%, PPP up 13%)

    b. "Schiff Hardin's Revenue, Lawyers Continue to Slide," 03.27.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue down 9.9%, PPP up 4.7%)

    c. "Andrews Kurth Kenyon Posts Drop in Revenue, Profits in 2017," 03.26.18. (American Lawyer: Gross revenue down3%, PPP down 3.6%)

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