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February 2012

The NALP Directory of Legal Employers has undergone a major redesign that addressed the look and feel of the site as well as functionality for both employers and job seekers. We are pleased to launch the employer-side Data Collection System in February as Phase 1 of the rollout (Phase 2, the searchable directory for job seekers, will launch in May 2012).

Some important notes:

  • The questions on the NALP Form have not changed, but responses from prior years will not carry over to the new system. (You will be able to copy and paste responses into the new system, and responses will carry over from year to year going forward.) The old data collection system will remain available until May should you need to access old information.
  • Demographic data will continue to be collected as of February 1 for research purposes — you can find more information and tips on collecting demographic information at
  • Because there will no longer be a print edition, the submission deadline will be later. The online directory has been the primary go-to reference for students and job seekers for the past several years, while the vastly less used print edition has become more and more costly to print and ship. Guided by member feedback, NALP has chosen to invest in upgrading the functionality of the online directory rather than continuing the print edition.

How do employers participate in the NALP Directory of Legal Employers?

To start entering information for 2012, go to the new data collection site at

To learn more, download the information sheet or contact

To go to the public NALP Directory of Legal Employers go to

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