NALP offers many forms and other tools to aid communication among job seekers, employers, and law schools.

Open Letter to Law Students

This Open Letter to Law Students, for distribution by law schools, offers interviewing tips and information to students.
Also available for download in PDF format.

Student Professionalism During the Interview Season

Student Professionalism During the Interview Season provides a quick guide for students to ethical responsibilities in the offer and decision-making process.

Travel Expense Reimbursement Form & Instructions (one document)

Students use this form to request reimbursement for expenses incurred in traveling to employers' offices for interviews. The form is available in two formats:

  • Printable Travel Expense Form (PDF) for use when distributing this form as a hard copy and/or when you expect students to be filling in a hard-copy version of the form.
  • Fillable Travel Expense Form (PDF) for use if you prefer a fillable form for students to fill out on a computer. Note that when expenses are entered on this fillable PDF, both the total cost for mileage and the total of all expenses (the two fields where "0.00" appears) will be automatically calculated. But because these two lines are set to be calculations rather than entries, the zeroes cannot be deleted from the blank form. Students can also be given both versions with the suggestion that they use the fillable PDF only if planning to fill out the form on their computer.

Employer's Interview Outcome Form (fillable PDF format)

Employers use the Employer's Interview Outcome Form form to report the outcome of interviews to law schools.

Student Evaluation of OCI Employer (PDF format)

The Student Evaluation of OCI Employer is available for schools that wish to distribute it to students.

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