NALP Directory of Law Schools

Published annually in April.

This Directory for recruitment professionals provides information on OCI (on-campus interviewing) schedules and contacts at law schools throughout the U.S. and in Canada. Also featured is information about enrollment demographics, courses of study, special programs, honors, grading systems and more.

The NALP Directory of Law Schools is designed to help recruiters not only learn the recruitment procedures of various law schools but also interpret resumes of law graduates. All U.S. law schools included in the Directory have received at least provisional ABA-accreditation.

Note: Pre-law students will find The Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools (available in Bookstore) more directed to their needs. The demographic data included in the NALP Directory can also be found in the ABA/LSAC Guide, but the latter presents profiles and employment data directed to pre-law students whereas the NALP Directory’s emphasis is on the information recruiters need.

The NALP Directory of Law Schools is available online at  

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