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21st Century Legal Career Series Volume 11 - Insurance Legal Careers

21st Century Legal Career Series Volume 11 - Insurance Legal Careers

Richard L. Hermann, 2017.

The insurance industry is doing very well and continues to thrive regardless of the ups and downs of the global and national economies. A direct consequence of this is that both mainstream and JD Advantage insurance jobs for attorneys are proliferating. This is, in part, due to the aging of the population—in America, more than 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day and will continue to do so at this incredible rate until 2029! That kind of unprecedented demographic explosion puts a great deal of pressure on insurers.

Underwriting has become more infused with law, especially in areas such as professional liability and environmental liability. Consequently, there is an insurance industry trend in favor of hiring attorneys and training them to serve as underwriters in these “law-saturated” sectors. Most mainstream legal jobs in insurance companies are in the corporate in-house counsel office at corporate headquarters and in regional offices. JD Advantage jobs can be found throughout insurance companies, regulatory agencies, and other sectors, and are classified by almost 50 job titles.

Explore this sector, where the demand for attorneys to fill positions is high, in Volume 11 of the 21st Century Legal Career Series, Insurance Careers for Attorneys: Opportunity in Expected — and Unexpected—Places.

Contents include:

  • Why Is Insurance Law Hot?
  • Who Hires? Insurance Companies and “Captive” Law Firms
  • Who Hires? The Public Sector
  • Who Hires? Law Firms
  • Who Hires? Nonprofits—Trade & Professional Associations
  • The Work: What Do Insurance Lawyers Do?
  • Selected JD Advantage Job Titles
  • Positioning Yourself for an Insurance Law Career
  • What Does It Pay?
  • Advance Notice of Insurance Law Opportunities

About the 21st Century Legal Career Series
No one has a crystal ball, but Richard L. Hermann has spent his career— more than 30 years— researching, evaluating, and accurately predicting where the career opportunities will be for law graduates. He has counseled attorneys from new lawyers to 20-year practitioners on how and where to hunt for the next, best option.

Affordably priced, the volumes in the “21st Century Legal Career Series” provide law schools and law students or anyone considering a change of career with invaluable guidance and information on the careers of the future!

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