Developing the Professional Lawyer - Student Tip Videos

May 2020

In partnership with LawFirmElearning, NALP's Developing the Professional Work Group is developing a series of "tips" videos for students as they start their job searches and prepare to enter the work force.

These interactive e-learning modules are a simple, engaging way to help students focus on some of the core elements of professionalism. You can think of them as interactive video brochures to distribute to your students and graduates to assist them in their job searches.

Email and Voicemail Etiquette Play Video Email and Voicemail Etiquette (12 minutes)
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Managing Job Offers Play Video Managing Job Offers (7 minutes)
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Communicating with Employers Play Video Best Practices for Communicating with Employers During the Application Process (6 minutes)
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Ace the Interview Play Video Ace the Interview (6 minutes)
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Business of Law Firms Play Video
The Business of Law (6 minutes)
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Maintaining Wellbeing Play Video
Maintaining Well-Being During the Job Search Process (6 minutes)
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Public Service Interviewing Play Video Government and Public Service Interviewing (6 minutes)
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Cultural Competence Play Video Cultural Competence (6 minutes)
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Virtual Interviews and Remote Work (6 minutes)
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