2021 NALP Report on Diversity in U.S. Law Firms

New research from NALP shows that overall gains have been made at the summer associate level in the representation of women, summer associates of color, and LGBTQ summer associates at major U.S. law firms in 2021 as compared to 2020.

Work, Wellness, and Meaning: Reimagining Legal Education and the First 10 Years of Practice

Putting greater emphasis on the well-being of law students and lawyrs is essential to changing the way we shape new lawyers. The road forward requires culture shifts in law schools and legal work environments. Janet Thompson Jackson explores the changes needed to address mental health trauma and burnout that lawyers can experience in their first decade in the profession.

James Leipold Announces Retirement as Executive Director

After 18 years of extraordinary service, Jim Leipold will be retiring as Executive Director of NALP effective October 2022. We are deeply grateful for Jim's long commitment to ensuring NALP's stature in the legal community and its service to its members. NALP will conduct a comprehensive search across North America for a new Executive Director starting in early 2022.

Curated Collection on Well-Being

The need to care for our well-being and support the well-being of others has never been a greater priority. This collection provides more than a dozen resources to help take care of our lawyers and colleagues, our law students, and ourselves.

NALP believes in fairness, facts and the power of a diverse community.

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