NALP Membership Benefits

NALP Membership: It's an investment in yourself and your organization

Top 5 benefits to NALP membership

1) Industry research at your fingertips — to bolster your know-how.

  • Law school graduate employment outcomes and salaries
  • Diversity in the legal profession stats
  • Member, associate, and public interest salaries

2) Member publications capture breaking news, industry climate and new trends — so your expertise is always up to date.

  • Industry News Digest (weekly)
  • NALPnow! email newsletter (twice monthly)
  • NALP Bulletin+ (monthly)
  • +PD Newsletter (monthly)
  • +DEI Newsletter (monthly)

3) Access to programming — to ensure you stay impactful within your organization.

  • Annual Education Conference
  • Professional Development Institute
  • Legal Recruiting Summit
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summit
  • Public Service Mini-Conference
  • Newer Professionals Forum
  • And much more!

4) Online NALPConnect community — to expand your network and build a diverse pool of industry expert colleagues.

  • Share go-to resources
  • Seek advice from colleagues
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Stay informed on specific areas of practice or interest

5) Hot topics covered — so you're always in-the-know on the latest industry happenings.

  • COVID-19: Roundtables and Pulse Survey results capturing the industry impacts.
  • The Fight Against Racism: NALP collects an online repository of DE&I resources and information on public interest and pro bono opportunities for our communities to support civil rights and criminal justice reform.

NALP Membership Helps You Succeed

NALP works every day to be the best career services, recruitment, and professional development organization in the world. For over 50 years, NALP has played an essential role in the success of our members and the legal career community we serve by providing the highest quality resources to advance your career — benefits designed to plug you into a community of peers, expand your professional growth, and gain access to research that helps you do your job more effectively.

NALP Is the #1 Source of Comprehensive Industry Research

As a NALP member, you will have access to the industry's most trusted, comprehensive research on law school graduate employment outcomes and salaries, fall recruiting activity, diversity in the legal profession, member salaries, associate salaries, and public interest salaries. NALP delivers a level of data and information that can only come from experts in the field. Premier research reports include: the Associate Salary Survey, the interactive Public Service Attorney Salary Survey, the annual Report on Diversity in U.S. Law Firms drawn from the NALP Directory of Legal Employers, and Jobs & JDs: Employment and Salaries of New Law Graduates.

NALP Membership Keeps You Well-Informed Through Member Publications

NALP has a curated collection of publications in the NALP Bookstore that are relevant and essential for legal career professionals. Original, cornerstone NALP publications such as the twice-monthly NALPnow! email newsletter, the weekly Industry News Digest, the monthly NALP Bulletin+, and monthly PD and DEI newsletters keep you informed of breaking news, the industry climate, and new trends so that your expertise is always up to date.

NALP Membership Provides Signature Programming Designed for Your Success

NALP's member professional development programming offers members crucial opportunities to interact, engage, and learn through conferences, summits, forums, and webinars throughout the year. Members receive discounts and special pricing on events such as the:

    Annual Education Conference
    Professional Development Institute
    Legal Recruiting Summit
    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Summits and Symposiums
    Public Service Mini-Conference
    Canadian End-of-Year Meeting
    Newer Professionals' Forum
    Design Thinking Workshop
    Summer Outcomes Summit
    Emerging Legal Careers Summit
    Summit on Using Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Assessments in the Recruiting Process
    Mental Health First Aid
    Industry Town Halls
    Free Webinars

NALP Membership Grants Access to a Diverse Network of Industry Experts

As a member, you will be a part of a community of industry peers and experts - all invested in you. These professional and personal relationships ensure that members are able to share advice and pool resources so that you can get the information you need to succeed. NALPconnect, a members-only online community, is an invaluable resource for members to connect with colleagues, collaborate on projects, stay informed in specific areas of practice or interest, and share go-to resources.

Membership Dues and Types

NALP's Board of Director’s approved an adjustment to the membership categories in response to the ongoing law firm consolidation trend, a trend that has resulted in fewer law firm member institutions, many of which are far larger than they used to be. We have assigned law firm member institutions to the appropriate membership categories based on the lawyer headcount information found in the NALP Directory of Legal Employers. If you have been placed in the wrong category, please contact us at (202) 835-1001 or [email protected].

The chart below shows the 2024 NALP membership dues structure for the 2024 membership year, which runs from January 1 - December 31.

Membership Dues Structure

Annual Dues
Law Schools
New Law School $900/yr.
Law School $995/yr.
Law Firms
New Law Firm $900/yr.
U.S. Law Firm (up to 100 lawyers) $1100/yr.
U.S. Law Firm (101-500 lawyers) $1700/yr.
U.S. Law Firm (501-999 lawyers) $1950/yr.
U.S. Law Firm (1,000 or more lawyers) $2150/yr.
Renewing Canadian Law Firm (up to 100 lawyers) $995/yr.
Renewing Canadian Law Firm (101+ lawyers) $1425/yr.
Each Additional Office — U.S. or Canada $725/yr.
Other Employers
Government, Public Interest Organizations & Bar Associations $350/yr.
Corporate/Other Legal Organizations $995/yr.
Additional Members at Member Institutions
Individual Associate Member $300/yr.
Consultants $425/yr.
Legal Search Consultants $850/yr.
Alumni $99/yr.
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(202) 835-1001 [email protected]
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