New to the field or to NALP? Here are some suggestions:

  • Visit the Welcome New NALP Members page for a list of useful resources.

  • Download the Introduction to Resources for Newer Professionals "binder" (PDF).

  • Consider attending NALP's Newer Professionals Forum, held at the beginning of February each year. Click the Education & Conferences tab for more information about this and other educational opportunities.

  • Read Advice from Experienced Professionals to Newer Professionals

  • Get involved in a NALP Section or join a discussion on NALPconnect. Attending a Section meeting during the Annual Education Conference is another great way to start getting involved and building a professional network.

  • Refer to this working glossary if you need help sorting out new terms or acronyms.

  • Find out whether there is a city group in your area and attend a meeting.

  • Check out NALP's bookstore. Especially helpful to newcomers in the field are NALP's three basic professional handbooks: Leading the Legal Recruitment Team: A Recruitment Administrator's Handbook, Lawyers' Professional Development, and Perspectives on Career Services.

  • Browse the wealth of information offered in the Research section of this site to learn more about the legal employment market.

  • Check out NALP's new members-only online PDF archive of NALP Directory of Legal Employers (NDLE) forms! If you are looking for older copies of your NALP forms (or copies of other firms’ forms) to gather or review historical data, this information is now easily accessible at! The archive contains copies of NDLE forms from 1979-present.
  • Search the Bulletin archives on this site if you need to know more about a specific topic (you'll need your username and password to access the archives). Note that when you log in and go to the archives of past issues, the default is to "Display All" articles, but if you click on the drop down that says "Display All" you can instead choose to display all articles on a specific topic.

  • Make the most of your membership by contacting the NALP office or your NALP colleagues for suggestions about how to learn more in a specific area.

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