21st Century Legal Career Series

There’s no doubt about it: the legal profession is experiencing dynamic changes.  How can attorneys and students navigate the complicated path between today’s news and tomorrow’s legal career opportunities?  Where can you get invaluable guidance and information on the careers of the future?

We have the roadmap! In his new “21st Century Legal Career Series”, Richard L. Hermann researches, evaluates, and predicts where the employment opportunities are and will be for law graduates. His latest book series counters the “there are no jobs for lawyers” mantra and focuses on the hottest practice areas and employment fields producing jobs today and positioned for strong future growth. No one has a crystal ball, but Richard L. Hermann has spent his career— more than 30 years— researching, evaluating, and accurately predicting where the career opportunities will be for law graduates. He has counseled attorneys from new lawyers to 20-year practitioners on how and where to hunt for the next, best option.

NALP is pleased to be the exclusive print distributor of the series. Affordably priced at just $15 each, the volumes in the “21st Century Legal Career Series” will benefit a variety of audiences, including:
  • Law students
  • Alumni
  • Practicing attorneys
  • Aspiring (pre-law) law students

Titles now available for purchase in the NALP Bookstore:

Volume 1 - Data Protection Practice
Volume 2 - Careers in Compliance
Volume 3 - Health Law
Volume 4 - Energy Law
Volume 5 - “Soft” Intellectual Property Law
Volume 6 - Risk Management
Volume 7 - The Administrative Law Revolution
Volume 8 - Digital Assets Practice
Volume 9 - The Education Sector
Volume 10 - Law Teaching & Training
Volume 11 - Insurance Careers for Attorneys
Volume 12 - JD Advantage Jobs in Corporations

For bulk pricing on orders more than 20 copies of an individual title, contact NALP at (202) 835-1001 or email info@nalp.org.

Buy Volumes 1-12 together and save! Just $150 for the bundle!  More info

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