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May 27, 2016

1. "Surge in Americans Applying to Have Student Debt Canceled: Borrowers say their colleges lied to them about future job prospects," 05.26.16.
The Wall Street Journal reports that nearly 20,000 people have applied to the Department of Education have their student loans forgiven on the grounds that they were deceived by colleges: "under a decades-old law, borrowers are entitled to have their loans forgiven if they prove their schools used deceptive advertising and recruiting." (Subscription required.)

2. "OnRamp Program for Women Expands In-House," 05.26.16.
Corporate Counsel reports that Caren Ulrich Stacy's OnRamp Fellowship program, an initiative that helps women returning to law and finance jobs after a career break, will expand from law firms into in-house legal departments: "So far, three companies have signed on: Amazon, Microsoft, and Bank of Montreal."

3. "Goldman Sachs to Stop Rating Employees With Numbers: The bank's staffers requested 'more frequent and constructive feedback'," 05.26.16.
The Wall Street Journal reports that Goldman Sachs "will experiment with an online system through which employees can give and receive continuous feedback on their performance."

4. "The Remote Revolution: The Challenges with Virtual Employment," 05.26.16
Legaltech News takes a look at some of the many challenges faced in having remote workers, including accountability, technology, security, and maintaining office culture.

5. "Chicago Law School Jumps to No. 1 in Full-Time Jobs After Graduation: California schools show high percentage of underemployed JDs," 05.25.16.
The National Law Journal continues to analyze the latest employment data from the ABA.

    a. "Best and Worst Law Schools for Jobs," 05.26.16.
    And Vivia Chen, The American Lawyer's Careerist blogger, weighs in on the NLJ analysis of the ABA law school employment outcomes data.

6. "Artificial Intelligence in Legal, 'So Hot Right Now'," 05.25.16.
LegalTech News reports that "panelists at the Stanford CodeX FutureLaw Conference separated fact from fiction, explaining how AI truly functions in today's legal world."

    a. "Breaking Down the Barriers of Legal Technology Adoption," 05.24.16.
    LegalTech News reports on a CodeX panel about "the realities and challenges of legal tech adoption for today's firms and legal departments."

    b. "The Impediments and Opportunities in Using Technology to Close the Justice Gap," 05.23.16.
    In more CodeX reporting, Legaltech News recounts Legal Services Corporation President James Sandman's opening remarks at the Stanford conference, where he addressed the question of whether technology is the answer to close the justice gap.

7. "UK Legal Recruiter Sets Sights on US Shores," 05.25.16.
The American Lawyer reports that a second large UK legal recruitment shop has opened a New York office.

8. "Predictors of Success," 05.25.16.
A Slaw blog post looks at predictors of success beyond intelligence and technical skills: optimism, social connection, and the way that a person reacts to setbacks.

9. "SmartLaw," 05.25.16.
And a good Slaw column on legal technology, and what SmartLaw is actually likely to look like in the future: "We are still at the beginning of the beginning of the turmoil that automation will cause the legal industry."

10. "An Internship That Leads to In-House Jobs," 05.24.16.
Corporate Counsel profiles one company that bucks the trend by hiring most of its lawyers through its legal internship program.

11. "GCs Are Hiring Fewer New Law Firms, Report Finds," 05.24.16.
Corporate Counsel reports that that according to a new report from LexisNexis, "legal departments are whittling down their panels of outside law firms."

12. "Helping Judges Spread the Word: Rookie Lawyers Welcome," 05.24.16.
The Recorder reports on an initiative that encourages judges to encourage law firms to send young associates in to make oral arguments in court.

13. "Report Sees Top Deal Lawyers Pull Ahead as Billing Rates Soar," 05.24.16.
The American Lawyer reports on new survey results that show "the high and low ends of the M&A legal services market are becoming ever more stratified as billing rates for deal work dwarf other practices."

14. "Fenwick Opening New York Office to Tap Tech Transactions," 05.24.16.
The New York Law Journal reports that Silicon Valley firm Fenwick & West, citing a thriving tech startup community in New York, has announced that it will open an office there.

15. "Hunton & Williams Eying Transatlantic Tie-Up with UK's Addleshaws," 05.24.16.
Law.com reports that "Hunton & Williams is in advanced merger talks with the UK's Addleshaw Goddard."

16. "How Do I Handle a Hijacked Interview?," 05.24.16.
The Recorder's Lawyer Whisperer, Julie Brush, provides advice on how to manage a highjacked interview.

17. "The 2016 Am Law 200: Our Exclusive Report," 05.23.16.
The American Lawyer presents its annual ranking of the second hundred highest-grossing law firms in the US.

    a. "The Am Law Second Hundred: Taking a Dive," 05.23.16.
    The American Lawyer reports that "with a drop in gross revenue and flat results in other metrics, Second Hundred firms trailed the Am Law 100's performance in 2015."

18. "The 2016 Midsize Hot List," 05.23.16.
The National Law Journal publishes its annual report on firms with between 51 and 150 attorneys that have punched above their weight compared to larger firms.

19. "2016 Diversity Scorecard: How the Firms Rate," 05.23.16.
The American Lawyer publishes its annual diversity scorecard that ranks the largest US law firms according to their percentage of minority partners and attorneys.

20. "Firms Offer More Parental Leave, But Will Associates Take It?," 05.23.16.
The American Lawyer asks whether today's associates will be willing to take advantage of increasingly generous parental leave policies.

21. "Asian-American Groups Seek Investigation Into Ivy-League Admissions," 05.23.16.
The Wall Street Journal reports that "a coalition of Asian-American organizations asked the Department of Education on Monday to investigate Brown University, Dartmouth College and Yale University, alleging they discriminate against Asian-American students during the admissions process."

22. "For Operations, More Midsize Firms Seeking Nonlawyers," 05.23.16.
The Legal Intelligencer reports that that as the chief operating officer or executive director role grows in popularity, more midsize law firms are turning to non-lawyers to fill the role.

23. "Latham, Wisconsin Firm Reach ROSS Intelligence Partnerships," 05.20.16.
The American Lawyer reports that Latham & Watkins and Milwaukee-based von Briesen & Roper have joined Baker & Hostetler in the artificial legal intelligence space, signing on with IBM's ROSS Intelligence.

24. "UW officials are looking at building a law school in Tacoma. Should they?," 05.20.16.
The Olympian reports that the University of Washington is considering opening a new law school in Tacoma. (To which I have to say, really?)

Past News Digests

Prior digests for past weeks are provided below for reference; some articles may no longer be offered online or may have moved to different URLs than the links shown here.

May 20, 2016

1. "Associates May Have Closer Eye on How They Are Billed Out," 05.20.16.
The Legal Intelligencer tackles the issue of writing down or writing off associate hours in light of recent litigation on the issue.

2. "Study Links Student Loan Debt and Postcollege Wealth," 05.19.16.
Inside Higher Ed reports on a new study that finds "those with college debt — whether they graduated from or dropped out of college — are less likely than their counterparts without debt to accumulate assets in the years after leaving college."

3. "Foreign National Graduates Face Immigration Realities," 05.19.16.
A law firm partner, writing for the New York Law Journal, provides a fairly comprehensive look at visa options for law graduates who are foreign nationals seeking to work in the US.

4. "A Child Care Gap in the Resume: Whether to Explain or Not," 05.19.16.
The New York Times reports on a new study by a law professor at Vanderbilt who argues that contrary to traditional advice, "women may be better off explaining their decision to stay home to a potential employer upfront."

5. "An Ocean of Work, but Not an Associate to Be Found: Can Analytics Help?," 05.19.16.
Legaltech News takes a look at new software that attempts to tackle workflow inefficiencies through analytics.

6. "Too Many Lawyers? Report Faults Firms for Resisting Layoffs," 05.18.16.
The American Lawyer reports on the results of the latest Altman Weil law firm leaders survey, in which 60 percent of law firm leaders said that overcapacity is hurting profitability, and 62 percent said demand for their legal services has not yet returned to prerecession levels.

    a. "80% of BigLaw firms say their nonequity partners aren't busy enough: Will their ranks be trimmed?," 05.19.16.
    More on the Altman Weil report from the ABA Journal.

    b. You can find the Altman Weil press release here:
    "When asked why their firms aren't doing more to change the way they deliver legal services, the top response from 64% of firm leaders is that their partners resist most change efforts."

7. "Women in Elite Jobs Face Stubborn Pay Gap: Gender disparities in income are greater in many white-collar US professions than blue-collar and don't lend themselves to legislative remedies," 05.17.16.
A Wall Street Journal investigation has found that "women in many elite jobs earn well below men." (Subscription required.)

8. "Law Grad Employment Rates Up, But Class Size Is Smaller," 05.17.16.
The National Law Journal parses the recently released ABA law school employment outcomes data for the Class of 2015, and provides charts showing how individual law schools' numbers stack up on a variety of measures.

    a. "As Supply of Law Grads Drops, More Struggle to Find Work," 05.16.16.
    And Matt Leichter, writing for The American Lawyer, also parses the ABA employment outcomes data, finding a drop in the number of jobs in every employment category.

    b. "Law Grad Job Rates Inch Up in NY as Class Size Declines," 05.20.16.
    The New York Law Journal parses the ABA employment outcomes data for the New York law schools, and in an accompanying piece provides these handy bar charts showing the employment rates for the graduates of the New York law schools.

9. "Lawyers on Demand Ramps Up," 05.17.16.
The American Lawyer chats with Lawyers on Demand founder Simon Harper, who marvels at the way "the market for alternative legal services is becoming much more competitive."

10. "'Antonin Scalia Law School' Name Change is Official Now," 05.17.16.
The National Law Journal reports that this deed is done: "The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia on Tuesday unanimously approved George Mason University's plan to rename its law school after the late Justice Antonin Scalia."

11. "CodeX FutureLaw to Bring Together Legal Tech Experts, Newcomers to Glimpse the Future: The one-day conference at Stanford Law School will tackle IBM's Watson, criminal justice technology, and more," 05.17.16.
Legaltech News previews this year's CodeX FutureLaw conference that will be held today at Stanford.

12. "Bar Exam Pass Rate Sinks Again," 05.16.16.
The Recorder reports that the passage rate for California's February bar exam dropped to a seven-year low of just 35.7 percent.

13. "Citi: Law Firm Revenue Rising at Pre-Recession Levels," 05.16.16.
The Wall Street Journal Law Blog takes a look at the first quarter numbers from Citi Private Bank's Law Firm Group, noting that revenue at big law firms rose 5.8 percent in the first quarter.

14. "Lateral Hiring By US Firms in London Reaches New High," 05.15.16.
The American Lawyer reports on US law firm lateral hiring in London.

15. "Diversity in Academe: Who Sets a College's Diversity Agenda," 05.15.16.
The Chronicle of Higher Education publishes a special report on diversity in higher education. (Subscription required.)

May 13, 2016

1. "Citi Report: Law Firm Revenues Surged in First Quarter," 05.13.16.
The Citi Private Bank Law Firm Group, writing for The American Lawyer, reports that despite challenging market conditions, law firm "revenue grew 5.8 percent, driven by increases in demand and billing rates, as well as a strong collections effort."

2. "Billing $2K an Hour? Study Says Clients Will Pay If Lawyers Deliver," 05.12.16.
The American Lawyer reports that "top rates paid to the highest-paid partners at US firms rose to a jaw-dropping $2,000 an hour last year."

3. "Minnesota Law School, Facing Waning Interest, Cuts Admissions," 05.12.16.
The New York Times takes another look at declining law school applicants and enrollment through a case study of one particular law school.

4. "The Lawyer's Guide to Analytics: How Analytics Can be Used in Your Practice," 05.12.16.
Legaltech News provides this primer on data analytics for lawyers.

5. "GCs Spend More on Diverse Legal Teams, Survey Finds," 05.12.16.
The American Lawyer reports on new research that shows "very diverse legal teams get 25 percent more of clients' total legal spending than teams that are not at all diverse."

6. "A Call for Legal Ops to Ditch the Silos and Share," 05.12.16.
Corporate Counsel reprints the closing remarks from the first CLOC Corporate Legal Operations Institute held earlier this month in San Francisco.

7. "Kagan: Law Professors Shouldn't All Cater to Judges," 05.12.16.
The National Law Journal reports that during remarks at the Seventh Circuit's judicial conference, US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan said that "legal academics shouldn't feel obliged to write with the needs of judges or the bar in mind."

8. "Most Companies Plan to Spend More on Compliance," 05.11.16.
Corporate Counsel reports that "in-house counsel in the UK expect their companies to spend more on compliance in the next five years."

9. "Law Students Benefit from Feedback Before Exams," 05.11.16.
The National Law Journal reports on new research from a professor at the University of Minnesota Law School that suggests "giving law students substantive feedback on their classroom performance before they take a final exam boosts their grades in other classes."

10. "How AI And Crowdsourcing Are Remaking The Legal Profession," 05.11.16.
Fast Company reports that technology advances are allowing new companies to harness networks of computers and people to sift through legal information more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

11. "DLA Piper Says UK Layoffs Won't Spread to US," 05.11.16.
The American Lawyer reports that "DLA Piper plans to cut up to 200 support jobs in the UK, with the bulk of those roles being moved to a new back-office operations center in Warsaw."

12. "At Law Firms, Customization is No Longer King: The Resurgence of Standardized Solutions," 05.11.16.
Legaltech News reports that as law firms confront new market pressures, many are beginning to realize the benefits of off-the-shelf software versus customized technology solutions.

13. "Student-Loan Interest Rates Will Drop Again in 2016-17," 05.11.16.
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that the "interest rates on new federal student loans will drop to their lowest level in a decade next year." (The rate on undergraduate Stafford loans will drop from 4.29 percent to 3.76 percent. Graduate Stafford loans will drop from 5.84 percent to 5.31 percent. PLUS loans will drop from 6.84 percent to 6.31 percent.)

    a. "Interest Rates on Federal Loans Hit Record Low," 05.12.16.
    More on this from Inside Higher Ed.

14. "When It Comes to Laterals, 'Moneyball' Is a Myth," 05.10.16.
This piece in The Recorder argues that the best way to improve lateral recruiting performance is to rigorously assess a candidate's client relationships, business development skills, and managerial and leadership abilities.

15. "Growth Game: Dentons Launches Referral Network, Munich Office," 05.10.16.
The American Lawyer reports that Dentons will launch an online referral network for independent firms with a free and searchable database for members.

16. "In Focus: The Mental Health of Law Students," 05.09.16.
The National Law Journal publishes a special report about mental health on law campuses: "we examine why law school exacerbates [depression, anxiety and substance abuse] and what administrators and fellow students can do to help."

    a. "Law Schools Tackle Mental Health: Academia providing more help to law students," 05.09.16. (The National Law Journal)

    b. "Yale Law Students Lobby for Better Services: The Mental Health Alliance campus group has shed light on problems, resulting in more therapists," 05.09.16. (The National Law Journal)

    c. "Law School Helps Students Stay Emotionally Fit: Texas Tech's mental health program includes mandatory meetings for all first years," 05.09.16. (The National Law Journal)

    d. "Professors' Candor About Problems Aids Students: Being up-front about mental health struggles helps undercut secrecy and shame sufferers may feel," 05.09.16. (The National Law Journal)

    e. "Stereotypes and Stigmas Threaten Bar Admission: Law graduates with mental health diagnoses must undergo 'character and fitness' evaluations," 05.09.16. (The National Law Journal)

17. "Law Firm Management: Out-of-the-Box Approaches for Today's Market," 05.09.16.
The New York Law Journal publishes a special report on law firm management.

    a. "Propping Up an Associate Who Has Dropped the Ball," 05.09.16.
    This piece considers "some simple rules that can make negative feedback of law firm associates productive." (New York Law Journal)

    b. "Capital Market, Corporate Practices Dip in Early 2016," 05.09.16.
    This piece suggests that global uncertainty and the presidential election in the US are likely to impact the legal spend for the rest of the year. (New York Law Journal)

    c. "The Full-Service Client Partnership Model: Primer for Law Firms," 05.09.16.
    This piece looks at how the client/law firm relationship has changed. (New York Law Journal)

    d. "Relationship Between Leadership and Management in Law Firms," 05.09.16.
    This piece looks at the role of leadership in law firm management. (New York Law Journal)

    e. "You Can Do It All: Deliver sophisticated services while creating a culture the market demands," 05.09.16.
    This piece looks at the importance of office culture. (New York Law Journal)

18. "Big Law Stays Silent as ABA Weighs Law Firm Ownership Rules," 05.09.16.
The American Lawyer reports that as the ABA's Commission on the Future of Legal Services evaluates whether to allow outside investors to fund law firms, large law firms have largely stayed out of the debate.

19. "With Ph.D. Hiring Trend, Who'll Help Law Students Find the Courthouse?," 05.09.16.
A UCLA law professor, writing for The National Law Journal, argues that law schools are on a collision course with the rest of the legal profession as they continue to favor candidates with Ph.D. degrees in hiring law faculty, just as the profession is demanding more experiential training and skills-based learning.

20. "Why Law Students Need the Humanities," 05.08.16.
A professor of comparative literature at Princeton University, writing here for The Chronicle of Higher Education, looks at the crisis in legal education and argues against a more vocational pathway for legal education. (Subscription required.)

21. "Opposition to Arizona Law School's Use of GRE Fizzles: Law School Admission Council backs off after deans nationwide support alternative entrance test," 05.07.16.
The National Law Journal reports that at its Board meeting over the weekend, the LSAC decided that it would not revoke the membership of the law school at the University of Arizona for its decision to allow prospective applicants to submit a GRE score in lieu of an LSAT score.

    a. "LSAC won't eject law school that plans to accept GRE, at least for now," 05.10.16.
    More on this from the ABA Journal.

22. "Jobs Report Shows Fresh Dip in Legal Employment," 05.06.16.
The American Lawyer reports that "the legal services sector lost 1,500 jobs in April," based on the most recent figures released from the USBLS. ("Despite the month-over-month drop, April's preliminary figures mark an increase of 3,300 legal sector jobs over the same time last year."

    a. "US Legal Sector Loses 1,500 Jobs in April," 05.06.16.
    More on this from Bloomberg Business.

23. "Why You Should Let Millennials Up Your E-Discovery Game," 05.06.16.
Legaltech News suggests that law firms can implement positive change, and significantly improve their results, by regularly including millennial employees on their e-discovery teams.

24. "Paid Leave Expanding as More Employers Recognize Need," 05.06.16.
Law.com takes a look at the state of family medical leave, noting that "the legal industry has taken a leadership role in many instances as law firms have recognized the importance of providing paid leave benefits to their attorneys."

25. "AI Pioneer ROSS Intelligence Lands Its First Big Law Clients," 05.06.16.
The American Lawyer reports that "Baker & Hostetler has emerged as the first law firm to make public that it has licensed the artificial intelligence product developed by ROSS Intelligence for bankruptcy matters." ("Ross Intelligence uses International Business Machine's Watson technology to allow users to ask natural language questions and get answers.")

    a. "Artificially Intelligent Lawyer 'Ross' Has Been Hired By Its First Official Law Firm," 05.11.16.
    More on this from Futurism: "Ross, the world's first artificially intelligent attorney, has its first official law firm. Baker & Hostetler announced that they will be employing Ross for its bankruptcy practice, currently comprised of almost 50 lawyers."

26. "New MBAs, law school grads optimistic about job prospects," 05.06.16.
The Chicago Tribune takes a look at job prospects for the graduates of business schools and law schools in the Chicago area.

27. "A Lawyer Shortage? In Your (Law School's) Dreams," 05.06.16.
Steven J. Harper, writing for The American Lawyer, provides commentary on supply and demand for lawyers and law jobs, challenging assertions that now is a good time to go to law school.

28. "5 Reasons to Make Lawyering More Mobile," 05.02.16.
Legaltech News takes a look at technology, mobility, and the demands of the modern lawyer.

29. "Swimming Lessons For Baby Sharks: Practical Advice For New Lawyers," 05.06.17.
Grover Cleveland, writing here for Above the Law, reports on the 2016 Millennial Lawyer Survey Results, recapping a program he presented at the NALP conference in Boston last month.

May 6, 2016

1. "Small Firms Look to Attract Middle Class With Flat Rates," 05.06.16.
The Legal Intelligencer takes a look at how small law firms are positioning themselves to add value in the DIY Internet age in which we live.

2. "Pace Law School Gets Mega-Gift, New Name," 05.05.16.
The Wall Street Journal Law Blog reports that Pace University School of Law has received a gift of $25-30 million, for which the law school will be renamed the Elisabeth Haub School of Law.

3. "Diversity among federal and provincial judges," 05.05.16.
Policy Options reports on the lack of diversity in the judiciary in Canada and calls for change: "Overall, women, visible minorities and Indigenous people are under-represented among the over 1,000 federally appointed judges."

4. "George Mason Faculty Demands Review of University's Agreements With Donors," 05.05.16.
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that in the aftermath of renaming its law school after the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, George Mason University's Faculty Senate has called for the suspension of an agreement between the law school and the Charles Koch Foundation. (Subscription required.)

5. "The Right Fit: Lessons I Learned From Making a Career Move," 05.05.16.
A law firm associate, writing for The Legal Intelligencer's Young Lawyer column, reflects on his own lateral transition from one law firm to another and offers advice for others seeking a similar change.

6. "Straight Talk on Law Firm Pricing at Legal Ops Conference," 05.04.16.
The Recorder reports on the proceedings at the first annual CLOC conference held in San Francisco this week, where former Orrick chairman Ralph Baxter told participants that law firms cost too much.

7. "Oklahoma: Law School Drops Name Of Founder With KKK Ties," 05.04.16.
The New York Times reports that "the name of a founder of the University of Tulsa law school, John Rogers, will be removed from campus because of his ties to the Ku Klux Klan."

    a. "TU Trustees Vote To Remove Law School Founder's Name Due to KKK Ties," 05.04.16.
    More on this from Tulsa's local NewsOn6.

8. "5 Ways to Improve Big Law's Diversity Problem," 05.04.16.
Bloomberg BNA reports on the proceedings at a Bloomberg Business Diversity and Inclusion event held in New York this week, including a list of top five solutions for making some headway.

9. "EEOC Enters Transgender Bathroom Debate With New Guide," 05.03.16.
Corporate Counsel reports that the EEOC has issued a new guide for employers on how Title VII of the Civil Rights Act applies to transgender people in the workplace: "The document affirms the commissions previously held views supporting transgender workers' rights to use whichever bathroom they choose...the guide emphasizes that failing to provide transgender employees with equal access to the bathroom corresponding with their gender identity constitutes sex discrimination," notwithstanding state laws to the contrary.

10. "Big Law Warms Up to Litigation Funding, Burford Survey Finds," 05.03.16.
The American Lawyer reports that according to recent survey research, 28 percent of law firms say that they have turned to outside funders to underwrite cases, more than twice as many as were reported two years ago.

11. "CLOC and LTC4 Partner to Push Legal Technology Core Competency Standards," 05.02.16.
Legaltech News reports that CLOC and LTC4 have teamed up to establish legal technology core competencies and certification programs: "The partnership between the two nonprofit organizations speaks to a legal landscape where resistance to technology is winding down, as many realize the critical role legal technology holds in serving both client and case needs."

12. "University of Arizona Law School's Use of GRE Scores Creates LSAT Trouble," 05.02.16.
The National Law Journal reports that the Law School Admission Council has threatened to revoke the University of Arizona's membership because of its decision to allow law school applicants to take the GRE in lieu of the LSAT, and the school has responded by alleging antitrust concerns.

    a. "Arizona Law Faces Fight Over LSAT Policy," 04.30.16.
    More on this dustup from The Wall Street Journal. (Subscription required.)

    b. "Should LSAC and the ABA Demand Fealty to the LSAT (or any other test)?," 05.02.16.
    A law school dean, blogging on the Law Professor Blogs Network, condemns the response of the Law School Admission Council to the decision by the law school at the University of Arizona to allow applicants to submit GRE scores rather than the LSAT.

    c. "149 Deans Back Law School's Use of GRE Scores," 05.05.16.
    The National Law Journal reports that deans from a majority of US law schools have banded together to "express great concern over LSAC's threat to expel the University of Arizona Law School because it experimented with the GRE as a small part of its admissions practice."

    d. "Law Deans Defend Arizona's Use of GRE," 05.06.16.
    And even more on this from Inside Higher Ed.

13. "Kirkland & Ellis to offer wellness training to all US lawyers," 05.02.16.
Crain's Chicago Business reports that Kirkland & Ellis has launched a comprehensive wellness program that includes yoga, meditation, and wellness offerings.

    a. "Kirkland & Ellis Lawyers to Get 'Emotional Fitness' Training," 05.03.16.
    More on this from The Wall Street Journal Law Blog.

14. "How Law Schools Game the Rankings," 05.02.16.
The American Lawyer's Careerist blog takes a look at a new book about the US News law school rankings. (The book, Engines of Anxiety: Academic Rankings, Reputation, and Accountability, is newly published by the Russell Sage Foundation.)

15. "Mixed Signals from the Legal Employment Market — Preliminary Results for the Class of 2015," 05.01.16.
Jerry Organ, in a blog post for the Legal Whiteboard, takes a look at the preliminary employment outcomes for the Class of 2015 based on the early release of the raw ABA data collected from law schools, and finds a modest increase in the employment rate but an overall decline in the number of jobs obtained, including bar passage required jobs.

    a. "Fewer Law Grads Drive Employment Rates Up Slightly," 05.03.16.
    The National Law Journal reports that based on newly released ABA data, the overall employment rate for the Class of 2015 rose slightly, largely as a result of the graduating class being smaller.

    b. "Law School-Funded Positions Dry Up With US News Methodology Change," 05.02.16.
    More on the recently released ABA employment outcomes data for the Class of 2015, here from Pepperdine law professor Derek Muller, blogging for Excess of Democracy, and noting the overall decline in law school-funded jobs.

    c. "Law School Graduate Employment Data Shows Decline in Legal Jobs," 05.02.16.
    And The Wall Street Journal Law Blog repurposes Jerry Organ's blog post.

    d. "Employment data for 2015 law school grads released by ABA Legal Ed Section," 05.03.16.
    The ABA Journal reports on the release of the employment outcomes data for the Class of 2015 by the ABA's Section on Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar.

16. "Law and Engineering Should Share Curriculum," 05.01.16.
The deans of the law school and engineering school at Northwestern team up in this Chronicle of Higher Education Op-Ed to argue that engineering and law must work together to shape the future: "We need a dynamic partnership between law and engineering, a constant dialogue, to think of questions about the application of law to new technology and the impact of new technology on law."

17. "Law Schools Need More Than 'Warm Bodies'," 04.29.16.
Steven J. Harper, writing for The American Lawyer, alleges that the recent increase by almost fifty percent in US law school LLM enrollment numbers is being driven by flailing law schools that simply need warm (tuition-paying) bodies.

18. "Nightlife, fashion among law firms' new niches," 04.24.16.
A good article from the Miami Herald on the diversifying legal market in Miami, driven in part by an influx of money from South American.

19. Bonus track: "Fraying at the Edges," 05.01.16.
Unrelated to our work, the Sunday New York Times included this remarkable read on living with Alzheimer's. I recommend it to you most heartily whether or not you know someone living with the disease.

April 29, 2016

1. "George Mason's Plans to Honor Scalia Spark Protests Over the University's Direction," 04.29.16.
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on the growing campus backlash at George Mason, including student and faculty protest against the law school name change.

    a. "New Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason Draws Fire," 04.28.16.
    The National Law Journal reports that "opposition is mounting" to George Mason's plans to rename its law school for the late Justice Scalia, and a member of the Virginia legislature has now joined the fray.

    b. "What's in a Name Change? Politics, Some at George Mason University Fear," 04.28.16.
    And The New York Times takes notice of the growing controversy, citing the enormous investments made by Charles G. Koch and other conservative donors have made to the university over recent years.

    c. "George Mason Faculty Calls on Leaders to Abandon Scalia Name for Law School," 04.27.16.
    The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that "George Mason University's Faculty Senate voted on Wednesday to condemn the renaming of the university's law school to honor the late Justice Antonin Scalia."

    d. "George Mason Faculty Senate Questions Decision to Rename Law School After Scalia," 04.28.16.
    More on this from Inside Higher Ed, noting that $10 million of the total $30 million funding for the name change comes from the Charles Koch Foundation.

2. "Pass Rates Slide for Takers of February Bar Exam," 04.27.16.
The New York Law Journal reports that the pass rate for test-takers of the February bar slid further in New York, with only 63 percent of first time test-takers who attended New York law schools passing, compared with rates of 68 and 67 percent in the two previous February administrations of the test.

3. "Charles Koch Foundation Gives SMU $3.5M to Establish Criminal Justice Center," 04.27.16.
The National Law Journal reports that SMU's law school has received a $3.5 million donation from the Charles Koch Foundation that will help fund a new criminal justice reform program at the school.

4. "More Law Firms Take Aim at Associate Student Loan Debt," 04.26.16.
The American Lawyer reports that "more and more law firms are adopting initiatives to help lawyers refinance their law school loans at reduced rates."

5. "As Law School Applicant Pool Shrinks, Student Body Diversifies," 04.26.16.
NPR's All Things Considered interviews a law professor at St. Louis University to talk about diversity and the shrinking law school applicant pool.

6. "From Student to Master: E-Discovery Education Comes to the Forefront," 04.26.16.
Legaltech News writes that law schools are behind when it comes to formal technology and e-discovery education, noting that university programs have been faster to jump into courses and programs relating to cybersecurity.

    a. "E-Discovery Education in Action: A Look at Tulsa College of Law," 04.26.16.
    Legaltech News profiles Tulsa's first-year e-discovery practicum.

7. "Should nonlawyers be allowed to own law firms? ABA commission revisits the issue," 04.25.16.
The ABA Journal reports that the ABA Commission on the Future of Legal Services is taking up the question of whether the ethics rules that bar nonlawyer ownership of law firms is outdated.

8. "More Law School Applicants Expected for Fall Semester," 04.25.16.
The National Law Journal reports that at least one industry expert is predicting a rise of 5.5% in the number of law school applicants after five years of steady declines in those numbers.

    a. "Are law school applications rising? So far applicant pool is larger and stronger, law prof says," 04.26.16.
    The ABA Journal also reports on law prof Jerry Organ's predictions about law school application numbers.

    b. "Projections for Law School Enrollment for Fall 2016," 04.24.16.
    You can read Professor Organ's original Legal Whiteboard blog post here.

9. "The 2016 Am Law 100: Growth Slows for Big Law," 04.25.16.
The American Lawyer publishes its annual list of the top-grossing US law firms, noting that last year was "the slowest growth since the Great Recession."

    a. "The Am Law 100: Signs of a Slowdown," 04.25.16.
    In reporting summary findings of its Am Law 100 rankings, The American Lawyer notes that lawyer headcount was flat in 2015, equity partner numbers fell, overall gross revenue grew by 3.7%, and overall profits per partner grew by 4%.

    b. "Firms Ranked by Gross Revenue," 04.25.16. (American Lawyer)

    c. "Firms Ranked by Profits Per Lawyer," 04.25.16. (American Lawyer)

    d. "Law Firm Leaders React to a Year of Slow Growth," 04.25.16.
    The American Lawyer interviews law firm leaders in the wake of the publication of their 2016 Am Law 100 financial survey results.

    e. "Am Law 100 Market Reports: Location, Location, Location," 04.25.16.
    The American Lawyer looks at five markets in conjunction with its newest Am Law 100 report: New York, London, Pennsylvania, California and Chicago.

    f. "Growth Slows at Largest New York Law Firms," 04.26.16.
    And the New York Law Journal weighs in on the 2016 Am Law 100 results, noting that "revenue and profit growth cooled at most of the largest New York law firms in 2015 after several years of rapid growth."

    g. "Top UK Firms Still Must Bridge a Big Gulf with The Am Law 100," 04.27.16.
    Legal Week reacts to the publication of the latest Am Law 100 rankings, noting the huge disparity in size and profitability between the bulk of UK firms and their counterparts in the US.

10. "Common Application to Change Gender-Identity Options," 04.25.16.
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that two common application systems for undergraduate admissions will both change the way they collect information about applicants' gender.

    a. "Beyond Male/Female," 04.26.16.
    More on this from Inside Higher Ed: "Both the Common Application and the Universal College Application are changing their applications to make it easy for applicants who do not identify as either male or female to describe how they wish to be identified."

11. "Pepper Hamilton and Reed Smith End Merger Discussions," 04.22.16.
The Legal Intelligencer reports that "Pepper Hamilton and Reed Smith have ended merger discussions."

    a. "What Caused 'Abrupt' End to Pepper-Reed Merger Talks?," 04.26.16.
    The Legal Intelligencer speculates about the reasons that merger talks between these two firms suddenly came to a stop.

12. "Making the Mental Transition From Student to Professional," 04.21.16.
A thoughtful post from Slaw on the transformation from law student to professional.

13. "Women lawyers at Wall Street firms are rarely partners, study finds," 04.21.16.
The ABA Journal reports on new research from Law360 that found "less than 19 percent of the partners practicing at Wall Street law firms are women."

14. "Comments are making the internet worse. So we got rid of them," 04.21.16.
An interesting piece by David Lat, writing for The Washington Post, on why they have eliminated comments on the Above the Law website.

15. "There is NOT An Explosion In LegalTech," 04.20.16.
In the spirit of point and counter-point, a post from the Associate's Mind blog that argues, contrary to a piece published last week, that there is in fact NOT an explosion in legal tech startups.

16. "The (Human) Lawyer's Role in the Future of Legal (Part 2)," 04.19.16.
LegalTech News presents the second part of its assessment of Susskind's predictions about the future of law and technology.

April 22, 2016

1. "Law Firms That Prove They Know Technology Have a Better Chance of Survival," 04.21.16.
A great article in Legaltech News on the increasingly fundamental role that technology is playing in the practice of law, including the advent of Legal Operations and CLOC (more on that below).

2. "Morgan Lewis and Skadden Look to Shed DC Office Space," 04.21.16.
As law firms continue to evaluate how they use space, and the costs of large city center office complexes, The National Law Journal reports that two leading law firms are downsizing their real estate footprints in Washington, DC.

3. "Law Schools that Feed Big Law Partnerships," 04.21.16.
Vivia Chen, writing as The Careerist for The American Lawyer, reflects on the fact that those who make it to partnership don't always have the most stellar resumes.

4. "Mental Health Is a Professionalism Issue," 04.21.16.
A good blog post on Slaw about high rates of substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues among lawyers, and what that means for the profession.

5. "How to Handle Professional Setbacks and Move Forward," 04.21.16.
A professional coach and lawyer, writing for The Legal Intelligencer, provides advice about how to recover from a professional setback: "Whether you were passed over for a promotion, didn't get a job you wanted, are disappointed with a decision your company made, or lost a case, there is always something you can to do move forward."

6. "There's an Explosion of Legal Startups," 04.20.16.
Corporate Counsel reports that the number of legal technology startups has more than doubled in the last two years.

7. "Syracuse Launches Online JD Program," 04.20.16.
The National Law Journal reports that "Syracuse University College of Law plans to offer a so-called hybrid Juris Doctor program, in which students primarily attend class online."

8. "An Early Look at the 2016 Am Law 100," 04.20.16.
The American Lawyer collects its financial results reporting for the 100 top-grossing US law firms (the full Am Law 100 report will be available April 25).

9. "Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Sole Practitioner?," 04.20.16.
Slaw provides a self-assessment quiz to help young lawyers determine whether they have what it takes to take on solo or small firm practice.

10. "Microsoft to Fund New Pilot Project to Improve Legal Aid," 04.19.16.
The American Lawyer reports that "Microsoft Corp. is committing $1 million to fund pilot projects for online legal portals that will direct low-income people to legal service providers."

11. "Canadian Report Shows Women In-House Lawyers Still Earn Less Than Men," 04.19.16.
Corporate Counsel reports that according to new survey research results, "women in-house counsel in Canada are earning on average about 15 percent less than their male peers."

12. "Harvard Law-Student Activists Demand Free Tuition," 04.19.16.
The National Law Journal reports that Reclaim Harvard, a group of student activists at Harvard that is pushing for greater diversity and inclusion, is calling for an end to tuition.

13. "How this woman got 54 law firms to talk diversity," 04.19.16.
BizWomen reports on Caren Ulrich Stacy's novel Women in Law Hackathon program, a Stanford Law School hosted event that will feature nine teams pitching law firm diversity solutions to a panel of judges. (According to the article, Stacy hopes the program will surface fresh solutions that will have an impact on the industry.)

14. "The CLOC is ticking: Will lawyers embrace operational excellence?," 04.19.16.
More from Paul Lippe, writing for the ABA Journal's New Normal column, on the advent of Legal Operations as a developing discipline, and the importance of the upcoming CLOC gathering in San Francisco next month. (Legal Operations professionals focus on technology and efficiency, heretofore mostly in Silicon Valley GC offices but coming soon to a client near you: "if we apply modern methods in creating legal work, we not only get better efficiency and quality in the legal work, but we can make law a more effective and integral part of how the client does business.")

15. "LAWPRO Student Magazine: What Do Law Firms Look For?," 04.19.16.
Slaw spoke with law firms across Ontario about their recruitment strategies, priorities, and philosophies.

16. "Inquiry Into BYU Law School's Expulsion of Ex-Mormon Proceeds," 04.18.16.
The National Law Journal reports that "the American Bar Association is moving forward with an inquiry into whether the expulsion of ex-Mormons by Brigham Young University J. Reuben Clark Law School violates ABA accreditation standards."

17. "Law Schools," 04.18.16.
The New York Law Journal publishes a special report for law schools that will be of interest to CSO professionals and law school students as well. View the digital edition here. View some of the report's articles collected below.

    a. "Ask What the Bar Can Do for Law Schools," 04.18.16. (New York Law Journal)

    b. "Top 10 Tips for Acing Summer Associate Interviews," 04.18.16. (New York Law Journal)

    c. "Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers to Handle New Digital Problems," 04.18.16. (New York Law Journal)

    d. "Debunking Four Myths About Law Firm Job Offers," 04.18.16. (New York Law Journal)

    e. "Can Social Media Networking Help Your Job Search," 04.18.16. (New York Law Journal)

18. "The (Human) Lawyer's Role in the Future of Legal (Part 1)," 04.18.16.
LegalTech News takes up the question of whether technology may replace lawyers in the future, reporting on remarks made by Richard Susskind at a program at Vanderbilt Law.

    a. "ROSS and AI: The Next Step in Legal Tech," 04.14.16.
    In another program summary from the Vanderbilt program, LegalTech News asks whether artificial intelligence tools like ROSS can revolutionize law for practitioners and consumers.

19. "Are India's 1,200 Law Schools Enough?," 04.18.16.
The Asian Lawyer reports that India now has more than 2 million lawyers (the world's largest population of lawyers), fueled by a proliferation of law schools, over 1,200 in fact, 400 of which have opened in the last three years.

20. "Syracuse Appoints New Law School Dean," 04.16.16.
The New York Law Journal reports that Syracuse University School of Law has named Craig Boise, the former dean at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, to be its next dean.

21. Above the Law reports on the NALP conference proceedings in Boston last week:

    a. "NALP 2016: Nobody Really Likes The New OCI, But Nobody Can Change It," 04.15.16. (Above the Law)

    b. "The Brain Drain Hasn't Destroyed Biglaw...Yet (NALP 2016)," 04.18.16. (Above the Law)

    c. "Now That There Aren't As Many Law Students, Hiring Has Stabilized (NALP 2016)", 04.21.16. (Above the Law)

22. "How to Run a Virtual Meeting That Isn't Awful," 04.15.16.
Corporate Counsel provides tips for improving virtual meetings.

23. "Kenyon & Kenyon is neither canceling nor guaranteeing its summer associate program," 04.14.16.
The ABA Journal reports that intellectual property firm Kenyon & Kenyon has announced that it cannot guarantee that it will honor summer associate offers made to students for this summer.

24. "Schools add bar exam class to curriculum and find success," 04.01.16.
The ABA Journal's April magazine reports that an increasing number of law schools are offering for-credit bar review courses as part of the curriculum.

April 15, 2016

1. "Spring Hiring Means New Deans at Five Law Schools," 04.14.16.
The National Law Journal reports on new dean appointments at the law schools at Syracuse, Loyola LA, Colorado, Denver, and BYU.

    a. "Drexel's First Law School Dean to Retire," 04.14.16.
    The Legal Intelligencer reports that Roger J. Dennis, the founding dean of the Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law, will retire next year.

2. "DOJ Civil Rights Head: 'Moral Imperative' to Close Justice Gap," 04.14.16.
The National Law Journal reports on remarks from the head of the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division who said at a program in Washington this week that "lawyers have a moral obligation to support organizations that provide civil legal services to low-income Americans."

3. "Uniform Bar Exam Adopted in New Jersey," 04.14.16.
The New Jersey Law Journal reports that New Jersey has become the 22nd jurisdiction to adopt the Uniform Bar Exam.

4. "Is the herd finally embracing legal ops and procurement?," 04.14.16.
The ABA Journal's New Normal column reports on the rapid growth of legal operations, noting the upcoming first conference of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC). (For good background on the birth and growth of Legal Operations see this October 2015 ABA Journal article, "Where the jobs are: New tech and client needs create a new field of legal operations.")

5. "Could This Simple Idea Solve the Justice Gap?," 04.14.16.
The American Lawyer reports on an innovative legal aid hotline in Chicago.

6. "UC Law Schools Get $4.5M for Public Interest Fellowships," 04.13.16.
The National Law Journal reports that "the University of California has established a $4.5 million annual public interest fellowship program open to students and recent graduates at four of its law schools."

7. "Bar Can't Shake Suit Seeking Race Data on Applicants," 04.13.16.
The Recorder reports that "a UCLA professor's yearlong quest to obtain data about California State Bar applicants will continue to trial this July."

8. "High Court's First Latina Justice Calls for More Diversity," 04.12.16.
The New York Law Journal reports that Justice Sonia Sotomayor, in comments made at a public appearance in Brooklyn this week, "said that the entire legal field, from academia to the high court, could benefit from greater diversity."

9. "Why Pepper Hamilton and Reed Smith Are Talking Merger," 04.12.16.
The Legal Intelligencer reports that Pennsylvania-founded law firms Pepper Hamilton and Reed Smith are in early-stage merger talks.

    a. "Will Reed Smith-Pepper Hamilton Merger Leave Some Behind?," 04.14.16.
    The Legal Intelligencer speculates about how this merger might play itself out.

10. "Startups Take Root in New York, and Law Firms Take Notice," 04.12.16.
The American Lawyer reports on the growing venture capital market in New York and the law firm scramble to take advantage of it.

11. "Obama Administration to Forgive Billions in Student Debt for Disabled Americans," 04.12.16.
The Wall Street Journal reports that the Department of Education will forgive $7.7 billion in student debt for thousands of severely disabled Americans.

    a. "Feds May Forgive Loans of Up to 387,000 Disabled Borrowers," 04.13.16.
    More on this from Inside Higher Ed.

12. "Bar Passage Stats Show Applicant Pool Declining," 04.11.16.
The Legal Intelligencer reports that the number of people taking the bar exam in Pennsylvania has reached a 13-year low.

13. "Charting a Course for Cuba: As relations thaw, law school programs heat up," 04.11.16.
The National Law Journal reports that "at least six law school classes have gone to Havana so far this semester and more schools are planning visits now that the US government has eased travel restrictions and renewed diplomatic relations."

14. "Training in the Business of the Law," 04.11.16.
Slaw blogs about the development of the law practice management module for the French language section of the new Canadian Law Practice Program, and notes that "changes in the profession also call for changes in the manner in which we train future lawyers."

15. "Are Financially Desperate Law Schools Using a 'Reverse Robin Hood Scheme' to Stay Afloat?" 04.10.16.
A law professor, writing for The Chronicle of Higher Education, argues that in this lean admissions cycle "too many law schools are inducing students to take on debt that under no reasonable set of circumstances will they be able to repay," and that the practice is creating greater racial and ethnic disparities, with new research showing that "in 2015 almost 60 percent of black or Latino survey respondents said they expected to incur more than $100,000 in law-school debt, compared with 40 percent of white and Asian students."

16. "The Humble Law Firm Website Is Going Way Upscale," 04.08.16.
The American Lawyer reports that "firms are hiring marketing and image consultants and top-caliber professional photographers to make sure that their websites...stand out."

17. "Programs to Attract Millennials Are Waste of Time, Says KPMG Exec," 04.08.16.
Corporate Counsel comments on a new Harvard Business Review article that suggests members of different generations are more alike than they are different. (The HBR article, What Do Millennials Really Want at Work? The Same Things the Rest of Us Do, can be found here.)

18. "'Mini-MBA' Program Is Training European Lawyers to Be GCs," 04.08.16.
Corporate Counsel reports that a joint venture between a Dutch business school and a Dutch trade association for corporate counsel will send European GCs to Silicon Valley for 18-months of training and education.

19. "Why Talented Black and Hispanic Students Can Go Undiscovered," 04.08.16.
The New York Times reports on new research that shows that black and Hispanic students are only half as likely as whites and Asians to be included in programs for the gifted, and suggests that schools have contributed to these disparities by underestimating the potential of black and Hispanic children.

20. "Leadership Lessons: Value of Vision, Persuasion and Thoughtfulness," 04.08.16.
A thoughtful article on diversity and inclusion from a law firm diversity director, writing here for The Legal Intelligencer, making the case that both the Civil War and the integration of Major League Baseball hold lessons for advancing law firm diversity.

21. "Getting a Student Loan With Collateral From a Future Job," 04.08.16.
The New York Times reports on an innovative program at Purdue University that will allow some students to raise money for the cost of their education through an alternative financing arrangement know as an income-share agreement.

22. "Insurer offers legal insurance directly to consumers for $16.25 a month," 04.07.16.
The ABA Journal report that "a second insurance company has decided to offer prepaid legal insurance to consumers."

April 8, 2016

1. "Top Four Things I Learned From Experiencing My First Trial," 04.08.16.
An associate, writing for The Legal Intelligencer, reflects on lessons learned from her first trial.

2. "More Than 40% of Student Borrowers Aren't Making Payments," 04.07.16.
The Wall Street Journal reports on new data that suggest "43% of the roughly 22 million Americans with federal student loans weren't making payments as of Jan. 1." (Subscription required.)

3. "Outside the Box: Firms Go Beyond the Law with New Ventures," 04.07.16.
The American Lawyer reports that "a growing band of pioneering firms are finding that nonlegal businesses can be a valuable sideline that strengthens client relationships, differentiates firms from competitors and produces new sources of revenue."

4. "Get rid of the billable hour — but then what?," 04.07.16.
The ABA Journal's New Normal column argues that "the billable hour is not the immediate cause of all that ails the legal industry."

5. "Rise in Firm Hiring Helps New Law School Grads," 04.07.17.
US News weighs in with an assessment of the job market for new law school graduates.

6. "Law School Co-Deans: 'Like a Marriage'," 04.06.16.
Inside Higher Ed reports on the rise of law school co-deans.

7. "Three Questions New Lawyers Should (But Don't) Ask in Job Interviews," 04.05.15.
A law firm partner, writing for The Recorder, poses three questions that she suggests law students and law clerks should ask before they accept an employment offer from a law firm.

8. "As Austin's Legal Market Explodes, Firms Rush In," 04.04.16.
The Texas Lawyer reports that the legal market in Austin is growing quickly.

9. "Diversity in the General Counsel's Office: Interview With Dianne Ralston," 04.06.16.
Corporate Counsel interviews Dianne Ralston, senior vice president, general counsel and secretary at FMC Technologies.

10. "Metrics: Beyond the Billable Hour," 04.06.16.
Slaw suggests that Big Data can give firms a competitive advantage in finding ways to reduce costs and risks for their clients.

11. "Faced With Unfortunate Acronym, George Mason Renames Law School, Again," 04.06.16.
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on the role of social media in the tweaking of a law school's new name.

12. "Firms Cope with Deal Doldrums Amid First-Quarter Slowdown," 04.05.16.
The American Lawyer reports that "after a record-breaking year for M&A, firms are experiencing a slowdown in a range of transactional practices, without an uptick in litigation to make up for the slowdown."

13. "Debt, Diversity and Job Prospects After Law School Are Focus of Research Grants," 04.05.16.
The National Law Journal reports that the Access Group has awarded $335,000 in research monies to study law school admissions, costs, and employment after graduation (the grants will to go The American Bar Foundation, the University of South Carolina School of Law, and the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education).

14. "Will You Sprint, Stroll or Stumble Into a Career?," 04.05.16.
The New York Times takes a look at the different paths taken from college to career, from sprinters to stragglers.

15. "A Conversation With Asian-Americans About Race," 04.05.16.
This is the latest in The New York Times short film series about race in America.

16. "The Susskinds on the End of Tomorrow's Professions," 04.03.16.
Slaw talks to the Susskinds about their latest book.

17. "More law firms raise starting pay to $160K outside New York; Holland & Knight is latest to do so," 04.01.16.
The ABA Journal reports that firms in Philadelphia, Delaware, and other markets, have all recently raised starting associate salaries to $160,000.

18. "Law Firm Leaders' Moneyball Mistake," 04.01.16.
Steven J. Harper, writing for The American Lawyer, pushes back against the idea that predictive analytics can help law firms hire better lateral partners, citing the 'garbage in, garbage out' adage.

19. "Legal Industry Shares in Latest US Jobs Growth," 04.01.16.
The American Lawyer reports that based on March USBLS data, the legal industry added 1,200 jobs last month.

20. "Multistate Bar Exam average score falls to 33-year low," 03.31.16.
The ABA Journal reports that "the mean scaled score on the February administration of the Multistate Bar Examination fell to 135, down 1.2 points from the previous year and the lowest average score on a February administration of the test since 1983."

21. "Anxious About Law Student Loans? Top Tips to Help You Manage Payments," 03.31.16.
The Texas Lawyer provides tips for recent law school graduates facing student loan payments for the first time.

April 1, 2016

1. "How artificial intelligence is transforming the legal profession," 04.01.16
The ABA Journal's April magazine cover story explores the impact of artificial intelligence on the practice of law.

    a. "Why embracing artificial intelligence is in your law practice's best interests (podcast)," 03.28.16.
    The ABA Journal interviews Julie Sobowale about how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the practice of law.

    b. "Survey: Law firms plan more blog posting for more business," 04.01.16.
    The ABA Journal reports on new survey research from LexisNexis that found "a majority of law firms said they are planning to increase their investment in blogging and content marketing this year."

    c. "Some law firms look outside law practice to avoid their 'Kodak moment'," 04.01.16.
    In a related feature, the ABA Journal takes a look at how some law firms "have gone outside the traditional model to explore ways of using technology to enhance the practice of law and deliver services to their clients."

    d. "Why a JD Might Be Your Ticket To A Career In Tech," 03.28.16.
    And see this piece from OZY on the new tech-law career path for law school graduates.

2. "Michigan Law School Produces Most Influential and Prolific Judges, Study Finds," 03.31.16.
The National Law Journal reports that new research from the data analytics firm Ravel Law finds that the University of Michigan School of Law produces federal judges with more widely cited opinions than other law schools.

3. "Law schools in Rust Belt are in a 'survival of the fittest' mode, law prof asserts," 03.31.16.
The ABA Journal reports that new research from a law professor finds that law schools in the Midwest and Great Lakes region "are trying to survive by admitting larger numbers of less qualified ." (See also The Rust Belt Law School Crisis in The Wall Street Journal Law Blog.)

4. "George Mason Law To Become Antonin Scalia School of Law," 03.31.16.
The National Law Journal reports that "George Mason University School of Law will be renamed for the late US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia at the request of an anonymous donor who gave $20 million to the school."

5. "With 'Gigs' Instead of Jobs, Workers Bear New Burdens," 03.31.16.
The New York Times reports that contractors and temps accounted for all of the job growth in employment in the last decade.

6. "Ensuring That Educators Are Honest About Job Prospects," 03.31.16.
In the aftermath of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law fraud case and the Corinthian College loan forgiveness decisions, The New York Times' Dealbook argues that there should be strict disclosure rules about graduate job prospects for all colleges and universities.

7. "Fired Charleston School of Law Professors to Return This Fall," 03.30.16.
The National Law Journal reports that "seven Charleston School of Law professors who were fired last summer amid InfiLaw Corp.'s unsuccessful bid to buy the school will return to campus in the fall of 2016 in a deal brokered by new owner Ed Bell."

8. "Corporations Are Moving Work to Less Traditional Law Firms," 03.29.16.
The Legal Intelligencer reports that "general counsel have expressed a growing willingness to experiment with smaller firms and a skepticism of some the techniques used by larger firms to address costs."

9. "Law Firm Mergers Don't Benefit Clients, Report Finds," 03.29.16.
The American Lawyer reports that "a new report has been published that claims that the majority of law firm mergers fail to deliver benefits to clients and risk damaging partnership value."

10. "IPO Work at a Standstill," 03.29.16.
The Recorder reports that "not a single tech company in the entire United State went public" in the past three months.

11. "How to Hire a Home-Run Lateral? Look at Their Stats," 03.28.16.
The American Lawyer reports that "law firms are beginning to use statistical analysis similar to the methods used to evaluate ballplayers made famous by the book and film Moneyball," in their quest for profitable lateral partner aquisitions.

12. "Bar Study Loans Can Be Discharged in Bankruptcy, Judge Rules," 03.28.16.
The National Law Journal reports that "bar study loans are not subject to the same bankruptcy protections as traditional loans," according to a federal judge in New York in a case involving a Pace Law School graduate.

    a. "Law grad who obtained secretarial job can cancel bar-study loan in bankruptcy, judge rules," 03.28.16.
    More on this from the ABA Journal.

    b. "Judge: Law Grads in Bankruptcy Can Cancel Loans for Studying for Bar," 03.28.16.
    And even more on this from Inside Higher Ed.

13. "Harassment Problem Is Bigger than Berkeley: Laws clash with culture of protection," 03.28.16.
The National Law Journal takes a deeper look the challenges universities face dealing with campus sexual misconduct: "Colleges are grappling with new rules and expectations in light of the US Department of Education's heightened enforcement of Title IX, which protects students and school employees from discrimination, harassment and assault."

14. "Execs Say Regulatory Scrutiny Is Their Top Risk," 03.27.16.
Corporate Counsel reports that for the fourth year in a row, the top concern of business executives worldwide is regulatory change and heightened regulatory scrutiny.

15. "Medical, Dental, 401(k)? Now Add School Loan Aid to Job Benefits," 03.25.16.
The New York Times reports that an increasing number of employers are offering young workers some student loan assistance as part of their benefits package.

16. Law Firm Year-End Financial Reporting:

    a. "Patterson Belknap Holds Profits Steady," 03.31.16. (American Lawyer: Gross Revenue down 0.8%, PPP down 0.3%)

    b. "Herrick Profits Rebound With Revenue Surge, Reduced Costs," 03.29.16. (New York Law Journal: Gross Revenue up 9.5%)

    c. "Katten Moves Upmarket," 03.28.16. (American Lawyer: Gross Revenue up 4.5%, PPP up 8.2%)

    d. "Sutherland Holds Steady Course With Slight Revenue Increase," 03.28.16. (Daily Report: Gross Revenue up 0.2%, PPP up 3%)

    e. "Shook Hardy's Revenue Rises Amid Profit Dip," 03.25.16. (American Lawyer: Gross Revenue up 2.1%, PPP down 6.8%)

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