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General regions elect two Nominating Committee members, one representing law school members and one representing employer members, to serve one-year terms. Each limited region elects a Nominating Committee member in alternate (even-numbered) years.  All elected Nominating Committee members shall have a minimum of three years of experience within the industry or experience as a NALP Section, Committee, or Group chair or vice-chair. This position is not open for the Canadian Region this year. 

Each Nominating Committee member:

  • Attends a training session during the summer/fall (1-2 nights) and the slating meeting during the winter (2-3 nights) (Cost of travel is covered by NALP.)  Note that the practicality of in person meetings will depend on the then-current health and safety guidelines.
  • Solicits nominations for all NALP elected positions and slates members for officer and director positions.
  • Manages the nomination and election process for Conference Planning Coordinators, Regional Representatives, and Nominating Committee positions.
  • Attends the Annual Education Conference during the term of office (April 5-8, 2022, New Orleans, LA).

The Nominating Committee also produces two articles for the NALP Bulletin informing and educating the membership on topics related to NALP's election and nomination process. Committee members may be called on to participate in developing and presenting conference programs on how members can attain leadership roles in the association.

NOTE: Members of the Nominating Committee are not eligible for positions that are elected or slated during their term of office.

View all position descriptions as a PDF here.
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