Non-Binary Resources
NALP articles, panel recordings, and guides geared toward normalizing gender fluidity within the legal profession.

Anti-Trans and Non-Binary Legislation, Part 2: Language and Its Impact
NALP Bulletin+, June 2022

Pronouns Are Not Preferred
NALP Bulletin+, February 2022

Mx. Is Not a Mistake
NALP Bulletin+, December 2021

Member Discussion: Let's Talk Nonbinary: Ensuring a Safe and Respectful Environment for Gender Diverse Individuals
November 10, 2021

Anti-Trans and Non-Binary Legislation, Part 1: What NALP Members Should Know
NALP Bulletin+, October 2021

From the Small Screen to In-Person Lawyering: Intersectional Non-Binary Perspectives on 'Professionalism'
NALP Bulletin+, June 2021

Beyond the Gender Binary in the Legal Profession
Session presented at the 2021 Virtual Annual Education Conference in April 2021
View the recording

Supporting and Educating Colleagues on Gender Non-Binary Inclusion
NALP Bulletin, March 2021

NALP Research on Non-Binary Law School Graduates
NALP Bulletin, December 2020

Perspectives: Attire for Non-Binary Legal Professionals (PDF)
NALP Bulletin, December 2020

Non-Binary Gender Inclusion: Key Concepts and Terms (PDF)
Created by the NALP Task Force on Supporting Gender Non-Binary Individuals in the Legal Profession
September 2020

Article: They/Them/Their: We Contain Multitudes
By James G. Leipold, NALP Bulletin, April 2020

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