New Research on Summer Programs

NALP Bulletin, March 2005 

This year for the first time, NALP asked employers to report three years’ worth of information on the lengths and ending dates of their summer programs. As the table below shows, in 2004 summer programs were typically 10-12 weeks long and ended in August. Interestingly, information on summer 2002 programs revealed a very similar distribution. However, at that time, the frequency of 14-week programs slightly edged out those of 8-week programs to be one of six most common program lengths. Over three-quarters of respondents did not change the length of their summer program from 2002 to 2004. Correspondingly, over three-quarters of respondents ended their summer 2004 programs on a date that was within four days of the end date of their summer 2002 or summer 2003 program.

Wondering how firms of your size, or in your region or city, compare with these national benchmarks? Be sure to take a look at the Perspectives on Fall 2004 Recruiting report, which is available as a free PDF download. This report continues to provide valuable annual information on fall recruiting and summer program outcomes.


Summer 2004 Program Characteristics

Six Most Common Program Lengths % of Offices
Six Most Common Ending Dates % of Offices
6 weeks 7.2% July 2 2.6%
8 weeks 4.6 July 30 6.8
10 weeks 21.3 August 6 25.4
11 weeks 10.1 August 13 29.6
12 weeks 36.8 August 20 11.3
13 weeks 7.4 August 24 3.3
Based on 497 responses. Based on 453 responses.
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