Class of 2007

State Government Jobs in State Capitals — Class of 2007 (NALP Bulletin, February 2009) — Among Class of 2007 law school graduates, a total of 1,379 reported taking a job in state government, making this sector a small (less than 4% of the total) but nonetheless important source of jobs.

Another Picture Worth 1,000 Words - Bimodal distribution salary graph for Class of 2007<.p>

Class of 2007 Selected Findings (PDF)

Class of 2007 National Summary Report (PDF)

Trends in Graduate Employment — 1985-2007 (NALP Bulletin, July 2008) — It is evident that the market for new law graduates has been quite strong in recent years, with overall employment close to or above 89% since 1997, and increases over the prior year in 2005, 2006, and 2007. The employment rate for the Class of 2007 was the highest in 20 years, at almost 92%.

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