Employment Report & Salary Survey (ERSS) Info

NALP's annual survey of each law school's graduating class is known as the ERSS, or Employment Report and Salary Survey.

2015 NALP Best Practices Guide for Managing Law School Employment Outcomes

ERSS Regions (PDF)
Methodology for Calculating Graduate Employment Data (PDF)

Background on Changes in Demographic Questions for Class of 2014: NALP Bulletin article by Mark Goldfarb (February 2014) on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Additions to the ERSS Survey (PDF)

Information about NALP's ERSS software

ERSS software update as of October 2014
ERSS Software User Guide (PDF) 

Graduate Surveys: Class of 2014

2014 Graduate Survey and FAQs (PDF)
Instruction booklet (PDF)
2014 ubmission sheet (PDF)
Guidelines for surveying your grads (PDF)
Before you hit send (PDF)
Graduates we need your help (PDF)

Graduate Surveys: Class of 2015

2015 Graduate Survey and FAQs (PDF)

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