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The NALP Foundation for Law Career Research and Education, a 501(c)(3) organization, was incorporated in 1996 to ensure that the legal community and society at large benefit from an objective source of in-depth research and information in the areas of legal career planning, lawyer recruitment, and attorney development. Visit the NALP Foundation website to learn more about research and publications from The Foundation, including:

  • After the JD
  • Managing Law Firm Recruitment & Retention in a Downturn (2008)
  • How Associate Evaluations Measure Up (2006)
  • Toward Effective Management of Associate Mobility (2005)
  • In Pursuit of Attorney Work-Life Balance (2005)
  • Initial Findings of After the JD (2004)
  • Public Service in a Time of Crisis (2004)
  • Keeping the Keepers II: Mobility & Management of Associates (2003)
  • The Significance of Summer Programs (2003)
  • The Lateral Lawyer: Why They Leave & What May Make Them Stay (2001)
  • Beyond the Bidding Wars: A Survey of Associate Attrition, Departure, Destinations & Workplace Incentives (2000)
  • Perceptions of Partnership: The Allure & Accessibility of the Brass Ring (1998)
  • Keeping the Keepers: Strategies for Associate Retention in Times of Attrition (1998)

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