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Work, Wellness, and Meaning: Reimagining Legal Education and the First 10 Years of Law Practice
by Janet Thompson Jackson
January 2022
Washburn University's Janet Thompson Jackson explores the changes needed to address mental health trauma and burnout that lawyers can experience in their first decade in the profession.

A New Day for NALP: Gratitude in the Midst of Change
by Traci Mundy Jenkins
December 2021
NALP's President reflects on the opportunities ahead for the association with the recent announcement that Executive Director Jim Leipold is retiring next fall.

A New Day for Jim
by James G. Leipold
December 2021
Friends, after nearly 18 years I have made the decision to retire as NALP's Executive Director in October of next year and I want to use this space to share some thoughts with you about my decision.

Mx. Is Not a Mistake
by Amy Kimmel, Nicholas Martinez, and James G. Leipold
December 2021
Exploring the use of Mx. as an honorific for legal employers and law schools in the recruiting process.

Are We Still Making Noise? The Backlash to Black Lives Matter and Its Effects on the Legal Profession
by Alison Ashe-Card, Molly Stafford, and Nicole Netkin-Collins
December 2021
Extending a series of articles on dismantling racism by looking at the ongoing experiences of BIPOC law students and lawyers and the decline in support among white individuals for the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Let's Coach All the Lawyers

New Book Preview: Let's Coach All the Lawyers
by Jessica Natktin and Jessica Hernandez
November 2021
Coaching’s efficacy rests on fostering deeper, more productive conversations. As a result, the use of coaching concepts in legal talent development is particularly powerful. In this book, the authors describe how to employ coaching skills to work through common topics that arise in the legal workplace. Download the pre-order form.

Well-Being in Law: Bringing a National Movement to Your Organization
By Erin McClernon
November 2021
Want to learn more about the well-being movement that is fundamentally changing the legal profession? This article explores the lessons learned at Ogletree Deakins from the 2021 Well-Being Week in Law, which takes place annually in May.

Anti-Trans and Non-Binary Legislation: What NALP Members Should Know
By Rafael Langer-Osuna, Melanie Rowen, and Molly Stafford
October 2021
Members of the Task Force on Supporting Gender Non-Binary Individuals in the Legal Profession look closer at key facts about recent legislation across the United States targeting transgender and non-binary individuals.

Neurodiversity: A Primer
By Paul Johnson and Angela Sordi
September 2021
Co-chairs of NALP's Task Force on Neurodiversity provide an overview of neurodiversity through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion as it applies to recruiting, hiring, and training at legal employers.

Intersectional Non-Binary Perspectives on "Professionalism"
By Courtney Carter, Rafael Langer-Osuna, Nicole Netkin-Collins
June 2021
Examining how law firms and legal professionals should consider gender non-binary individuals when it comes to rewriting some of the unwritten rules of professionalism based on heteronormative patriarchal cisgender norms.

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