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The NALP Foundation for Law Career Research and Education, a 501(c)(3) organization, was incorporated in 1996 to ensure that the legal community and society at large benefit from an objective source of in-depth research and information in the areas of legal career planning, lawyer recruitment, attorney development, diversity and ethics. The support of leading law schools, legal employers, corporations, and individuals throughout the legal community has enabled the Foundation to fulfill that essential role.

The Foundation has taken the lead on projects of importance to the profession, including initiating the first longitudinal study of lawyer careers, providing benchmark research on associate retention, documenting attorney contributions to public service, and surveying professional development activities during a pandemic, civil unrest and economic crisis.

Visit the NALP Foundation Bookstore to learn more about research, publications and educational opportunities from the Foundation, including:

  • Annual Update on Associate Attrition — interested law firms should contact Jennifer Mandery
  • Annual Law School Alumni Employment and Satisfaction Study
  • Professional Development in a Pandemic Study
  • Keeping the Keepers Series: Mobility & Management of Associate Talent
  • Women of Color – A Study of Law School Experiences
  • Hiring Partner Conference
  • New Hiring Partner Bootcamp
  • International Directory of Lawyer Qualification
  • After the JD Series
  • New! Stay Study exploring key factors driving associate retention — interested law firms should contact Jennifer Mandery

Law School Alumni Employment & Satisfaction
The NALP Foundation and NALP have provided the legal industry with the Study of Law School Alumni Employment & Satisfaction since launching our first report on the Class of 2010. The study measures employment status and career satisfaction three years after graduation, exploring an array of satisfaction dimensions in order to help gain a better understanding and insight into how the law school experience prepared law students for post-graduation employment. Interested law schools can join the current study here.

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Vice President for Research

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