Class of 2019

Have Disparities in Employment Outcomes by Race/Ethnicity Changed Over Time?
NALP Bulletin, January 2021

Press Release: NALP’s New Employment and Salary Report Highlights Disparities in Outcomes by Race and Ethnicity
October 21, 2020

Employment for the Class of 2019 — Selected Findings Report (PDF)
August 11, 2020

Press Release: Class of 2019 Attains Highest Employment Rate in 12 Years as Uncertainty Looms for Class of 2020
August 12, 2020

National Summary Report for the Class of 2019 (PDF)
August 2020

NALP members can watch the Class of 2019 Preliminary ERSS Findings Webinar
Presented August 11, 2020 by James Leipold

Class of 2019 Peer Comparison Reports
Law schools can purchase Peer Group Employment Outcome reports for the Class of 2019 using this order form.

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