Lateral Recruiting Summit – Registration Open

NALP's Lateral Recruiting Summit will bring together law firm recruiters from around the country to learn more about the exploding lateral hiring market for both associates and partners. Topics will include working effectively with search firms, best practices in lateral hiring and integration, hiring diverse lateral candidates, and more. If you are involved with lateral hiring at your firm, this is a program you can't afford to miss!

Webinar Series on Innovating Talent Management in Law Firms

As innovation, disruption, and invention continue to take hold of the legal industry, talent management professionals are uniquely situated to advise, guide, support, and mold what the future will look like. This four-part webinar series features several authors from the recent NALP publication Innovating Talent Management.

NALPnext: Innovations in Supporting and Advancing Legal Careers – Listen Now!

Did you miss the first ever NALPnext event in San Francisco? The recording is now available online. The session, NALP’s version of TED Talks, featured four NALP members who gave 10-minute talks on a variety of topics from the gig economy to opening a café.

New Report: Perspectives on 2016 Law Student Recruiting

NALP has released its annual Perspectives on 2016 Law Student Recruiting report, showing that entry-level law firm recruiting remained robust, although flat compared to last year. The lack of additional growth after consistent increases over the last several years suggest that recruiting volumes may have peaked after a marked post-recession recovery.

Buy the 21st Century Legal Career Series as a Bundle and Save!

Buy all twelve volumes in the popular 21st Century Legal Career Series as a bundle for just $150! Author Richard L. Hermann's series helps attorneys and students navigate the complicated path to future legal career opportunities (including emerging practice areas). The newest volumes are: The Administrative Law Revolution; Digital Assets Practice; The Education Sector; Law Teaching & Training; Insurance Careers for Attorneys; and JD Advantage Jobs in Corporations.


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