Making the Best Case for NALP Conference Attendance

Many NALP members already plan to attend the 2021 Virtual Annual Education Conference (April 26-30), but for those who need to seek authorization or funding to attend, here is some information that should help you make the strongest case for your attendance at the conference.

The NALP Annual Education Conference remains the single largest, most comprehensive, and most well-respected educational program in our profession. The content provides much to choose from — nearly 70 concurrent sessions and 1 plenary session — covering all areas of our profession from recruiting and career counseling to professional development, law student PD, diversity management, and more. What's more, this year for the first time, all content will be available for on demand viewing for 30 days after the event, or until May 31, to maximize the value for your registration fee.

No doubt you are already aware of the conference's value; now you may need to communicate this value as you request authorization to attend. The following documents provide important information to make your case for you or other staff members to attend the annual conference.

Here are the key selling points for the virtual 2021 NALP Annual Education Conference:

  1. The conference registration fee is only $495 this year, which is a much lower rate than in the past.

  2. There are no travel costs or days out of the office for the event. The conference will take place on 5 half days from Monday - Friday, April 26-30, 2021, leaving plenty of time to get work done while also enjoying the conference.

  3. All educational content will be available for on demand viewing for 30 days after the end of the event, or through May 31. Attendees can view all the programming instead of only choosing one session in a time block.

  4. The content will cover the many changes in the legal industry and in our world this year and will offer opportunities for sharing ideas and best practices.

  5. There will be many opportunities for networking and discussing the issues with your peers, including yoga, Roundtable Discussions, a Town Hall Meeting, casual online networking, and of course, the many NALP business meetings associated with the conference. Opportunities for connecting and meeting others will be available.

To see all the programming and the full agenda, visit the 2021 Annual Education Conference page.

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