Member Demographic Census - 2020

June 2020

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"NALP deplores discrimination and unfair employment practices whenever and wherever they occur including within the NALP organization itself. Such practices taint the recruiting process and undermine the ethical foundations of the legal profession." Since 1989, this strong language has been part of NALP's formal commitment to non-discrimination and fair access in legal recruitment. Although NALP has long championed the fight for greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal profession, at this moment in time, we see that our historic efforts are not enough.

As part of our recent recommitment to fighting racism in the legal profession and in American society, NALP promised to conduct a member demographic census to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion in all NALP's work. Please help us with this important work by updating your demographic details in your member profile. Understanding the demographic makeup of all of our members will help us better serve our membership.

NALP does not make individual member gender and ethnicity available to or searchable by the membership but collecting aggregate gender and ethnicity data will help NALP better understand how to serve our members and identify areas of growth in the industry.

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