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NALP is a community of experts dedicated to the success of its members and the promotion of knowledge and expertise about the legal employment market. NALP membership is an investment in yourself and your organization.


2016 Membership Types

The NALP membership year runs January 1 — December 31.

2016 NALP Membership Dues Structure

Annual Dues
Law Schools
New Law School $750/yr.
Renewing Law School $975/yr.
Each Additional Individual Associate Member $175/yr.
Legal Employers
New Law Firm $750/yr.
Renewing Law Firm $975/yr.
Law Firm Additional Offices (2-6) $695/yr.
Law Firm Additional Offices (7 or more) $595/yr.
Each Additional Individual Associate Member $175/yr.
Other Employers
Public Service Employers/Bar Associations $250/yr.
Corporate/Other Legal Organizations $975/yr.
Each Additional Individual Associate Member $175/yr.
Affiliate Membership $750/yr.


Voting Members

NALP's voting members are institutions that meet the following eligibility criteria:

* Employers: Any bar association, nonprofit public interest organization, or government agency, or any other employer whose active engagement in the recruitment of lawyers and law students is primarily for purposes of employment within its individual organization. (For example, legal search firms are not eligible for membership.)

* Law Schools: Any law school accredited by the American Bar Association, or any law school in a non-U.S. country whose admission to membership is approved by the Board of Directors based upon factors including the school's accreditation or recognition in its home country, its career services staffing, and its commitment to nondiscrimination in the offering of career services.

Consultants to the field may join NALP as individual nonvoting affiliate members:

**Affiliate Members: For the purposes of eligibility for affiliate membership, a consultant is defined as any individual, and any member of an organization or institution with which such individual is employed or affiliated professionally, who provide[s] professional or expert advice or services to law schools or legal employers in a specific area. By NALP Board policy, a consultant who is engaged in the business of lateral attorney placement, as determined in good faith by NALP, is not eligible for membership. Affiliate members receive all of the membership benefits listed below except that only full voting members of NALP are eligible to serve in such leadership roles as chair or vice-chair of a NALP section, advisory group, or other working group; in an elected governance role; or as a member of the conference planning committee.

Membership Benefits

Members enjoy a wide array of benefits that will enhance their efficiency and effectiveness:

  • The NALP Bulletin, NALP's monthly newsletter, which offers feature articles on lawyer professional development, recruitment, career services, and diversity and inclusion in the profession.
  • NALPnow!, a twice monthly e-newsletter, which provides important NALP news and timely updates.
  • NALP's Weekly News Digest, the week's most relevant news stories, curated by NALP's Executive Director
  • Access to all members-only areas of NALP's website, including a searchable membership directory and the NALP Bulletin archives.
  • Eligibility to join NALP's Sections: Membership in Sections is open to all NALP members and is an excellent way to build a professional network in a specific interest area. Members are also eligible to serve on appointed Advisory Groups and other work groups.
  • Special reports that offer important benchmark information on salaries, benefits, and responsibilities of professionals in the legal career planning field.
  • Reduced rates at the NALP Annual Education Conference and other NALP conferences and special discounts on many of the resources in the NALP Bookstore.

Additional Resources

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To learn more about membership, contact NALP at or call 202-835-1001.

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