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August 26, 2016

1. "Softer Demand, Rising Salaries May Lead to Layoffs, Analyst Warns," 08.25.16.
The American Lawyer reports on the third mid-year financial report to hit the streets, this one from Wells Fargo Private Bank, that measures softening demand for legal services and rising law firm expenses — Wells Fargo senior director Jeffrey Grossman predicts that some firms will face layoffs before the end of the year.

2. "Law Students From Rival Schools Face Off Through Negotiation Class," 08.25.16.
Law.com reports on a program in which "students from Stanford Law School and the University of California, Berkeley School of Law will square off this semester in a simulated international business negotiation," as part of a collaborative international business negotiation class that will involve at least 27 US law schools.

3. "A Trio of New Deans at Law Schools Across the State," 08.25.16.
The New York Law Journal takes a look at some of the challenges facing new deans at City University of New York School of Law, Syracuse University College of Law, and the Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center.

4. "Duke Law to Acquire EDRM to Advance E-Discovery Education," 08.24.16.
Legaltech News reports that "Duke University School of Law announced that it would be acquiring EDRM, the leading standards organization for the e-discovery market. The organization will become part of Duke Law's Center for Judicial Studies as part of an initiative to expand the center's involvement in electronic discovery and information governance."

5. "Florida Firms Among Top Recruiters in NYC This Year," 08.24.16.
The Daily Business Review reports that "several Florida-founded law firms...have rapidly expanded in Manhattan this year."

6. "Why Did Cravath Increase Associate Salaries?," 08.23.16.
The research folks at ALM crunch a lot of numbers and take a deep dive into the Cravath associate pay hike, why the firm might have made the move in the first place, and what it is likely to mean for the rest of the AmLaw 50.

7. "In-House Salaries Are Up. But Many Say They're Underpaid," 08.23.16.
Corporate Counsel reports on a recent in-house counsel compensation survey that shows "compensation for in-house lawyers has increased slightly, but many still think they're worth more money than they're getting."

8. "Demand Strong for Student Loan Forgiveness," 08.23.16.
Inside Higher Ed reports that about 432,000 borrowers have applied to have the balance of their student loans forgiven in 2017, the first group that would be eligible for the public service loan forgiveness under the program that began in 2007.

9. "Back to (Law) School: The Full Report," 08.22.16.
Law.com and The National Law Journal have gone to press with their special back-to-school edition, publishing a collection of feature stories about legal education and the profession, some of which are collected below. You can read the full report, with links to all the features, here.

    a. "What's New in Law School Course Offerings This Year?," 08.22.16.
    Law.com takes a look at some of the new courses being offered at law schools this fall, including courses on the Zika virus, venture capital, and transgender issues.

    b. "Why I'm Starting Law School in a Tough Job Market," 08.22.16.
    A 1L and former journalist, writing here for The National Law Journal, explains why he is going open-eyed into the legal profession at mid-career.

    c. "The Most Important Law School You've Probably Never Heard Of," 08.22.16.
    Law.com visits Litchfield Law School, now a museum, founded in 1784: "Litchfield is the first place to conceptualize a law school as we think of a law school — a place that is academic, post-collegiate, pre-professional, and brings together people from different parts of the country and provides them with training in the law in a fairly abstract and yet practical way."

10. "MSU Course Teaches Law Students to Use Automation Tools," 08.22.16.
Legaltech News Reports that "law students at Michigan State will use ThinkSmart's TAP automation tool to learn about best practices and automation in legal operations" as part of a new course called "Litigation: Data, Theory, Practice & Process."

11. "For Midsize Firms, Salary Hikes Raise Rate Dilemma," 08.19.16.
The New York Law Journal takes a look at the bind that the recent associate pay hike creates for midsize law firms that are trying to balance "retaining and recruiting top talent while maintaining clients through competitive, lower rates."

Past News Digests

Prior digests for past weeks are provided below for reference; some articles may no longer be offered online or may have moved to different URLs than the links shown here.

August 19, 2016

1. "New York State Bar Ethics Panel Approves Practice of Law Firms Billing for Work by Unpaid Interns," 08.18.16.
The New York Law Journal reports that a New York State Bar ethics committee has waded into controversial territory by issuing an opinion that approves the practice of law firms billing clients for the work of unpaid student interns, a practice on which the US Department of Labor and the Second Circuit have taken different stances, and a practice that many say is generally unfair to low-income and minority law students.

2. "What Your Outside Law Firms Really Think About You," 08.18.16.
Corporate Counsel reports that a new survey confirms that clients and their outside counsel don't agree about much, including how good the various parties are at their jobs — both sides take shots at each other when asked.

3. "Zero Hours Billed? No Problem for These First-Year Associates," 08.18.16.
The American Lawyer profiles one of the first-year associates in DLA Piper's program that "lets two new associates spend their entire first year at the firm working exclusively on pro bono matters while getting paid like all other first-years."

4. "New Mass. Equal Pay Law Means More Work for Employers," 08.18.16.
Corporate Counsel takes a look at the new Massachusetts law that bans employers from asking about job applicants' salary histories.

5. "Why Won't Law Firms Innovate? Clients Don't Make Them," 08.18.16.
Law.com looks at the results of a variety of surveys and concludes that there is a disconnect between law firms and clients when it comes to willingness to innovate.

6. "Salaries for New Graduates Rise While Employment Rate Remains Unchanged, Number of Private Practice Jobs Tumbles," 08.17.16.
NALP released its employment and salary findings for the Class of 2015 with this accompanying press release. (You can read the complete Selected Findings report here.)

    a. "Percentage of Grads Landing Big Law Jobs Is Up, Number in Private Practice Sinks," 08.17.16.
    Karen Sloan, writing for The National Law Journal at Law.com, reports on the latest NALP report on the employment and salary outcomes for the Class of 2015.

    b. "Law School Graduates Finding Fewer Private Practice Jobs," 08.17.16.
    The Wall Street Journal reports on the NALP job numbers for the class of 2015, noting that "the number of law school graduates entering private practice after getting their degrees has shrunk to the lowest level in nearly two decades."

    c. "2015 Law School Graduates Got Fewer Jobs in Private Practice," 08.17.16.
    The New York Times also reports on the NALP jobs findings for the Class of 2015.

    d. "New Law School Graduates Find Jobs at Steady Rate," 08.17.16.
    Bloomberg News reports on the NALP employment numbers, noting that the employment rate held steady for the Class of 2015.

    e. "Are law firm jobs declining? Private practice jobs drop 7.6 percent for class of 2015," 08.17.16.
    And the ABA Journal also reports on the new NALP jobs stats, noting that "last year's law school graduates snagged fewer private practice jobs than any class since 1996."

7. "Arizona Summit Law School seeks university affiliation, requires mock bar exam passage," 08.17.16.
The ABA Journal reports that the Arizona Summit Law School is taking steps to affiliate itself with a university, and to bolster its bar passage rate.

8. "Disparity in Salaries Between Genders Has Provoked Debate," 08.17.16.
A labor and employment lawyer, writing for Corporate Counsel, provides a good article the current state of gender-based pay discrimination and pay equity.

9. "Five Ways to Boost Potential For Law Firm Innovation," 08.17.16.
This piece in LegalTech News shares "some quick helpful hints for legal administrators to jumpstart innovative thinking in law firms."

10. "Which Law Firms Will Be Hurt Most by Associate Salary Increases?," 08.16.16.
The research folks at ALM have taken a look at the likely impact of the associate salary hike on the Am Law 200, concluding that "the salary increases announced over the past two months will have drastically different impacts on the finances of different firms." (They provide a table showing that "some firms will walk away with relatively limited impacts on their financial model, while others will see significant decreases in profitability.")

11. "Graduates Suing Widener Law School Over Job Stats Lose Appeal," 08.16.16.
Law.com reports that the Third Circuit has upheld the 2012 rejection of a class action law suit filed by the schools' graduates (the suit had alleged inflated placement statistics) — the appeals court upheld the denial of class certification.

    a. "Suit over Widener law school's job statistics can't be brought as a class action, 3rd Circuit rules," 08.17.16.
    More on this from the ABA Journal.

12. "Dispatches from Law School On-Campus Interviews: East Coast Edition," 08.16.16.
Law.com provides this spotlight on OCI at NYU and GW.

13. "What Frosh Know and Don't Know," 08.16.16.
Inside Higher Ed reports on the annual Beloit College mind-set list that describes what new students on college campuses have and have never experienced, making the rest of us feel generally very old. The Beloit College Mindset List itself, describing the Right Now generation, can be found here (this fall's entering college students were born in 1998!).

14. "Citi Report: Growth Slowed in the Second Quarter," 08.15.16.
Dan DiPietro and Lauren Harsha from Citi, writing for The American Lawyer, report that demand for legal services slowed in the second quarter after a very robust first quarter, and predict "low-single-digit profit growth" through the end of the year.

    a. "Texas Firms See Greatest Drop in Demand in First Half of 2016," 08.16.16.
    Texas Lawyer reports that demand for legal services at Texas law firms dropped by 7.1 percent during the first half of 2016 according to the newest report from Citi.

    b. "Southeastern Firms Buck Demand Slowdown in Uncertain Market," 08.16.16.
    The Daily Report writes that firms in the Southeast have fared better than firms in other parts of the country in the second quarter.

    c. "Demand Growth at California Firms Beats US Average, Report Finds," 08.17.16.
    The Recorder reports that "law firm demand was up in both Northern and Southern California during the first six months of 2016, outpacing a modest demand increase of 0.3 percent nationally for the first half of the year."

    d. "Demand Is Down. Why Are Billing Rates On the Rise?," 08.17.16.
    The American Lawyer reports that the latest Citi law firm financial data show that while demand for legal services grew at just 0.3 percent in the first half of the year, average billing rates have grown by 3.2 percent over the same period.

15. "After $180K Salary Bump, What About Benefits in Big Law?," 08.15.16.
Bloomberg Law takes a look at the growing number of perks and benefits being offered by Big Law, including benefit packages that include "flexible schedules, child care and elderly care assistance, student loan assistance programs, paid parental leave, unlimited paid vacation, private banking, subsidized gym membership and career and family coaching services."

16. "What's Culture? No Bonuses to High-Ranking Partners at Gibson Dunn," 08.15.16.
Bloomberg BNA takes a look at the culture and partner pay scale at Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, including their policy that partners at the top do not get bonuses.

17. "This GC Is on a Mission to Improve Legal Writing," 08.15.16.
Corporate Counsel profiles a general counsel whose quest is to improve lawyer and law student writing.

18. "To Hire More Women, Follow These Steps," 08.15.16.
A researcher at Harvard, writing for The American Lawyer, provides practical, concrete ways for improving the odds of hiring more women.

19. "Law Schools," 08.15.16.
The New York Law Journal publishes a special report for law schools and law students — the feature articles are collected below. (You can read or print the entire report as a PDF here.)

    a. "Easing the Transition From Law Student to Practicing Attorney," 08.15.16.
    An attorney, writing for the New York Law Journal, provides some good advice for young lawyers transitioning from law student to professional attorney.

    b. "An Alternative Field Manual for Law Job Hunters," 08.15.16.
    A senior in-house lawyer, writing here for the New York Law Journal, urges law grads to consider first jobs with corporations, both in the legal department and beyond it as well.

    c. "Law Practice Management Reimagined," 08.15.16.
    Two law professors, writing for the New York Law Journal, urge law schools to implement more rigorous and more creative law practice management courses.

    d. "Harness the Skills of the Introverted Lawyer," 08.15.16.
    An author and law professor, writing for the New York Law Journal, argues that "existing legal education and law practice training models undervalue the natural strengths of the introverted law student and lawyer."

20. "15 Best Places to Live and Work in Big(gish) Law," 08.15.16.
The folks at ALM have matched the best places to live in the country with the largest Big Law offices in those markets — Denver and Austin top the list.

21. "More Than 80 Percent of Partners in UK Expect to See Law Firm Jobs Cut Because of Brexit," 08.15.16.
Legal Week reports that "the vast majority of partners in the UK expect to see law firm layoffs in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union, while over half say their firms will cut back on recruitment."

22. "Ave Maria Law School in Trouble with ABA Over Admissions Policies," 08.12.16.
Law.com reports that the ABA has placed Ave Maria School of Law on a remedial plan that gives them two years to come into compliance with the ABA's admission standard that requires law schools to have sound admission policies and to "refrain from admitting applicants who don't appear capable of satisfactorily completing its program of legal education and being admitted to the bar."

23. "Five Tips for Female Attorneys Entering Law Firm Life," 08.12.16.
A partner and an associate, writing for Texas Lawyer, provide some good advice for women who are beginning new jobs with law firms.

24. "Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law Unveils New Campus Monday," 08.12.16.
Law.com reports that Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law has opened its new $129 million downtown Phoenix campus.

25. "The ABA's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day," 08.12.16.
Steven J. Harper, doing his thing here for The American Lawyer, reacts to the release of the transcripts from the ABA's meeting with the Department of Education's National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (on the question of renewing the ABA's power to accredit law schools) — no surprise, he is not a fan of the ABA and is critical of their role as the accreditor and the oversight they exercise over American law schools.

26. "Imparting Your Legal Legacy — Essentials For A Mentor Considering An Investment In A Mentee," 08.12.16.
A good piece for lawyers on mentoring from Jason Levin writing for Above the Law.

27. "Law Practice Today: The Young Lawyers Issue," August 2016.
Law Practice Today has published its annual Young Lawyers Issue, with a number of very good articles for young lawyers and those who work with them.

August 12, 2016

1. "Rising Associate Salaries: Will Corporate Counsel Compensation Be Affected?," 08.11.16.
Law.com raises the question of whether the recent rise in Big Law associate salaries will have a negative effect on law departments in that it may become increasingly hard to recruit for in-house jobs as the salaries grow more disparate.

2. "ABA Starts Technology-Based Legal Services Center," 08.11.16.
Law.com reports that "the American Bar Association is launching a new initiative intended to help the legal profession better utilize technology and deliver legal services more efficiently."

3. "Legal machines give lawyers the structure we need," 08.11.16.
D. Casey Flaherty, writing for the ABA Journal's New Normal column, and noting that "technology is absolutely essential to the modern practice of law," argues for a data-driven way forward.

4. "New Texas law school not recommended for ABA accreditation," 08.10.16.
The ABA Journal reports that "the ABA's accreditation committee has recommended that the University of North Texas Dallas College of Law not receive accreditation."

5. "New Company Aims to Tackle Law Firms' Alcohol Problem," 08.10.16.
The American Lawyer reports that "the lead author of a landmark study that found problem drinking rampant in the legal profession…has launched a consulting firm to help law firms deal with addiction and other mental health issues among partners and employees."

6. "Non-lawyer ownership laws in UK allow some firms to thrive," 08.10.16.
Citing an American Lawyer article, the ABA Journal reports that the 2011 UK law that allowed outside investments in UK law firms has helped some firms grow.

7. "ABA's Veterans Legal Services Initiative aims to create online resource, mobilize lawyers," 08.10.16.
The ABA Journal provides more details about new ABA President Linda Klein's initiative to provide legal representation and resources for veterans.

8. "ABA President-Elect Hilarie Bass Calls for Law Schools to Innovate," 08.09.11.
Law.com speaks with the ABA's president-elect: "One of Bass' priorities for her term in office is to help law schools evaluate how to train lawyers for the future."

    a. "Hilarie Bass calls for an embrace of technology as she accepts position of ABA president-elect," 08.09.16.
    More on the ABA president-elect from the ABA Journal: "she blamed fear of losing work to innovative ways of providing legal services for the legal profession being behind other professions in adopting technological advances."

9. "Where the Lawyers Are: Top US Legal Markets by Head Count," 08.09.16.
The American Lawyer publishes an infographic of the US cities with the largest counts of big-firm lawyers, and it lists the most dominant firms in those markets.

10. "The new Calgary Curriculum: what we've done," 08.08.16.
Ian Holloway, dean of law at the University of Calgary, and member of the NALP Foundation Board of Trustees, writing here for Canadian Lawyer Magazine, reflects on what his law school is doing to meet the challenges of legal education in the 21st century.

11. "Inside OCI: The Scoop on This Year's Law School On-Campus Interviews," 08.09.16.
Law.com has this special report on OCI, with four feature articles.

    a. "Competition Between Law Firms Conducting On Campus Interviews Heats Up," 08.09.16. (Law.com)

    b. "On-Campus Interviews Remain Steady, Amid Salary Hike," 08.09.16. (Law.com)

    c. "What's It Like In There? Dispatches from Berkeley On-Campus Interviews," 08.09.16. (Law.com)

    d. "Hiring Partners Share War Stories from On-Campus Interviews," 08.09.16. (Law.com)

12. "ABA Leadership Endorses Rule Against Harassment by Lawyers," 08.09.16.
Law.com reports that "the American Bar Association's policy-making body on Monday adopted a controversial measure that makes harassment or discriminatory conduct by lawyers an ethical violation."

    a. "ABA Adopts Disputed Antidiscrimination Rule," 08.09.16.
    The Wall Street Journal Law Blog also reports on the adoption of the new model rule.

    b. "Discrimination and harassment will be legal ethics violations under ABA model rule," 08.08.16.
    More on this from the ABA Journal.

13. "ABA Approves Pay for Law Students' For-Credit Externships," 08.08.16.
Law.com reports that "after more than two years of debate, the American Bar Association has lifted its ban on law students receiving both pay and academic credit for externships."

14. "Organization that administers GRE offered to share exam results with Law School Admission Council," 08.09.16.
The ABA Journal reports on ongoing developments in the LSAT/GRE battle.

15. "ABA Futures Panel Calls For Broad Changes in Legal Services," 08.08.16.
Above the Law does a good job of reporting on the final report of the ABA's Commission on the Future of Legal Services, noting that the report "provides a frank, thorough and frequently bleak assessment of the state of legal services and the legal profession's complicity in inhibiting innovation, while also heralding the promise of emerging delivery models and technologies to bring about change."

16. "Create more opportunities for demographically diverse attorneys, House of Delegates urges," 08.08.16.
The ABA Journal reports that the ABA House of Delegates has approved a resolution urging legal services providers to expand opportunities for attorneys of all backgrounds.

17. "Law Firms Are 'Terrible' at Billing, Says GE's GC," 08.05.16.
Corporate Counsel speaks with GE's new GC, who does not think that law firms do a very good job of billing their clients: "A law firm should describe what they did and why they are charging what they did."

18. "NYC Lateral Season Lengthens as Firms Bet on Corporate Work," 08.05.16.
The New York Law Journal reports that "the largest firms in New York have continued to hire lateral partners at a rapid clip this year, extending far into the summer months."

19. "As Demand Slumps, Legal Industry Registers Modest Jobs Decline," 08.05.16.
The American Lawyer reports on the latest US Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers, noting modest month-to-month headcount declines in June and July, significant growth year-to-date over last year, but reminds readers that "at this point in 2007 there were nearly 50,000 more people working in the legal industry than there are today."

August 5, 2016

1. "Five Takeaways for Managing Student Debt," 08.05.16.
Law.com reports on the key takeaways from a Thursday session here at the ABA Annual Meeting on "Navigating the Waters of Student Debt."

2. "Diversity and Discrimination Issues Top the Agenda for ABA Leadership," 08.04.16.
Law.com reports on proposals that will be taken up by the ABA House of Delegates this week, including whether to add a non-discrimination provision to the rules of professional conduct, and two other innovative diversity resolutions.

3. "ABA's Incoming President, Linda Klein, Marshals Legal Aid for Veterans," 08.04.16.
Law.com reports that the new ABA president will use her leadership role to create a clearer path for veterans legal assistance.

4. "The Empire Strikes Back, Part II: LSAC Stops Certifying Matriculant Admissions Data In Response To Law School Use Of GRE," 08.04.16.
Paul Caron at the TaxProf Blog reports that the Law School Admission Council sent a letter to ABA approved law schools this week announcing that it would no longer certify the accuracy of matriculant admissions data — this in response to some law schools' use of the GRE instead of the LSAT for admission consideration.

    a. "LSAT Group Pushes Back Against GRE in Law School Admissions," 08.04.16.
    Law.com, reporting that "the six-month-old fight over the use of the GRE test in law school admissions has flared up again," writes that "the organization that administers the Law School Admission Test has said it will stop helping the American Bar Association police the accuracy of the LSAT scores law schools report."

    b. "Law School Council May Stop Certifying Admissions Data," 08.05.16.
    More on this from Inside Higher Ed.

    c. "Raising The Stakes In The Fight Over The LSAT," 08.03.16.
    And even more on this from Above the Law.

5. "Davis Polk Senior Counsel Named New Dean at Touro," 08.03.16.
The New York Law Journal reports that Harry Ballan, who is senior counsel to Davis Polk & Wardwell, has been named the new dean of the Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center.

6. "Illegal in Massachusetts: Asking Your Salary in a Job Interview," 08.03.16.
The New York Times reports that in an attempt to close the wage gap between men and women, Massachusetts has become the first state to bar employers from asking about applicants' salaries before offering them a job.

7. "Why Now for Another Supreme Court Clinic?," 08.03.16.
The Supreme Court Brief reports that Jenner & Block and the University of Chicago have launched a new Supreme Court clinic.

8. "Diversity, Consumer Groups at Odds over Tougher Bar-Pass Rule Proposed for Law Schools," 08.02.16.
Law.com reports that "factions are forming in the battle over the American Bar Association's bar-passage standard for law schools, with diversity and consumer advocates at odds over a proposal to strengthen the rule," and notes that the ABA's Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar will hold a public hearing on Saturday during the ABA's annual meeting in San Francisco.

9. "Former Law Department Interns to Clerk at SCOTUS," 08.02.16.
Law.com reports that three graduates of the 2012 New York City Law Department Summer Honors Program are headed to the US Supreme Court to clerk for three different justices.

10. "Staking Out Sides on Student Debt Discharge," 08.02.16.
Inside Higher Ed reports that "the US Department of Education has received more than 10,000 comments in response to a proposed rule for federal loan forgiveness for students whose colleges have defrauded them."

11. "External Investment in UK Law Firms Fuels Massive Revenue Growth," 08.02.16.
Law.com reports that UK firms have been taking advantage of a change in legislation that allows professional investors and nonlawyers to hold equity stakes in law firms (US attorneys have resisted similar changes, although this past April the ABA reopened this long-running debate on external investment).

12. "Federal panel 'sent a signal' to ABA about law school loans and accreditation enforcement," 08.01.16.
The ABA Journal reports on the release of the transcript from the recent Department of Education hearing that led to a vote to recommend suspending the ABA from accrediting law schools for one year.

13. "The 24 best schools for securing federal clerkships," 08.01.16.
Business Insider has compiled a list of the 24 law schools that send the most graduates on to federal judicial clerkships. (See also Business Insider's article from last week, "The 50 Best Law Schools in America.")

14. "Student-Loan Defaulters in a Standoff With Federal Government," 08.01.16.
The Wall Street Journal reports that some seven million Americans are in default on their student loans: "these borrowers have gone at least a year without making a payment — ignoring hundreds of phone calls, emails, text messages and letters from federally hired debt collectors." (Subscription required.)

15. "Appeals Court: Title VII Doesn't Cover Sexual-Orientation Discrimination," 08.01.16.
The Wall Street Journal Law Blog reports that the Seventh US Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Title VII's employment protections do not extend to sexual orientation discrimination in an opinion that is at odds with the view now held by the EEOC.

16. "Canary in the Coal Mine," 08.01.16.
This essay from Inside Higher Ed look at how the disrupters in the legal services industry are posing an existential crisis for many non-elite law schools, and suggests that the disruption is a sign of things to come for much of higher ed. The authors' underlying research report, "Disrupting Law School: How disruptive innovation will revolutionize the legal world," can be found here.

17. "Warning Signs for Big Firms as Report Sees Demand Drop-Off," 08.01.16.
The American Lawyer reports on the latest Thomson Reuters' Peer Monitor data that show a drop in demand for legal services in the second quarter of 2016, the first such drop after nine consecutive quarters of growth in demand. (The report also shows a steep jump in expenses, fueled by "the fastest attorney hiring in four years.")

18. "The A-List: Our Exclusive Rankings of the Best-of-the-Best 20 Law Firms," 08.01.16.
The American Lawyer publishes its annual A-List, in which they rank firms on four criteria — revenue per lawyer, pro bono efforts, diversity scores, and the results of their midlevel associate satisfaction survey.

19. "Women in Law: Where are They?," 08.01.16.
The American Lawyer publishes a special report on women in law.

    a. "The Best Firms in Big Law for Women," 08.01.16.
    The American Lawyer lists the top 100 firms for women.

    b. "Minority Women Still Struggling to Win Top Law Jobs," 08.01.16.
    The American Lawyer takes a look at the serious under-representation of women of color in the partnership ranks of large law firms.

20. "GCs Say Many Law Firms Still Stuck in the Past," 07.29.16.
Corporate Counsel reports on new survey data that show many general counsel feel that a majority of law firms are stuck in the past.

21. "Banking on a $180,000 Entry Salary? Check This Out," 07.29.16.
Kyle McEntee, writing for Bloomberg Law, explores the NALP salary curves for California, Florida, Illinois, New York and Texas.

    a. "Law Grad Salary Distribution By State," 08.01.16.
    The TaxProf Blog also picked up the new NALP state salary curves.

    b. "NALP's Salary Curve Disaggregated," 08.01.16.
    You can read Judy Collins' original NALP Bulletin article on the state salary curves here.

22. "Littler Program Promoting Diverse Associates Sees Some Success," 07.29.16.
The American Lawyer reports on some of the early successes of the diversity program at Littler Mendelson, including reduced minority associate attrition.

23. "Why Are Older Women Leaving Big Law?," 07.29.16.
Vivia Chen, writing for Law.com, looks at some recent research from ALM that she says shows that even women who are beyond their child-bearing years are leaving law firms in greater numbers than men: "Women do not leave the law disproportionately at a specific time in their lives or careers."

24. "Another Year, Another Uptick in the Nonequity Partner Proportion," 07.29.16.
The New Jersey Law Journal reports that for nine years in a row the number and proportion of nonequity partners at firms in New Jersey has increased, now making up 46.2 percent of the partners in the state.

25. "Here's How Law School Grads Would Fix Law School," 07.26.16.
Fortune says that law students want more experiential learning, more diversity, and reformed grading policies.

July 29, 2016

1. "The endangered partner," 07.28.16.
More good reading from Jordan Furlong at Law21, this week making the case that the law firm partnership structure is obsolete and ill-suited to compete in the 21st century.

2. "Gender Bias Suits Stack Up Against Legal Employers," 07.28.16.
Law.com reports on the growing number of cases alleging gender-based pay disparities that are being brought against large law firms, including the latest one this week filed against Sedgwick.

    a. "Pursuing Gender Pay Equity Still Risky At Many Firms," 07.28.16.
    And this accompanying piece in Law.com argues that women have turned to litigation to fight pay inequalities because other strategies have not worked.

    b. "Seeking Equal Pay for Women, Sedgwick Partner Sues Her Firm," 07.27.16.
    Law.com reports that "a current nonequity partner at Sedgwick has accused the firm of systemic discrimination against women in a class action suit filed Tuesday in a California state court."

3. "Rising Associate Salaries: Should Law Departments Foot the Tab?," 07.28.16.
Law.com takes another look at the recent associate pay hikes, making the cases both for and against passing those additional costs along to clients.

4. "At Coke Event, a Push for 'Diversity 3.0'," 07.28.16.
The Daily Report writes about the Coca-Cola Co.'s annual diversity event that brings together corporate law departments with minority- and women-owned law firms.

5. "Houston College of Law Fires Back in Trademark Fight Over Name," 07.27.16.
Law.com reports that Houston College of Law has filed a counterclaim against the University of Houston's law school, asking a federal judge to cancel the University of Houston's trademark on the work "Houston."

6. "These law firms are named the best for women," 07.27.16.
The ABA Journal reports on the results of the latest Working Mother and Flex-Time Lawyer list of top 50 law firms for women.

7. "Massachusetts Joins the Uniform Bar Exam Crowd," 07.26.16.
Law.com reports that "the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on Monday adopted the uniform bar exam," bringing to 24 the number of states (plus the District of Columbia) that have adopted the test.

8. "'Character' Is Essential for New Attorneys, Legal Skills Not So Much, Survey Finds," 07.26.16.
Karen Sloan, writing for Law.com, reports on the findings of a new survey of 24,000 attorneys, a report that concludes that "character — including integrity, resilience, worth ethic and common sense — is valued most highly in new lawyers."

    a. "What skills do new lawyers need now — and what can wait? Database lets you search for answers," 07.26.16.
    And the ABA Journal has more on this new study.

9. "Why In-House Lawyers Are In-Demand Law Professors," 07.26.16.
Law.com reports that amidst a changing law school curriculum, many law schools are making an effort to hire corporate counsel with real-world experience.

10. "How 'Neutral' Layoffs Disproportionately Affect Women and Minorities," 07.26.17.
This Harvard Business Review article shows that when companies downsize, diversity takes a hit — a phenomenon we certainly saw play out in the law firm world in 2009-10.

11. "Why Diversity Programs Fail," 07.26.17.
This article from the July-August issue of the Harvard Business Review reports that despite the rise in diversity programs, diversity is not improving in the financial services industry, and then looks at why that might be.

12. "Why Do Lawyers Resist Ethical Rules Requiring Competence With Technology?," 07.25.16.
This Slaw post takes a look at changes made to the Mode Rules of Professional Conduct in Virginia that impose a responsibility on lawyers for managing the risks and benefits associated with technology.

13. "Number of Women Named Partner in UK Declines in 2016," 07.26.16.
Law.com via Legal Week reports that "the number of women promoted to partner at the UK's top 10 law firms fell by more than 25 percent this year."

14. "GCs Asked to Do More With Less: Survey," 07.25.16.
Corporate Counsel reports that a new survey has found that "83 percent of GC respondents said that they are facing pressure to both improve legal department efficiency and lower costs."

15. "DOJ: New Environmental Attorneys to Gain Experience Fast," 07.25.16.
Bloomberg BNA takes a look at the current hiring initiative of the DOJ's Environment and Natural Resources Division.

16. "But What About Lawyers? A Q&A With Richard Susskind on AI in Law," 07.25.16.
Legaltech News talks to Richard Susskind about how artificial intelligence is likely to change the practice of law.

17. "BigLaw's Gender Diversity Problem Is The Traditional Model Itself," 07.25.16.
A thoughtful blog post on LexTalk about gender diversity in law firms: "Diversity will be achieved when the traditional law firm partnership model has its sunset."

18. "Access Group Releases Loan Calculator for Law School," 07.25.16.
Insider Higher Ed reports that the Access Group, has released a new student loan calculator, a free tool that helps students determine the cost of law school and the federal loan repayment options they may qualify for after graduation.

19. "Law Students Help Transgender Clients With Name Changes," 07,22,16.
The National Law Journal reports on John Marshall Law School's new clinical program, the Gender Maker and Name Change Project that helps transgender clients legally change their names.

20. "Bar Associations in New York Call for Diversity CLE," 07.22.16.
The New York Law Journal reports that "the New York City Bar Association and a coalition of bar groups for women and minorities are calling on the state court system to require attorneys to take courses in diversity and inclusion as part of their biennial registration."

21. "Time for a Change? Lessons for Avoiding Lateral Mistakes," 07.22.16.
Law.com takes a look at lateral regret, and offers some advice for avoiding buyer's remorse when making a lateral move.

22. "The Incalculable Value of Finding a Job You Love," 07.22.16. ," 07.22.16.
The New York Times' Upshot column takes a look at what social science has to say about job satisfaction, and human happiness.

July 22, 2016

1. "Amazon's New Market? Student Loans," 07.22.16.
Inside Higher Ed reports that on Thursday, Amazon and Wells Fargo announced a partnership through which "Amazon Prime Student members will be eligible for a 0.5 percent reduction on their interest rate for private student loans taken out through Wells Fargo Education Financial Services."

2. "One GC's Five Tips for Promoting Diversity," 07.21.16.
Corporate Counsel speaks with an MCCA award-winning GC about her top strategies for holding law firms accountable for hiring, retaining and promoting lawyers from diverse backgrounds.

3. "Countdown to New York's First Uniform Bar Exam," 07.20.16.
The New York Law Journal reports that nearly 11,000 people are set to sit for New York state's first administration of the Uniform Bar Examination next week.

4. "Law Schools' Tech-Training Conundrum: If We Teach Them, Will They Get Jobs?," 07.20.16.
The American Lawyer takes a look at the many ways law schools are starting to implement technology curricula and course offerings, and the potential job market for lawyers with technology training.

5. "Law School App Tracks Students' Professional Skills," 07.20.16.
Law.com reports that the University of Nebraska College of Law is rolling out an app that will help students track 27 professional skills by tracking their activities and coursework.

6. "9 of the Cheapest Cities With the Highest-Ranked Law Schools," 07.20.16.
The staff at ALM, writing for Law.com, have produced two lists, the cheapest cities with the highest ranked law schools, and the highest ranked law schools in the cheapest cities.

7. "Blockchain Buzz: How the Blockchain Stands to Change Legal Tech," 07.20.16.
More on blockchain this week from Legaltech News, covering the proceedings of the 2016 Legal Hackers Summit in Brooklyn this week: "it's going to have a profound effect on law and change everything."

8. "A Call to Legal Tech: AI is Here," 07.20.16.
More from the Legal Hackers Summit and Legaltech News answering the all-important question: "So what the hell is AI in law?"

9. "10 Law Schools Where Alumni Have the Least Debt," 07.19.16.
US News & World Report uses ABA data to compile a list of the law schools whose graduates have the least amount of student debt (University of Hawaii tops the list).

10. "Kirkland & Ellis' Diversity Conference Is Just the Start," 07.19.16.
Law.com reports on Kirkland's first annual 1L Diversity Scholars Program that included a kickoff in NYC for 30 law students from around the country.

11. "Law School 2.0: How Legal Tech Disrupted Traditional Legal Education," 07.19.16.
Legaltech News reports that "data-driven law school decisions and more hands-on technology courses are upending conventional legal education." (Law School Transparency weighs in on the future.)

12. "In Tight Job Market, New Grads Boldly Hang a Shingle," 07.19.16.
Law.com interviews five young lawyers who went into business for themselves.

13. "Two-Year JD Programs Catch On, With Some Missteps," 07.18.16.
Law.com reports that more than a dozen US law schools now offer some version of a two-year JD program.

14. "Hispanic Attorneys in Miami Rise to Prominence in International Practice," 07.18.16.
Daily Business Review reports that Latin American investment in Miami is changing the demographics for attorneys practicing international law, noting that the majority of those practicing international legal work in Miami are Hispanic.

15. "Social Entrepreneurship, Public Service, and Student Debt," 07.18.16.
Ashley Matthews, blogging for Equal Justice Works on Huffington Post, writes that ballooning student debt is having a negative impact on social entrepreneurship (social entrepreneurs, she says, are people who start nonprofits and businesses to create new solutions for pressing social problems).

16. "Texas A&M Launches Solo and Small-Firm Incubator," 07.18.16.
Texas Lawyer reports that Texas A&M University School of Law is launching an incubator program to help graduates transition into solo and small-firm practices.

17. "An Unusual Path Toward Becoming a Tech Attorney," 07.18.16.
Legaltech News profiles a second-career lawyer who now works as a Big Law associate practicing in the areas of data privacy, cybersecurity, and cloud services deals after working for many years as a journalist writing about technology.

18. "Race-Conscious Admissions Policies Face More Tests After 'Fisher'," 07.17.16.
More thoughtful commentary in The Chronicle of Higher Education in the aftermath of the most recent Fisher decision.

19. "US Associate Salary Landscape," 07.15.16.
Law.com reports on the associate salary landscape in the aftermath of the jump to $180,000, providing a chart of firms that have increased salaries this summer.

20. "In Latest Pitch to Indebted Associates, Orrick Promises Direct Help on Loans," 07.15.16.
Law.com reports that Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe has announced that it will start helping its first-year associates pay down their student debt by contributing $100 per month up until the associates receive their first bonus.

21. "New Legal Startups Are Changing the Practice of Law," 07.15.16.
Corporate Counsel takes a look at the impact of emerging technology on the practice of law, emphasizing that "the cloud changes everything."

22. "Which law firms offer the best quality of life? Associate surveys determine this ranking," 07.15.16.
The ABA Journal reports on the results of Vault's 2017 Quality of Life rankings that name O'Melveny & Myers as the tops in overall quality of life — the survey asks associates to rate Satisfaction, Hours, Firm Culture, Leadership Transparency, and Substantive Work, among other things. (You can read the complete Vault survey findings here.)

23. "Proposed ABA Law School Accreditation Standard 316: A Threat to Diversity in Law Schools and the Legal Profession?," 07.14.16.
A good piece in Law Practice Today that explores the difficulty inherent in tinkering with the bar passage standard required by the ABA for law school accreditation — the article notes that the ABA is under intense pressure from the DOE to implement stronger metrics-based outcome standards, and at the same time the HBCU law schools have banded together to make the case that the proposed standard poses a real threat to those institutions and others that have made a commitment to diversity.

July 15, 2016

1. "The obsolete associate," 07.14.16.
This latest post from Jordan Furlong at Law21 is as good a summary of where we are as any I have read lately: "New associates mean less and less to law firms all the time…firms are finally going to join other businesses in other industries by getting most of their leverage from software and systems, rather than from humans. As a class of lawyers within law firms, associates are becoming obsolete: there's just not going to be much need for them anymore."

2. "Cravath Elects Top M&A Partner Faiza Saeed as New Leader," 07.13.16.
Law.com reports that that Cravath has named its first female presiding partner.

    a. "Cravath's First Woman Leader Promises to Stay the Course," 07.14.16.
    More on this from Law.com: "The M&A star is not only Cravath's first female leader, but the first of any Wall Street firm. As the daughter of Pakistani-American immigrants, Saeed is also one of only a handful of Asian-Americans ever to lead an Am Law 100 firm."

3. "Top Five Lessons for New Attorneys Starting Out," 07.13.16.
A fifth year associate, writing for The Legal Intelligencer, shares advice for new attorneys.

4. "Women in Big Law: Where Firms Are Succeeding and Failing," 07.12.16.
Law.com takes a hard look at the data on gender diversity in the legal profession.

5. "Law School 'Boot Camp' for Disadvantaged Students Is Revived," 07.12.16.
The New York Law Journal reports that the New York Legal Education Opportunity Program will be offered for the first time since 2010 at the state courts' Judicial Institute, in cooperation with the Elizabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University.

6. "Leave Your Laptop at the Door, Law Prof Declares," 07.12.16.
Law.com reports that Rutgers Law School professor Stuart Green has banned laptops from his classroom, citing research that shows that students who take notes by hand generally perform better. (See Green's Monday op-ed in The Wall Street Journal: "I'm Banning Laptops From My Classroom," subscription required.)

7. "New 2-year law program will get grads to job market quicker, save them tuition costs, dean says," 07.12.16.
The ABA Journal reports that Albany Law School has announced a two-year JD program that will start in January 2017 (the 24-month program includes two summer terms).

8. "The Value Gap," 07.12.16.
A good post in Slaw about closing the value gap between corporate clients and their law firms: "the non-monetary aspects of the relationship between clients and external counsel — trust, communication, collaboration — may be the keys to narrowing the gap."

9. "Head Count Declines Outpaced Growth Among NY Firms," 07.11.16.
The New York Law Journal publishes the NYLJ100, its report that ranks New York law firms by their number of full-time equivalent lawyers, noting that headcount gains at some firms were outweighed by deep drops at others.

    a. "Largest Firms by Number of Lawyers in New York," 07.11.16.
    The New York Law Journal publishes it ranking of the 100 largest New York law firms.

10. "The intangible law firm," 07.11.16.
Another great post from Jordan Furlong at Law21, in which he provides a good look at "what's actually happening, right now, with advanced technology in law firms," with particular insight into how technology and process improvements are providing intangible benefits that will serve law firms well in the long run.

11. "Lawyers Won't Be Replaced By Robots Anytime Soon: Employment data and experts agree that increasing technology may change lawyers' jobs, but not eliminate them," 07.11.16.
Legaltech News writes that despite technology innovations like document automation, e-discovery and early case assessment software, "cyborg attorneys aren't taking over anytime soon."

12. "These 10 law firms are ranked the most family-friendly," 07.11.16.
The ABA Journal reports on the release of the Yale Law Women's 2016 list of the most family-friendly law firms, and notes that this year's list was created using new methodology, including data from the NALP Directory of Legal Employers.

13. "South Florida Experiencing 'Exponential Interest' From Law Firms With Varied Focus," 07.11.16.
The Daily Business Review reports that the law firm market in South Florida is growing quickly, with native firms expanding and out-of-state firms opening new offices.

14. "Small Bump for Legal Jobs as US Employment Shows Surprise Uptick," 07.08.16.
The American Lawyer reports that the latest US Department of Labor numbers show a mostly flat job count for the legal industry, with a jump of just 100 jobs in June, and noting that the legal sector has added 4,800 jobs since last June.

15. "Summer Hiring at NJ Firms Solid, if Not Spectacular," 07.08.16.
The New Jersey Law Journal reports on summer hiring by New Jersey law firms, finding an increase of 8.3% from the previous summer.

16. "Tech Continues to Drive Growth at Calif. Firms," 07.08.16.
The Recorder reports that "business from the Bay Area tech scene continued to raise head counts at firms in San Francisco and Silicon Valley in 2015."

17. "Building on the Success of the 'Fisher' Decision," 07.08.16.
The president of Oberlin College, writing for The Chronicle of Higher Education about the US Supreme Court's recent decision in Fisher, argues that colleges and universities must "look beyond this decision to higher education's larger task of attracting and educating a diverse group of young people who will be tomorrow's leaders."

July 8, 2016

1. "Firm Leaders Predict Modest Growth in Second Half of 2016," 07.07.16.
The American Lawyer reports that "most law firm leaders expect demand for their services to increase by less than 5 percent in the second half of 2016, according to a report released Thursday by Citi Private Bank's Law Firm Group."

2. "What Is Blockchain and Why It's Important for Law Practice," 07.07.16.
If you've ever wondered what the heck is blockchain and why should I care, this piece from Slaw offers a good primer.

3. "Behind the Hype: AI's Deployment, and What it Means for the Legal Market," 07.06.16.
Corporate Counsel unpacks the hype around artificial intelligence and what it likely will and won't mean for lawyers and the legal services industry.

4. "After Nixing Summer Program, Quinn Emanuel Lures 3Ls with $35K Bonus," 07.06.16.
The American Lawyer reports that "one year after mostly doing away with its summer associate program, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan announced Wednesday that third-year law school students who apply and are hired at the firm will get a $35,000 signing bonus."

5. "Record Pace for US Law Firm Combinations at Midyear," 07.06.16.
Altman Weil reports that "there were 28 law firm combinations announced in the US in the second quarter of 2016 [and] there have been 48 deals announced in the first half of 2016." (Press release.)

6. "Why law firms should focus on adaptation, not disruption," 07.06.16.
After an 18-month hiatus, Jordan Furlong is back with his Law21 blog, and this is his inaugural post — well worth the read and worth following: "Law firms can afford to put off worrying about disruption for the foreseeable future. I don't see how they can put off thinking about adaptation one day longer." (Watch for Furlong's forthcoming article in the August NALP Bulletin.)

7. "A Changing Role for the Law Librarian," 07.06.16.
The American Lawyer takes a look at what the move away from books has meant for law librarians.

8. "Temple Promotes Law School Dean," 07.05.16.
The Legal Intelligencer reports that "JoAnne Epps, longtime dean of Temple University's Beasley School of Law, on Tuesday was nominated to executive vice president and provost — the Philadelphia university's top academic post."

9. "Harvard Law School's Berkman Center gets new name after $15 million donation," 07.05.16.
The ABA Journal reports that Harvard Law School has received a $15 million dollar donation that will support its Center for Internet & Society, "an entrepreneurial center that is in the vanguard of cyberspace research."

    a. "Harvard Law's Internet Center Gets Gift, and New Name," 07.07.16.
    More on this from The National Law Journal.

10. "Japan Still Sees Fewer Female Law Firm Partners," 07.04.16.
The Asian Lawyer reports that while "the last decade has seen an increase in the number of female lawyers in Japan...few ever rise to senior positions or make partner."

11. "No Time For Diversity Fatigue at Women in Law Hackathon," 07.04.16.
Law Professor Deborah Rhode and two of her colleagues at Stanford reflect on the success of a novel program, created by Caren Ulrich Stacey of Diversity Lab in partnership with Stanford Law School and sponsored by Bloomberg Law, that brought together nine teams of law firm partners paired with Stanford law students to work together over a six month period on ideas to close the gender gap in law firms.

12. "Houston Law Schools in Trademark War," 06.28.16.
The Wall Street Journal Law Blog provides more on this ongoing story, reporting that the University of Houston has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in federal court against Houston College of Law (formerly the South Texas College of Law).

13. "Hireback 2016 results," 06.16.16.
Precedent reports somewhat breathlessly that "the number of articling jobs on Bay Street crashes, as the percentage of students hired back soars."

14. More associate salary hike news:

    a. "Associate salary increases may not be good business," 07.07.16.
    Patrick Lamb, writing for the ABA Journal's New Normal column, suggests that the recent associate salary hike is not a good thing: "For some clients, it will be the straw that breaks their back and causes them to break free of the bond that BigLaw has on them."

    b. "Associate Salary Stratification More Likely in 'Buyer's Market'," 07.01.16.
    Law.com reports that as firms race to raise base associate pay in major markets, "many of them are likely to adopt pay structures that vary by office location."

    c. "Troutman, Kilpatrick and Sutherland Raise Associate Pay," 07.01.16.
    The Daily Report reports that three additional law firms in Atlanta have moved to match the pay scale recently adopted by other large firms in the city.

July 1, 2016

1. "Law Schools Cut Back to Counter Tough Financial Times," 07.01.16.
The Chronicle of Higher Education takes a deep dive into the enrollment and financial challenges currently facing US law schools, noting enrollment drops of 30 percent over six years. (Subscription required.)

2. "Law Schools' Veterans Groups Join Forces for Job Placement Push," 06.30.16.
Law.com reports that the National Federation of Law Student Veterans is attempting to unite dozens of student veteran group in an effort to educate legal employers on the benefits of hiring veterans.

3. "Houston College of Law Leaders Say New Name Not Confusing," 06.29.16.
Texas Lawyer reports that the newly named Houston College of Law has asserted that its new name will not create confusion with the University of Houston Law Center.

    a. "University of Houston Regents Sue Houston College of Law," 06.27.16.
    Texas Lawyer reports that the Board of Regents of the University of Houston has sued the newly named Houston College of Law over its name change.

    b. "Another Fracas Over Law School Name Change, Now in Houston," 06.23.16.
    Law.com reports on the controversy surrounding the name change of South Texas College of Law to the Houston College of Law.

4. "Why Young Lawyers Are uncertain About Their Legal Future," 06.29.16.
Law Fuel reports on the results of a new report on the experiences of young lawyers in New Zealand.

5. "Compensation Handcuffs Partners, Delaying Lateral Move Season," 06.28.16.
The Legal Intelligencer reports that an increasing number of firms are seeking ways to keep partners, including by holding back compensation.

6. "Chatbot lawyer overturns 160,000 parking tickets in London and New York," 06.28.16.
The Guardian reports that "the world's first robot lawyer," invented by a 19-year-old London-born second-year student at Stanford University, has successfully contested 160,000 parking tickets across London and New York.

7. "All Students Gain From a Ruling That Values Diversity," 06.27.16.
UC Irvine law dean Erwin Chemerinsky, writing here for The National Law Journal, unpacks the Supreme Court's Fisher decision, arguing that the decision is "a stunning victory for affirmative action and the ability of colleges and universities to pursue diversity in educating their students."

8. "Stanford Hackathon Awards Out-of-the-Box Gender Equality Initiatives," 06.27.16.
The Recorder reports on the outcome of last week's Women in Law Hackathon at Stanford — nine teams competed in the competition.

    a. "$10K prize-winning hackathon team dreams up new compensation model for law firms," 06.28.16.
    More on this from the ABA Journal.

9. "Dueling Over the State of Legal Education," 06.27.16.
Steven J. Harper, writing for The American Lawyer, responds to the recent spate of articles in The New York Times about the state of US legal education.

10. "ABA threatened with 1-year suspension of law school accreditation powers," 06.24.16.
The ABA Journal reports that "a Department of Education panel on Wednesday recommended that the ABA's accreditation power for new law schools be suspended for one year." (The ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar has released a prepared statement that reads in part: At the June 22, 2016, NACIQI meeting, the Council of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar was recommended to have its accrediting authority extended as the national accreditor for Juris Doctor degrees. The extension was conditioned on the Council reporting back to NACIQI in one year on its compliance with some of the recognition criteria that the agency administers and applies to accrediting groups.)

11. "NLJ 500: A Robust Portrait of Big Law," 06.27.16.
The National Law Journal launches the NLJ 500, and expansion of the NLJ 350, adding 150 mid-sized law firms that "bear watching."

    a. "Women Lawyers Face a Steep Climb to Partner: Only 1 in 5 claim title among responding NLJ 500 firms," 06.27.16.
    The National Law Journal launches the NLJ 500, and expansion of the NLJ 350, adding 150 mid-sized law firms that "bear watching."

    b. "Growth Mostly Flat Among Top-Level NLJ 500 Firms," 06.27.16. (The National Law Journal)

    c. "Chart: The NLJ 500," 06.27.16. (The National Law Journal)

    d. "Chart: Women's Scorecard," 06.27.16. (The National Law Journal)

    e. "Chart: Top Offices," 06.27.16. (The National Law Journal)

    f. "All Over the Map: US Law Firms in Europe Before Brexit," 06.28.16.
    The new NLJ 500 finds nearly equal numbers of lawyers working for US-based law firms in both Europe and the United Kingdom.

12. "Special Report: A Year of Public Service," 06.27.16.
The American Lawyer publishes it latest survey results of Big Law's pro bono efforts, ranking law firms by their pro bono scores.

    a. "National Pro Bono Rankings," 06.27.16.
    The American Lawyer publishes their chart that ranks the Am Law 200 by their pro bono score for work performed by US-based lawyers.

13. "Will US Firms Pull Back in London After Brexit?," 06.24.16.
Law.com asks the question long before it can be answered.

    a. "Seven Ways Brexit Will Impact Big Law," 06.24.16.
    Law.com takes a stab at predicting what Brexit will mean for Big Law.

    b. "Partners Warn of Serious Implications for Clients as Britain votes to Leave the EU," 06.24.16.
    Legal Week reports that law firms are busy advising clients on the implications and business risks in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, including what is likely to be a prolonged period of economic uncertainty in the UK and perhaps around the world.

    c. "Irish Eyes Smiling at Legal Opportunities From UK's Brexit Vote," 06.29.16.
    The American Lawyer suggests that the UK vote to leave the EU will lead to expanding opportunities for Irish law firms and firms with offices operating in Ireland.

    d. "Law firms see short-term opportunity, long-term peril in Brexit," 06.24.16.
    Reuters reports that the Brexit vote is likely to lead to a short-term burst of advisory work for large international law firms, followed by a much more protracted period of uncertainty that has the potential to significantly dampen the business environment.

    e. "Brexit Fallout Begins for the Legal Industry," 06.24.16.
    Law.com collects the ALM news related to Brexit.

14. "Transgender Students: A Unique Frontier for Civil Rights," 06.24.16.
The Legal Intelligencer provides an update on changes in the law that protect the civil rights of transgender students, noting that "the issue of transgender equality has become the latest civil rights frontier."

    a. "1.4 Million Adults Identify As Transgender in American, Study Says," 06.30.16.
    And in related news, NPR reports that a new study from the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law shows that about 0.6 percent of US adults identify as transgender. ("The fully urban District of Columbia has the highest percentage of adults who identify as transgender...around 2.77 percent of the federal district's population.")

    b. "Transgender People Will Be Allowed to Serve Openly in Military," 06.30.16.
    And in more related news, The New York Times reports that US Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter has lifted the Pentagon's ban on transgender people serving openly in the armed forces.

15. More associate salary hike news:

    a. "Thompson & Knight Ups Associate Base Pay," 06.27.16.
    Texas Lawyer reports that Dallas-based Thompson & Knight will increase the base salary for its first-year US associates to $180,000.

    b. "DC Firm Pushes Back On Associate Raises," 06.27.16.
    The American Lawyer reports that DC's BuckleySandler has announced that it will not be raising associate salaries.

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